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I’m so glad I got to visit the Outer Banks of NC (OBX) and I want to share it with you…as I know not all of you can go… so why not share our experience…

…It was a long two days of driving with a packed truck…so packed we couldn’t stop to shop if we wanted to…but once we got to the OBX it was beachhouse after beachhouse on the drive up…with resturants and shops in-between it all…while it was not prime vacation time we did have some nice weather after the first couple of days…but hey..we were focused on stitching so no worries…

I don’t have many pics of the beautiful house…when you are teaching 44 people it is hard to think about the scenery around you …I was focused on teaching these ladies everything I could about wool appliqué and the fun stitches it takes to make them come alive…we also did demos on triangle papers, nine patches (from Nine-patch Gatherings) punch needle, transferring letters with press & seal..and a few finishing techniques for wool appliqué even though our projects didn’t require this..here were our four projects…they will soon be added to our website for all to enjoy!..I’ll let you now when…

The tiny Thimble flag…you got to choose your appliqué for the blue field…and all the Thimbles were cut in the kits… already for them to stitch together…

We all need more pincushions!!


OR….make them into little quilts or mug mats…

Home of the Brave picture….or this would make a wonderful pillow too!

USA pillow…I also mounted this mat to a wood board…we tried to give them different finishing options for their projects..three stitches to learn…

The ladies got surprisingly far on their projects!!!  Here is the sewing room…it was a big room so I couldn’t get it all into one pic..here is one half…and then the other half..

It had beautiful views on three sides..I projected up onto the slanted ceiling when demonstrating..

Sunday for us was setup day for the worker bees..lots of hauling..the sewing room was on the third level…I got 15000 steps in that day!!!

Monday was guest arrival day…and open sewing…

Tuesday we worked on two of our wool projects…and played a fun game with lots of prizes and cash!!!

Wednesday was a free day…do what you want…I went shopping and out for lunch…then in the evening we went over a crazy stitch for our USA pillow…

Thursday…Full day of teaching…we stitched little Thimbles to make our little flags… some started their pin cushions…I always tell my students…in every class we have Fast Freddies and Slowpoke Sally stitchers…you are who you are…and just enjoy!!!

Friday…another free day…I had a message at 10am…they came to the house…so awesome!! We stitched till about  noon and then went on an adventure…some of the ladies were going on a dune buggy ride to see the wild horses…the message lady told be I could drive my truck on the beach if I had a Four wheel drive…you don’t live in WI without a FWD….It was a little scary getting on the beach but she told me just to gun it until I was through…good advice…we made it and drove 10 miles on the beach looking for the horses…turned around and came back…didn’t matter that we didn’t get to see them…the ride on the beach was awesome!!

We visited Kill Devil hills to see where Wilbur and Orville first flew… this is the memorial…

Then there was a bronze sculpture recreating the event…

Then we visited the actual spot… where it all happened…


Since I ride very frequently on an airplane I really could appreciate this…I would not be able to do what I do…and these two guys started it all here…

Now…lighthouses…we had to visit at least one light house…200 steps to the top…no big deal…HA..right..had to take a little break going up!!!

tried to take a selfie…didn’t work…too windy!!!! We finally stopped and North Banks Pub to eat….and then back to the house…for more crazy stitching and hanging out…

Saturday…lazy day…working on projects…stitching on the deck..walking the beach in search of treasures…the beach was sandy and then there were patches of small rocks/shellsJust as we were going in for the day the dolphins showed up and gave us a show…jumping for the longest time…must have been eating something!!!  Time to pack up and we had to be all moved out by 10am on Sunday!!!

Amy was there with me helping with the store and whatever else me or the ladies needed!!!

The rest of the crew…wonderful ladies to be on retreat with!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better time!

I am so sorry if you missed this one…but there will be more to come…no worries…it was way too much fun not to do it again…and we learned a lot..so the next one will be even better!!!


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  1. claude horton Avatar
    claude horton

    good day! beautiful pictures, what a trip, ladies looked like they were enjoying themselves! than you for sharing, I love all you do!!👑👓🐦nancy horton

    On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 11:01 AM, Lisa Bongean’s Weblog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “I’m so glad I got to visit the Outer Banks of NC > (OBX) and I want to share it with you…as I know not all of you can go… > so why not share our experience… …It was a long two days of driving > with a packed truck…so packed we couldn’t stop to shop” >

  2. kcanute Avatar

    Awesome description of a wonderful week! Thank you again Lisa, Amy, Gloria, Vicky, Heather, Wynette and anyone else who had anything to do with putting in this event.

  3. Janet O. Avatar

    Looks like such a good time.
    I have to say that I got most excited about Kill Devil Hill. I love history, and I got chills reading the plaques and monuments. Thanks for sharing those!!
    Also, that looks like such a cool lighthouse. I have visited several, on either coast, but never one that they let you climb. That is such a fantastic view!

  4. Linda Avatar

    Looks like it was a wonderful time! Is there a pattern or kit for the “Home of the Brave” pic?

  5. Sharon Avatar

    Lisa- Thanks for sharing some of the highlights from your trip with us. It looked super fun. My friends and I are really looking forward to our cruise, with you, in 2018!

  6. Kelly Crittle Avatar
    Kelly Crittle

    If you have this again next year I would really love to go. Looks like everyone had a blast. Hope to see you in Houston this year Lisa.

  7. billiemick Avatar

    What fun! Even chasing the invisible horses….giggle. I thoroughly enjoyed the post.

  8. Diane Avatar

    I so wanted to come to this but had just got home from a three week adventure of my own — please come back — I am in NC too – on the beach, in Southeastern NC, and want to take this week of fun with you! I love the area!!! I love the projects!!!! YUMMY!!!!! Please do more!!!!

  9. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    Looked like great fun! I really would love to do something like that! I’m adding it to my bucket list for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Kathy Avatar

    Loved this blog post to highlight your trip! Thanks Lisa!

  11. Mimi Hall Avatar

    I love the pics and thank you for all of the history which I really love!! I also think the projects look so fun and I hope you will have patterns available! Looks like such a great week!!

  12. Mary Lou Avatar
    Mary Lou

    Wow….. Looks like so much fun. I love your projects you chose to do. Gotta love the beach.

  13. Karen Charles Avatar
    Karen Charles

    NC is a great state to live in! Lots of cool things to do! I’m sure every state is wonderful in its own way, though

  14. DONNA PACE Avatar

    Thoroughly enjoyed the trip through your pictures! This would be an awesome trip and I am so happy you shared our experiences with me! Thanks, Lisa!

  15. Linda K Avatar
    Linda K

    OBX, Corolla and the Corolla lighthouse!!! My favorite place to vacation. Sorry you didn’t get to see the wild horses. When we first vacationed there in the 80’s the horses were free to wander and it was such a hoot to wake up and find 5 or 6 wild horses on your front lawn or walking on the beach as you sat in your beach chair. Great patriotic projects! I’ll bet everyone had a wonderful time. And you saw dolphins, too. Lucky!

  16. betsybitner Avatar

    Love, love, love the projects!!! It looks like it was a wonderful place and a wonderful time – thanks for sharing the pictures!

  17. Kathy Dean Avatar
    Kathy Dean

    Sure looks like you all had an awesome week! Thanks so much for all the wonderful pictures!

  18. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    What a great post, thanks for sharing. Looks like you all had fun and learned something along the way.

  19. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    To say this looks like an amazing time would be to underestimate it, I’m sure. I so appreciate your sharing this. I love all the projects – my whole house is red/white/blue …… so I’ll be making these when they’re available.
    Happy Spring from a warm and sunny Florida:)

  20. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, you are such a sweetheart to share your trip & pics!! Thank you! The sewing rooms with all the windows, wow! Oh, and the view from the light house was spectacular. I was cracking up at your selfie!! So cool you could drive on the beach and see the Wright Brothers history. I also loved the anchor flag and the sheep with geraniums projects. That pic of you and Amy needs framed, it’s just lovely. I’m so glad you all had fun, life’s too short not to. Hugs, Jakey

  21. Sharon Bochmann Avatar
    Sharon Bochmann

    Thank you so much for sharing!! Maybe next year!

    1. Norma Short Avatar
      Norma Short

      Lisa, You and your projects are the best!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Teresa Avatar

    Wow! That was quite a retreat! Thank you so much for all of the photos of the Wright Brother’s memorial. Had no idea it was that elaborate.

  23. Charlotte Avatar

    Thanks for the travelogue. It brought back lots of memories from our two trips to the Outer Banks many years ago.
    If you are interested in learning more about the Wright Brothers, I recently read “The Wright Brothers” by David McCullough. I was afraid it might be boring but it wasn’t – they were such geniuses and so persistent in reaching their goals. Know you don’t have much time for reading. 🙂

    Love your patriotic projects. Just when I think I will not make another patriotic project, along comes a new LB pattern. Hope they are at the Murrieta store soon.


  24. Cathy Avatar

    Hey, what is that black thing in the sand? Crab? I travel through your eyes Lisa, thanks so much for sharing!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Wood from a previous dock!

  25. darcistrobel Avatar

    We had a wonderful time. I learned that I absolutely must do this again. What a great group of ladies and we all have so much in common!

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