Day 4 Needlful Things…



Luke surprised us and had these mats made for our warehouse and shops and a few to sell…so we saved them for this event…we go through a lot of cutting mats…so this is our answer…a durable…double sided mat…If you are cutting dark fabrics you can cut on the yellow side.   You can turn it over and cut on the grey if you are cutting lights…I have no problem cutting both on either side…The mats are super thick…the mats are 24″ x36″ edge to edge.  The grid starts 1/2″ in and measure to 35″.  We also love that they have our logo on them!!!  If you are looking for a great mat…these are nice deal.  We only have 60 of them.  So when they are gone  they are gone…I don’t know if we will redo them as we would have to order like 1000 to make it worth it.
cutting-mat-1 cutting-mat-2 cutting-mat-3I have had mine since summer in my home studio and I just love them… CUTTING MATS

Since we have limited supply of these mats we are only going to give away one to one lucky quilter!!!  Tell me what you want from Santa…

Yesterdays winner the set of MODA TINS is:

Tina W from Oregon
December 20, 2016 at 4:30 pm
Love these tins! Purchased some for gifts but didn’t keep any for me! So far this year, I’ve made two kinds of cookies. Next is almond rocca! It’s SSOOOO good!  Tina…we all want to know what almond Rocca is?  and we want the recipe if its that good! Please email Amy with your name and address…   Amy has only about 5 winners unclaimed which is pretty good!  So check back on the post to see if you won!!!

258 responses to “Day 4 Needlful Things…”

  1. Sharon Zabransky Avatar
    Sharon Zabransky

    Love the new mat! Nice that it’s two colors and double sided. Best yet, while sewing/cutting, it would remind me of my favoprite quilt shop!

  2. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I just want my family together for Christmas.

  3. Vicki Sprain Avatar
    Vicki Sprain

    What would I like from Santa? Healthy family and happy life-priceless!

  4. Karen McMahon Avatar
    Karen McMahon

    I would love Santa to bring me more time in the day and more time for my whole family to be together.

  5. Sheila Beins Avatar
    Sheila Beins

    I want an irobot vacuum. More sewing time for me while it is vacuuming!

  6. Fran House Avatar
    Fran House

    What I want is just feeling the joy of giving some of my prized quilts as gifts to my brother, sister, and a few very dear friends. My children and grandchildren already have several.

  7. Joni Avatar

    I really don’t want anything!
    Merry Christmas 🎄🎄

  8. Jacque Leibfried Avatar
    Jacque Leibfried

    Santa I want a healthy 2017 for me and my family.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Dana Foster Avatar
    Dana Foster

    What a great choice of a needful item! I have a friend who owns one and it’s a gem! To you Lisa, and the team I wish you a happy, healthy and stitchy holiday and new year!!

  10. Jacque Leibfried Avatar
    Jacque Leibfried

    Santa I want good health for me and my family for 2017.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  11. Jill Avatar

    Just want to spend time my husband, our children and our grandson. That’s the best gift!

  12. jrp53 Avatar

    I would really love for Santa to bring a sit down long arm machine for me, but that is truly pie in the sky dreamin’. I will really enjoy and be truly thankful for Christmas morning with some grandkids and Christmas dinner with my 92 yr old father

  13. Jill Bodwin Avatar
    Jill Bodwin

    I hope Santa brings me a self healing cutting mat! My husband and I are in the process of creating my sewing room is n our basement (sweet guy even gave up a section of his workshop for me) and the Matt old be a great first accessory.

  14. suejean1 Avatar

    Oh my gosh, I need a new cutting mat so bad and LOVE that this one says Primitive Gatherings on it. Wish I could get myself this for Christmas. Luke did a great job designing these!!!

  15. Ann Weaver Avatar
    Ann Weaver

    Hi Lisa: What do I want from Santa? I love quilty things, notion, fabric and especially friends to sew and talk quilts. What I would really want is for all people to have a hobby (for me it is quilting) a life skill or job that they truly enjoy and can give back to others. I have been so blessed by quilting, the quilting world and blogs that unite us worldwide.

  16. Donna J Brewster Avatar
    Donna J Brewster

    My Christmas wish is for a healthy family. A huge sewing room would be my next wish!!!! Merry Christmas

  17. Cathy King Avatar
    Cathy King

    A white Christmas is always welcome, which living in Michigan we will have this year. Most precious is my family together making memories.

  18. Lynda Avatar

    The best gift to me is time spent with my family and friends.

  19. Jane Hansen Avatar
    Jane Hansen

    This sure would look nice under my tree…that’s if I HAD a tree! LOL. I’m asking Santa for healing for friends that are going through serious health problems & the loss of loved ones in the past year. I still believe in Santa & the magic of Christmas.

  20. Lewcrese Shields Avatar
    Lewcrese Shields

    My Christmas Wish is for a Primitive Gatherings cutting mat. I have already destroyed one side off my Olfa green mat and the second side, which has no lines, is in pretty bad shape now too.

  21. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    The best gift in the world is having family and friends around for the holidays and wishing everyone you love good health throughout the upcoming year !!!

  22. Gaile Schriber Avatar
    Gaile Schriber

    All I want for Christmas is that my daughter in law is able to get pregnant in the new year. They have been trying for close to four years. They had mischarge almost 18 months ago. They have have seen a specialist and appears they should be able to get pregnant. They have a daughter who will be 5 in Feb. A new baby would be the best gift our families could receive. Merry Christmas

  23. Mary Avatar

    I would love a new sewing machine!!!

  24. Pat Avatar

    Double sided — brilliant! Redid my sewing studio in tomato red and yellow/cream. They would match perfectly! Pick me, pick me!!

  25. Cyndy Ward Avatar
    Cyndy Ward

    There is really nothing I would like better for Christmas than for my sister to regain her heath and begin to heal from long term depression. On a material level, I have so many blessings but there is always room for MORE! LOL, Merry Christmas Lisa, to you and all of your loved ones, your employees, your fans and my fellow posters.

  26. Jackie Avatar

    Beautiful cutting mat! What I want from Santa is health and happiness for my whole family.

  27. Ellen R Avatar
    Ellen R

    A expensive long arm machine..but mostly a stop to the violence we are seeing daily in the news and peace for those directly impacted by it. Oh and I would love to have some sheep to have my own wool supply! But mostly world peace.

  28. Anne thate Avatar
    Anne thate

    I would love one of those;)
    They look extremely sturdy.

  29. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I would love it if Santa could bring me an elf to finish all my UFO’s. Realistically, a nice set of wireless headphone to wear while working on the long arm would be nice too!

  30. Bonni Brooks Avatar
    Bonni Brooks

    I would love to have a large desk made especially for quilting so that I have room for my quilt to spread out and not hang over. Currently I have to use the dining table (our one and only) when I have a bigger quilt to work on.

  31. Sheila Avatar

    Would love to win a new mat since the one I have is cracked and the new one I bought I left on top of my car and drove away. Who knows where that one went, ha ha. Merry Christmas!

  32. Carolyn Sands Avatar
    Carolyn Sands

    I want to get more Quilting done each day!! Thank you for a chance to win a great prize.

  33. Elizabeth Dickey Avatar
    Elizabeth Dickey

    Love the look of your mat! All I really need for Christmas is a handsome trucker home for the holidays ♡

  34. Karla Avatar

    I told my kids that I would ❤️ a Primitive Gatherings gift card, soooo hopefully they relayed the message to Santa!

  35. Mary Z Avatar
    Mary Z

    I would like to see some close relatives and friends cancer free! Several people I know are struggling this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

  36. Marsha Avatar

    For Christmas I want to share the day with my family. We moved recently to be closer so this year will be special. I sure could use a new cutting mat…. spent the past year packing and unpacking so I’m ready to spend the winter doing some serious quilting in my new home. Merry Christmas

  37. Kristy Avatar

    What I really want I don’t think I can get. My daughter is expecting her third baby, and they have two darling boys so far. I would love to get the gift of knowing what this baby is, so I would know whether to make a “boy” or “girl” baby quilt. The Drs. used to do the ultrasound at 20 weeks and we could find out the gender, but now the Drs. wait until week 22-24 to do that ultrasound where gender is revealed. Apparently not too many obstetricians are quilters, because they would understand the quilter’s need to know ASAP….so many quilty baby gifts to make!!! Lisa, you have the best fabrics for the boys quilts especially!!

  38. Katie Avatar

    Santa has already been good to me. I have a new Juki TL-2200QVP Mini and a new Bernina 720. So Santa just needs to make sure my family is here to make things for. 🙂

  39. Sally Hurst Avatar
    Sally Hurst

    Your cutting mat looks awesome–industrial strength! Love it and need it! I would like a new sewing machine table and comfortable chair from Santa.

  40. A Marie Avatar
    A Marie

    This year, after ALOT of years, I went to see Santa. We sat and chatted for a long time. Made me remember the magic of Christmas. I’m happy to have taken a bunch of pictures. One is on my fridge now. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I have everything I want and more. All I wanted was to visit. Merry Christmas!🎅P.S. love the two color mat. Great idea!

  41. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar

    LoL. I would like the mat from Primitive Gatherings. Kidding aside, it looks wonderful.

    Merry Christmas everyone ‼️

  42. Sarah Paladino Avatar
    Sarah Paladino

    The best gift would be for my 18 year old daughter to manage her type 1diabetes better. That is my Greatest wish. She will have to come to it on her own, though.

  43. Natalie Rogers Avatar
    Natalie Rogers

    Your mats do look very nice. I don’t need much from Santa. A couple quilty things is always good. you all have a Merry Christmas!

  44. Becky Hrabik Avatar
    Becky Hrabik

    I love the cutting mat…the yellow is really bright and cheerful.

  45. Jean Bray Avatar
    Jean Bray

    Would love a new mat – especially one made like this one. Looks like a dandy.

  46. Geri Sherwood Avatar
    Geri Sherwood

    My wish is for good health and peace. Merry Christmas Lisa and family. Keep up the great work you do! Many blessings to you all!

  47. Charmaine Avatar

    I want good health for my family!

  48. Judyk Avatar

    I too am interested in the almond Rocca recipe so I hope you share it with us all. What I want for Christmas is peace and goodwill and maybe a gift card to a certain quilty place😊. The mat looks great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  49. linda melz Avatar
    linda melz

    I would want my daughter to be able to be here with the rest of the family for The cutting mats look great

  50. Mary Anne Avatar
    Mary Anne

    ALL I want is the safe return of my 3 sailors on deployment. Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks to Lisa for bringing us these wonderful posts and items!

  51. Sue singer Avatar
    Sue singer

    Health and happpiness

  52. Maria Zook Avatar
    Maria Zook

    My wish from Santa is time to quilt. I would love to have some Christmas quilts to decorate with next year.

  53. catskillquilter Avatar

    I already had my Christmas wish come true! My daughter from NYC has made it down to Florida to visit with us this Christmas! Fabulous! Her brother is in Kyoto, Japan with his family, and her sister lives in Sweden with her family, so we are very excited to have our younger daughter here for the holidays! Merry Christmas!

  54. Paulette M. Avatar
    Paulette M.

    I really just want my family. I have spent a considerable amount of time raising them and they turned out pretty darn well if you ask me. I just want to be with them and enjoy the amazing job that I did.

  55. Toni Anne Potter Avatar
    Toni Anne Potter

    For Christmas I want time to freeze! My only child, a son is graduating high school this year and I’m dreading the fact that he’s grown up so quickly. I’m sad for him to go away to college but, happy for his new journey in life.
    Merry Christmas!

  56. Cynthia Avatar

    From Santa I would love an overstuffed stocking with all kinds of stuff (e.g. socks, toothbrush, quilting gadgets and of course cheap waxy foil wrapped Christmas chocolates!!).

  57. Cynthia Wood Avatar
    Cynthia Wood

    I have asked Santa for was a set of shelves to store my overload of quilting books.

  58. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    This is probably not what you are thinking, but world peace is what we all need.

  59. Gail turcotte Avatar
    Gail turcotte

    What I want from santa is the people of this country to please stop, think, we are a country made up many different cultures, please be respectful of each other. For heaven sake, this country needs to come together for the sake of peace! We are the greatest country in the world, let’s all work together!
    Saying that, the mats are sweet, love the yellow side, I just finished a quilt for my grandson that had a lot of black, now that would have been handy to have, next in line is an Armish quilt, ( black! )
    Thank you for your time
    Peace to all

  60. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    Oh gosh, that mat would be awesome!!

  61. Kim Patterson Avatar
    Kim Patterson

    I want a Roomba so I have more time for sewing! And if I have more time for sewing, maybe a new mat would come in handy 😉 Merry, merry Christmas!

  62. Darcy A. Avatar
    Darcy A.

    I want Santa to bring me good health and more time and energy for the fun things in life. Not too big an ask, right? I love this new mat! Fingers crossed!

  63. Grams Avatar

    It may sound cliche but I would like to see peace in the world, but I will settle for more time to quilt uninterrupted.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  64. Lisa Lehmann Avatar
    Lisa Lehmann

    Santa, I want world peace and if you can’t do the whole world please start with America. Quilting related? Lisa, tell Santa I would love to do a stitch and sew afternoon with you to fine tune my skills (or lack thereof). Merry Christmas and health and happiness to all.

  65. Jeanne Berry Avatar
    Jeanne Berry

    What I really want for Christmas is a Handiquilter.

  66. Mary C Avatar
    Mary C

    What I would love for Christmas is for my family to be together. We are spread across the states and it would be fun to be in one place.

  67. June S Avatar
    June S

    This new quilting mat would be wonderful! I would love one!

    Thank you

  68. Angie Bowling Avatar
    Angie Bowling

    What do I want for Christmas? I want world peace of course, and secondly, a double sided heavy duty cutting mat. That would make me happy, happy, happy.

  69. amy Avatar

    Awesome mat! I’d love a Juki 2010!
    Seriously tho I’d like good health for my family and time with my grandson!

  70. Donna Avatar

    I got my Christmas early this year…I got a new knee and it’s already making my sewing more fun because it doesn’t hurt! Now a heavy duty cutting mat would be a nice welcome too!

  71. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    All I want for Christmas is to have my family all together. We are praying for a healthy grandchild (our fourth) to be born next week!!
    I enjoy reading your daily posts. Thanks for being so generous and giving us a chance to win.

  72. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    I would be happy if Santa brought me a quilt ladder to display quilts.

  73. Denise S Avatar
    Denise S

    I’m wishing for a white Christmas, so my extended family can enjoy their vacation at my home in Logan, Utah (they’re traveling from central Illinois). First Christmas gathering here since my husband and I moved to Utah 29 years ago! We plan to ski, snowshoe, hike, play games, and share many laughs while making memories for a lifetime–all 19 of us! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  74. Deborah K Avatar
    Deborah K

    I would love this mat….Mine is rather tattered! Honestly, I’d love to have a new machine. My Viking is rather aged, and I’m having trouble with the lights. Frustrating when I’m trying to sew in the dark and it gets dark before 5 here now.

  75. birdlooker Avatar

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as this cutting mat. Now I know what I want Santa to bring me. I’ve noticed lately that I’m really having trouble seeing the edge when I cut dark fabrics. My eyes aren’t what they used to be. This mat would be perfect for me. Santa, can you hear me?

  76. Sandra Weimer Avatar
    Sandra Weimer

    Alll I want is for for my family to be together. One is in Colorado and one in Oregon. I miss them.

  77. Vickie Olsen Avatar
    Vickie Olsen

    I didn’t know you had these. I would love one, as I try all the mats out there.

  78. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I already got my gift. We had a roof built to cover our deck, now we will be able to enjoy the deck without the sun roasting us.

  79. Sue Ream Avatar
    Sue Ream

    My first boyfriend from over 40 years ago is traveling from Door County to central Indiana to see me for the holidays. My wish from Santa is that he arrives and makes it back home safely during this winter travel season.

  80. Colleen Avatar

    I asked Santa fo pyjamas………….lol

  81. Pat Braun Avatar
    Pat Braun

    I have a wonderful bunch of kids and grandchildren, and they will all be here over the holidays! I can’t think of anything else I might want!

  82. Dede Avatar

    What do I want from Santa? Primitive gatherings gift cards of course, and a boyfriend who cooks and has a truck with a plow 😉

  83. Marie Eddins Avatar
    Marie Eddins

    I asked my husband, er Santa, for a glass display cabinet or wooden ladder for my quilts. That would be so cool!

  84. Glenna Denman Avatar
    Glenna Denman

    Lovely mat! I want a huge block of uninterrupted time to quilt a queen sized quilt for us. Like so many quilters, I put aside quilts for ME in order to make them for other family members, so this one has been hanging around waiting to be quilted for quite a while now. That’s all I want from Santa, TIME to quilt!

  85. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    I am hoping that Santa will bring some much deserved and restorative quilting time after Christmas before I go back to work.

  86. Brenda Jeffers Avatar
    Brenda Jeffers

    I’m hoping Santa brings me an antique weaving loom I’ve had my eye on.

  87. Judy Wachter Avatar
    Judy Wachter

    I don’t need anything so just hope Santa brings us continued good health so I can stitch for another twenty years or so. Lol Love your mat….

  88. JoAnn Winters Avatar
    JoAnn Winters

    I want a set of your rulers! I also want all my kids and grandkids to have a very merry Christmas!

  89. rtturner352 Avatar

    TIME…. To finish all my wool projects😀😀

  90. Jean Etheridge Avatar
    Jean Etheridge

    My wish is for safe travels for my grow children and their families through the holidays. My older daughter and son-in-law and two grandsons are traveling 1800 miles from their new home to be here for Christmas. Things? A new Rowena iron or a good light box.

  91. MS Barb Avatar
    MS Barb

    I want to be debt free! (so I can retire…& work on a room full of UFO’s!

  92. Maureen Mullarkey Avatar
    Maureen Mullarkey

    Well forget about the Lexus that I wanted-after reading about these cutting mats I want one of them!

  93. marie Avatar

    What i want from Santa is one of your heavy-duty cutting mats! I did not even know they were available, and this truly is a “needful thing” on my list.

  94. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    What a great idea for a cutting mat. I would like a new house with a big quilting studio, so I could get organized and then maybe finish some of my quilting projects.

  95. Sally Parrish Avatar
    Sally Parrish

    Well if Santa could unite these United States, I would be forever grateful. But realistically, the squeal from my grandson when he realized he gets an IFLY coupon, and all the hugs that will follow will be perfect.
    Thanks for all the wonderful projects and inspiration, Merry Christmas.
    Sally Parrish

  96. Eleanor K Hunzinger Avatar
    Eleanor K Hunzinger

    I don’t really have any material wants this year. I would love to have my health improve. I’m having some health problems this year.

  97. Karen Avatar

    For Christmas, nothing for me, dealing with the loss of my father. Peace and time with my family and new grandchild Nolan. Merry Christmas!

  98. laura Avatar

    I am hoping for a new cell phone. I have an original Kindle Fire phone which was wonderful when new but since they were never made again and no updates for a year, it is time.

  99. Theresa Waite Avatar
    Theresa Waite

    I really don’t need anything, I just ask for good health for me and my husband, happiness and peace.

  100. Audrey Bretz Avatar
    Audrey Bretz

    I wanted a new comfy chair to put in my tv room – the room that I cross stitch and do hand sewing in. So I was able to go pick one out and it was delivered Tuesday! I’m so busy I won’t be able to enjoy it until the New Year but boy – will I enjoy it then! I’d love to win the mat – mine is pathetic!!

  101. eileenkny Avatar

    The best gift I could receive this year is for both of my kids to find someone with whom to spend their lives.

  102. Barbara Rodin Avatar
    Barbara Rodin

    What I have asked Santa for is another safe year for my son, he is a Police Officer and in the National Guard. What would be nice is one of these mats, it is a great size and I like that it is heavy duty.

  103. Deborah from H Town (Houston) Avatar
    Deborah from H Town (Houston)

    Wow, what a wonderful cutting mat. I left mine in the car after a class and it’s kinda of wonky now. What I would love from Santa, the first thing is I got already, my son home from college and getting to share time with him. the 2nd thing would be the health of my family who’ve had a rough year and more time in the day to work on projects. Merry Christmas Lisa to you and your family.

  104. Sharon Avatar

    I would love an Accuquilt GO and EQ7 but I know I’m not going to get either one!

  105. sewncreations Avatar

    I would love to be able to spend more time with my grandkids. On a selfish level I’d love to have one of those sewing mats as my old one has warped.

  106. Lori Morton Avatar
    Lori Morton

    What I really want for Christmas, is for my NC daughter to be able to come up & we could have some days of just sewing & quilting together!! Miss her terribly…

    Thank you for chance to win today’s Give-a-way! Looks like an AWESOME mat!! 🙂


  107. Kim Kingston-Durgin Avatar
    Kim Kingston-Durgin

    It’s been a tough year for my family. If Santa could bring that feeling of joy and wonder that young children have about the holidays to each family member, I sure would like that.
    Kim – tnjmom1 at gmail dot com

  108. carol Avatar

    Health and peace for my family. Special times to share and love.

  109. Beth Avatar

    I really like the two colors in one mat – should work with everything! I would ask Santa for more time in the quilt zone, that spot where you really are able to put fabric together and the other worries of the day fade away. Happy Holidays

  110. Pat sparks. Avatar
    Pat sparks.

    On Christmas Day my daughter is leaving in a uhaul to move to Wisconsin… So I guess I want the strength to not be a whimpy mess. I am looking forward to visiting but not until summer. It really is funny since her father and I both grew up in Wisconsin. My recipe to share is rocky road…take two packages of the chocolate disc and melt them…. to that add 1 cup peanut butter and stir to combine then add peanuts, Rice Krispies and marshmallows no set amount just how many you like. Pour into a greased baking pan. after it sets cut and enjoy. People go crazy for that stuff.

  111. Linda M Avatar
    Linda M

    I’m asking Santa for a new sewing machine. I’m pretty sure he will be good to me because I’ve been very nice this year.

  112. Brenda Willis Avatar
    Brenda Willis

    Speaking with rose colored glasses on, I want Peace throughout the land and an end to hunger and disease. On a purely selfish note, I want more time to spend sewing, reading, and gardening.

  113. Ann Rennier Avatar
    Ann Rennier

    Merry Christmas! Santa, I would like good health for me. To find out what is wrong and go from there. Something selfish, I know. Just want to feel better.

  114. Kathy Johnson Avatar
    Kathy Johnson

    I wish Santa would bring me more time in the day so I could tackle my ufo pile, lol.

  115. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    Would love to have all my kids home for Christmas. It won’t happen this year so I will have to visit over the phone.

  116. DEBRA S GOAD Avatar

    I want a healthy grandson in February and an easy delivery for my daughter in law.

  117. Judy Snider Avatar
    Judy Snider

    Merry Christmas!! Love your mat!! I asked Santa for some batik fat quarters. Looking to make a leaf quilt in the future that I am collecting for!!

  118. Lynn K Avatar
    Lynn K

    Health and happiness for our family.

  119. Jane Zagrodnik Avatar
    Jane Zagrodnik

    I want my boys to be happy and what they have chosen to do in their careers. I want them to lead healthy and productive lives. For myself and my husband I want more years of good health. There is really not a material thing that I want.

  120. usairdoll Avatar

    Your cutting mats look great! Actually i could use a new mat ;-D Of course I’d love more time with my kids and family as well as I’d love to have Santa bring me a rotating cutting mat. I have been a good girl, hehe

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  121. Wendy P Avatar
    Wendy P

    I would love for Santa to bring me a Singer 301, but I’ll be happy with just having some time to spend with family.

  122. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    All I really want for Christmas is for my sons to have more than an overnight available to come for Christmas. But I know I’m lucky they want to come at all, and that they have jobs (in other states) so work keeps them busy through Friday. Oh well, I’ll wish for two days together next year!

  123. ChrisI Avatar

    I’ve tried different mats and so far the Olfa mat has been the best for me. I would love to try yours! I don’t have any wants for Christmas except for good health for my family, friends and myself. Merry Chr!istmas Lisa and thanks for all your encouragement and good tips.

  124. Rebecca Avatar

    I’m old..I don’t need anything! Maybe peace on earth?

  125. Susan Brown Avatar
    Susan Brown

    I want to spend time with my family. Hubby has to work on hristmas. , so we will be celebrating closer to the New Uear, weather permitting.

  126. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    I would love a healthy new baby! I am due in 11 days…so a Christmas baby would suit me just fine! And a Juki sewing machine, but it might have to wait until next year due to finances.

  127. Katherine S Avatar
    Katherine S

    I really would love all my family together for Christmas but only a few will be able to make from out of town. So thankful for Skype!!

  128. Marilyn Avatar

    I want everyone to have a nice Christmas no matter what is going on in your lives. I will have Christmas with some of my small family this year so that is special. One of those mats would be nice because of my vision problems. Merry Christmas to all.

  129. Gina Avatar

    Just want a healthy and happy new year. But would also love to set up my sewing room and magically get rid of all the boxes in storage…lol.

  130. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    I really am not wanting to much from Santa this year but one thing I did ask for was wool. I want to build up my stash and you can never have enough wool.

  131. Linda Cejnar Avatar
    Linda Cejnar

    I would love to get a yelllow and grey cutting mat from Santa, because when I cut green and blue fabric, I can’t see too well! Merry Christmas to you! Let me know if you need my address to mail me some star cookies…

  132. Barb Onnen Avatar
    Barb Onnen

    While I would love your cutting mat. I would really prefer good health for family and wisdom from our newly elected politicians.

  133. Rose Jeter Avatar
    Rose Jeter

    I really want a new cutting mat from ‘Santa’, but if that isn’t possible how about the greatest day ever with my beloved family and friends.

  134. Nancy Zimmerman Avatar
    Nancy Zimmerman

    A nice and stress-free new year.

  135. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I love your new cutting mats.

  136. Patti Avatar

    Nothing special on my list from Santa. I did buy my gift, a lovely necklace that I, no I mean Santa, could not resist. I also want to spend some time with our son who is visiting for the holiday. Love the colors of the mat.

  137. Lisa Avatar

    I want to spend time with my kids and my Dad. That’s all, no gifts needed but this may would be nice👍🏻

  138. Lola Avatar

    I love this time of year especially the beautiful lights, enjoying family and friends.. This mat would have a special place in my sewing studio.Merry Christmas.

  139. Carol S Avatar
    Carol S

    Juki sewing machine

  140. Sandy Kalmeyer Avatar
    Sandy Kalmeyer

    I have asked Santa for a new camera. I’ve only been using my phone and I really need a nice point and shoot camera!

  141. Karrie Avatar

    Love the colors! Hope this is the one I win!

  142. Diann Selke Avatar
    Diann Selke

    I want to have another year with my Mom. Mom turned 93 this year so time is precious. This year we spent all year stitching Christmas gifts. Mom can’t sew much and her memory is fading but she enjoyed making fabric choices and being part of the process.

  143. Cheryl L Barkdoll Avatar
    Cheryl L Barkdoll

    My husband has been in the hospital and I hope that he is strong enough to come home for the day and spend it with family. That would be the best Christmas gift.

  144. Tammy Avatar

    I really don’t want much for Christmas. But, I am very impressed wth this new cutting mat. I would love to have one in my sewing room.

  145. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    To have my 3 boys and their families together. Praying for a healthy 3rd grandchild this June. Blessings to you and your family.

  146. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    I always have a hard time cutting out dark colored fabric on my green mat and I tend to use a lot of dark fabrics. A nice yellow on one side would be perfect!
    What I truly want for Christmas is for my family to stay healthy, stay together and be happy…little fabric wouldn’t hurt ;-).

  147. Becci Lund Avatar
    Becci Lund

    I love having family time. This year in laws are around. What a blessing. I would love these mats. They look great.

  148. Jacqueline morris Avatar

    Every year when my family ask me what I would like for Christmas I never know what to say. The same goes when I ask them! .so this year I came up with a plan! I asked everyone to buy fun happy gifts up to the value of £5 per person…there are 6 of us altogether! It’s been a lot of fun choosing everyone’s gift trying to stick to the amount! When I have spoken to other family members they agree it’s been a lot of fun buying gifts this year! So this year all I wish for is smiles and laughter!!

  149. Janan Avatar

    I really do not want or need anything. Just wishing everyone a happy, healthy time together with the family!

  150. Cindy Shope Avatar

    I want more time to sew.

  151. VivM Avatar

    Those mats look awesome! I’d love to have one. But Santa, if you could just bring peace and love to the world, then that is enough.

  152. Ann Liebner Avatar
    Ann Liebner

    Those mats are perfect for cutting all shades of fabric! Our entire family will be together…kids, grandkids and granddogs plus we are all looking forward to another little one in June! Making memories with family is what’s best about Christmas.

  153. Lori McCleary Avatar
    Lori McCleary

    What I want from Santa is a 1963 White Featherweight (this year was made in GB). Cool looking mats!

  154. BJ White Avatar
    BJ White

    If Santa could grant any wish…I wish he would give me one more day with my best friend, my Mom.

  155. jean f Avatar
    jean f

    Santa, all I want for Christmas is a new double sided cutting mat. Mine are getting raggedy and are old. This would be such a nice addition to my future quilt room, or to the current table I use. This gift, dear Santa would really help me get more quilts cut and finished! Thank you so much!

  156. Donna Avatar

    I want to move closer to my granddaughter so I can be a bigger part of her life. My mat is so old the lines are disappearing. A new mat would be perfect.

  157. mary h Avatar

    a new pair of scissors and maybe a new laptop or kindle. Really I have everything I need.

  158. carmen mullins Avatar
    carmen mullins

    I’m always on the look out for a nice thick cutting mat. I wouldn’t mind having one of the Primitive Gathering mats as a Christmas present. The colors look interesting! Thank you!

  159. Carla J Avatar
    Carla J

    Santa could bring me early retirement so I could have more time to sew. It seems that the ideas keep coming but I don’t have the time to stitch as much as I would like. Merry Christmas!! Thank you.

  160. Marcia Klingzell Avatar
    Marcia Klingzell

    Peace on Earth and Good Health and Happiness..,.. and a new mat would be awesome.

  161. Cindy K Avatar
    Cindy K

    Hoping Santa will make me a new bookcase for my quilt books. One of my shelves collapsed and the books are in a box. Not fun to dig through when I need inspiration.

  162. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I still want that pony that I never got when I was a kid! Lol! maybe a nice new super duper cutting mat would make up for not getting the pony!

  163. Tina Avatar

    I would LOVE a Featherweight 222 :))

  164. Jean Pope Avatar
    Jean Pope

    I missed ordering a Matt. 😢 I would love one of these Matt’s from Santa. I would love. A week to see non stop for my Christmas present.. I don’t always need a lot of things but I do need a new Matt. I was at work all day and didn’t get to look at my 12 days of needful things until it was to late.. 😢

  165. michele Avatar

    Love the light and dark sides of that mat….brillIant! I don’t really have anything I want this year. My people are healthy, there isno strife in my home, and my husband likes that I sew and make things for others. I am beyond blessed.

  166. Cindy Parker Avatar
    Cindy Parker

    All I want for Christmas is for our 7th Grandchild to be born, what an awesome gift right? Baby Ryan was due on the 16th but seems to be waiting for Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family
    Cindy Parker

  167. Pam Knight Avatar
    Pam Knight

    My Christmas wish is for Peace on Earth. Health, wealth and continued happiness in 2017. Plus a few things from primitive gatherings!

  168. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I would love to win this cutting mat! We just moved and mine got broken in the process!

  169. Amy McCaulley Avatar
    Amy McCaulley

    Wow! Great mat!!

  170. Diana W Avatar
    Diana W

    I would love for Santa to bring me enough money so I can retire and sew all day! ( wish big they say! )

  171. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    What do I want for Christmas? I would love a really good cutting mat. Oh and a great steam iron. Oh and… 😉

  172. Judy Boothe Avatar
    Judy Boothe

    I love this mat! Been making cheesecakes today and 1 more tomorrow! Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  173. PK Binns Avatar
    PK Binns

    My children to move closer to me. Oh, and a cutting mat!

  174. Donna Wells Avatar
    Donna Wells

    A great quilt retreat with my friends! And a new mat!

  175. Mary Ellen Avatar
    Mary Ellen

    Santa could bring me a Juki sewing machine that I have read about on your blog for years! Love the color of this mat & the reversal of colors is great idea!

  176. Candy Avatar

    What I really want from Santa is a nice new thick cutting mat! My big mat is about 25 years old, and it is in very sad 🙁 shape! My blades won’t stay sharp, even when they’re new. I haven’t been able to find a thick mat to replace it, so I just keep struggling along with it. I would love to find one of these under my tree for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  177. Donna Kelly Avatar
    Donna Kelly

    What I want from Santa…Is to be reunited with my missing family memberscott

  178. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    Great mat!! Love that it’s reversible! My Santa wish list is small this year as my kitchen got a new makeover this winter with new cabinets/countertops and appliances.

  179. Alice Avatar

    What a special treat! The mat looks fantastic! My Dad had emergency surgery this morning and thankfully, it went well. I have the flu and need Santa to get me batter so I can be with family who are far away in Texas.

    Merry Christmas and I hope you are feeling better! Your cookies looked delicious. Way to christen those new ovens!

  180. Christine Prager Avatar
    Christine Prager

    I want to spend Christmas Day with my family.

  181. Vickie S. Avatar
    Vickie S.

    My son to be safe. He’s a fireman and is working the holidays.

  182. Kathy Casavant Avatar
    Kathy Casavant

    I want Sants to bring a smile and a kind word to all!

  183. chanzy01 Avatar

    My request from Santa is a Juki TL2010Q. I asked for it last year but guess he decided medical bills were more important. It will more than likely be the same this year but hoping for a little Christmas magic and miracle. Love the idea of having different colors on each side of the cutting board. Looks like it would make cutting dark fabrics so easy.

  184. Charlotte Avatar

    I would like my husband’s cancer to continue to be in remission.

    Merry Christmas, Charlotte

  185. Marsha B Avatar
    Marsha B

    I wish Santa could find a treadle sewing machine in good shape to leave under my tree!

  186. donnalevesque Avatar

    I want a new cutting mat. 😍

  187. Robin Avatar

    I would love for Santa to bring me a new sewing machine. I love & cherish my 1939 featherweight that I inherited from my grandma but I would love something that has some additional stitch options. I love this mat. It would look great under my tree. 🙂

  188. Catherine Avatar

    The greatest prayer and wish on my mind this year is safe travels for my children and all travelers to be with their families this holiday season

  189. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    I asked Santa for a small thin DVD player to hook to my small TV on my table in kitchen, and/ or gift certificate to Primitive Gatherings. 🙂

  190. Barbara Lotthammer Avatar
    Barbara Lotthammer

    I have said for years that all I want is three good kids and a clean house. The kids grew up very good and I have seven wonderful grandkids. Now I just want the clean house!

  191. Barbara P. Avatar
    Barbara P.

    I just want good health for our family and friends.

  192. Pat McMullin Avatar
    Pat McMullin

    My present is having my son in the Air Force come home from Korea for a few days. I think the two colors on the mat is a great idea.

  193. STACEY LARSON Avatar

    I want my house we bought property 12 years ago and I’ve waited each year to break ground