Moda Blockheads…Block 11

Hey Everyone!

Life is crazy right now for us Moda Designers…getting ready for the big dance.- Spring Quilt Market…we are traveling to St. Louis and Oh what fun we will have now that all the work is done….well maybe a few bindings yet…but no big deal…

I was lurking in our Moda Blockhead Facebook group earlier this week and lets just say it was very interesting…I want everyone to be happy so…

So for those who do not want to bother reading a lengthy blog post here is your block pattern..

Click the following link for pattern for block 11 Block11LB_LisasStar   I have not hidden it way back in the bottom of the post…so no one should not be able to find it this time…lol..

For those of you who want to “hang out” a little longer  the rest of the post if for you…I know you all appreciate what we do and understand that we just want to have a good time…so this week I have made Lisa’s Star for you..  as I was finishing up quilting my mini’s last night I thought…I hope we have a week off from Blockheads as they all know we will be up to our necks getting ready…so I was looking to see who’s week it was …OH CRAP!!!…it’s MY week!!!!!! So out come the fabrics and here we are making a block at 11pm..

Here are those fabrics I picked…from the designer pile…I will make the patriotic block when I get back…yes along with Jan’s basket block…so don’t feel bad I’m behind too..


I’m going to use my 3/4″ triangle paper to make this go fast and painless…

Here are all my parts cut up…and I stitched up those HST real fast…

Making the pieced triangles for the FG…sorry for the dark pic…remember it’s late..

Add the other dark triangle…

Layout all the block pieces..

I then stitched the FG…then the pinwheel center and then stitched the side FG to the pinwheel center…and then added the top and bottom rows to the center after I stitched the row together…

Here are my notes as to what to make/cut

I can’t wait to you all of your blocks!!!

This week’s question…Of the quilts you’ve created, what is your favorite quilt pattern ever?  

You mean…I have to pick one?  I like all the quilts I have created….but If you make me choose one of my
“children” or the other…I would say…my favorite pattern is appliqué…so..Words to Live By…is very special to me…It was the last quilt of mine that Lance (my oldest son) dyed the wool for…we worked on it together..all the fabrics were my Moda fabrics….and my dear friend Linda Hrcka quilted it-she entered it in Paducah and it won a ribbon!!!  So can yo see why it is my favorite???  Note it also has lots of HST Triangles!!!

 Linda and I in Paducah!!! 
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27 responses to “Moda Blockheads…Block 11”

  1. David Schulz Avatar
    David Schulz

    Thanks for another fab block, Lisa! Triangle papers FTW! Best wishes for a successful Market.

  2. Janet O. Avatar

    That is a great looking block! Thanks for all you do for us, you busy lady!
    Words to Live By is a stunning quilt. Love the photo of you and Linda!

  3. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Awesome block! I travel to Vegas once a month to take Liberty Gatherings from Val. She said that she had just fed ex’d your quilt to St. Louis. She told us you couldn’t sew past 10p.m. Can’t wait to see the new line, the sneak peeks have been glorious so far. I think it’s sad people are so whiny about finding these patterns. It’s such a treat to have this group of my favorites collaborate on this project and read the fun posts each week! Thanks for sharing your favorite quilt. I appreciate all you do❤️❤️❤️

  4. Annie M. Perry Avatar
    Annie M. Perry

    Thank you so very much for working late into the night for all of us, I appreciate it so much! I am a read to the bottom quilter….I also like to share😉….go figure! Oh my Words to Live By❤️❤️❤️, what a stunning masterpiece! I’m looking forward to tackling that beautiful block later, if I’m feeling calm and relaxed😜. Have a wonderful time at market, may your creativity continue to overflow!

  5. Denise Gosselin Avatar
    Denise Gosselin

    I love your block for this week. You amaze me with your energy! I’m tired just listening to everything you are doing and places you are traveling to 😃. Out of all the quilts I have made Words to Live By is my favorite as well. It is a reminder of the things that are really important in life. I remember when I started it you shared the story about how Lance dyed the wool. I think of it often when I look at the quilts and previous quilts with wool that I have done from your shop. Thank you for sharing. My quilt is hanging in my dining room with a blue ribbon and viewers choice ribbon on it and it was my first quilt I entered in a show. I like to think you both had something to do with that! Hugs to you and keep creating!

  6. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    Just know that you and the other ladies who are doing the Moda Blockheads are very much appreciated by us, and I for one love reading your blogs al the way to the end !!!!!!! I’m also a BIG fan of you Triangle Gatherings, and will have #36 done by the end of this week.

  7. Diane Avatar

    My Words to Live By is also my favorite all time quilt. I made it the summer after my mom passed away and the words were her words to me always. Plus I have some of Lance’s wools in that quilt so I know it is MY quilt for as long as I live!! This summer I will do the wool SBOW in memory of my hubby who was my quilt cheerleader!! I know that will be a special quilt too!!
    Love them all but these are my favs!

  8. Wendy C. Reed Avatar

    Another great block. Thanks! And I am with you, applique is my favorite. If I had o pick a favorite applique it would be Love Apple, but I love it all!

  9. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    Hi Lisa —- love all your posts…….late, early, short, long…..I enjoy reading them….even if I’m not doing the blocks:) I started quilting in 1999 and my favorite quilt to date is Bushel Basket Quilt by Edyta Sitar. You folks did it a couple of years back as a kit………only I did mine all scraps – no 2 the same – 993 different fabrics! I love scrap quilts. I made it in a week (after collecting and cutting the pieces for months). My son and daughter-in-law were relocating from Florida to Colorado and it proved to be a good distraction while they headed west. I renamed it ‘Colorado Bound’. My second favorite is last summer’s SBOW – among friends. Have an awesome Market:)

  10. Margret Berg Avatar
    Margret Berg

    My favorite quilt is one I did in 1985. It’s a scrapy log cabin hand quilted with big stitches. Have done many quilts since the were more intricate, but someting about the scrapy log cabin love it. Thanks for all you do

  11. Ruth Wilfong Avatar
    Ruth Wilfong

    I like your fabric choices for this block. Good definition. Hope I can do as well.

  12. Tracey Avatar

    Stunning blocks, stunning winning quilt and I love reading the whole of everyone’s posts because there is always something to learn in them!! Learning is good! Have a fabulous time at market!

  13. Mary Avatar

    Looks like a really fun block! Can’t wait to get home from work tonight, pick my fabrics and give it a go!

  14. Pris Phillips Avatar
    Pris Phillips

    Wow Lisa… thanks sooo much!! Amazing!! You created this lovely block for us late at night during your crazy-busy pre-Quilt Market week. We appreciate it so much!! And it’s gorgeous! Thank you!!
    Pris from Idaho

    PS I have never had any trouble finding the patterns… and I’m enjoying getting acquainted with the designers! You guys are amazing!! Have a fabulous time at Market!!

  15. Toni the Tiger Avatar
    Toni the Tiger

    Am I the only one that caught that it is block #11, but, the scrabble tiles say TEN? Have fun at market….trying to patiently wait for the alternate to block 10 🙂

  16. Faith Ortiz Avatar
    Faith Ortiz

    How do I purchase the fabrics Lisa used on Block 11? I will buy it today if still available. Thank you again, Faith O.

    On Tue, May 16, 2017 at 10:02 PM, Lisa Bongean’s Weblog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “Hey Everyone! Life is crazy right now for us Moda > Designers…getting ready for the big dance.- Spring Quilt Market…we are > traveling to St. Louis and Oh what fun we will have now that all the work > is done….well maybe a few bindings yet…but no big” >

  17. Hildy Avatar

    I love your block and wish you a great time at Market!

  18. Sharon Henson Avatar
    Sharon Henson

    Thanks to all of you fabulous designers who take the time and energy out of your busy lives to offer such amazing blocks, tips and insights into the world of quilting. I, for one, appreciate all you do. I read the blogs through each week and always learn something! Thanks again…

  19. Karen Avatar

    Another great block!! Really love and appreciate all of the wonderful blocks from the Blockheads Sew Along!! Have been enjoying sewing and reading all of the tips and information all of you share!! Especially Market week!! =:) I also LOVE your long posts!! You are so generous to share and love hearing what you’re up to!! So a big thank you to you!! Looking forward to seeing your new designs and fabrics!!

  20. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    I have a quilt that was a birthday gift I love…it was hand pieced and hand quilted and never washed. It is one of my treasures…it’s hearts and gizzards.. but I love Lisa’s words to live by . It is an example of HER. All of the little pieces…so much work and time and love in one quilt. And then the quilting. It’s lovely. “You don’t raise heros. You raise sons. If you treat them like sons…they will grow up to be heros. Even if it’s just in your eyes.”

  21. GLORIA Johnson Avatar
    GLORIA Johnson

    When I started this Moda Blockheads challenge I did not know how much I was going to love all your designs and fabric lines. I’m so thrilled to see your patterns every week along with the other designers as I love there blocks and fabrics also. But I truly am in love with your fabrics which I now have several fat quarter bundles , yes I might have a slight problem with compulsive buying but after quilting for thirty plus years it’s still my love. Thank you for what you do! Gloria

  22. MaryAnne Mooney Avatar
    MaryAnne Mooney

    I was admiring Linda’s pendant on her silver necklace. Any more for me? I would love to buy one or two of the quilt pattern block on her hanging pendant in picture. Thanks, Mary Anne Mooney –

  23. Kerri Neal Avatar
    Kerri Neal

    I would like to know where you got the ruler that shows the 3/8, 7/8, etc…sizes on it. Love it and really need one? lol.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      click the link for the small rulers…once at the site use the search bar for the 5×15 if needed

  24. bisnis Avatar

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  25. Marilea Cameron Avatar
    Marilea Cameron

    I love the Nordic block and would love to get the pattern . Your color choice was beautiful.

  26. Edith Avatar

    Do you have this in a 12 1/2” block, 12” finished?

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