Block 10 Triangle Gatherings



It’s so nice to see more peoples blocks and see how much fun everyone is having!!!  This is block 10! I said I would do a give away at block 10…so here’s the deal…there are almost 900 people on our Facebook group…but not all of you post, most do not…so please….Everyone who posts could win a prize, 3 prizes up for grabs… So here are the categories….

All 10 blocks finished up to date….(I know some might have 11..if you made my oops block)

First time posting on Triangle Gatherings FB ( you can do it, I promise it won’t hurt)

and then, In progress so far…but I’m gonna catch up soon…( we are all here for ya)

so we have three categories to enter….make sure you state which one you are entering just in case I can’t…but it should be pretty obvious…I have 3 great books that my buddy Jennifer Keltner, Chief Creative Officer, or some great title like that, for Martingale Co gave me at retreat and I am going to keep two for myself and give 3 away!!! not too selfish I hope…I’ll throw another small surprise in as well as the book.

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So please post I will be picking  winners on Friday…

This is what’s going on with me….I had “little man” yesterday and overnight and today…what a handful I didn’t get much accomplished but being a gramma which is fine with me…..

Great Grandma came over to visit and made Jace peanut butter cookies…img_9793img_9808

PaPa…gave him a short ride in the sled as the temps warmed up over 30 yesterday…img_9797

And…he had lots of fun…trashing MiMi and Papa’s house with his toys everywhere…He’s a monkey just like his Daddy is/was/still is….His buggy is still his favorite toy!img_9830I’ll be watching for your posts on FB! I want to see LOTS of posts from lots of people!!!

I want us all to pray for my(our) my friend Cheri Payne, one of the nicest people on the planet, …We are thinking/praying for you a lot, my friend!!!


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  1. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I am in category three, very slow progress. In my defense (which we really don’t need, do we? Life happens.), in my defense, we have been under construction for four solid months. Today, alleluia, was finishing day! So tomorrow I begin loading up the brand new sewing room, which comes with HEAT and LIGHT! No more cold dark basement for me! So… Only just at the beginning of my journey, but I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed everyone’s post. You are all so inspired/inspiring.

  2. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    Exciting ! I’ll be making #10 tomorrow & posting. I’m also doing Cheri’s Primitive basket sew along. Even with all she’s going thru, she posted 2 days ago that she’ll get the next basket block up as soon as she could. I’m sending prayers her way and lots of love ……

  3. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    What’s happened to Cheri Payne? I haven’t heard.

    🙂 Marlene


  4. Edie Frasier Avatar
    Edie Frasier

    Lisa, It is storming at my house and I wish I could sew this block right now. Had to pull the plug on the sewing machine, LauraStar iron and the Ott lights…. will get back to it as soon as this nasty weather passes by us. Edie

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  5. David Avatar

    Block 10 already! I’m not a member of Facebook. But I’ll happily keep posting my blocks on Instagram.

  6. Jacque Avatar

    Thank you.

  7. Chris O'Dorisio Avatar
    Chris O’Dorisio

    Hi Lisa, I am really enjoying these blocks! I am using the Snowman Gatherings charm packs and they are so cute. Thanks again for doing this. I have been putting my blocks on Instagram as I do not have facebook…does that still count? Going to stitch block ten right now!! 🙂

    Oh I have a question…I am taking one of your classes at Mid-Atlantic in February and really looking forward to it. Will you have the triangle papers and any Charm packs of Snowman Gatherings III available in your booth?

  8. Edie Frasier Avatar
    Edie Frasier

    Hi Lisa, looks like you and Nick had a great time with your grandson. So glad your mom (Nick’s Mom?) was able to come visit. I am having so much fun with these blocks. I am making this quilt for my son and his wife – they bought new furniture and need a new quilt to match and my daughter-in-law likes purple. I have a collection of all the trimmed off triangles from other quilts and I pulled out the little ones to make the 2 1/2″ block and found that your 1/2″ triangle papers made it much easier! Thanks!

  9. patgodkin Avatar

    Lisa: hi I have a starch fabric question: Does starching work if the piece will be used in freezer paper appliqué method? Is it good to starch if you are cutting pieces with a template for Dresden plate (round spoke shapes that will be turned under with freezer paper appliqué method? I have recommended this method and these questions popped up. Thanks, Pat Godkin

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  10. Cathy Avatar

    Wow so much fun! Jace is no doubt, having a ball and the Cookies looked good too. I am in category 3 “A work in progress”. I am making 3 1/2″ blocks and began with #8 and am not real confident about how to post a picture so I guess I’ll have to work on that too. Thanks to everyone for all your inspiration, inside and Lisa, love the patterns.

  11. Claire Avatar

    Yes, we are definitely keeping Cheri in our thoughts every day. She is such a kind, generous, happy person who has brought such joy to all of us with her incredible enthusiasm and her wonderful whimsical folk art projects. Get well soon, Cheri. Lucky Jace to have so many people to play with. He sure is growing up fast. He has good balance, too, by the look of it 🙂 You must have so much fun with him.

    Lisa I keep meaning to thank you for that wonderful binding tutorial you did with Fat Quarter Shop. It sure has made my quilt finishing so much easier knowing the “point to pin” technique. Best method ever!

  12. anita fitzsimmons Avatar
    anita fitzsimmons

    Hi Lisa. I’m all caught up on triangle gathering block. I enjoy doing these. Do u know how m any blocks you have planned for this project

    Happy quilting

  13. Leigh Ann Avatar
    Leigh Ann

    Hey Lisa,
    I’m in category’s 2 & 3- never posted on TGFB and have some done but will be catching up!!

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