Block 1 Triangle Gatherings-I know you want to start asap…



Click here for a printable pattern:   block-1

This is your pattern…so whether you are doing 2″, 3″ or 4″ blocks…doesn’t matter…You stitch the HST like this demo…Click HERE…and then stitch them into 4 rows…stitch the 4 rows into the block.  Press row seams open.img_9390

If you are going to be stitching with the NEW scant 1/4″ foot…you will need to pin like this shown above…I have always pinned this way…but for some I know its hard to switch…Pin so the tip is just missing the 1/4″ and you will never hit one..

Here is my BLOCK 1fullsizerender-6-copy

I am using the 3/4″ and so my block measures 3 1/2″ at this point…it looks bigger here but the edges are curling up and making it look a little larger in the photo…img_9393

Back…I pressed all the seam open

So each week and sometimes twice a week I will post a block – making 1 block takes so little time, so give yourself at least time to make one block a week…we want to figure out every way possible to make a block with 16 HSTs.

Can’t wait to see your blocks… our hashtag will be #trianglegatherings

18 responses to “Block 1 Triangle Gatherings-I know you want to start asap…”

  1. cmu.1951 Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I finished my “Mahic of Christmas” and I was wondering how Iget the pucture to you.  I don’t know how to instagram but Ican attach it to my email.  I hope you like it.Karen

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    1. lisabongean Avatar
  2. Janet O. Avatar

    Oh, this is tempting!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I think your a 2″ gal…lol

  3. Pamela Pokragac Avatar
    Pamela Pokragac

    I’m in!! I love your sew-alongs – Thanks so much for offering another one. I’m wimping out by making the 6 inch blocks – Lol!

  4. Juareen Castillo Avatar
    Juareen Castillo

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Magic of Christmas. Didn’t finish it yet but excited to do this one. I’m going to do the big blocks and because you offer it for free I’m ordering your paper. I’ve used another brand but excited to use yours. Question do you have an idea how many packs we will need to complete your work in progress?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      one pack does 60 blocks…so two unless you are doing more than 80

  5. kshackabq Avatar

    YAY! My triangle paper pack arrived today. Can’t wait to start. Thank you, Lisa.

  6. Mary Avatar

    So each block will have 16 half square triangles?

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  7. Beth Byerssmall Avatar
    Beth Byerssmall

    I’m excited to continue using small HST to create blocks, but will be purchasing you papers after working without them on the Magic of Christmas. 🙂

    I’m new to stitch alongs and need a some clarification. Are you demonstrating with one 5″ square of background fabric and one charm square? Do I need 60 +/- charm squares, one for each 3″ block?

    Thanks for providing me this opportunity to grow as a quilter.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Beth…yes you are correct …but there are over 80 blocks…so i’m telling your the charm papers come with 60 in a pack…so you will need two packs…make sense?

      1. Beth Byerssmall Avatar
        Beth Byerssmall

        Thanks, I’ll get out my charm packs and order some packs of papers.

  8. masonmarlene Avatar

    I love your designs. I have to order more paper from you. Yours are the best. I like the sheet type because you can do so many at once. Thanks for sharing once again. Happy New Year and by the way – I love that you are taking time for “little man” and really looking at life as not just taking care of everyone else, but adding yourself into the mix. Hugs. M

  9. Connie Schofield Avatar
    Connie Schofield

    I’m so glad you are doing the half square triangle block sew along. I ordered several packages of the mixed variety of your triangle paper sheets during the Christmas specials.

  10. eileenkny Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Block 1 won’t come up as a PDF for me to print off. Where can I find it? Thanks!!

  11. Jean Etheridge Avatar
    Jean Etheridge

    I have ordered papers for 1 1/2 inch triangle squares, so I will wait to start until they come. I printed block 2, but block 1 does not come up as a PDF for me either. I like to print them so I have them in front of me when I sew.

  12. Cheryl Kuhns Avatar
    Cheryl Kuhns

    Am loving your blocks. You mentioned you used your scant 1/4″ foot for juki. Where did you purchase. I have the 1/4″foot that came out last year so is this a new foot? Thanks

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