Moda Blockheads…Block 17!!!

Today is my day…it’s my third block for Moda Blockheads and lets just say….I took it real easy on you all this week…16 HSTs make up this simple block, Trial of Tears…Those of you doing Triangle Gathering SAL this will seem very familiar…BUT…all 16 HSTs are different?  So with this in mind… I did not use the Triangle Papers…Sometimes you have to do things the painstakingly old fashioned way…I actually cut my squares 2 1/2″ -cut them in half…then stitched them back into HSTs squares, and then trimmed them to 2″.  They all were perfect and it’s only 16 (32 if you are doing two blocks like I am) of them so I survived… but barely…You all know I love triangle quilts…the more triangles the better…the smaller the triangles even more better!!!  (Yes…I know “more better” is not correct…but I like the way it sounds)

So I don’t know if you will make your block using all different fabrics…a few fabrics or only one fabric…all will be very good possibilities…I used only one light as to give your eyes a place to rest in the block…but if you like all different lights that would be cool too!!!  Can’t wait to see them on FB!

Here is my scrappy version..Then the patriotic version…Here is the link for the pattern: Block17LB_TrailOfTears

Also…I don’t know if I mentioned this before but…If you press seams open you NEED one of these pressing sticks…click HERE to see the four different sizes they come in…I like the 18″ one best.

Make sure you shorten your stitch length when opening seams…I stitch about 1.5 on my JUKI.

This weeks question is…

June 28 – Do you keep a written list of your “works in progress”, “quilts I’d like to make” and “projects that have all the parts and just need to be started… planned but not commenced”?  
I wish…I have something in the “works” planning something similar to this…but more…oh so much more…but this is what I do currently do to keep track of some of the SALs” going on…The blue highlight means that’s MY block for Blockheads…Each month I list what blocks will post, and then cross them off as I stitch them…so this in not as detailed as a written list of works in progress…But I do have to confess…I almost 98% of the time finish every quilt I start…I have very few UFOs…I know this is extremely unusual…but if you think about it…I HAVE to finish or there is no pattern, no kit, no fabric to sell…means no money to pay the bills or my payroll…so if that is not a driving force finish…I don’t know what is…
So enjoy your carefree stitching!!!  And I know some of you wish you could stitch for your job…I get that…I totally get that…I also longed for it and it came true!!! Now I’m working my dream job!!! My days go by so fast…because it’s so fun and quilters like you and SALs like this make it even better…so be kind, be happy and make fun happen every day!!!
I’ll stop rambling on now…
enjoy the day and start picking fabrics for your block…
Make sure you stop on over to see what everyone else is up to!
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18 responses to “Moda Blockheads…Block 17!!!”

  1. David Schulz Avatar
    David Schulz

    Thanks, Lisa! Absolutely love my strip sticks!

  2. Janet O. Avatar

    I usually lean toward the patriotic block, but I really like the mutli-scrap triangles in the first one.
    Lisa, I admire your work ethic, and understand that it takes real drive to make all of this quilting magic happen. Don’t know how you do it all, but I am so glad that you do! Thank you!

  3. peggycooperquilts Avatar

    I love this block. Cannot wait to start working on it but I have to wait until Sami the Wonder Dog wakes up or she gets very sassy. 🙂 I keep a running list of projects in my head, sometimes that works…sometimes it doesn’t. I do keep them in clear project bags or boxes and try to work on them between major projects.

  4. Lynn Young Avatar
    Lynn Young

    I’m really enjoying this Moda Blockheads weekly block. Thank you so much!

  5. Debbie Davidson Jacobs Avatar

    Thanks, Lisa, for showing the BACK of your block with the seams joining the blocks pressed open so neatly. Pressing all those seams when joining lots of HSTs sometimes leaves me in a quandary, so this was very helpful. And now that I know about your strip sticks I’ll be ordering one!

  6. suejean1 Avatar

    Love the scrappy 1/2 square triangle block! I think I will have to add one to my triangle gatherings pile of blocks. Can’t wait to see the finishing for both the blockheads blocks and the triangle gatherings. Thank-you Lisa for giving us so many fun projects.

  7. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Another darling block! After only using 2 colors on Triangle gatherings it will be a treat to make this one scrappy. Both blocks are so cute. And I finally tackled the Liberty Star so this will be a piece of cake! Plus, the clue of ” so much more” is exciting. I can’t wait. Thanks for sharing with us♥️

  8. Mary Avatar

    Cute block Lisa, can’t wait to make it!

  9. anne Avatar

    Hi Any chance of you creating a two color big block BOM? Just a thought!!!! Love your creativity

  10. Lynn Avatar

    I do something different. I’ve kept a journal for about 15 years of finished projects. Sometimes notes, pictures or just a description
    It comes in handy to go back and check when something was made…or to just to relive memories.

  11. Hildy Avatar

    I love your block and thanks for using ‘bigger’ HSTs for it I really need a simple block this week.

  12. Pris Phillips Avatar
    Pris Phillips

    I loved reading your blog this morning, and I love your block!! Thank you for an easy one! (Grin)… have a great day! Pris… a BlockHead in Idaho 😊

  13. Cathy Avatar

    Nice blocks Lisa! I love the Patriotic one. Boy I wished I finished everything I started and now you have motivated me to get my UFO’s organized so I don’t forget about them!! Thanks for the block and the TG blocks this week too.

  14. Pam Avatar

    When you press the seams open you can’t ‘nest’ them. Any tips on getting them to meet up accurately?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Fine silk pins

  15. Sharon Ernst Avatar
    Sharon Ernst

    Lisa — Somehow I have lost where you said to order your “Onesie” dresses from! Can you send me that info again? I have searched my emails & Facebook to no avail!!
    Thank you!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Title Nine…

  16. […] Block 17, Trail of Tears, by Lisa Bongean. […]

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