AQS FALL Paducah Classes and a little more!!!

As promised I am letting you know you can now sign up for my classes in Paducah this Fall/September…Here are the projects I am teaching…Click HERE to get the full details…I only have a few teaching opportunities outside of Primitive Gatherings left to do until maybe 2019…so don’t put this off as I may just stay home from now on!!!

It is raining here today…and when that happens I seem to get a lot of more done…I have some quilters coming to the house as well as a photo shoot for a book publisher coming up….so I have been trying to “pick up”….The “fisherman” came in my sewing room and went…”whoa…you picked up???” so if he noticed… thats good right?…This area is where I alway dump bins, bags and whatever I am carrying…so I feel good about my “start”…I do a little something everyday….Oh…did anyone notice?  I got that thermostat moved…so I could “finish” my ruler hangers…all the way…

Yesterday I taught one of my favorite classes…”Big Stitch” quilting…Mary here was my star student…but all the ladies did well…no flunkies!

This quilt was brought in…now it’s all basted and ready to hand quilt!!!

Are any of you seeing our Summer Block of the Week projects?…If you are still on the fence and thinking about signing up we have an End date of June 25th before we quit taking any more signups… and if we have any left we run a block of the month…but the price and the freebie make doing the SBOW soooo worth doing it now..Join us and on our Facebook groups for each project!!!

One of twelve “free” house blocks…included with the Summer blocks of the week!!! Click HERE to see the other options…Hexi Haven and Starlit Skies… 

Well I think it’s time to go to the store and get a beef roast…get it in the oven…and then back to stitching…

my best…Lisa


17 responses to “AQS FALL Paducah Classes and a little more!!!”

  1. Alberta Bailie Avatar
    Alberta Bailie

    Oh my gosh!! So many adoreable quilts!! Looks fabulous. I saw a Kansas State ruler – probably not the university. You may have told us- but how are the rulers attached to the wall- and what do you use to attach the quilts . I don’t remember. Love the idea for a long hallway.

    Am loving the un -named BOW wool appliqué quilt. Need a wool on cotton soon to stitch. Oh i have plenty of kits to do.!! Gifted my darling skaters – oval runner – to my daughter as an added surprise for her birthday May 30. She really loves it. Their new house has lots of grays. Perfect — and it’s done way ahead for Christmas.

  2. Debbie Goad Avatar
    Debbie Goad

    Lisa. Just want to say thanks again for a 5 star class! My group had such a good time and this won’t be the last time we travel to learn from you! You are truly an inspiration!

  3. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    I really wanted to take your “big stitch” class I’ve admired this technique on several of your quilts. I hope you will be teaching it again. I was out of town for this class. I guess I can’t do everything. 🙂

  4. Nancy Pleimann Avatar
    Nancy Pleimann

    Lisa – What needle and thread do you use for the Big Stitch? Thanks, Nancy Pleimann

  5. Janet O. Avatar

    If you ever need a token flunky for your big stitch class, I’m available! My Mother was so successful at programing tiny stitches into me as a tween, that the muscle memory is too deeply ingrained. I start out with big stitches, then get lost in thought and shift into small stitches without even realizing it. I have done that so many times now that I have given up!
    Your summer blocks are adorable!
    Your ruler wall is so much longer than mine! I just have one length of yardsticks, three deep, in my hall (yes, it’s a very short hall), and two yardsticks across in my sewing room. Love your display, Lisa!

  6. Diane Rose Avatar
    Diane Rose

    I love the background fabric on the little house block! What line is that from?

  7. rubyrose67 Avatar

    Question regarding the SBOW. Do you get the freebie blocks only if doing the wool applique SBOW or with any of the three choices? Love the little houses.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You receive the FREEBIE if you are doing any of the 3 SBOWs. It does not have to be just the wool one. Hope that helps, jessica

  8. Ann Hougaard Avatar
    Ann Hougaard

    I love doing the wool block of the week but I haven’t figured out how to get connected to the Facebook group. Could you help me ?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Ann, you will need to Facebook friend request Jessica Holz. Then you will need to message her as to which block of the week you are in. At that point she will be able to put you into the group. Thank you. Jessica

  9. masonmarlene Avatar

    I learned so much in your class on Big Stitch Quilting. Have never been able to get used to using a thimble. Your fitting me with a thimble for my size finger was huge. I have completed my class piece and am going to add some wool applique in the center and who knows where it will go from there – but end plan is a pillow. Really enjoyed the class. I have been to lots of quilt classes, cross stitch classes, etc and you are the BEST teacher I’ve had. Thanks so much. Also, once again we truly enjoyed our time at the retreat house. AND, remember I said my Juki 2010QI wasn’t like the one in the shop…I lied…mine is exactly the same. I was thinking of my light weight Janome that has the reverse on the left side by the needle area. Best sewing machine I have ever purchased is the Juki and it was a fraction of the cost of most of my past machines. Thanks again – wonderful experience. Looking forward to many more.

  10. Caroj Avatar

    Hi Lisa…..! I have done the sbow from last summer and I’ve done the magic of Christmas and am doing triangle gatherings and Moda blockheads and so on….as you may gather I love your designs and efforts….I first saw your booth years ago….and I’ve purchased through your online store to support you and your magnanimous efforts…

    ……here is a question I’ve wondered: is it possible to purchase the freebie kit and freebie blocks as a sbow ….I would love to be able to do them but I can’t do the other big sbow because of heath issues and overwhelming projects I’m making for my daughter and nieces. Can you please reply and let these houses be available for purchase? Thank you very much! Carol Trankle

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You can purchase them for $5 or $6 each, I can’t remember which one…call the shop…920 722-7233

      1. Caroj Avatar

        Oh goodie goodie goodie!!! Thank you Lisa and I will call shop this week!

  11. lynn jarzombeck Avatar
    lynn jarzombeck

    Just love all the project pictures you show on your blog!!! So inspirational, makes me want to stitch every second.

  12. Sally Wilmoth Avatar
    Sally Wilmoth

    My friend and I have tried multiple times to register for your Wed class at AQS Fall Paducah. Everytime we go in it brings up a Pam Holland class instead of yours! Do you know of anyone else having problems? We don’t want to miss out! From Sally in Ohio.

    On Jun 22, 2017 4:17 PM, “Lisa Bongean’s Weblog” wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “As promised I am letting you know you can now sign up > for my classes in Paducah this Fall/September…Here are the projects I am > teaching…Click HERE to get the full details…I only have a few teaching > opportunities outside of Primitive Gatherings left” >

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      No..I do not…you will have to contact AQS

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