CA Sit & Stitch…Soooo much fun!

Well….I hope you all are up to your ears in blocks that you have to get done to keep up!…It is so fun to be busy and look forward to spending time with your machine…even if you have only 15 mins here and there….it all adds up when doing these triangle blocks and of course the Moda Blockhead blocks too!

I have returned from California after a rough start…plane was delayed a whole day…so my Saturday class turned into a Sunday class…then it was 3 more classes on Monday & Tuesday and then home quickly to spend some time with Nick to celebrate our 19th Anniversary…but here is a recap of my trip…hope you are inspired!!

Sunday…Well I didn’t have the full class that I was supposed to have on Saturday but I am happy for the 5 that could make it…This class was on “big stitch” quilting….This class was Barbs idea…she came in one day and showed a bunch of quilts and I said they would make awesome hand quilted quilts….I told her to see if she could find a used quilting frame and she could bring it in and I’d show her how to get started…

We basted the quilt in class…its an American flag for her son’s classroom….then we learned the big-hand quilting stitch on our large feathered wreaths or another project if they had one…and Barb got started on her quilt frame doing 3″semi circles piled on top of each other…not quite clam shells but close…can your see them on the edge of the frame?


Then a bunch of full classes on Monday and Tuesday’s…I sure do have fun with these girls…

Julie showed her finished Magic of Christmas quilt!!! I’m bringing it home for photography for our book…


Do you remember Sylvia???? The one who I made her redo a whole block my way in a previous Sit & Stitch?

She came back!  And brought her friend Shari…Here she is with a new  finished top called Old Dirt Road…this features my Little Gatherings II line of fabrics…

She pieced her Blockhead #5 block in class…

Here’s Shari making homespun Winnebago Waves quilt!!!


Then Shirley was working on her~My Crazy Life…only has 4 more to stitch and she can put the top together… Here is Snowflake Catcher…started in class…Kristine and Terry were both making this…

Kim is working on Lisa’s Flower Garden…

Elaine is working on Triangle Gatherings… Go back to the January posts if your interested in learning about Triangle Gatherings…

New class coming to PG CA…Yoko Saito design, in her newest book Scrap Valley…Tina will be teaching this!!!

Liz and her Triangle Gathering blocks-did you also notice the quilt in the background!!! Yes that’s MaryLou’s finished Clara’s Stars…

Karen and her finished Just Picked… and some of her “My Crazy Life” blocks…Sorry Karen…wish this was a better pic…

Sharon’s My Crazy Life blocks…showing her “own” blocks…one featuring her doggie…

Alice’s(hope I got this right) Hummingbird Garden blocks…Alice is pictured in the pink next to Sharon in that photo…

Georgia’s own My Favorite Things…

About half of the girls had show & share…so it was a lot of fun to see them getting their projects completd.  I am very proud of this women and what they are accomplishing!!!

My next dates in CA…a retreat in June 11-14 and Sit & Stitch August, 28 & 29…Big stitch quilting August 26th…Call if you want to join the fun…951-304-9787

I hope you enjoyed Show & Share…and maybe this will inspire you to stitch on your project if you have this one OR to order yourself one on our website!

my best…




11 responses to “CA Sit & Stitch…Soooo much fun!”

  1. Jacque Avatar

    Wow beautiful eye candy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar

    I love the one gal’s box where you see Valdani threads!! It appears there might be a top tray for your project. Can you get specifics on the box? Do you carry the box in your shop??

    All pictures were wonderful!!!


    Cheryl C.


  3. Miss Kitty Avatar
    Miss Kitty

    Happy Anniversary to you and Nick! I remember when you hit double digits! Lol… I know the ladies had a ball in class and learned so much!

  4. Lou Home Avatar
    Lou Home

    Left over stars from Clara’s Star and finished Christmas Gatherings. Love your patterns. I made Christmas Gatherings available for display with Drew. Now I need a new grandchild for the small Clara’s Star. Thanks Lisa for all you do for us quilters. Sent from my iPhone


  5. Sharon Bochmann Avatar
    Sharon Bochmann

    I loved hearing about and seeing all these wonderful quilts and blocks!! Thanks so much, Lisa!!

  6. Judy Avatar

    Do you carry thread cases like a few of the women in the pictures have? If not – do you know what kind they are.

  7. Julie Wall Avatar
    Julie Wall

    I feel so honored you like my Magic of Christmas quilt! Can’t wait to see your book.

  8. Janet O. Avatar

    So many wonderful projects, but I have to say that Magic of Christmas really made me sit up and take notice! Love it!

  9. Barbara Nelson Avatar
    Barbara Nelson

    Lisa, Thanks so much for a fantastic day learning to hand quilt on a frame. It is amazing how much I learned from your comments to the other participants and your fantastic tips. I truly will NOT be stitching in the ditch because now I know how to baste the quilt together, attach to the frame, mark my design, and stitch it. Thanks again. I will attend every event you have here in California. So blessed to have Primitive Gatherings in Temecula. And love your blog!

  10. Missi Wiseman Avatar
    Missi Wiseman

    Beautiful works ladies.

  11. Suzanne Wetor Avatar
    Suzanne Wetor

    Will you have the Big Stitch class again ?

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