Triangle Gatherings…block 42 & 43


We had a great Summer weekend!!! Luke & Brooke & Corey were home…Jace and Lauren were over and we just had some stay at home fun..I did manage to sneak in a little stitching but not much…I have some deadlines I’m working on and then the SBOW is starting so it seems like I always have something that has to be done…but for some reason lately I will take some days off and not enter the work realm…and then it’s back to reality!!



Time to pick up my sewing room…so I can think straight!!!

Have a nice night…LB


3 responses to “Triangle Gatherings…block 42 & 43”

  1. Glenna D. Avatar
    Glenna D.

    I love triangles, so you can imagine how much I am enjoying your Triangle Gatherings! So many ways to arrange them!

  2. Sandy Robinson Avatar

    Lisa I just started these. I’ve made block one! Have you said how many blocks there wii be total? ( I obviously have a lot of catching up to do.)

  3. Donna Oelfke Avatar
    Donna Oelfke

    So true about straightening and organizing your space so you can THINK!

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