Happy Mothers Day!!! Sale on Juki’s!!!

I want to wish all the Mother’s out there a Happy Mothers Day…I hope you can spend time with your children today…no matter how old they are, we just want to spend time with them…that’s all we need right?

I have been asked to put the JUKI sewing machine on special another time other than at Christmas time…so…In honor of Mother’s Day it will be on sale $100 off all this next week with free shipping in the US-International shipping will be given a $20 credit towards it…

Click HERE to read ALL about why you want a JUKI, and all the amazing things it comes with…also…I always get asked what sewing machine do you use? Here is my answer…I am a professional quilter…I can have any machine I want, I choose to sew on the $900 JUKI…that is not a typo…and If we sell a decent amount of them I will give one away to someone who has purchased one just like Christmas!!!…to purchase a JUKI click HERE .  We will wait till the sale is over to order and ship them out, so about two weeks just to be on the safe side.

If you own a Juki…please comment on how awesome it is!!

Maybe your Mother taught you to sew…maybe you still sew with your Mother…My Mother is a great cook-that’s what we do…we cook…again…Happy Mother’s Day…I know some of you do not have your Mother’s any longer…but today you will have lots of memories to visit…hopefully while you are stitching of course!!!

my best


31 responses to “Happy Mothers Day!!! Sale on Juki’s!!!”

  1. Vickie S. Avatar
    Vickie S.

    I love my juki. Mine is 14 years old and still going stong. I use my for quilting. All I can say is LOVE my juki! I would buy another one if this one ever dies on me!

  2. Nancy Greenfield@charter.net Avatar
    Nancy Greenfield@charter.net

    I bought a Juki on Lisa’s advice a couple years ago–I LOVE it! I’s quiet, fast, and will sew through anything. I have other, computerized machines too….but the Juki is my go-to machine for piecing and straight sewing. Thanks to Lisa for all your encouragement, tips, etc. & Happy Mother’s Day! Nancy G.

  3. Pat Avatar

    Thank you, Lisa! Happy Mother’s Day to you and all your followers. My mother is not here, but as you said friends now”mother” me. Have a wonderful time with your lovies, everyone!

  4. Barbara P. Avatar
    Barbara P.

    I absolutely love my Juki I purchased from you about 3 years ago. I love everything about it. I do all my quilt piecing on it.

    1. Ellen P Avatar
      Ellen P

      I love the Juki I bought during your Christmas sale in 2013- best machine I have ever owned, hands-down! Great value, great for piecing and FMQ! Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Sandra Avatar

    I bought mine from Lisa a few years ago. Best machine ever!!! The new 1/4″ foot is amazing.

  6. masonmarlene Avatar

    Lisa, You sold me when a group of us took a class from you at the Retreat House, so the following Christmas I gifted myself with one during your Christmas Days sale. I absolutely love it. I love the metal parts. I love the metal quarter inch quilting foot. I love the stitch adjustment ability. I love the nice straight stitch, perfect tension that you need for “on-point” and straight stitching. I have gotten rid of all my other machines except for a light weight machine I bring to classes and my serger. Thanks for putting me on to this! One of the MANY tips you have shared over the years. Have a great mothers day, hugs to Teri – we loved her cooking.

  7. Carol joswick Avatar
    Carol joswick

    Happy Mothers Day Lisa! I love my Juki…the best sewing machine I ever had. Love the fact it is all metal, not computerized too. It is a pure pleasure to sew on…XOXO

  8. Robin Avatar

    The Juki is wonderful for not only machine quilting but for piecing. It sews beautiful. You don’t need the little scrap of fabric to sew on to get started. Now there is a 1/4″ foot available. I rarely sew on my Bernina machine anymore. I highly recommend the JUKI !!!

  9. Christie Stevens Avatar
    Christie Stevens

    I bought my Juki from you at Christmas and love, love, love it. I originally bought it only for quilting since the harp space is so large. To figure out how the machine threaded and worked I started piecing on it as I played and tested. The stitching is beautiful and the 1/4″ foot is dead on accurate, so, I’m hooked and am now piecing on my Juki. I discovered a thread cutter is a fantastic tool when I paper piece. Juki has become my go-to machine now for everything I do. Is one enough? I may need two!

  10. Pat Connally Avatar
    Pat Connally

    Lisa, thank you for the sweet post about mothers. I miss my mom every day and still turn to pick up the phone to give her a call to just chat about things going on. She taught me to sew and to quilt and crochet and craft. I loved that we had so many things in common.
    I have many machines but sure do love my Juki. I can sew Fast And it is powerful!
    Happy Mother’s Day back to you…have a GREAT one!!!

  11. Kathy Ashley Avatar
    Kathy Ashley

    LOVE my Juki – especially the thread cutter on the foot pedal! I originally got it when I purchased my B-Line mid arm frame about 10 years ago and when I quit using the frame I started to use the Juki for piecing – love, love it!

  12. Anne Babb Avatar

    I too love my $900 Juki! Can’t beat that little workhorse.

  13. Sandra Hansen Avatar
    Sandra Hansen

    I am a WI/AZ snowbird and my Juki is in AZ. I miss it dearly in the summers as it’s an awesome machine. It’s great for piecing but also a wonderful quilting machine. I have several Berninas that I like as well but the Juki is just sort of special!

  14. Janet Salcido Avatar
    Janet Salcido

    Love my Juke. The speed and the cutter on the foot peddle! I am very excited about the new 1/4″ foot. Oh and did I mention the speed for stippling! OH YES!! You may not be able to drive on the road as fast as you want, but in the privacy of your sew room. It is full speed ahead!!
    Happy Quilting Janet

  15. Nordvik@frontiernet.net Avatar

    I purchased one of these last December. Lisa has many great things to say about this machine and she is true to her word. I love my machine, no going back to sew with any other machine. Thank you Lisa for the recommendation.

  16. Jakey Avatar

    Happy Mother’s Day Lisa and Teri! I hope you both enjoy your day! I am enjoying mine, just had a delicious pancake breakfast made by Dad. So sweet of you to run the Juki special. I LOVE my Juki. It’s a great price for a wonderful machine. I hope all you mom’s out there that don’t have one yet indulge, because you deserve it!!! Hugs, Jakey

  17. Fay Avatar

    They are a wonderful machine and bargain for the price.

  18. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Happy Mother’s Day Lisa, and everyone else! I bought my Juki from you at Christmas and I love it. I’m using it to stitch my 16 HST Triangle Gatherings blocks. I finally figured out how to use the automatic needle threader which is awesome, and I love the thread cutter too. Hope you all enjoy your day and get to spend time with your family.

  19. Linda Elliott Avatar
    Linda Elliott

    Happy Mother’s Day, Lisa. I do love my Juki, a real work horse and the maintenance is so easy.

  20. Louise Avatar

    I love, love, love my Juki ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I bought it only to quilt on because of the large harp space. It pieces beautifully too and now I use it for everything. I only have one problem with it – it is too heavy for me to take along when I go to quilt bee. 🙂 So, I am forced to take a lighter machine, which now only gets used when I leave the house.

  21. Linda Avatar

    My Juki changed my sewing life. Believe it!

  22. thehampton7 Avatar

    I bought my Juki from Lisa a few years ago. My favorite sewing machine ever!!! The new 1/4″ foot is amazing.

  23. Katie Avatar

    I used to have a Juki TL98Q which I loved and now I have a Juki TL2200QVP Mini which I love even more. 🙂

  24. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    My juki wins hands down to all the other machines I have owned. My Mom has been gone for many years. She passed away on mothers day. There are still things I would love to talk to her about.

  25. Maggi Honeyman Avatar
    Maggi Honeyman

    First, there is no more generous, hard working, down to earth kind of gal than Lisa Bongean!!! Second, that Juki is the most amazing sewing machine you could ever hope for!! Don’t walk, run to your computer and order!!! It was most assuredly love at first stitch for me 😉

  26. Judy Davis Avatar
    Judy Davis

    I do not own a Juki, but would love to! Hear a lot of good things about that machine. I have a Bernina, and 2 Janomes and a Featherweight, but would love to add that one to my machines.

  27. Joanne Avatar

    Lisa’s write up on this machine is spot on. You won’t want to use another machine. I’ve had mine now for about 3 years and my other machines are put to the side. You will love it and this is a great price.

  28. Kathy Avatar

    Thank you Lisa for doing this special Mother’s Day offer! I just ordered and I am very excited to get my machine. I only have a small brother machine which works fine except when I want to do heavier projects. Not too good for quilting either. So I’ve been told a lot of wonderful things about this machine and hope it comes through for me.

  29. Kim Avatar

    I love my Juki. Purchased it during the twelve days of Christmas a couple years ago. It sews straight, and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

  30. Sheila O'Shay Avatar
    Sheila O’Shay

    I am so excited! I ordered my Juki last night!!

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