Triangle Gatherings Block 34


Welcome to rainy dreary WI…my tulips are flowering!!! They are supposed to be white and off white??? oh well…they are still beautiful!!!

I’m home from Paducah…unpacked, washing and packing to leave on Thursday for Mackinaw Island…to stay/teach at the Grand Hotel!!! So much fun…BUT…I still don’t have my fabric for Spring Market…Moda will have to ship it to me on the island!!!…I will be working at night to get those quilts done…Amy is coming along to help vend and we will be starching and cutting and stitching all night!!!  I know  they will get done, but 3 big quilts and 3 mini’s…to be done before we leave on the 16th…not going to enjoy it like usual, but that’s why it’s called work!!!

Spent the day with “little man”…we had a blast as usual…he “painted” three pictures for me…he’s very prolific…see two brushes at a time!!! 


I hope I can keep all together the next couple of weeks…we are getting ready to launch the Summer Blocks of Week, then there’s Blockheads coming and next week while I’m gone too…Triangle Gatherings and Row by Row is starting soon, plus Spring Market!!!… trying hard to pull it all off!!!

Here’s anther TG keep you busy too!



12 responses to “Triangle Gatherings Block 34”

  1. Jacque Avatar

    Wow what a schedule. Hope you get some “me” time in there.

  2. Diane Avatar

    Take care of yourself! My head spins as you tell what you’re doing. Enjoy The Grand – how fabulous!!

  3. Irene Avatar

    Hope you bring a sample of the BOTW to Mackinac. I took your class 2 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Amy and I also got to know each other very well from my frequent visits to your booth. In fact I thought it would be a great idea to bring everything I bought last time, and haven’t done yet, give it all to Amy, and she can give me one of my kits back every time I go in to the booth 😂. It would save me a bunch of money, but I’m not sure how long you could stay in business if everyone did that! Looking forward to seeing you and Amy again!

  4. Kath Avatar

    You are super, crazy busy!! Best of luck. I’m sorry to say that the link for block 34 doesn’t work. If you have a chance, please post it again.

  5. Linda Elliott Avatar
    Linda Elliott

    Try to have a Grand time! So glad you have Amy! Thanks for your hard work to keep
    us in Stitches!

  6. suejean1 Avatar

    Thank-you Lisa for all you do. I really don’t know how you keep up. Love your tulips. They don’t grow that great down here in Georgia. Looking forward to your summer designs. Hope you have a great time on Macinac Island.

  7. Victoria Iannucci Avatar
    Victoria Iannucci

    I think this is my favorite block yet. Wish i was there helping sew, starch, press, cut. Do u and Amy need a sewing sous chef?? Love you both…dont stress..let ne know if u need help!! Huggers. Vicky.

  8. Susan Edwards Avatar
    Susan Edwards

    Grandchildren are the best! I’m so glad you are able to spend time with your grandson. They grow up so fast.

  9. Carol Garner Avatar

    Thanks for ALL you do for us, slow down and smell the roses, we can wait a few days in between these little gems. Maybe that will give you a little breathing room. Take care of yourself.

  10. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, your tulips are gorgeous! I see the sprinkle of pink that snuck in. OMG, thank goodness you have Amy to help! That’s a lot of sewing in a short timeline!! Always something popping up to challenge you further! I will be thinking of you two making that magic happen, and hoping it’s not too stressful. Two paint brushes, lol, way to go little man!! I love the line movement in your block too! Hugs, Jakey

  11. Nancy S Conn Avatar
    Nancy S Conn

    Learn from Little Man and put 2 needles in your hand and those quilts will get done.😜

  12. Elizabeth Sampson Avatar

    Have a great time on the island! That is on my bucket list.

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