Blocks 14 & 15 Triangle Gatherings



Morning to All…I’m up early to get all my stuff together to go to VA today…”Little Man” has been with me the last couple of days so not much “work” getting done…but that’s the way it is…so before he wakes I thought I would shoot you a couple of blocks…yes two..just in case I get too busy this week teaching…Also yesterday we baked cookies…Nick’s favorite…Self Frosting Oatmeal Cookies….RECIPE…  easy to make also!img_0034img_0036


“Little Man”…loving the tub…notice he had to have his cookie there too!

Click here to print both blocks:    

I can’t wait to see some of you in sunny 70 degree Hampton, VA this weekend…and the rest of you we will stay in touch here…Have a good week…and remember to keep posting on FB and IG!

Anchor Point…hopefully will be clear of it’s ice when I return….img_9960


29 responses to “Blocks 14 & 15 Triangle Gatherings”

  1. Linda Witherow Avatar
    Linda Witherow

    Looking forward to trying to meet you this weekend… I hung around your booth last year( not quite the stalker) but I missed you… got to get myself triangle paper for Triangle Gathering

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Linda… come to my classroom!!!

  2. Chris O'Dorisio Avatar
    Chris O’Dorisio

    Oh boy…not sure I will get these two done before Mid-Atlantic! I’m taking your crazy table mat class Thursday and Friday, Can’t wait! See you soon! 🙂

  3. Chris O'Dorisio Avatar
    Chris O’Dorisio

    P.S. Have a safe trip!! 🙂

  4. claude horton Avatar
    claude horton


    On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 7:47 AM, Lisa Bongean’s Weblog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “Morning to All…I’m up early to get all my stuff > together to go to VA today…”Little Man” has been with me the last couple > of days so not much “work” getting done…but that’s the way it is…so > before he wakes I thought I would shoot you a couple of bl” >

  5. Tasker, Pamela Avatar
    Tasker, Pamela

    Yummy ! thanks for sharing. Love that bathtub ! so were these fast cooking oats ? or the old fashioned oats?
    Godspeed to VA !

    Thank you,
    Dexter, MI

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I used old fashioned oats… but I asked my Mom if it matters … she said no

  6. Janice Joyner Avatar
    Janice Joyner

    Thanks for the recipe, the blocks, and EVERYTHING!

  7. Stella Doyon Avatar
    Stella Doyon

    This a recipe I want to try , too, but are you using quick oats or regular oatmeal?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I used old fashioned oats

  8. Melanie Dreike Avatar
    Melanie Dreike

    Question for you, I have one of your wool quilt blocks kits. Ready to start stitching and wondered if you ever put Soft Fuse on the back of the cotton to keep it from bunching up while stitching. Love everything you do!!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I do not…

  9. Janet O. Avatar

    That is a cookie I have never heard of. Thanks for the recipe–I’ll have to try a small batch with gluten free flour and see how they turn out.
    LOVE the shot of Little Man in the bathtub, with his cookie on the side. : )
    Thanks for these blocks. I do intend to make them–someday. Currently working on quiet book pages for youngest granddaughter.

  10. Deborah Avatar

    That tub picture reminds me of my son at that age. What a great, fun age and it’s great that ya’ll live close to see him grow up. Just printed the oatmeal cookie recipe. Can’t wait to make them.

  11. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    thank you for the blocks Lisa, and thanks for the oatmeal cookie recipe they have been one of my favs too but I’ve never tried baking them and frosting them let alone a “self-frosting” cookie! I would love to hang out and learn some baking from you and your mom 🙂 I still haven’t tried her coconut cream pie but I’m planning on attempting it! Glad you had some fun time with lil man… I know he will always treasure them when he gets old enough 🙂 Have fun in VA and safe travels there and back! I’m off to make block 14 and 15 now, I’ll post pictures!

  12. Donna Imel Avatar

    I love your half square triangle blocks! Beautiful! I’ve been trying to find out how many DIFFERENT blocks can be made with the half square triangle? I’m guessing it must be tons, but is there a way to figure it out….or is there a particular book? Thank you!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We have 87 so far…

  13. masonmarlene Avatar

    OK – first of all – I want to take a bath in a soaker tub that has a TV and cookies and coffee or wine at my fingertips! Can I be your granddaughter? Secondly, thanks so very much for your posting the recipe, thirdly – a million thanks for the blocks you provide to keep us out of trouble. At my age I tip over putting on my underwear but I can still follow your blocks and end up with a wonderful quilt and the pattern didn’t cost me $30. Hugs to you and have fun in VA..!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You crazy lady…too funny…

  14. Judy Dietrich Avatar
    Judy Dietrich

    It made it to 70 degrees, here in Omaha today. Unreal weather. We are supposed to get snow this weekend!! A TV and that gorgeous tub, in one room. You would have to blast me outta there. Hugs for little man. Have a good trip

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Lol….right? I take a bath almost every night…good thing we have well water!!!

  15. judy koerner Avatar
    judy koerner

    Hi Lisa, I am new to your site and excited to say I may see you in Hampton this weekend, Sunday to be precise if you are still there. Myself, along with 4, [of our 8 member older ladies] recently started a beginners hand quilting group and will be at the show. Looking forward to everything! Regards, Judy in Newport News, VA

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Sorry Judy…I will be leaving Sunday morning!!! Wish I could have met you!!!

  16. Cathy Clark Avatar
    Cathy Clark

    Oh those cookies look SO good! I’m working (traveling nurse)& 3 hours from home but will be back Friday and gonna make some of those cookies to munch while sewing. Love the blocks too. Nice deep tub and TV too. Now that’s multi-tasking! 😉

  17. Sue Rogers Avatar
    Sue Rogers

    I am having problems signing up for the email blog posts. Can you help please?

  18. Barbara Unger Avatar
    Barbara Unger

    Do you have any suggestions to quilt the Magic of Christmas. Mine is all together and I need to quilt it. I love it. Thanks so much

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I don’t know what version you have made…but we will be posting mine…it is on it way back from the quilter…

  19. Sharon Laurin Avatar

    Hi Lisa…Thanks for the cookie recipe! I made them today…delicious!

  20. Nancy Zimmerman Avatar
    Nancy Zimmerman

    The cookies were a hit at my house! The recipe is a keeper! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Received more triangle paper yesterday, great start to the week. Now back to my half-square triangles.

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