Ok…so I know some of you are new to this stitch-along sorta thing…but here is the info again…

If you want to sign up for the blog posts- this will be emailed to you…you go to the blog and on the side bar on the right…look for this… img_9933

See where it says…you are following this blog…If I wasn’t it should say…sign up and you would enter your email here…This is on the blog…it is easier to find this on the computer than your phone…

now also some of you are asking about blocks you cannot find…they are also on the blog… run through the posts…

you may need to look through a few posts…where by the way  there is a lot of info…block 11 was posted with the winners for block 10…img_9934

Some of you are asking about starching still…again…it is all in the blog posts…There is also a search button on the side bar too…this will help you find certain things… not all the info is on Facebook…

If you are not sure if you are signed up for the blog…or you have but have not received the emails…I can sign you up…but you still have to accept when it sends you an email back…please send me your email…in the comment section here…


Just to clear up another question…I know Jess just posted about the block heads BOW starting in March 8…moda2017blockheadsthumbThere is no place to sign up it is FREE…except to make sure you are following each of the designer blogs that were listed on the original post…again on my blog…search blockheads and it will show up..  If you want to purchase our fabrics which we most certainly appreciate you can do so at each designers blog as well…hope this helps…

Jess also told be about a heated discussion on one of the FB groups/posts….This kind of behavior will not be tolerated and you will be removed/unfriended if it continues…Quilting is about fun…there is no fun in snide comments.

So back to the fun….I’m still looking forward to seeing your Magic of Christmas blocks!!!img_9939

Look at this beauty!!! I know some of you are not on IG so just wanted to share this quilt with you!!! Can’t wait to see a bunch of quilting in those spaces…make sure you are still posting your blocks/finishing tops/quilts  in FB as well and IG!!!

Have a good day!!! I am picking fabrics for one of my fabric lines…Needle & Thread Gatherings!!! Wish I could show you they are wonderful!!!…LB

25 responses to “Questions…”

  1. Kathy Avatar

    Thank you so much Lisa for posting pictures on your blog of some of your quilts that are on Instagram and Facebook . For those of us who enjoy reading what you say on your blog so much and do not want to view more of social media, I am grateful though to see what you think I will like looking at as well. Thank you again for your continued blog posts that I look forward to. Kathy

    Life is a journey…..enjoy the ride!


  2. Mary Andra Holmes Avatar
    Mary Andra Holmes

    You’re the best Lisa. Can’t wait to see your next line, Needle & Thread Gatherings. Missing you.

  3. Cheryl Harrod Avatar
    Cheryl Harrod

    Love all of your fabric and designs and can’t wait to see the newest.. I agree that you are a very generous women and the teaching and sharing of your vast knowledge is so wonderful for all of us who seek to grow and learn the arts of quilting and embroidery.

  4. Barb Taylor Avatar
    Barb Taylor

    Oooops, printable block 11 does not come up.


  5. Kristine F Avatar
    Kristine F

    what a beautiful red and white quilt; love it; thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Marty Toale Avatar
    Marty Toale

    Thank you for the info Lisa on getting the blocks. I am subscribed to the blog and this was MY FAULT as I did not scroll down far enough on the first 10 blocks winners blog to see that Block 11 was there. Sorry! Should have known you wouldn’t forget a block.

  7. Carol joswick Avatar
    Carol joswick

    Hi Lisa…love these blocks! I might add also I found a bunch of your tutorials on You Tube…they were very helpful if any of the ladies want to see….

  8. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Everytime I see that photo from “PatroticQuilter’s Magic of Christmas I have to oooooo and awwwww again the way she/he set it is fabulous! Sorry to hear there was a couple of keyboard commando’s on the loose on the FB groups, with being home from work with my toe/foot situation I’ve been online more than usual and thankfully I have only encountered kind people. I’ve been working away on my Among Friends blocks and of course the Triangle Gatherings as you post them. Hugs

  9. Patricia A. Adams Avatar

    OMG!!!!!!! Your magic of Christmas quilt is stunningly beautiful……working on my borders for mine! And then to quilt it…….Maybe by Spring I will share …..Patti

  10. Marsha Jean Avatar
    Marsha Jean

    Thanks to you and all the other designers on the web that provide the FREE BOMs, stitch alongs, etc… You are all very talented and giving of your talents! So sad that you have to deal with all the crap…seems to be the way of the world anymore…always thought quilters were above that kinda BS, but it appears not. (Seeing it on way too many FB groups)

    I really appreciate you and your fellow designers…just wanted you to know. Hugs!

  11. Pauline Dean Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    I have the patterns for blocks 7-12 how can I get the printable version for blocks 1-5.
    Thank You Pauline

  12. Beth Dickey Avatar
    Beth Dickey

    Hi Lisa I’m still working on the Magical Christmas blocks and it’s working out nicely! I have been doing the splendid sampler blocks in red/white(actually any shade of red from burgundy to pink with off white range too) and I designed a quilt that requires about 130 blocks at 6.5″ with a triple feather star in center so I’m adding the Christmas blocks with Splendid Sampler to create a “Magical Splendid Sampler”! I’ll be sure to post pictures when its all together 😊

  13. Bobbie Avatar

    Thank you for posting the picture of the quilt by the Patriotic Quilter, it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  14. Becci Lund Avatar
    Becci Lund

    I would love to get ahold of joanne from the patriotic Quilter. I lived near her in Ak and have lost touch, could you give me her info?
    Becci Lund, a avid Quilter and follower.

    1. JoAnne McPherson Avatar
      JoAnne McPherson

      It’s me. I’d love to hear from you, too! I miss you. Patrioticquilter at gmail.

  15. JoAnne McPherson Avatar
    JoAnne McPherson

    Wow, Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing the photo of my Magic of Christmas quilt. I had so much fun making it. You are so generous for sharing your patterns. I’m, of course, am planning to get some of your new Old Glory Gatherings fabric.

    1. Michele Erker Avatar
      Michele Erker

      I absolutely LOVE the way you have set these blocks – it’s amazing!!!

    2. Sharon Avatar

      JoAnne, I have to say that your Magic of Christmas quilt is just gorgeous!

    3. gijane279-Liz Avatar

      JoAnne, LOVE the way you set Magic of Christmas

  16. Kathy Schwartz Avatar
    Kathy Schwartz

    Just beautiful!!!!!

  17. Cera Hardin Avatar
    Cera Hardin

    Having problem checking out on website. Error says time stamp unix integer, something of that sorts.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      call the shop…please

  18. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    Wow or that Christmas quilt turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! I am still working on those! And really loving my new JUKI!

  19. Joyce Scribner Avatar
    Joyce Scribner

    That Christmas quilt is my favorite one so far–I love how she set it together! Lisa, thank you so much for all your free patterns and thank you to the other designers for the blocks starting in March. I’m excited!

  20. Cathy Avatar

    Holy Smokes that Majic of Christmas Quilt is fabulous. Nice Job!!!

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