New designs for our Primitive Christmas Event

I am still nursing a “tennis elbow” injury from stitching too much…I wanted this event to be the biggest one so far…so I stitched and stitched for Quilt Market/Festival and this event in October…all before I left for Houston…so the crew could work on all the kits while we were gone…and in return…I still can’t grab/hold anything with my left hand with out a little pain…so hopefully that goes away soon….I’m not stitching too much…teaching a lot, but not marathon stitching…it’s getting better…but…Do you  want to see what we’ve got NEW from Primitive Gatherings!!!


The following are purchase patterns…the FREE patterns for the event are in a previous post…

As some of you know…we have moved to the Lake…and our home is decorated a little differently at the Lake…you will see that in my new designs…a little vintage modern…so to say…

Did you love the FREE pattern Snowman Collector?  If so…you can just change the snowman to a tree and make this mat…Bringing Home the Tree…along with Frozen and Let It Snow…I can’t wait to display all three of these together in the new house…I have some snowy trees and other goodies to decorate one of the large farm tables in the house…Here they are all shown together…I took all the items home to photo…but somehow…Bringing Home the Tree was not is the bunch…so I had to shoot this at the shop of them all together as a set…

lisa bongeanlisa bongean

Then we have some ornaments…can’t have a Christmas Event without ornies….Can you come to one of the shops in CA or WI?  If so…come make this stacked penny snowman…Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? We have a primitive version…with scrappy light pennies…all kitted in a cute package of snowman parts!
Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings

We also have a cleaner more modern snowman kit…lisa bongean/primitive gatherings

The best thing about these are that we have kits all pre cut for you…you just need to cut out the scarf, holly, berries and nose and you can assemble…so sewing involved…you just thread/stack the pieces onto a threaded needle until all the parts are in order!!! Great to make with the Grandkids or anyone!!! What about your co workers….get together and make some snowmen!!! These kit/patterns are $12.50…extra kits with no pattern are $12.  So were kinda giving the pattern away with this one too…

So Jess and I brainstormed and came up with the stacked snowman…but then…she had to take it to the next level and do a Snowman Couple!!! These were a big hit when we had a preview last night with 50 retreat ladies from the Primitive Gatherings/Red Crinoline Quilts/Old Green Cupboard retreat that is happing  here all week!!!snow-couple-lr-350x350

We have kitted this too and for $20 more we have pre cut all the circles for you… they are a very perfect couple when precut!!!

We all need a dated/personal ornie for the year…right?lisa bongean/primitive gatherings

We have Mom/Dad versions and then kid versions…for Boys and Girls…these can also be name tags at the holiday table or gift tags…so many options here…Pattern is $7 and kits are also $7 each…they are sold separately, so you can order as many as you need without having 6 patterns too!

Then last of the projects was a simple 2016 pincushion…again…very vintage modern in this lovely hand dyed grey wool…I don’t have to remind you that the wool from Primitive Gatherings are the best in the country and probably world…I can say this because everyone tells us so…and no one can really figure out how this magic happens, so I can say it’s the best…Keep this in mind when you think about getting a kit or not…if you have the kits you can start making your projects…if not you have to search for all the materials… and those may not be as pretty as PGs!!! Our kits are reasonably priced and we know you will be very happy with them!


lisa bongean

Wait…what about the MUG!!! He is so adorable!!! Continue your collection with this dated 2016 Snowman mug! It is very rewarding doing business with another local family business…we ordered lots so we won’t run out…so don’t let me down…I’m counting on you! lisa bongean/primitive gatherings


All of the above items can be found at this link…PRIMITIVE GATHERERINGS

Thank you for viewing all our our PG designs…Jess will be doing a post on all the other kits and patterns we have from Lily Anna Stitches and Buttermilk Basin for our Primitive Christmas Event…

Have a great day and come make a snowman with me if you can…from 10 am to 2pm…have some fun!!! Bring the hubbies too…you know I love harassing them into making one too!!!

with all kinds of stitching love, LB


10 responses to “New designs for our Primitive Christmas Event”

  1. sitnsew Avatar

    Lisa, I hope you see this message.  I urge you to get in to see a neurologist about the pain in your elbow.  That is a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome.  I used to work in a quilt store in Las Vegas & we cut fabric using those scissors that kind of look like garden shears.  One day we had a group of 25 ladies come in & I cut fabric non-stop for over 2 hrs.  At the end I felt like my elbow was going to shatter.  After dealing with the pain for several weeks I finally went to the dr & was told I had carpal tunnel syndrome.  The dr said the majority of people believe they will only feel pain in their wrist, but the damage actually starts at the neck.  So if you have a stiff neck and/or pain in your elbow, more than likely you are developing carpal tunnel.  Also, a few yrs ago I did 12 redwork blocks in 10 days and ended up with trigger thumb on my left hand.  My thumb hurt like I had hit it with a hammer.  Come to find out, my tendon was shredded like a rope.  So much as we all love our needlework, it can cause some serious damage if we overdo!  Good luck with this. 

    Janet EspeletaBoonville MO

  2. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa, thank you thank you thank you <3 Please take the time to get well! Love and Hugs Liz

  3. Donna Oelfke Avatar
    Donna Oelfke

    Lisa I did the same to my elbow with knitting and then lifting grandbaby. It is very painful and takes awhile to heal. Try some moist heat–did you ever have one of those “bed buddy” sock type heating pads that are filled with some kind of grainy stuff and you heat it in the microwave? This is perfect for the job. Can still stitch while heating if you need to. Hugs to you!

  4. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, WOW! You’ve outdone yourself! The snowflakes are gorgeous!! So sorry to learn about your elbow and hand, and glad to read you are taking it easy. Hope you are back to 100% and feeling good soon. The ornies are AWESOME!! I love the mug too and I’m still kicking myself for missing the tree mug last year. I agree, your wools are the BEST! So soft and the hand dyed’s are my favorite with the color variations. Lance did a spectacular job with these, and is missed (hope I don’t offend, it’s a special memory I have and keep). I am so looking forward to going to your Retreat House in 2 wks, spending time with my quilting friends and your Mom, as well as visiting your lovely Wisconsin Shop! I can’t wait!!! Thank you for making this time of year extra special! Love and Hugs, Jakey

  5. Lana Avatar

    The snowman mug is adorable — the perfect cup to have my morning coffee in and my nightly hot cocoa and dream about all your projects I want to make. Love everything! I was one of the people who helped crash your site! Your wool is the Best– must be all the love you put into your business!! Thank you for all the great goodies!

  6. Kim Avatar

    I love all the snow people. I have been collecting snowmen for years. I just can’t keep up with all these wonderful projects. Take care of that elbow, you have to give it a rest. I also knit, and it is hard on the joints, so give yourself a break and thanks for all the wonderful items i must go order now.

  7. Mary Lou Ripper Avatar
    Mary Lou Ripper

    You are amazing. Do you ever sleep?
    Love all the new projects and the mug. Thanks for all the wonderful things you do to keep us busy. Get your elbo well soon. 😊 See you in Temecula soon.
    Warm quilt hugs
    Mary lou

  8. Sue Avatar

    What day is the Christmas event? I may be near Temecula, visiting from Northern CA.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yesterday … today and tomorrow

  9. Sharon Avatar

    I have the same injury! I think it is from a combo of longarm quilting and weight lifting….and I use that term very loosely. Hahaha But I can’t seem to get it better. Ugh. These new projects are just adorable. And I need that mug! Are there still some left? I don’t find it on the site. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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