Block 7 Triangle Gatherings


Happy Friday!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful week! I am still on the Oregon Coast until Sunday and I am having a ball…stayed up till 3am last nigh to finish this project for the NC retreat in March! Do you want to come!!!fullsizerender-7 I took a wonderful walk on the beach this morning…44 degrees is wonderful for walking…img_9633 img_9632 img_9631 img_9630




Remember to post your pics!!!   I look several times a day to see who’s posting…sorry for the short post…the beach WIFI is not letting me post it wants me to stitch!!!  Have a good weekend and stitch some blocks! LB


21 responses to “Block 7 Triangle Gatherings”

  1. Diane Avatar

    LOVE the Home of the Brave project! I hope you’ll sell kits later in the year for the rest of us who can’t make NC.

  2. Maryella Avatar

    Glad you are having a nice trip. I love the little sheep.

    Sent from my recliner!


  3. Jeanne Berry Avatar
    Jeanne Berry

    Oh my! I love Home of the Brave!!! Sure wish it was possible to do that retreat!

  4. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I’m sorry to have posted nothing so far…I have your shirting and several of your fabric lines. However, my BRAND NEW SEWING ROOM is under construction, a four month project (master suite/bath/fireplace/kitchenette), recording studio (husband’s playground!) and my very own heated, well lit sewing space….we were told we may actually be completed next week and then I hope start my blocks. Itching to cut and stitch!

  5. Carol Avatar

    Absolutely love this project!! Will the pattern/kit be available after the retreat?

  6. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Love love love the photos of the Oregon coast… Is this a retreat house/hotel your staying at or one of your group friends house? I used to walk at the beach at night a lot when I was in High School and then when I went in the Air Force I was lucky enough to be stationed walking distance from the sea wall in Okinawa Japan. Something very calming about hearing the waves and also reminds me I’m just a small part of this enormous world we live in. As soon as I press my block 7 I’ll post a picture. Hugs

  7. SandyG Avatar

    Your pictures of the Oregon coast are beautiful! So glad you are enjoying your retreat.

    It would be so nice to go to the retreat in N.C.
    I just can’t, but Lisa I’m so hoping the pattern
    and kit would become available for purchase.
    I have two sons that serve in the Army. My
    Military Mom friends would adore this too,
    I’m sure!

  8. Pauline Cabana Avatar
    Pauline Cabana

    Please let us know when your pattern is available to the public. Thank you

  9. Paula Philpot Avatar
    Paula Philpot

    Love love love the sheep. Paula in KY

  10. Linda Avatar

    Just can’t wait to see you in Daytona.

  11. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    Love these triangle blocks, keep ’em coming. Wish I could go to your retreat. Come to New York or New Jersey next time!

  12. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    The Oregon coast is awesome. A lot of it so rugged. Have been thinking of renting a condo on the coast. which Beach are you at? We used to go to Depot Bay when the kids were young and all at home. I babysat for a teacher here in Nv that had a small charter boat in Depot Bay. Wonderful chapter in our life. Have fun

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We ate there last night…we are on Gleneden

  13. Sharon B. Avatar
    Sharon B.

    The sheep project is sweet…. BUT, that piece of driftwood has my imagination smiling!!! lol! 😉

  14. Cynthia Wood Avatar
    Cynthia Wood

    OH MY Those sheep are adorable! Please tell me the pattern is available for punchneedle????

  15. Jennifer Krough Avatar
    Jennifer Krough

    Where is block 6??

  16. Jacque Avatar

    Will do today and be current. Loving this sal.

  17. Barb Onken Avatar
    Barb Onken

    Love the Home of the Brave project!! I just got my order from your WI store ND got.the triangle papers. Ready to do some blocks.Thanks!

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  18. Deborah Avatar

    Love the NC project, Home of the Free. I would love to make one up myself. I hope you will have a pattern or kit later.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…after the retreat!!

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