Block 7 Moda Blockheads



Today’s block is designed by the famous Kansas Trouble lady…Lynne…I know I have a tub full of her fabric…when I started quilting it was my favorite!!! Then as you evolve as a quilter our preferences expand and expand and before you know it you love most everything!!!

CLICK HERE FOR THE PATTERN FOR LYNNE’S BLOCK…It is in RED on her blog page also…

Because I am making two sets of blocks…. I made an alternative block for this for my pieced quilt…

yes this is a PDF   Cutting for Winged Star

You need to make 4 Flying Geese units for the small star block

Star block will measure 2 1/2″ at this point…about the size of our thread spools…lol..this is a new color I just got…

You will need to make 10- Red HST and 14 Navy HST.  I have shown you earlier how to make these…I strongly suggest triangle papers and they do not take any time at all to make…I know some of you use different methods…but ALL of them take sooooo much longer to make…and then your trimming them to the right size and so on…just try the papers once…just to say you did…I know you may have to spend some money for them…but time is money…and your sanity is worth something also…AND it would be super NICE to support my efforts in doing these extra blocks that are not appliqué…ASSORTED TRIANGLES paper can be purchased here…these are multiple sizes that I may be using throughout the year for these blocks.

I know some of my followers will leave comments about how the HST Papers have made a big different in their quilting…we also have Triangle Gatherings on Facebook and my blog here…again…tons of fun join in…we are 30 blocks into 90 for the year!! Now back on track…

Stitch the HSTs together into four patches

Into rows…

and then the rows together…


Here the back for how I pressed seams…

Question of the Week…Rulers…

I definitely have a favorite…because I have designed them for Creative Grid-the best rulers out there…with that no slip grip!!! But my rulers have all dashed lines…nothing solid…you can see your fabric at every point which is essential to accurate piecing, if you cannot cut accurate, your stitching will not be either!!!

Also…did you ever cut 3/8″ when you really needed 5/8″? all the 1/8″ marking are marked on these rulers…along with the white and black lines for dark/light fabrics, these rulers are the awesome!!! 3×7 and 6×6 RULERS here and 5×15 HERE …We are also working on one more size!!!

So that’s all I have for you today…Make it a good one, and make sure you do see everyones blocks!!!


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14 responses to “Block 7 Moda Blockheads”

  1. David Avatar

    OMG LISA!!! I love your alternate block with the fiery passion of a thousand suns!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Ha!!! Your funny!!!

  2. Lewcrese S Avatar
    Lewcrese S

    Lisa, I just love the 6″ PG ruler, I have found it to be the best when squaring up HST’s. I would only have one suggestion. Where the diamond is with the first 1/8″ mark, I would suggest leaving this diamond off. It hinders my view of that last bit of an HST when squaring up. I don’t think that I will ever cut a 1/8″ square in my llifetime. Keep the dashed line but leave the “1/8″ diamond off”. Cant wait for new sizes!! Blockheads RULE!!

  3. Hildy Avatar

    Thank you for making an alternative block and sharing it with us:-)

  4. Vickie Lewis Avatar
    Vickie Lewis

    Love the blocks and your little iron displayed with it. I got some little irons from my 94 year old mother-in-law.

  5. needleminder Avatar

    Creative Grids rulers in general are my favorites, but yours are my absolute top of the list favorite ones. I wish they made ALL of their rulers with the dashed lines. And your generosity in sharing the extra blocks is greatly appreciated. Triangle papers and Starch are invaluable!

  6. Wanda Hall Avatar
    Wanda Hall

    I LOVE this newest alternative block!! Which size HST’s did you use? I just ordered one of the rulers… I think I need all three!! 🙂

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      1″ finished

  7. Cathy Avatar

    The alternative block is great! Nice job Lisa! PG Triangle Papers are the only way to go when making half square triangles. Quick, easy & accurate. I just wish my sewing was as precise! Hey, what size is the new ruler & when will it arrive? I have all three, gave as gifts, and have 1 for me. I love that the 1/8″ rulers are marked as such so I don’t guess.

  8. Janet O. Avatar

    Love your alternate block.
    And I definitely love your rulers!!

  9. pattypiecer Avatar

    A couple of things, first thanks for your alternate block , going to try and challenge myself with this one . Second, thanks for the Triangle Gatherings also. I had a little problem with the website on Monday, called the shop spoke to Judy (?) . She was great! She helped me out. I ordered more of the triangle papers (which I love), BAM they came in the mail today!!!!! That was fast. Lastly, I purchase one of your rulers,,,, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I will be purchasing more.
    Thanks for you sharing and caring for the quilting community.

  10. Jen T. Avatar
    Jen T.

    Just ordered your triangle papers to try out. Hopefully they will make me love sewing HSTs 😁. I know I love your Itty Bitty Eighths rulers from Creative Grids!!

  11. Loretta Pederson Avatar
    Loretta Pederson

    I’m wondering if there is an error in the cutting directions ..
    The (4) 1 3/8″ medium blue .. the directions stated cut diagonally twice, shouldn’t they be cut only once?
    My friend and I pondered that for sometime yesterday, and when we only did one diagonal cut it work perfectly.
    We are loving this project!

  12. Barbara Murphy Avatar
    Barbara Murphy

    Just finished the block using 1″ triangle paper. It was soooo much easier to sew the strips as opposed to sewing all the little triangles. They came out all the same size. It was much quicker and easier. 🙂

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