Repost- Magic of Christmas block 6 and Alabama

Here is the post where block 6 is embedded in…it seems a lot of you cannot find it…look for the RED


Hi Everyone…

I have safely made my way to CA from AL…I loved teaching in AL…Had two great classes with lots of smart women…most of them were software engineers, scientists and more than one were pilots of blackhawk helicopters!  This would be an interesting group to spend more than a couple of days with…they are all from the Huntsville AL area where the NASA rockets are/were built…img_7865 img_7866

And some of them even brought show and tell from the last time I was in AL in 2011.

img_7868 img_7872

One night after class June…took me to see the “old ” beautiful houses and then to the Lowell Mill…a closed but reopened old mill that is full of artists/craftmen’s spaces and food and entertainment…there was a band playing on the old loading dock…so much fun…thanks June for taking me!!!

img_7881 img_7885Now I don’t want you to go too long between blocks…did no. 6 the night before I left…but did not take a pic to post..but you’ll forgive me…I hope..



I know you don’t need to know this but….I watch way too many Netflix series when I am gone…this guy is way to easy on the eyes…even when he’s full of mud from building the Union Pacific RR!!  Cullen Bohannon-Hell on Wheels-I’m on season 5!!  Anyone else watch this one yet?   LBimg_8047

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  1. Karen Marlow-Goad Avatar

    I just finished all seasons available of Hell on Wheels and you are right even in mud this man is easy to look at. Love all you quilting and wool

  2. Tina Avatar

    I love that show.

  3. Diane Heller Avatar
    Diane Heller

    Can’t understand why we are getting Block six again. I thought Block 16 had the error.?????

    1. Jo Avatar

      At the top of the repost Lisa wrote that some folks had written that they couldn’t find the link to 6 in the body of the posting. You’re right about errors/corrections to the most recent post…

    2. gijane279-Liz Avatar

      She reposted it for a lot of people who couldn’t find block six that’s why she said reposted the top

    3. lisabongean Avatar

      Diane…sorry for the confusion…but LOTS of people could not find block 6…so I reposted it…

  4. sharon crandall Avatar
    sharon crandall

    i love that series, watched the whole thing, wish it didn’t end. enjoy Lisa

  5. Jakey Avatar

    Good morning Lisa! Thank you for sharing your journey’s with us. I so enjoy the stories and pics. The old factory looks like a blast, and I want some of that chocolate and fudge! The Alabama women’s careers are quite impressive, hats off to all of you!! Your projects are equally lovely, I’ve been meaning to make the Christmas mat and the flowers are beautiful. I haven’t seen the Netflix series but I agree he is delicious eye candy! I’m looking forward to your Open House Christmas sale. Enjoy the weather in sunny So Cal. Hugs, Jakey

  6. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa everybody was probably looking at the guy who played: Cullen Bohannon instead of looking for the link to block six LOL LOL LOL I had already found it but thanks for posting it again

  7. Mary Ripper Avatar
    Mary Ripper

    Love Collen Bohannon!!!! He is to only “eye Candy” I love the history this show brings to us. (Maybe a slightly exaggerated) I could not have been easy task. He got me threw this past summer’s Blocks of the Week.
    Good grief,,,not sure why I decided to do all three. Must have been a little crazy.

  8. Arlene Head Avatar
    Arlene Head

    Wish I’d known you were going to be in Huntsville! I love your work and since getting the book, Christmas Gatherings, I’ve been working on several projects for Christmas….My son was curator at Lowe Mill for a while and I visited often and took several classes (felting, Indigo dying, watercolor) to name a few. It is an amazing place with so much talent housed in that warehouse! Also, the chocolate and the tea there is soooo good! Love the city of Huntsville and the wonderful folks there. Hope to catch a class with you the next time you’re in the South!

  9. Judy D, Avatar
    Judy D,

    Loved the Hell on Wheels series also and hoped it would come back. He is easy on the eyes! Love your designs.

  10. Terri White Avatar
    Terri White

    On Nov 13, 2016 6:16 AM, “Lisa Bongean’s Weblog” wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “Here is the post where block 6 is embedded in…it > seems a lot of you cannot find it…look for the RED Hi Everyone… I > have safely made my way to CA from AL…I loved teaching in AL…Had two > great classes with lots of smart women…most” >

  11. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    I was wondering what sizes of the triangle papers we should buy to make these little blocks a little easier? I would like to get them ordered in one mailing. Thank you for such lovely patterns.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Linda…so far we have only used the 3/4″ and the 1″ HST…order the Triangle Papers…not the ones for the charm squares.

  12. Jo Anne Moniz Avatar
    Jo Anne Moniz

    Just wanted to say….Nice seeing you at Festival. I finally got to meet your machine quilter…Linda! Your booth was gorgeous as always….can’t wait till see you again at Road!

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