Block 12 Moda Blockhead Stitch Along

Click here to go to the Moda Blog to get Carries Block Pattern… –

Lots of fun making this one…it was a little harder picking fabrics on this one…so I can’t wait to see what you all do!!

Here is my Moda Designers Block using everyone’s fabrics…

Then the patriotic version…Yay…I got them both done!! but…I know I still have week 10 and one of the patriotic versions of 11 to do yet…and I worked on typing the pattern for alternate pieced version for 10 today…

May 24 –  What is your favorite quilt pattern ever that you didn’t design – as in, the one you wish you’d designed?

I love the “Swoon” pattern by Camille for a pieced quilt…I lust after that quilt…we have made many versions of it in our shop…one was even flannel…and sold many many patterns…here is one of them made with reproduction fabrics…I also love patchwork swoon”…so beautiful!

Hope you all have a great HOLIDAY weekend!!! Make sure you stitch or do something for yourself!!!
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8 thoughts on “Block 12 Moda Blockhead Stitch Along

  1. Love both your blocks! Tomorrow is a holiday here and no work for my on friday so weekend starts yet (it’s already evening here:-)

  2. Lisa I wish you would tell us weekly what size paper to use for the half sq triangles. I love to do it that way and never see where to even square them up to a size. Would be so helpful. I know you do that automatically each week. would you share the size with us to make it so much faster. Thank you!! Alberta

  3. Just want to say that I think you are tremendously talented. I love your blocks, whether Blockheads or Triangles. Thank you for putting them out there for us to use.

  4. Hey Lisa, love the black and red blockheads 12. Have a great Memorial Weekend! Hope it warms up.

  5. Hi Lisa, I am enjoying the triangle Gatherings and the Blockheads sew alongs!!!…keeps me busy! 🙂 I do have a question : Block #7 has me stumped…I have the triangle papers but I am having a brain freeze as to how to cut this block…Do I layer my light fabric and dark fabric using the yellow and grey highlighted measurements? I just can’t figure this one out.
    Thanks so much for all the work you put into these, I know you are busy and have been on the road a lot lately!

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