Block 6 Triangle Gatherings



Today I am taking it easy…hanging out with Luke and Brooke…making White chicken chili for them and visiting with the baby Emus…here I am holding my two “grandchicks”… there is also a cute video of them walking on Brooke’s IG…archieandbubbles…named after the two parots….they are so cute just learning to walk…

Never a dull moment here in rainy California!!! Yup it’s still raining…I also have a few pics from the quilt show…PG design spottings…img_9593Betty Dinan’s A Primitive Garden…hung high in the entry hall to the show…it was really bright in the hall..don’t know why this turned out so dark…img_9595 img_9596

I did not get a “designer” credit on this one besides the vendor booth…I’m sure Karen just “spaced” the Design Basis part….No biggie..I do love this quilt and we now are able to re-kit it again…both sizes…55″ and 110″ square quilts…with our newest Moda fabric line…Little Gatherings II…contact the shop if you have to have one.920-722-7233.  It’s called 45 and light to go!

Well… its up and early tomorrow morning to go to Portland OR…have fun stitching block 6!


4 responses to “Block 6 Triangle Gatherings”

  1. Sylvia Bryan Avatar

    I saw both these quilts at the RTC show last week also. I did not recognize the Forty Five 25’s as a Primitive Gatherings pattern. So what IS the name of this pattern please? I was so excited to meet up with Lisa but I was there right at closing time on Thursday, busy day for all. Awesome day all in all! I recognized the A Primitive Gathering quilt right away – my photo looks just like this one is. I think the lighting was behind and not in front of the quilts, plus they were up so high it’s just plain difficult to get a decent photo anyway. Thanks, Sylvia

  2. Carolyn Avatar

    How long did it take you to do the 55 or the 110 sizes?

  3. Janet O. Avatar

    I love 45 and Life to Go. I bought the pattern the first time I saw it–now I just need to figure out when I will actually get it made!

  4. Stella Avatar

    Hi Lisa I finished mine last summer, made the small version a little bigger, the plan was to make it queen size but luckily I ran out of fabric before losing my sanity. My quilt won Grand Champion at the NE Washington Fair. I was very proud.

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