Triangle Gatherings…blocks 39, 40 & 41…


I hope you all are enjoying your Holiday weekend…and if it is not a Holiday weekend for you then you need to make it one anyway…as all weekends should be fun..

It’s a rainy morning here so I had a chance to sneak in my sewing room and get three blocks done…now we are back on schedule..PaPa and I had “little man” for a couple of days…and boy did we have some fun…fishing….and he was reeling in his own fish by the time he had to leave..

…playing…planting flowers…well…I planted flowers while the little monkey decided he wanting his “light up” fish from his bath to swim in the water fall… we went shopping for a kiddie pool…

and when he spotted this there was no way MiMi was going to break his heart and not bring it home for him!!!

We baked “yummies” (cookies) and the went for a boat ride…well maybe a boat nap…Still a couple more days to the weekend…so we’ll see what more fun we can have!!!  Hope you “create” some fun of your own…whether in your sewing room or out with your families and friends!!!



13 responses to “Triangle Gatherings…blocks 39, 40 & 41…”

  1. Geri Sherwood Avatar
    Geri Sherwood

    He is so cute

  2. Linda Elliott Avatar
    Linda Elliott

    So cute! Making treasured memories that will last forever!

  3. suejean1 Avatar

    Little man is adorable. You are creating wonderful memories for him!! I got caught up on the triangle gatherings blocks yesterday. Just in time for this new installment. Love these 3! Heading to North Atlanta to spend time with our daughter, son-in-law, and new granddaughter. Will tackle the blocks tomorrow. Thank-you for this fun sew along.

  4. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Your grandson is too cute. Nice job spoiling him appropriately! I am loving this sew along. It is the only one I’ve ever kept up with and I am learning so much. I am doing 2 reverse of each block, 6.1/2″. I adore your labels on your canisters! Can you give us the details? Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sharon Avatar

    Isn’t being a grandma the greatest? We’re doing a little of both, this weekend. Sewing on the front porch and cleaning up the cottage, after winter. Always a favorite time of year…when we can head back up to the cottage! 🏡🌲

  6. Judyk Avatar

    Were you ready for a nap as well? After all those activities I would be pooped! I think I have established in my mind that you have to be a superwoman to do all that you do as grandma and quilter. Keep up the good work I love it.

  7. Katherine Avatar

    Oh Lisa ! If a boy can’t count on his MiMi to spoil him – what’s this world coming to? Looks like he (and you) are having a wonderful visit!

  8. Mary Avatar

    Thanks for the patterns and thanks for sharing your times with Little Man. What a cutie he is and what wonderful times and memories you’re creating with him. I know just having him around is a special time.

  9. Bobbie Avatar

    you are living a dream and having your little guy there makes your dream a reality. thank you for all you share, I love your blog and your patterns.

  10. Marty Avatar

    Love Block 40! I am with our “little woman” (age 2) this weekend and appliqued a beaded fish on her tank top plus watched others fish. Blessed & fun times😎

  11. Mimi Hall Avatar
    Mimi Hall

    He’s adorable! Hope you have a great time this weekend with your family! New blocks are cute…but it may take a few days to catch up!

  12. Suzanne Kuhns Avatar
    Suzanne Kuhns

    what a wonderful time you all had! I remember fishing with my Opa and catching my first sunfish! Thank you for the wonderful blocks – hopefully this summer I’ll catch up!

  13. Janan Avatar

    Your grandson is quite the handsome little guy, growing up so fast!!! Thanks for sharing the photos, and I am so glad that he caught some fish!!!!!

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