Any size bundles, they come approximately….small 7″x 8″,  medium 8″x14″ and large 14″x16″…any and all 5″ charms 10 to a pack….all 25% off…Nice Sale!….This is a great way to get lots of different textures of wool in many colors!!!  I really don’t have to tell you that this is all great wool…and you will never be disappointed in any of it…  WOOL BUNDLES & CHARMS


img_9890-copy img_9901-copy img_9888-copy

This is a great pick of the wool colors…at least on my computer it its!!!


Short post today…I have such a runny nose/watery eyes  and sore’s a bummer…kissing “little man” too much when he had a runny nose…can’t was worth it!!!

Winners of all three rulers are:

Lisa Mikel
December 18, 2016 at 7:43 pm
I have your 2 small itty bitty rulers and they are awesome! I would love to get your 5 X 15 ruler too. Its on my Christmas wish list. I would love to win a set and have duplicates since I have 2 cutting stations and use both when sewing. I also have a friend that comes to sew with me that uses my rulers when we sew together. Your rulers are my favorites. Thanks for the chance to win. Lisa

Geri Sherwood
December 18, 2016 at 12:44 pm
I love your rulers but I think I might need another set. One for quilt camp so they stay packed and I don’t forget them. I live the 1/8″ markings

winners…please send Amy your email address at:      you have until Dec. 31-16

To win a wool bundle please comment with…Tell me about your wool experience…have you made many wool projects?  Just a few?   Never?…If it is never…besides being allergic tell me why?  Tell me about your favorite wool project…I don’t care if it’s not one of my designs…Did you ever win an award with a wool project?  Just some questions to ponder…I’ll be reading them while I’m nursing this cold…and watching “The Good Wife” currently on season 4…




272 responses to “DAY 6…NEEDFUL THINGS”

  1. Beth T. Avatar
    Beth T.

    I made some sweet wool pin cushions, and absolutely fell in love working with wool. I am looking forward to doing more of that, both for the feel of it and the ease of it.

  2. Kay Tedrick Lynch Avatar

    I have been working with wool for years – now using for the itty bitty small pieces in traditional quilts

  3. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I am just starting to really get into wool after drooling over all the gorgeous projects and collecting patterns for years. The hardest part is finding colors, your selection looks fantastic!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Kd Brown Avatar
    Kd Brown

    i have one wool kit but I’ve not attempted it yet. i love the texture of all of the wools and the colors are fantastic! Merry Christmas, Lisa!

  5. Lori Duval Avatar
    Lori Duval

    I actually started with wool close a year ago and was hooked instantly:) I started with you cabin in the woods table mat and mittens table mat. I love your patterns as well as Buttermilk Basin. I really enjoy watching the wool come alive and find a place with in my home for display. I currently am working on the little mitten mat for my son’s girlfriend. I also am finishing the Cookies for Santa from Buttermilk Basins Holiday Hop. Love both these projects. It is so relaxing, especially these long winter days, to sit and stitch:))) I look forward to many more wool projects as I am hooked for life:)

  6. Nancy Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Nancy Fitzpatrick

    I love working on wool projects. I have one going at all time to sit and work on while watching TV at night and thank you for introducing me to Valdani threads. Love these threads for wool and I cant begin to tell you how many spools I have!! I sure would love to wn a wool bundle!!

  7. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    Nope, I have never tried making a project with wool. I sure would like to try it! Why? I guess it’s because I just haven’t bought the supplies necessary to make something with wool.

  8. Sheila Avatar

    I have made a few penny rugs and pincushions and also a BOM a few years ago . Love wool !

    1. Katherine Avatar

      Lots of experience with wool – from wall hangings to bed size. Love the variety of textures and the subtlety… not to mention the warmth!

  9. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    I just learned wool applique last month from a lovely lady in my quilters group. I love love love the way wool feels in my hand as I work with it. Now to build a stash! It’s just like wanting the big box of crayons!

  10. Pamela Schmitt Avatar
    Pamela Schmitt

    I absolutely love working with wool. I think I have 8 projects that I am working on right now mostly your block of the months. I say I need to get the ones I have done and you come out with another beautiful one. ( Liberty gatherings).

  11. Pat McMullin Avatar
    Pat McMullin

    Although I love the look of wool and have purchased a few kits the only one I have worked on is your 10 year anniversary stitch along. One of my favorite local quilt stores, Floyds and Lizzies, has just started carrying some of your kits which may make them even harder to resist!

  12. Diane Avatar

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with wools. And your wools are the best! I have your Christmas Mat “little guys” all cut out and am about to attempt to prep the circle to fuse them down — I LOVE IT! Just sent for it as my gift to me about two weeks ago!!! Love wools and I think I have inspired many of my friends to use it also — from many of your kits, BTW!!! I’d love an extra wool prize for sure!!! YUMMY!!!! (Just finished Cockscombs and Berries (one of yours) and have had many oohs and aahs!)

  13. Karen Qualls Avatar

    Yes, I love working with wool!! I have completed several of your quilts, mini summer freebies, table toppers, candle mats etc. and I have several more patterns that still need to be done. Wool is so nice to work with and is so forgiving. I even have a hard time trying to find what I previously thought was a “mistake”.

  14. Marsha Avatar

    My winter project after the holidays is to try my hand with wool. Have just started to collect pieces. So looking forward to doing some of the beautiful designs…

  15. Tonya Reichard Avatar
    Tonya Reichard

    I have purchased patterns for wool but never made any yet. I even purchased the latest pattern from Quilt Odyssey – a snowman of yours!! I don’t have a very good selection of wool on hand so that is probably my best excuse for not doing any yet.

  16. Karen Schoonover Avatar
    Karen Schoonover

    I have been doing wool quite awhile. I love to make items specific to the recipient. I did cookie ornaments for my friend who bakes and gifts 15 kinds of cookies every Christmas. I did cats and dogs for my granddaughter who adoptes those in need. My sister who moved to AZ got cactuses and my other sister got a mantle scarf with horses.

  17. Diane Wingo Avatar

    I love working with wool and especially yours, so nice and soft. I made your Winter Blessing quilt, which I love, and am now working on the Yoko Saito BOM through your shop. Love your 12 days of Christmas Needful things.

  18. Alice Avatar

    I have made several small wool quilts and mixed cotton/wool quilts. I am also in a Bee who focuses on Wool quilts. I am now making a wool bag from a Sue Spargo Pattern.

  19. sharon butera Avatar

    I fell in love with wool after visiting your shop in 1985 while my husband was interviewing for a job in Neenah. The colors, the feel, so much to enjoy. I remember getting back home to Illinois and telling all my friends about the lovely shop I found in Wisconsin! and lamenting that Primitive Gatherings was so far from my home. I’m a quilter now and always look forward to attending shows where you are vending so I can get my wool and threads fix.
    I’ve given away nearly all the wool projects I’ve made since then. But have been building a small stash to go to when ideas push to the front of the line. I would dearly love to add to that stash with these lovely offerings.

  20. marie Avatar

    Never worked with wool. Guess i am afraid to try because it looks quite difficult.

  21. Deborah K Avatar
    Deborah K

    I love wool….frankly, my favorite are your designs. You “hooked” me years ago when at the Quilt Fest in Chicago you were giving out a free sample. I took it home and an addict was born. I was lucky enough to take a crazy quilt class two summers ago and even stay at the retreat house. I have a lot of your designs and love your wools!

  22. Mary Anne Avatar
    Mary Anne

    Wool is my favorite medium! I love making candle mats and have been gathering wool to make one of your seasonal crazy mats for some time now. Maybe 2017 will see me complete one!

  23. JANE LAND Avatar

    I so love all of your wool projects. I am wool poor and love all of your colors.

  24. Nancy Avatar

    Oh woolies – make my heart go pitter patter fast! I’ve done quite a few and probably 3/4ths of them are your designs along with your summer BOW’s. My favorite? Hard to pick, but a summer BOW from several years ago… the one based on Florence Peto’s quilt. I think you called it Lisa’s Garden. Yes, I did win a Best of Show years ago for my first wool effort – Home and Harvest, a Quiltmaker year long series from long ago. That quilt started me on my happy wool journey which won’t end til I do. 🙂 Thank you for all your wonderful designs. I have all my big blocks finished from another SBOW and really should get those together this comiing year. I keep thinking of more – like the little freebie basket quilt. That’s a cutie too – but then they ALL are!

  25. Dawn Avatar

    Hello, hope you feel better soon. Vicks vapor rub on your chest and neck and wrap a towel around. It works wonders.

    I like to sit and hand sew at night while my husband watches tv. Seems like I only time we are together but I hate tv. I’ve made a few of your mats. The little geraniums mat is my favorite.
    Happy holidays everyone!

  26. Judy Wachter Avatar
    Judy Wachter

    Kind of new to wool, gathering my stash though and loving it. So many patterns to choose from and I love most, that is a problem. LOL

  27. jackie harris Avatar
    jackie harris

    NEVER was interested or even liked wool projects. Then I took your class up in Gaylord Mi OMG! I absolutely love it. Best class I have ever taken in the past 10 years that I started quilting. I learned so much and now work with wool when ever I have the chance. Which is most of the time 🙂

  28. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral

    I have made 3 wool projects so far. 2 are your designs. I did the summer block of the week from 2 summers ago and a mat with houses and trees. I have 4 more waiting to be done.

  29. Nancy Yardley Avatar
    Nancy Yardley

    I have a few wool projects going. There are a group of us that swap wool when we all do the same thing. It would be nice to win and add to my stash.

  30. Janet O. Avatar

    I had never worked with wool until I took the class from you at the Village Dry Goods retreat in 2013. I had been afraid to try because many years ago, after wearing wool frequently, I suddenly couldn’t wear it anymore–even with a non-wool layer between my skin and the wool.
    Since then I have made more wool projects than I can count and recently taught a class on wool applique to a local guild. I do believe that mini Warm Winter Blessings has been my most favorite, but Little Buds is a close second!

  31. Lauri Linder Avatar

    My first experience with wool appliqué was in January 2013 when you came to Village Dry Goods in Brigham City for their winter retreat. It’s probably an understatement to say that I’ve been hooked. I love the portability of wool projects and never take a road trip (or plane ride) without one! I did finish the snowman quilt that you taught at that class. It hangs in my parlor every January and February. Here’s a link to my blog post about it:

  32. piecefulwendy Avatar

    I love to work with wool! I don’t know if I have a favorite; each project is my favorite at the time. Haha! I enjoy working with wool because it’s so forgiving, and it’s a nice project to have handy to stitch while watching The Good Wife (that show is addictive). Your wools are so nice! I just might have to take advantage of this sale — my stash is getting low!!

  33. lbosma Avatar

    Swore I wouldn’t start another quilty obsession, but was bit by the wool bug via Sue in Peachtree City GA. The two classes you taught us were awesome! I won a Guild Challenge Riboon for an adaptation of a Gretchen Gibbons wallhanging. As to wool allergies…based on my understanding it is the lanolin – oils in the wool that one can be allergic to. With today’s wools and especially your lovely hand dyed wools chance of contact with lanolin is slim! Felted wools are washed so well

  34. A Marie Avatar
    A Marie

    The only real experience I’ve had with wool is making your row by row from last year, the one with “I refuse to sink!” Just pulled it out to look at again. Don’t know why I don’t use wool more…

  35. dlbean4 Avatar

    I have not yet tried a wool project, although I have “collected ” a few of them. They do look fun.

  36. Diane Emanuelson Avatar
    Diane Emanuelson

    I have tried it a bit. I have made a few pin cushions. I need more experience. Your bundles are awesome.

  37. Diane Rose Avatar
    Diane Rose

    I have only made a few things with wool, but I love the things I have made! I’m very good at buying wool kits, they just seem to hop in my bag on their own!

  38. Sue Sharp Avatar
    Sue Sharp

    Fairly new at wool, but once I tried it…I was hooked! Now it’s all I want to do! Joined your bundle of the month so I could collect some stash. Thank you, Lisa!

  39. Cindi P Avatar
    Cindi P

    I love wool…have made several of your patterns including summer week blocks and blocks of the month…you would think with all your patterns and wool I have all ready I wouldn’t need more….but I do! Hope you feel better. I know getting a cold or getting sick is definitely worth the time with the grandkids! Oh and thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Sharon Avatar

    I love wool applique! Especially love that you don’t need the turn the edges under and it works up so fast. Would love to win some wool! Thanks for the chance.

  41. Angelia L. Avatar
    Angelia L.

    I am just starting to get into wool. I have finished one of your pincushion kits and have a couple of your other kits that are waiting for me. Love it!

  42. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    I love working with wool! My mother gave me your kit of the red geranium in a crock with the American flag about 3-4 years ago. I loved making it and was hooked! I have made several smaller projects, but my most favorite that I am currently working on is the Somewhere in Time quilt. I am plugging away at it. I am currently stitching block 5. I just love how beautiful it is and I really enjoy working with wool appliqué! I really like having a hand stitching project. My goal is to also hand quilt Somewhere in Time. I love hand quilting as well, but have not done as much of late because the machine is so much faster. I did hand quit my little geranium crock wall hanging, it is beautiful. Thank you for all the wonderful designs and projects and wool. I am really looking forward to working more with wool! I just wish that I had more time! I also love making pincushions and giving them to my quilting/sewing friends, they have brought a lot of joy.

  43. Sherry Kosbab Avatar
    Sherry Kosbab

    I love all the beautiful colors of the wools you posted. Just a year ago I started working with wool appliqué. I love it. I made a bird pin cushion from wool for my sister in law as a thank you gift, it turned out great. Thanks for the chance to win

  44. Janey B Avatar
    Janey B

    Sorry about the cold; seems to be what a lot of us are dealing with right now. I have completed a few wool projects and my favorite was a black scalloped mug rug with little snowmen applied with running stitches, french knots for eyes, and embroderied gold nose; another black scalloped back was applied to the back and stitched in place with a blanket stitch in red yarn. I made 30 of those and there were 8 snowmen on each mug rug – a lot of time and effort but so worth it. Hope you feel better soon.

  45. Sharon Beck Avatar
    Sharon Beck

    I have the two smaller Itty Bitty rulers and just love them. The longer one would make my sewing room complete….I could sew forever!

  46. Donna J Brewster Avatar
    Donna J Brewster

    Love working with wool. I have completed one SBOW. I have two others in the works. Love them. Feel better soon.

  47. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    Gorgeous colours. I ;love your wools. They are such high quality. Thanks so much for sharing

  48. Jill Avatar

    I’ve made a couple of your pin cushions from wool – love the colors!

  49. lisa kishman Avatar
    lisa kishman

    Love wool projects! My favorite is the Houses, Houses, Houses quilt. Hoping to complete that one soon. I’ve done several projects, but all from kits. Just starting to build a stash to work from!

  50. Sally Avatar

    I love working with wool. Have finished projects of all sizes. I just want to say that once you have tried it you will want to do more! I try to have a small project going at all times so that I can stitch while watching tv or in the car. We travel a great deal and this way I get things done while on the go! My sister has a huge collection of your wool so I often shop at her house when I need a small piece. I feel that I am going to her stash less and less because mine is growing, but I can always use more!!! Can’t wait to see the summer block of the week project again this year! I especially like the free patterns that come with it. I have made many of those multiply times as gifts!

  51. Mary Smith Avatar
    Mary Smith

    I have some wool that I’ve felted but have only done two projects. After Christmas I’ll be
    getting more involved during those long winter days…..

  52. Dede Avatar

    I have limited wool experience, but have done a few candle mats. I love hand sewing these small projects, in fact, giving 2 table mats away as Christmas presents this year.

  53. suejean1 Avatar

    I am addicted to wool appliqué and it’s all your fault. Ever since I took my first working with wool workshop at the Georgia quilt expo years ago. I have to have a wool project fused and ready to stitch at all times. It is my therapy to stitch! Hard to pick a favorite project, there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. Some of my favorites are Flower Penny Garden and Evelyn’s Album. Thank-you Lisa for all your beautiful designs and wool.

  54. Marsha B Avatar
    Marsha B

    I have only tried wool once and it was fun. There are so many beautiful wool patterns, but I don’t have a good variety of wool, so haven’t made much yet. It would be fun to win some beautiful wools to play with! Thank you!

  55. Debra McCarriar Avatar
    Debra McCarriar

    I have just started with wool appliqué.

  56. Deb Futa Avatar
    Deb Futa

    Before I discovered your website, my first wool project was (and still is) a BOM wall hanging designed Blackbird. I’m just about finished with the blocks and have loved all of it – so much, in fact, that on my first visit to your shop, I bought 5 more projects and have them waiting. Love, love your wools and colors.

  57. Teresa McGee Avatar
    Teresa McGee

    Well for me, it started while visiting my Mom in Illinois about 6yrs ago I think! I spotted a new quilt shop by Mom’s and having taken hand quilting back in 1980 and never pursuing further, you know first child etc. it sparked my interest. I was in there exploring you might say, for quite awhile. I chatted and asked questions trying to update my learning. But quickly fell in love with a sample , of your snowman pin cushion made with wool embroidered. I asked the woman how hard it was to learn embroidery, oh not hard! Then next question how long to make that pincushion? Of course, she did it in one day! Well ok, I expect longer for me. So I purchased the pattern, wool, Valdani thread, needles and embroidery chart! My idea was to make a few for Xmas gifts. Well, everyone received their cute pincushions that year! To be exact I had made 3, I was so proud I had accomplished my new skill! So the story goes, that was it for me ! I am a huge wool embroidery fan . I have even expanded my friends down in Texas to this skill. You know wool/embroidery. was not down here back then So I was stock piling from your shop patterns, and wool from the web. Of course my favorite project is still the snowman!

  58. ircolabrese Avatar

    A friend gave about a yard of this beautiful rosey colored wool because she did not have a use for it. I am going to make her a table runner with applique of a silver tea set and tea cups with sugar & creamer, etc. for her lovely dining room table where we have enjoyed tea.

  59. Mary C Avatar
    Mary C

    Nope, haven’t tried it. Retirement is just around the corner so am hoping to learn some new skills. This would be a perfect place to start.

  60. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    You have such beautiful wool. I fell in love with wool appliqué after visiting your booth at the Grand Rapids AQS show about 5 years ago. I bought a few small projects to give it a try and I was hooked. I love your SBOW projects as well. Thank you for all your hard work on patterns and projects for us to enjoy.

  61. Sue Bennett Avatar
    Sue Bennett

    I am doing the sew along of the Primitive Garden on FB so I sure could use some of these gorgeous wools.

  62. Colleen McLaughlin Avatar
    Colleen McLaughlin

    Hi Lisa, Have never tried a wood project. Just recently picked up your kit, Midnight Garden, but haven’t started it yet. I am always apprehensive before starting a new project. I don’t want to mess it up! I’d love to win a wool bundle, to further my wool adventures. Have a wonderful holiday, Lisa.

  63. ChrisI Avatar

    My first wool project was at a class I took about 14 years ago. It was a patchwork vest pieced with wool and then appliqued. I’m thinking it cost at least a week’s pay to make this and the unfortunate thing is that I never finished because the class ended before I learned how to sew on the binding to finish it. I still have it in a drawer and look at it wondering what I can make out of it. I never did applique again until recently. I am working on the Primitive Gathering “House on the Hill” runner. I’m really enjoying this and love the Primitive Gathering wools. I almost bought a bundle of wool last time I was at Primitive Gatherings, but bought another kit instead. Would love to build up a stash of wool though.

  64. timbersmith63 Avatar

    The only wool experience I have is with the free pin cushion kit we got with black Friday orders. Fun!

  65. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    I’ve made so many wool projects that I have tennis elbow, a shoulder that aches at night, and wrists that hurt most of the time and I have trouble picking up heavy pans anymore ! BUT, will I give it up, heck no, I enjoy it was to much to do that !!! So I use my ibuprofen and a rub ( any menthol one ) to help with the pain when it flairs up to bad. I’m going to start my new pin cushion tonight, getting ready to iron my state (Michigan) down in a minute !!!

  66. Mary D. Avatar
    Mary D.

    I’m just getting into wool little by little by buying kits. I think it is beautiful and have quilted a few projects for others that were gorgeous. And it’s so easy to work with! I will be using more and more as time goes on.

  67. PK Binns Avatar
    PK Binns

    I am obsessed with wool! Started with a small project about 12 years ago and became addicted. Have completed several of your patterns and bought some of your tie dyed wool. Also bought a pack of brights at a quilt show which are now gone. Definitely enjoy the blog, and your family life comments.

  68. jules1957 Avatar

    Primitive Gatherings is my most favorite place for wool! My very first wool project was Primitive Gatherings A Primitive Garden. I saw this quilt in my local quilt shop, Christmas Goose, here in Las Vegas and I just HAD to have one! This quilt was also the first quilt I made after taking just one quilting class (I was determined to have this quilt!!). It took me two years to finish it, but I finished it, had it quilted at the Christmas Goose, and bound it. After that I was hooked on wool! I have made several projects from table mats, to candle mats, table runners, and other wood quilts. I have never entered any of my projects in any type of a competition, but my friends and family tell me I need to do that. It is just the most satisfying craft I have ever done! Everything just turns out so beautiful with the addition of the rich wool colors. Love it! It’s my goal to visit Primitive Gatherings in Murrieta over the holidays! Can’t wait! Thanks for all the wonderful patterns that you tempt us with!

  69. Nancy Bailey Avatar
    Nancy Bailey

    Beautiful wools! I’m just starting to build up my wool stash. Really excited to do some wool applique!

  70. Christine G. Guenther Avatar
    Christine G. Guenther

    I started working in wool about 20 years ago before it was popular. None of the quilt shops in my area carried it so I picked up a kit 1st at a quilt show and loved it Next I scoured the thrift shops in my area of MD where wool skirts were plenty and cheap. I felted it myself and have made many projects. However, mostly I have solids in my stash. Fast forward 15 years and we moved to TN and the quilt shop carries some of PG wools and I have bought plenty of textures and different colors the past 5 yrs. I would love to add more textures to my stash. Thanks!

    1. Christine G. Guenther Avatar
      Christine G. Guenther

      I forgot to say that my stash is also mostly darks being as my thrift shop skirts were limited in color. I have a lot of black! And initially sewed wool on wool, but now use flannel or even collton for my backgrounds depending on the project. I would love to win some colors with texture. Thanks!

  71. Kathy Johnson Avatar
    Kathy Johnson

    I. Love. Wool. It’s so easy for me to stitch while in the car pickup line after school. I’m currently working on a Christmas Baltimore album by Pearl Perrera (sp?) in wool. Love it but won’t be finished this year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. Dana Foster Avatar
    Dana Foster

    Oh Lisa-…
    What you’ve given to us in wool
    For our bins can never be too full.
    Whether it’s a bom or a bow our hears leap with glee…
    Stitch away, stitch away, stitch away, wee!!!

    My daughter and I love all you do!!!
    Keep it up and feel better soon!!

  73. Kathy Decker Avatar
    Kathy Decker

    Love working with wool! Your SBOW are my favorites. Working on My Crazy Life now, and Penny Path from the magazine. Never won any awards, but plan to this year LOL. I’m going to spend January figuring out how to quilt Penny Path with Linda’s rulers. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  74. Carol S Avatar
    Carol S

    I don’t know how many years that I gave been sewing with wool, but many! My favorite and I do believe my most challenging project t was the big round Christmas table mat, designers is theWoolen Needle. I do believe there is 10,000 stitches in it. It is absolutely beautiful when it was finished. Since I started sewing with wool I only think about appliquing with wool.

  75. Barbara P. Avatar
    Barbara P.

    I have made many wool projects. Absolutely love working with wool! My favorite because I like the finished look and it is so easy to work with. My favorite is Flower Penny Garden.

  76. Lori Thomas Avatar
    Lori Thomas

    I have done many of your kits and just love them. I have also bought a couple of kits from other people and they are not fun to do. The wool is very loosely woven and frays very easily. Not fun! I think my favorite kit is one I just got this year at the Christmas sale. It is the snowflake white on white with the feather stitching on it. It was very fun and easy and is very elegant. I’m giving it to my daughter in law for Christmas. She does white and silver for her decorations. Very pretty, but not as pretty as my primitive/nostalgic as my decor. I think she will like it. Thanks for all the fun stuff your have for us Lisa!

  77. Susan P Avatar
    Susan P

    I love working with wool! I have made many penny rugs, pincushions and even a wool applique quilt. Love your designs and patterns – I have two of your books and love making things out of them! I would LOVE to win a set of your wool! Thanks!

  78. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    Several years ago when my husband and I moved, there was a local fabric shop in town that sold wool and wool project patterns. I couldn’t resist…I had never worked with wool and wanted to try. That is also when I became introduced to Primitive Gathering patterns. I fell in love with wool work! Now I think I do more wool work than applique with cottons. My favorite projects have been the seasons table mats from Primitive Gatherings, the Rainbow Garden block of the month, and the Santa & Rudie in the photo booth. Love your wools! The colors are vibrant and the wools feel wonderful, a real treat to work with.

  79. Wanda Avatar

    I love wool. I only have a small basic sewing machine so I do all my wool appliqué by hand … wool is the best for hand appliqué. Live your bundles. Purchased bundle from you in the past

  80. shirley Avatar

    I just finished the sew along from buttermilk basin. Let it snow. Wool and cotton. My first wool project was a penny candle mat and I have been a fan ever since. Would put the wool to good use.

  81. Kris Dauth Avatar
    Kris Dauth

    I have several wool kits waiting to be stitched and have completed only a few. Your wool pictures are very yummy!

  82. carol Avatar

    I have made a small penny wool rug. I started a wool hooked rug. Not very large. It is a Wool UFO. I am afraid of doing all the work and then a bug eat my wool quilt.

  83. Judith Diani Avatar
    Judith Diani

    I would like to try more wool projects. I love that you don’t have to worry about the edges! Thanks for the chance to win.

  84. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I love working with wool! So easy to handle. I have done many different projects, some little and some bigger, including combinations of cotton and wool appliqué.

  85. Carol Mina Avatar
    Carol Mina

    Wool is so heart warming. You just feel like home when you are working with it. At the moment I am working on a wool rug with roses.

  86. marie Avatar

    Piecing has taken a back seat to my wool projects. I usually have about 4 going at the same time.

  87. Becky Hrabik Avatar
    Becky Hrabik

    I have the square itty bitty ruler. It awesome! My favorite ruler.

  88. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    My first wool project was your small penny candel mat. After making 4 of those I did Peony Wreath, which won 2nd place at both shows it was in (judged by viewers choice). Then I decided I could do a bigger project and did Sweet Sixteen through your BOM. That was in 2 judged shows and won 2 first place ribbons and one Best of Show! It also won another 1st place and Best of Show by viewers choice! It now hangs in my living room. I love doing ornies with wool and have several projects waiting in my stash! Also been working on one of your summer freebies projects as a take-a-long hand project!

  89. Judy Snider Avatar
    Judy Snider

    I love the look of wool applique, but so does my cat!!! I’ve decided that it is easier to wash cotton applique!

  90. Ruth Newell Avatar
    Ruth Newell

    My adventure with wool this year was to make primitive Santas using wool sweaters that were felted. The ribbing made neat accents. I would love to win a packet of your wools!

  91. Nicole Mangino Avatar
    Nicole Mangino

    I love working on wool projects, it is my favorite type of project to work on. My favorite project was Evelyn’s Album which was my first big project, wool or quilting. It was a lot of fun and thank you to Sharon for the beginner quilt class so I knew how to piece my quilt together!!

  92. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    I love working with wool❣️ I like to cut out several projects at one time then I always have hand sewing to do. I made ” How does your garden grow” as a block of the month through Primitive Gatherings. It was such a fun quilt to make and I absolutely love it❣️
    I hope you feel better soon…it seems like everyone is catching that bug.

  93. Debbie Hirt Avatar
    Debbie Hirt

    My first introduction to wool was my first quilt retreat to your house. I Got invited by a group of women from MN and I had never done wool and I never planned on working with wool. I brought my trusty sewing machine with me and I rebelled for about a day and a half. I am now hooked on wool and valdani threads thanks to you and your wonderful shop. I love the ability to take my projects with me when I travel. Thanks for all of the inspiration that your shop give su

  94. annita Avatar

    Merry Christmas, I have not done a wool project. I’ve been very attentive to the 12 Days of Christmas and what I’ll be putting in my cart at the end. My family has done a quilt challenge for the past six years with the finally/reveal on New’s Years when we celebrate Christmas. Next year’s challenge is applique, oh dear…., the pattern picked out is by Buggy Barn, “Crazy for Applique”, The cats, butterflies, birds, and flowers would be stunning done in wool. Hope you get over your cold fast, I battled ear infection for 4 weeks before it was conquered. Get lots of rest, busy and fun times ahead.

  95. Vicki G. Avatar
    Vicki G.

    I made a couple of wool projects on my own, then I took your class in Hershey PA and found out all the things I could be doing better! Your class was great! Merry Christmas!

  96. Sandy G Avatar
    Sandy G

    I’ve made several wool projects and love them. My favorites are your Christmas mat (I took a class from you) and a summer block of the week, that I haven’t finished yet but hope to soon. Love working with wool and all your great patterns and wool.

  97. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar

    Wool. Exactly what I need right this minute. I wasn’t able to find on your site. Not sure why. Now I can order from these pictures. Lol

    I need wool for my red truck table runner. Green for the trees and on and on. I love working with wool. Also need brown to make a tree for my pattern, Weeping Cherry Tree, in wool. Slowly working on your wool pattern Words To Live By. I love it.

    Feel better Lisa. Remember you’re still recovering from surgery so you are more likely to get every bug around.

    Wishing you, Nick and your family a fabulous Christmas and a blessed 2017. Hugs💞

  98. Debbie Goad Avatar
    Debbie Goad

    I haven’t made many compared to others. I find it hard to stay awake at night when I sit down thinking I will stitch. I am, however, proud of the pieces I have finished. My favorite is the PG Pumpkin Mat. This is the one that I finally accomplished the stem stitched vines on. I have entered a few pieces in our county fair and have always placed. My goal is to complete the PG Poinsettia Runner that I have been working on forever for next Christmas. Take care of that cold! Funny, I hardly ever got sick until I became a grandma. Love those grandbaby snuggles and smooches!

  99. Melissa Devin Avatar
    Melissa Devin

    My first wool project was Folk Art Album. It was a SWUI (shopping while under the influence) along with a friend who just swept me into that gorgeous quilt. She passed away before either of us finished, but she passed along her FAA to another dear friend. We have both since finished our quilts in our friend’s honor. I think about her when I see it (it’s currently hanging in my living room this month).

  100. Jayne Karbula Avatar
    Jayne Karbula

    I have dabbled in wool. I would love to do more and a collection like yours would certainly motivate me to do more. Perhaps I can move my status up from dabbler to ? Hope you can shed that cold soon.

  101. Natalie Rogers Avatar
    Natalie Rogers

    So sorry about your cold, hopefully it will be mild and leave you soon. I was introduced to wool by my Aunt Shirley, I love the way it looks especially with stitches into it. I love small penny rug projects and have made the aunt several special projects, two mini tree skirts for her tree collection and ornaments to go on it. Several pillows too, just jove the warm cozy feeling it gives, and is very easy to work with too. Merry Christmas to your family.

  102. Barb Allen Avatar
    Barb Allen

    I do a lot of wool applique and love having different shades of one color. Bundles really help! It’s nice to have different shades and patterns to work with. Merry Christmas.

  103. catskillquilter Avatar

    Feel better soon! I am eager to try wool applique, and have started to collect bits of wool in various colors. It is hard to find wool, and now that I have seen your assortment, it is clear where I will be shopping for it! Merry Christmas!

  104. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Starting working with wool a couple of years ago. Doing the Somewhere In Time BOW in 2015 got me really hooked! Almost everything I do now has wool appliqué on it!

  105. Sharon H Avatar
    Sharon H

    Took one of your classes in Pinconning Mi a couple of years ago & I’ve been hooked ever since. I mean I’m really addicted! Trying to combine wool with quilting because I have such a large fabric stash. It’s my go to in the evening when I want to sit with my hubs. I just can’t sit & watch TV, my hands have to be stitching.

  106. Sheila Avatar

    Wool is my absolute favorite way to do applique. Have never counted but guessing around 20 projects finished, a lot of pincushions which I love making. Thanks again for all you do to keep us “woolie”

  107. Alice Avatar

    I LOVE wool applique. My favorite project is the SBOW from 2012. Feel better soon!

  108. Betty Price Avatar
    Betty Price

    Taught myself how to make a penny rug with backing by watching youtube. Improving wool applique/button hole stitch for 2017 is one of my goals. Have several hooked rugs and love attending rug hooking events–those hookers know how to have fun

  109. Elizabeth Wynn Avatar
    Elizabeth Wynn

    I have been doing wool appliqué for 3 years and joined a group, they all have been at it for years all have large amounts of wool of course this is dream for me. I am working on Tuxedo’s Tales now but plan on Summertime Sampler with all the bright wools your shop is my favorite but of course I do have a budget ❤

  110. dorothy213 Avatar

    I had never done wool applique until I happened upon your Evelyn’s Album quilt. My favorite aunt was named Evelyn. She recently died of alzheimers and the name of the quilt, the predominant red used and the hearts in the design made it a pattern I had to do. I finished it in time for last valentines day..we shared that birthday. It is my favorite wool applique quilt.

  111. mary h Avatar
    mary h

    Get well! Yes, I like to do wool. Working on Let It Snow by Stacy. Favorite is my big appliqued quilt -block of week by you, with rings of flowers, just hung it up this morning!

  112. Tami Welch Avatar
    Tami Welch

    I love the look of wool applique. I have wanted to try it, but have never found the materials for the project I wanted to make. I would love to have one of your wool bundles. I know I could make something beautiful with that wonderful wool. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope you feel better soon.

  113. Debra Nelson Avatar
    Debra Nelson

    I have only made a couple of wool projects. I think I need more practice on scraps since I don’t think my stitches are as good as they should be. But like everything else, practice makes… better! Thanks for the opportunity!

  114. Michele Avatar

    I have just a small container of cherished wool pieces, so when I do use them to embellish a quilt with appliqué it is always extra special. A year ago I made a small table runner for my cousin with appliqué fabric and felted wool, it is my favourite (I really wanted to keep it too!!)

  115. Lenore Williams Avatar
    Lenore Williams

    I love your wool! Always stop at shows and pick up some of your precuts. I took a class with you in Alpena MI and finished my project. it was the one with the sheep, house and willow trees. i just love it! i have also done wool Christmas orniments for everyone in our family for Christmas this year. I want to pick up your Christmas book and do the wool tree ornament and of course your snowman! I absolutely love working with wool! Thank you for all your inspiration!

  116. Karen Avatar

    Love your wool. I took a class from you a few years ago, which greatly improved my skills. We worked on the Christmas mat, I love it. Thanks

  117. Joni M. Avatar
    Joni M.

    I love working with wool! I think it was about 2002ish that I got hooked on wool after joining the Muddy Sheep Wool Club at Rosebud’s Cottage, which was in St. Paul at that time. Not long after that my husband and I went to Eagle River, WI for a week at a cabin. I made the quilt shop rounds and the Quilt Cottage in Hazelhurst had a beautiful, wool quilt displayed on their porch, Backyard Gatherings. They had the kit, black background…I had to have it. That was my first wool quilt and my introduction to Lisa Bongean patterns… the rest is history. You are an inspiration! We are headed to WI now and tomorrow I get to visit your awesome shop! Hope you are feeling better soon! Merry Christmas!

  118. Patricia D. Roberts Avatar
    Patricia D. Roberts

    Love the wools you have. I have worked all summer on wool projects.

  119. Cathy Avatar

    Only in the last year have I worked with wool. I’ve always admired it, but never worked with it. I would like to do more in the future. I love the colors of your wool and hope to do one of your patterns soon. Thanks for another great give away!!!

  120. Diane Mehring Avatar
    Diane Mehring

    I love the look and feel of wool. I do have several kits. My latest wool project was a candle mat in primitive

  121. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    Wool is the best, once you use it for applique it is hard to go back to needle turn applique with cotton. I have worked with wool quite a bit. I have done two of your SBOW and two block of the month at another shop. Many Christmas decorations, Easter, pin cushions, candle mats, etc…. and your 10 year anniversary quilt. I just used wool to put a childs name on a flannel Christmas baby quilt. And have many projects waiting. Thank you for the chance to win a needful thing!

  122. Judith Brown Avatar
    Judith Brown

    I love your wool because it is soft. That keeps me coming back. My favorite projects are your Spring, Summer,…table mats. They are so cleaver and have such cute ideas in them. I never thought about entering those small projects in a the County Fair. Now I have a another goal for 2017! I requested a gift certificate from Primitive Gatherings because I know there is always another project I’d like to do!

  123. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    I love, love working with wool and making wool applique projects. I actually entered a challenge at our quilters guild. It was called the newbie challenge. It was for quilters who have never entered a challenge. I did a primitive wool applique wall hanging and mentioned you as one of my inspirations. I won 2nd prize. I learned from the best.

  124. Debbie Avatar

    I love working with wool! My first project was the snowman gatherings wall quilt and I absolutely loved doing it and I love the finished product. I have trouble finding wool but continue searching. I would love to learn to dye wool but have not found the time or energy as of yet! I love your patterns!

  125. wantstoberetired Avatar

    I LOVE working with wool… pincushions, candle mats, table runners, framed pieces, and wall hangings. What’s not to love? Your hand dyed colors are beautiful and wool is so easy to work with. I would certainly be happy to add more to my collection.
    Rest up and feel better… it’s almost Christmas!

  126. debby421 Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I loved the good wife until the end. The it ended. 😃 Wool, hmm I have 4-5 different projects started. They, fir some reason keep jumping to the bottom of the pile.. I love working with it and someday I will finish those projects. (I hope !).

  127. Diane Haun Avatar
    Diane Haun

    I love working with wool. It’s so forgiving. Most of my projects have been wall hangings. My first project and one of my favorites is a door sized wall hanging designed by Lynda Hall. I loved the pattern, crows and sunflowers so I didn’t pay any attention to the size. It was huge! I used the glue baste method to get the pieces tacked down and found out that glue is really not my friend. I had it everywhere! Even though it was such a big project I learned a lot by making it and still love it to this day.

  128. Jackie Avatar

    I love your wool. I use it all the time, even in the wool group it comes to my house monthly. I have done so many of your designs, I would have to go count them. Along with a quilt wool/fabric. And working on two other quilts wool/fabric of yours. Lisa I love your designs. Probably my favorite is the water can on the table mat. Hope some day to take a class from you! Hope you get well soon!

  129. nettiecrain Avatar

    I LOVE working with wool! First I think it feels so soft to touch, the ends don’t usually ravel, and all in all it makes your quilt just stunning…… My favorite thing to do is to make the quilt mostly out off cotton and just add touches of wool to add another dimension to it. Happy Holidays! Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

  130. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    I’ve done a few wool projects, have a couple in progress, and have loads I’d love to do! One of my favorite designers for wool projects is Norma Whaley of Timeless Traditions.

  131. Peggy Welchert Avatar
    Peggy Welchert

    My wool appliqué experiences are limited to your Lisa’s Garden kits that were sent out weekly with a bonus basket block. I first did one basket block to learn the process, than started the flower blocks. I only sewed while away from home, visiting my sewing friend, sitting in the hospital with my parents or husband, while having a conversation with friends after eating breakfast at a restaurant or waiting for an appointment. These blocks really traveled and all the flower blocks are finished with 5 baskets finished. I learned so much, admire all the wonderful comments others shared with me and will miss working on these small blocks soon.

    I must tell you when I first bought these kits I left them out in their bags in the living room. We just got a dog and left her in the house be herself….and the blocks. When we arrived home our dog decided to “inspect” the kits. She tore open the plastic bags, ate some wool and distroyed one pattern. I wrote your shop, or called, and asked to purchase a replacement pattern. The pattern was promptly sent out to me at no charge. That moved your shop way up in my eyes. So knowing I was running low on items to carry with me, I decided to order some wool fabric bundles you offered in a special sale to use on a design of my own. So much happened from the day I ordered and the day it arrived in my mailbox, I forgot I ordered the fabric! It was like Christmas when I saw the envelope. Needless to say I was so happy to have that fabric when finishing preparing my basket kits I needed some fabric to make a basket and some flowers. I went to my new stash and was able to fill in what the dog had ate! So additional fabric in my limited stash would be wonderful.

  132. eileenkny Avatar

    Hi Lisa, sorry you’re a little under the weather; those baby kisses are worth it, I know! I took a class last spring and fell in love with wool. No edge turning and very forgiving. I’m on my second project, from a book by Rebekah Smith that I bought in your shop when I visited Menasha. I bought one of your Summer Crazy Mat kits while I was there too. I’m just too much of a chicken to start it. Thank you for your generosity!

  133. JoAnn Borges Avatar
    JoAnn Borges

    hi Lisa,
    I won ” Bud Garden” at my guild auction.
    I’m hooked, want to do more wooly projects.
    Love you wool and patterns.

  134. MaryAnn Jalbert Avatar
    MaryAnn Jalbert

    I have been working with wool for about 10 years! I do my best yo keep you in business
    Penny Rugs, wool stuffed crestures and quilts.
    I pretty much have at least 2 BOM going all the time. Your booth is my first stop on Wednesday night in Houston. My all time favorite was completing Words To Live By! My husband remodeled our family room just do thrre was a wall big enough to hang it on!

  135. Mary Sue Avatar
    Mary Sue

    Hi Lisa,
    You are the one who got me hooked on wool! I’ve made my share of wool table mats and runners and even framed a few projects to hang — I just love the feel of the wool and floss in my hands. I’ve made every one of your Christmas pincushions since 2012, and I always order extras to make for my friends. I’ve always loved appliqué, but wool appliqué wins for me every time!

  136. Angela Brady Avatar
    Angela Brady

    I love working with wool. Probably mine most favorite project to date is my Snowman Gatherings quilt which I finished earlier this year. I did put the lyrics to Walking in a Winter Wonderland in my borders and it turned out super! Merry Christmas!

  137. June S Avatar
    June S

    I have done several wool projects, all from Primitive Gatherings! Love your wool!

  138. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    Your wool is the best! The colors are so natural. I have made a few of your wool table mats. My favorite is Garden Walk. It was fun and it is beautiful! I never tire of looking at it. I should make up a new color scheme and make another one.

  139. Nicole Mays Avatar
    Nicole Mays

    Love working with wool. I really got into it when I took your class at Road to CA about 3 years ago. I’ve got the PG garden BOM done, just waiting to quilt it. I had such a great time working on that quilt. Thank you for your beautiful designs and wool.

  140. Judyk Avatar

    I had done some raw edge applique that I blanket stitched by machine. I never really enjoyed that process. My very first wool applique was your snowman gatherings quilt. That was the start of my love affair with wool applique. I try to always have a project by my chair for restful night time stitching. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  141. Barbara Ahlf Avatar
    Barbara Ahlf

    I love working with wool. Years ago I started collecting dark wool skirts and slacks and ran across 3 yards navy blue and 5 yards of red at a rummage sale. It was just $26.00 for all. I need to get my collection of other colors going. I made a couple of your candle mats and projects. It is just so relaxing to stitch on wool. I like to use the wool I have rather than buy a kit. It would be fun to win.

  142. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I have that nasty cold too, hope you shake it quickly. I have to say the majority of my projects are wool that I’m working on, and my project stash is probably 50/50 tho soon to be leaning towards more wool. I love the way the wool feels in my hands. My favorite project that’s tough! I love the “seasonal crazy quilt mats” and I love “my favorite things” because I combined several of my own favorite things with some of your designs. I also had to buy “my crazy life” during my Dec visit and am looking forward to starting that. Hugs, Jakey

  143. Sylvia miller Avatar
    Sylvia miller

    Just getting started on wool appliqué. First project was at the retreat in November. Excited about doing more Get well quick. Hope you take a multi vitamin. Makes a lot of difference.

  144. laura Avatar

    Wool seems they be my new addiction. Just can’t get enough. Have a cupboard full I’d wool kites. Newest thing is buying wool. Loved your wool class in Hershey a few years ago.

  145. Megan Russo Avatar
    Megan Russo

    I love love love your wool, Lisa. I just started making some small things with wool recently. I visited your booth at Quilt Odyssey in July in Hershey, PA. I got two table topper kits and made both of them. Then later I got one of your candle mat patterns and made three of those for christmas gifts. For my next project, I have signed up for the Daurmont II block of the month. I love the feel and texture of the wool and I can’t wait to get started on the Daurmont II quilt. By the way, what is “Daurmont” – a family name, maybe?

  146. Nancy Zimmerman Avatar
    Nancy Zimmerman

    I am wool newbee. I have only done one wool project and after seeing all the beautiful patterns and wool on your website, I want to do more!

  147. Judy Maggio Avatar
    Judy Maggio

    I love the feel of wool. I am working on a small basket appliqué quilt. I am having lots of fun picking out colors and collecting more wool.

  148. Linda Hartsock Avatar
    Linda Hartsock

    Lisa, you are the reason for my love of wool projects. I must have made over 30 table and wall hangings and given them to family and friends to enjoy for the changing seasons. I started with a long fall pillow years ago and probably love the fall and Christmas ones the best. I almost completed a block of the week one when the tornado hit my home. Because of your generosity, I was able to start again, then got to attend a class you gave in Des Moines. The wool projects can be doable for a beginner and a challenge for more experienced, but anyone can make a beautiful project. Thanks for great instructions, tips, creative patterns and the very best wool in the world. Hope all is better with you, maybe your body just needs a rest. Happy Holidays. Linda

  149. Diana Meier Avatar
    Diana Meier

    I LOVE WORKING WITH WOOL….. I use SAS2 and love it. I have entered Primitive Garden in our show and won 1st place and Member’s Choice. Also have done smaller wool projects and framed them and won awards. I am currently working on My Favorite Things. Rest, relax and get better before Christmas.

  150. Rhonda Russell Avatar
    Rhonda Russell

    Nope, haven’t tried it. I am hoping to learn some new skills. This would be a perfect place to start

  151. Kristy Avatar

    I adore working with wool. My fine work causes some pain issues now, and the wool came into my life at the right time…it is not as finickity to work with. You don’t have to needle turn the edges, and you can use wool thread in a bigger needle to whipstitch it down. Top that off with all the fabulous colors you have created, and it is a win win! My favorite wool piece is my Primitive Gatherings Santa table mat, you know with the lovely scalloped edge. I need to make a wool quilt, as I am always freezing and it would be the warmest quilt around. Merry Christmas. PS. Hope you feel better soon. I know how those “littles” tug at our hearts and we do crazy things….like kissing and hugging those little cutie patooties. Merry Christmas, Kristy

  152. Mary Jean Price Avatar
    Mary Jean Price

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with wool. I really got into working with wool when I bought your Autumn and Summer Gatherings books. I used your wool kits for most of the projects and was truly inspired by them. I always have a wool project in progress along with my quilting and embroidery work. Any wool kit I have ever ordered from you was beautiful!

  153. Chris O'Dorisio Avatar
    Chris O’Dorisio

    Those wool bundles look DELICIOUS!! 🙂 I have only done ONE wool project and that was at a workshop you taught here in Virginia last year at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt festival. I absolutely loved doing it and am signed up for the larger project this coming February. YAY!!!! I even talked my mom and dear friend into taking the class with me! I just made some Christmas tree ornaments…. I couldn’t find any wool around here so I improvised and used some felt. I used the Christmas light bulb free pattern you gave out in 2015 with the tree on it. Loved how it looks but I really wanted to do it in wool . Thanks for all the freebies and tips and this fun 12 days of Christmas needful things!!

  154. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    I’ve only done a couple of small items out of wool. I did do a large crewel wool embroidery of a Madonna for my Mother one year. Your pictures of wool look so yummy. Some of it would love to find a home with me! Thanks!

  155. Teri Pierce Avatar
    Teri Pierce

    I love working with wool! It just makes me happy 😀 Especially when I have a stressful day at work just taking sometime to relax with your needle and wool makes a huge difference in my day. Sometimes I just like to look at all the pretty textures and colors and don’t even want to cut it, but I always do! Lol! Feel better and Merry Christmas Lisa!

  156. Kathy Casavant Avatar
    Kathy Casavant

    I love working with wool. Have done your block of the months in the summer. I was a instructor for a quilt class with wool. Was so much fun. All the woman loved working with the wool. Miss our quilt store So Much Wool.
    Was a great wool store close to home. Have done many of your projects can’t just pick one sorry!

  157. Julie T Avatar
    Julie T

    Hi Lisa! I haven’t yet used wool in any of my quilts, although I plan to. I have been collecting pieces here and there, but cannot always find colors I am looking for. And sometimes the cost will stop me. Merry Christmas!

  158. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    I love working with wool. Seems like it’s my go to project over everything else. I haven’t begun the “Let It Snow” BOM yet because I’m trying to finish up the Salt Box Houses of Wooden Spool Designs More wool is always appreciated. Thanks.

  159. teri c Avatar
    teri c

    I have not worked with wool applique yet but have been very tempted.

  160. Trudy Walker Avatar
    Trudy Walker

    Picking a favorite wool project is as difficult as picking a favorite child! I have enjoyed a number of your patterns and kits Lisa. Among my favourites are Little Buds, Summer Blooms and Garden Baskets. I’ve made lots of little mittens and the 9″ stockings which are such a joy every Christmas and fun to make more for gifts. Please keep designing and I’ll continue stitching. Your wools are a dream to use too.

  161. SUSAN JERNIGAN Avatar

    I fought doing wool for a while and my girlfriend said just come and try it out at our Wool club. Well I went and that is only the beginning of my story!! I am totally hooked on any kind of wool, solids, textures what ever wool comes in I want it! Trying to think of a wooly nickname for myself but can’t come up with the right one just yet, but am working on it.

  162. Cathy Ferkes Avatar
    Cathy Ferkes

    Just finished a blog hop Christmas block of the month project, love the Primitive look and the I had it quilted!

  163. Mary Colley Avatar
    Mary Colley

    I love working with wool. My first project was one of the block of the month from you. I am entering a wool appliqué quilt in my guild’s March show. It is one of your patterns. I hope it wins a ribbon.

  164. MS Barb Avatar
    MS Barb

    I’ve tried a little bit of wool applique–I love the colors & textures of wool! I have some beautiful patterns for wool….THANKS for a nice Giveaway!

  165. Cheryl L Barkdoll Avatar
    Cheryl L Barkdoll

    I love working with wool since I like applique but not needle turn with cottons. I have made a couple of your patterns Lisa and have made up my own penny rugs. Your wool is the best!

  166. linda melz Avatar
    linda melz

    Love working with wool . The rhythm of the needle going thru the wool So soothing My favorite project is a red white and blue sand bucket with snowballs with faces and leaves for winter and a heart flag an easy 2nd
    Hope you get well soon

    linda melz

  167. Fran B Avatar
    Fran B

    I LOVE wool appliqué! I have made several projects, SBOW, table mats and pincushions. I will attest that your wool is by far the nicest I have ever used. I’m not just saying that to win a prize, it’s the honest truth. The hand is nice and soft, not scratchy like some other wools and your hand dyed colors are amazing.

  168. Avatar

    Would love to win the wool bundle. I love working with wool and have done several projects. My favorite was a runner for my dinning room table that is branch with several birds and leaves and berries. I hope your sniffles get better and you can enjoy all those Christmas cookies. But I agree with you, kisses from grandchildren are worth a cold anyway. Enjoy and Merry Christmas to you and your family🎄

    Sent from my iPad


  169. Linda M Avatar
    Linda M

    I had never done wool appliqué before I “discovered”Primitive Gatherings at Quilt Expo in Madison this Fall. I fell head over heels in love with both–Wool and PG! I made a poinsettia candle mat and have made 4 of the PG snowman ornaments. So much fun!

  170. Nell Avatar

    LOL! I am allergic to wool (makes me itch) but I don’t let that stop me from doing wool appliqué! I have completed two of your full-size wool BOM projects and even took the ‘shovel’ on the ‘Thanksgiving’ one to Costa Rica on vacation so I wouldn’t get behind! I have done a number of table mats (pumpkins & sunflowers) and still need to do the poinsettia one … and YES! I entered the flower wool quilt (with piano keys border, sorry I’m awful at remembering the quilt names) at our county fair this past summer and received ‘Best of Show!” Wool appliqué is addictive! Love it!

  171. Sharon Avatar

    I would love to do a wool project and have wanted to do a wool top for my 100 year old wood kitchen table but am intimidated and afraid I might ruin it. I love the colors of the wool and the applique.

  172. Betsy Avatar

    I’ve always been drawn to wool projects but I was unable to find much wool locally and then 2 of the 3 shops within an hour of me closed. I found your online shop and blog and now I have no shortage of wool projects! My favorite project was your summer freebie, “Summer Blooms”. This was so much fun to work on and I loved that you did a tutorial on how to add the scallloped outer border. It gave me the courage to do it! This little quilt also won a first place ribbon at our Guilds 2016 Quilt Show! My first ribbon! Thanks so much for continuing to bring us great projects and great instruction!

  173. Sally Hurst Avatar
    Sally Hurst

    I am about to start one of your wool snowflake table toppers (called Frozen). I’m getting a late start here as I wanted it for Christmas, but maybe it won’t get done until January. I love working with wool as it usually involves handwork, and so is portable.

  174. Donna Wells Avatar
    Donna Wells

    I have made a few wool pieces and enjoyed working on them. I have many more to do!

  175. Colleen Avatar

    I am currently working on my first ever wool project. It is teeny pumpkins and I am making it to learn how so that I can make the project that has inspired me to do wool – your “Midnight Garden” kit. That is so stunningly beautiful that I told myself I have to learn how to do this so I can make it! I have the feeling that is just the beginning of a long, slippery slope to many more wool projects in my future. Thanks for your beautiful designs Lisa!

  176. Cindy S Avatar
    Cindy S

    I’ve been working with wool for about 8 years
    I really enjoy it and have done several of your knock of the month & patterns. Some of my favorites are Evelyn’s Album wool on flannel and Sweet Sixteen in wool on cotton. Right now I’m working on Somewhere in Time block of the month. I also like to work with wool on wool appliqué. It’s amazing how much wool is available now for all kinds of patterns & projects! I love it!❤️

  177. Katherine Avatar

    I’ve made very few things with wool– not sure why that is because I really like wool projects. I recently bought the kit for your project in the Mini Marvels book and looking forward to getting started on it in the new year. These little buddles of wool are awesome! Hope you feel better soon!

  178. Rose Bullen Avatar
    Rose Bullen

    I have made a few wool projects, one with you, the Ball jars. Another is a round pumpkin mat with eight pumpkins and a great vine connecting them . I am hooked. One of my favorites is a square apple core mat with lots of colors and lots of stitches. I am in great need of learning new stitches, and that is fun even if I am not yet perfect. I made a special trip one day to World Market for a canvas bag with black sheep on it to travel with my wool projects.

  179. Elizabeth Dickey Avatar
    Elizabeth Dickey

    My current project is making veggie & fruit cat quilt patterns in all wool 🙂 having a fun time picking the colors for each cat…Currently working on the celery kitty!! I have used bundles,charm packs & some recycled wool ♡ Hope you all feel better soon!!!

  180. Sherry Simpson Avatar
    Sherry Simpson

    Love working with wool.  I made your Lisa’s flower garden pattern (slightly altered) and received the judges choice award at the Rvqg  show in October of this year.  Pretty proud!

  181. dorothy213 Avatar

    I had never done wool applique until I happened upon the pattern Evelyn ‘ s Album. My favorite Aunt Evelyn had recently died from alzheimers and the pattern with predominantly red wool, whimsical design and hearts called out to me. In addition to our love if quilts we shared our February 14th birthday. I completed it last year and wrapped myself in that beautiful quilt on valentines day. It is my favorite wool applique quilt and a daily reminder of my beloved aunt.

  182. Sue knill Avatar
    Sue knill

    I have a wool addiction can not resist buying it have made several quilts with wool and several table matts and pillows. When we go to shows my friends leave me in the booths with wool and come back for me later.

  183. Gina Avatar

    I absolutely love working with wool. And when I found Primitive Gatherings online, I found a home. I love the look, the texture and the colors and yes I have made a number of projects over the years and also have a few stacked up for retirement!

  184. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    Wool, wool and more wool. Love it all.

  185. Debbie Metzner Avatar
    Debbie Metzner

    Our stitch group made your wool Christmas trees at our Christmas party last week. We had so much fun doing that as a group.

  186. Debra Grove Avatar
    Debra Grove

    I learned to quilt so I could make a wool quilt featured as a series quilt in my friend’s 2005 Quiltmaker magazine. I was getting ready to retire from 26 years in the military and after two war deployments, I thought it was high time for some fun creativity! That began my long love affair with all things wool! I won Best of Show at the TN state fair with it! When I first started in 2005, it was virtually impossible to find wool anywhere, so I was felting my own. I thought I died and went to heaven when I went to Paducah for the first time and found Primitive Gatherings! PG to is still the first place I look for when I go to any quilt show. I’ve made several wool quilts from your summer block of the week (and have more than that to finish…). I love working with hand dyed wool. It adds so much textural interest to any quilt. It’s also a great way to get different colors from one piece of fabric. I love making the little penny rugs, table runners, pincushions, ornaments, and smaller wall hangings too. I’m a great hoarder of those kits since we still don’t really have shops that carry much in the Nashville area.

  187. Joni Giancola Avatar
    Joni Giancola

    I am a newbie with wool, but have done many types of handwork for about 50 years now….

  188. Amanda G Avatar

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing wool applique on cotton fabric. It makes me so happy. Plus they are fuzzy. 🙂

  189. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I love working with wool! I did the Pennies from Heaven BOM and took first place in the Grand Rapids show. Keep on making beautiful patterns and wools for us ❤️

  190. BAY Avatar

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE which ones to pick it is going to be so hard!!! Hope you are feeling better Lisa.

  191. masonmarlene Avatar

    My love affair with wool applique started about 4 years ago when I was staying at your retreat house and you gave our group a class on the tulip mat. I never looked back. I absolutely love wool applique and have 3 of your quilt kits and the one I love the very most “Words to live by”. Unfortunately, retirement has set in and buying like I’d like to is a thing of the past. I love your wool, having used other wools from different shops, I am a “dyed in the wool” follower of yours. It is like stitching on butter. All your tips and continued short cuts have me getting things done rather than having lots of “UFO’s”. Thanks for being such a thoughtful and sharing shop owner. Merry Christmas and armloads of hugs!

  192. Judy Purcell Avatar
    Judy Purcell

    I love wool. I have boxes of it and love sifting through it looking for colors. It’s my favorite to applique.

  193. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I fell in love with wool appliqué after I took your christmas time class several years ago. You were a great instructor and taught the class everything we needed to know to get started. Thank you 😊

  194. Jody Divkey Avatar
    Jody Divkey

    I enjoy working with wool, I enjoy the richness of it both in the touch and color. I just finished a beautiful red wool cardinal pincushion but it is so adorable I don’t think I could stick pins in it plus I filled it with ground walnuts with lavender so it smells nice to.

  195. Rebecca Avatar

    I have made the most woolie projects by Primitive Gathering designs. Something soothing about needle, thread and wool..

  196. Pam Knight Avatar
    Pam Knight

    I love wool applique and especially your wool. There is always room for some new pieces in my collection. I have a couple of your kits from the last sale yet to be assembled. Thanks for this opportunity.

  197. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    My very first wool project was your block of the month, Sunflower Gatherings. I dove right in and loved it! My last blocks and borders look better than my first blocks but no one but me notices. I’m trying to get Somewhere in Time finished. I’ve done many small ones in between and really like it because I can be with the hubs and watch tv while I work on it.😉
    I know you struggle with these posts a little each year but they have come to be one of the things I look forward to the most this time of year! Thank you for sharing all your quilting knowledge. Even the littlest things can help someone. Many blessings to you and your family.

  198. Barbara Rodin Avatar
    Barbara Rodin

    I love working with wool appliqué, I have made two quilts both of them your SBOW. I enjoyed both and looking
    forward to the next one this coming summer. Just like fabric you can never have enough wool!

  199. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    i love, love, love working with wool. Looking around my family room, I believe all the quilt designs are from Primitive Gatherings. I won 2nd place on the 2014 freebie summer block of the week wall hanging. Yesterday I just picked up Sunflower Gatherings from my quilter. Needless to say it is absoluately beautiful. I will be retiring in 8 months and am so looking forward to having more time to work on the many wool projects I have on my to do list.

  200. Nancy Knight Avatar
    Nancy Knight

    I have been having a love affair with wool for about 20 years! I rug hook, wool applique and I’m loving these new projects that combine a bit of wool with cross stitch. It ramped up with one of your kits from the Houston Quilt market many years ago that is still so popular today – Olde St. Nick Table Mat. I love pulling him out this time every year. Trying to pick a favorite piece is like trying to pick my favorite child but Redware crow table Mat and Merry Christmas by Maggie Bonanomi are at the top! I love keeoing it rolled on my cubby hole shelves – such eye candy!

  201. Janan Avatar

    I have been stitching with wool since I feel in love with your booth at Paducah a few years ago!! Then you came to a quilt event in Cullman, AL and I traveled there to take your class. I am totally hooked on wool now. There is just something about that needle in hand, stitching by hand!! Love it! This is a great sale you have on the wool charms and bundles, a great way to add to my wool colors at home. Thank you & Merry Christmas.

  202. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    I have made a few of your smaller projects and have several larger kits to do. Love your designs. The “Good Wife” is a great show. Merry Christmas.,

  203. jean f Avatar
    jean f

    I’ve made a couple of candle mats, and really like making them. I would love to win this bundle, and make some more goodies from them.

    To help get rid of the creeping crud you are experiencing, have someone go to the health food store, or other large grocery that would carry Vitamin C crystals. The bottle we have reads Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Crystalline Powder. They suggest 1/4 teaspoon or more in a glass of juice and water. A good Physician Assistant friend says to take a glassful of water with this every hour during waking hours. Not only will it rehydrate you, but will also get the needed vit C into your system. good luck and get well.

  204. moosebaymusings Avatar

    Even though I’m allergic to wool, I can’t resist working with it. I’ve made many wool projects and won a ribbon for Words To Live By–one of my favorites! Hope your are better soon!

  205. Lisa Mikel Avatar
    Lisa Mikel

    Thank you so much for your ruler give away. I was so excited to see I was a winner today. You are awesome! Thank you Lisa! Your rulers are truly the best. I have been wanting your newest ruler for a long time and will love having an extra for using of your other sizes. They will be well loved and used. I have completed a few of your wool wall hangings and bought a kit for your warm winter blessings which I want to start soon. Your patterns/kits were my first experience with wool and I fell in love with working with wool. Hand work is very relaxing.

  206. Linda Smith Avatar
    Linda Smith

    I recently made my first wool project. It was a banner made of wool acorns strung together on leather rope. The wool was so much fun to sew. Now I am interested in wool appliqué. I would love to win some wool fabric. Thank you for the opportunity. Merry Christmas!

  207. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    Wool!! I Love wool and working with it – it is so addicting!! Currently I’m working on the PG Crazy wool mats (Summer and Winter Crazy mats). I also have a few other UFO’s started with wool. I will have to say that PG has the best wool mat kits!! Thanks Lisa for providing us with this opportunity to win wool – and all your fabulous patterns that use wool!

  208. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    I’m a wool newbie. I am currently working on My Crazy Life which I started this summer. It really is a wonderful medium to work with – very forgiving and I love all the textures and colors. I’m hooked!

  209. Karen Seitz Avatar
    Karen Seitz

    I have made several wool projects and love working with it. It is so forgiving, so it is a great introduction to hand applique. I’m not sure I have a favorite wool project, but I sure like your log cabin sewing machine pincushion and have made more than one of them!

  210. Lisa Lehmann Avatar
    Lisa Lehmann

    I taught myself to quilt 40 years ago(wow until I typed that it didn’t seem like that long). Then raising the family and working didn’t allow me time for myself. Now the kids are grown and have their own children and I am semi retired so it is finally me time. Over the past year I have re taught myself to quilt and am expanding to applique including wools. I like the peaceful motion of handwork. First I did a few pin cushions. Recently I finished the Vintage Truck tree pattern. I really love the look of the added wool applique on the quilt. Planning on finishing my Magic of Christmas quilt with wool applique on the borders. PS, don’t kiss that grand baby if he has stomach flu, you will regret it more than that little cold you have.

  211. Kris Hebbring Avatar
    Kris Hebbring

    I have only worked on one wool appliqué project… it was a freebie from the summer block of the week project a few summers back. Is super cute and it kept my hands busy that summer.

  212. Patti Avatar

    My first wool quilt was in the late 90`s from the book Winter Whimsies. I used wool scraps that I had and made it while I waited for an appointment or during a break. I entered the WI state fair and won a ribbon. I have also made a few of your wool patterns. I love the depth of wool and have plans for my next one, now I need the time.

  213. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    My first wool project was “Warm Winter Blessings” as a b.o.m. from My Red Door Designs. I looked you up online and the rest is history. I have been hooked ever since. Won a Sweepstakes last year at the County Fair for Sunflower Gatherings, Started a wool group here in our little town of Cedar City, Utah, and it goes on and on! I have been able to travel to Quiltfest in Utah last year to take classes from you, as well as Road to CA. I will admit, I am definitely one of your biggest fans!!! Thanks for all you do to teach us and share your love for wool and all that goes with it.

  214. Maria R Avatar
    Maria R

    My first wool project was when you came to our guild and we made the small basket table runner. Since then I have made a few other projects. Right now I am working on last summers SBOW. Hope you feel better soon.

  215. Beth Byerssmall Avatar
    Beth Byerssmall

    My parents dressed me in wool kilts so that was the beginning. I followed my mom’s example and created a few braided rugs. Now I’m enjoying handling & collecting beautiful wool samples and created appliqué pieces of all sizes. Your wool has a lovely hand and your colors are gorgeous.

  216. Leigh Ann Avatar
    Leigh Ann

    I have 2 favorites- one I’m doing now and one that’s very old!! The now is from Maggie B- it’s the Simplify pattern and I used my Dad’s Navy blanket to make 5 of them. 4 for my siblings and one for me!! He passed a few years ago and we found the blanket in the shed. I just hope they all like them- t. The other is a dress I made out of black ( best color for fitted clothing) wool crepe- with a faux fur collar( it was in) and it was the first time I used an invisible zipper!! Best ever zipper installation and I had already been seeing for years!!

  217. JennyM Avatar

    I am currently working on my second wool project; a winter table runner with hand applique which is a first for me. So far, so good!

  218. Jamie Avatar

    I love working with wool. Took your class in Hershey PA and it was great fun!!!

  219. Barbara Lotthammer Avatar
    Barbara Lotthammer

    I have made several wool projects. My favorites are any of my Primitive Gathering ones. I get the wool work done but don’t get the finishing done. I retire in 8 days and then I plan on finishing a lot of projects.

  220. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa I hope you feel better soon! as for me not to brag but you got me hooked with wool years ago when I first wandered into your booth at road to California you were so kind and encouraging I’ve done a few wool projects since that day but I’ll never forget my first project I finished “I believe”, or the one that drew me in to your booth “a primitive garden”. Now I want it all… lol I just need to hurry up and retire so I can work on my projects all day long 🙂

  221. candee Avatar

    Wool appliqué is my favorite! I’ve been playing with wool long before it was popular & readily available, scouring goodwill for old wool coats…I have wool projects all over the house for every season. Many wool gifts are on the way through the mail to quilty friends & family now. I think my favorite is a big candy cane I made up out of tea dyed muslin & red wool felt stripes pulled off of a pool table. Thank you for the chance to win my favorite thing!

  222. Sue T. Avatar
    Sue T.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with wool. Your santa and tree mat is front and center on my coffee table. I am off to the quilters with a 12 block wool appliqué Autumn quilt the I recently finished and I just started your wool snowmen ornaments and the Home pin cushion. You have the best wool selection around!

  223. Julie Scott Avatar
    Julie Scott

    I discovered wool applique in early 2015, and I have been hooked ever since! I have completed 3 BOMs, but haven’t sewn them together. One of these days! In the meantime … on to the next project!!!

  224. Zoe Avatar

    Hi Lisa. My first wool project was your primrose pincushion. You gave me the kit while I was working QE cruise years ago & you were one of the teachers. I was hooked. Since then I have done Blue Bird Blooms, Words to Live By, Songbirds Table Mat, Daffodil Dance table runner, Fresh Cut Daisies table runner, When the Cows Come Home BOM. And many more. Also, I took your class at QE this past summer! Can you tell I love your wool projects?

  225. MoeWest Avatar

    I’ve made a few small wool projects and I have lots of patterns saved for the future. I needed to build up my wool stash and that can be pricey. Felting wool from thrifted clothing has helped.

  226. Jean Gerretsen Avatar
    Jean Gerretsen

    I love working with wool although I have only made a couple items. I was able to take a 2 day workshop with you one year and it was highlight of my summer.

  227. Cheryl Baker Avatar
    Cheryl Baker

    I love making wool projects and have stitched several of your patterns. I enter wool projects in our county fair and have won awards. This past year I finished the Christmas wool mat I started in your class in DesMoines a few years ago. It was awarded a Sweepstakes! This mat also won the Cultural Arts contest for our county Extension Honemskers! I love it!

  228. Brenda Harrison Avatar
    Brenda Harrison

    I am laughing about today’s question because just last week at my quilting group, I was prepping a block from Summer Blooms and one of my quilting buddies asked me a serious question. She said, “Do you ever stitch any of those wool projects that you prep?” Well, yes I do!! Guess I better get to stitching a little faster!!

  229. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    I have several wool projects in progress and a shelf full of kits from your shop. (Don’t tell my husband. LOL) I want to purchase your season crazy mats. I have just started collecting some pieces of wool. I love the pics of the stacks of wool.

  230. Janet Avatar

    I love wool! Got a great start to my stash by joining your wool club….have done several SBOW….it is so forgiving and great to do in the car!!! Jmh

  231. Mary Linderud Avatar
    Mary Linderud

    I’m addicted to wool and love wool applique. Have made penny rugs, pillows, and wall hangings mainly Christmas theme to give to my friend. So when I go to her house I get to see everything I have made. This year I made 2 so I would have one for myself. I seem to also have a very large collection of patterns. Will have to hire some elves to get them all made. I love seeing your booth at Madison quilt show and always buy more projects. I miss that you don’t give a lecture at the show. I would always learn something new.

  232. Jacqueline morris Avatar

    Oh no! The snuffles, take care and I hope you recover quickly. I have a growing passion, and it’s wool! It’s only recently I have been introduced to wool Applique…. I love it!!! Your wools are yummy, those colours are mmmmmm I keep looking at your photos!! Ha ha yes I am addicted to wool! Ha ha
    Wishing you a merry Christmas full of smiles and laughter….and no snuggles too!

  233. Eleanor K Hunzinger Avatar
    Eleanor K Hunzinger

    So sorry you don’t feel well. Get better before Christmas. I have made many wool pronjects. I’ve made a couple of penny rugs, also love to rug hook. I’ve finished 5 or 6 rugs but my favorite is a snowman rug which is an Emma Lou Lais design. Her designs are wonderful – unfortunately due to age and health she no longer travels to Phoenix, Arizona to teach. We love her. She has a beautiful voice – used to sing with of the big bands and her husband played in one of the bands. She serenades her class with The September song and brings us all to tears. She is a dear lady as well as a wonderful rug hooker.

  234. Sharon Bochmann Avatar
    Sharon Bochmann

    My great aunt taught me how to sew, quilt, embroider and crochet when I was a young girl. One of my first projects was a crazy quilt made of wool. It took me a lot of years to try wool again because I loved quilting so much and now I am so hooked! I’m just finishing the Snowman Gathering quilt and am anxious to start Greener Pastures after that. I am so thankful for talented people like you who design such wonderful patterns! Merry Christmas, Lisa!!🎄❄☃

  235. Ann Liebner Avatar
    Ann Liebner

    I took class from you at Hershey a few years ago where I stocked up on threads, needles, Dovo scissors, needle threader (love that!) and wool, of course. Wool is sooooooo easy to work with…just prep a candle mat or block and it’s ready to sit and stitch or take along. Just looking at your stacks of wool makes my heart go pitter-patter! LOL Hope you feel better…the “little man” is growing so fast!

  236. Pamela Miller Avatar
    Pamela Miller

    Actually you introduced me to working with wool. Mary Fons featured you on Quilt With The Stars and I was hooked! You showed so many beautiful examples of your work and I knew right then that I had to try working with wool. I ordered some kits to start with. Then your Christmas book. I made a wool candle mat for my sister for Christmas, and it was gorgeous. I ordered the SBOW of the Words to Live By. Everything I have made has turned out so well, it’s so much fun, and I can’t get enough. I have done all sorts of needlework over the years, cross-stitch, smocking, embroidery, quilting, needle-punch, rug-hooking, French handsewing, etc. But working with wool has brought me so much pleasure. It’s quick and you get results instantly. Love it! Thanks for being such an inspiration, Lisa.

  237. Jacqui Elmore Avatar
    Jacqui Elmore

    Oh what a bummer. Hope you feel better soon. I have some experience with wool, mostly buying all the pretty projects. Boy do they pile up.

  238. Michele Trump Avatar
    Michele Trump

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  239. Deliena Chell Avatar
    Deliena Chell

    Just started actually doing wool work this year even though I bought several kits from you in Paducah two years ago! I love the color and feel of the wool…and the handwork soothes my soul! Finished my first wool project at the November quilt retreat but it won’t be my last for sure!

  240. Karrie Avatar

    I always wanted to try wool! I finally got to touch some in my quilt store a few weeks ago!

  241. Alberta Bailie Avatar
    Alberta Bailie

    I love your wool – i love doing your great kits with wool- i love my 2 big -Block of the Week quilts. The one with all the darkish reds blocks- mostly roses and the Somewhere in Time. I always have a wool piece going to work on while watching TV. I gave tge runner with a basket at both ends and many colors of circle flowers as my gift exchange for our quilt group at our Christmas party. I put green fly stitches with a lazy daily on pink between each fly stitch. stitch. A stitch combination i saw on one of your crazy quilt mats. Thank you for all of your inspiration!!