Block 23 Triangle Gatherings


Here ya go…block 23!!! Stitch away!!!  Thought I would post at a different time of day!!!  Who is up now?  I’ll be checking FB to see…




12 responses to “Block 23 Triangle Gatherings”

  1. Deborah Avatar

    Hi Lisa. I’m awake but I’m in CA. Lol

  2. David Avatar

    Me! It’s Friday afternoon in Sydney, Australia.

  3. Laura baumgardner Avatar
    Laura baumgardner

    At a quilt retreat. Just came to bed and checked my email . Darn it I only brought enough fabric for the last block
    . Guess this one will have to wait till Monday when I get back home

  4. Nicole Hanson Avatar
    Nicole Hanson

    I’m up but I’m in Arizona! Love your ideas and all you do for us!!!

    1. Juareen Avatar

      I’m awake I live in Las Vegas. Lisa I love your style and I really enjoy the Stitch alongs.

  5. Marlene Leonardo Avatar
    Marlene Leonardo

    It’s 10 pm here in California and yes … I am still up. Thank you so much for the quilt blocks. I love them especially with your patriotic fabric….they’re really brighten up the day.

  6. Jacque Avatar

    This has been so much fun. Thanks again

  7. Mary Jean Wallbillick Murphy Avatar

    I’m up and at the airport already. Heading to vogue knitting live for Stella today!

  8. Robin Mike Avatar
    Robin Mike

    Hi Lisa,
    I love your triangle gathering blocks. I just signed up on your blog and would like to get started on them. How do I do that? I tried to print a block pattern but I don’t get instructions just a picture if it.
    Thanks so much! Truly enjoy seeing all your work, it’s pretty incredible!!

  9. Cathy Avatar

    I was awake, in bed reading and I just got to my email. Your block as always, looks great. I love the triangle papers. So glad your enjoying North Carolina. I don’t know how you get so much done!

  10. Robin Mike Avatar
    Robin Mike

    Hi Lisa, I’m sorry, I did look back on old blog posts and saw your instructions. I will be ordering some triangle paper from you. I am looking forward to starting these.
    Thank You

  11. Marlo Sigler Avatar
    Marlo Sigler

    What size triangle did you use? A 1 1/2?

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