Triangle Gatherings Blocks 48


I hope EVERYONE is having a great weekend…just thought I would sneak this in this morning…as I want to get outside and get the last two fruit trees in, in my little orchard on the hill-there a six total…up here…(Jake is really planting those trees.)I bought a Granny Smith Apple…Honey crisp and a Wolf River all semi dwarfs…then two plum trees and one cherry tree….I think its the perfect spot for them…I then have a few other things I want to get into the ground today…remember I am planting a “white” garden…with a few exceptions..

And then I think the garden will be set…

I am wondering about the 11 planters I planted…half look like this, these face south…and then the other half look like this they are facing west….Would you rotate them, I need your advice?

Here is block 48…Enjoy!!!



32 responses to “Triangle Gatherings Blocks 48”

  1. annieb Avatar

    Absolutely rotate them😆

  2. Christina Altelaar Avatar
    Christina Altelaar

    They are absolutely gorgeous. I would rotate them. Beautiful gardens.

  3. kathyquiltblog Avatar

    I’d rotate them – they are beautiful – have a great weekend !

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  4. dorothy213 Avatar

    I rotate my pots a half circle every monday. Also put just a bit of miracle grow in the water on Monday and Thursday. Constant watering washes away nutrients, so using miracle grow keeps them looking good even in heat

    1. Joan Avatar

      That sounds like a great plan. Helps me too

  5. Stephanie Meeks Avatar
    Stephanie Meeks

    Lovely gardens! Yes. I think I would switch the pots from south facing to west facing. I do the same with mine.
    Happy gardening!

  6. paulette Avatar

    would rotate for sure with a little help from Miracle Grow:)

  7. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    Hi Lisa…agree with the others…switch places. Love your fruit tree collection…I recently came across a book: Grow a little Fruit Tree by Ann Ralph that has very detailed info on how to grow and prune fruit trees for the home gardener that seems brilliant. I am looking forward to getting some fruit trees this winter/spring. Thanks for sharing all your creativity!

  8. Janice Meister Moda BLOCKHEADS. Avatar
    Janice Meister Moda BLOCKHEADS.

    Yes I would rotate them, if for no other reason than to see them do it again showing you they are living breathing beauties!

  9. Sally Avatar

    I missed blocks 39, 40, and 41. Am I still able to get them?

  10. Laura baumgardner Avatar
    Laura baumgardner

    I agree with all the previous comments. Miracle grow is wonderful

  11. Lynda Avatar

    they look great but may not be getting the same amount of sun. if not too heavy you may need to move the pots around to keep them looking the same.

  12. Maureen Livingston Avatar
    Maureen Livingston

    Rotate and feed. Flowers are heavy feeders. I just want to also say that these blocks are great! I need to catch up though!

  13. tinyquiltmovement Avatar

    It looks like the planters facing south are getting to much sun. I’m afraid if you rotate them then they will all look like that. Are the plants in the planters meant for full sun?

  14. dianne61 Avatar

    Love the greens. This would make a great St. Patrick’s Day quilt! I’m Irish/Scot so I’m really into greens and plains, as in Tarrant, which are like finding hens teeth. Great block- how is the mini version coming?

  15. Sally Albright Avatar
    Sally Albright

    The new block is lovely and I’m jealous of all your gardening space. It will be gorgeous when you are finished and every starts filling out. And you will have apples!!!! And yes, I would rotate the containers facing South. They don’t look happy. The ones facing West seem to be thriving. Have fun and thanks for sharing!

  16. Vicki Hillmer Avatar
    Vicki Hillmer

    I would rotate the plants every few days. Just see if it makes a difference. Your yard and gardens look so nice. It is a lot of hard work but very satisfying indeed! Vicki


  17. Marilyn Avatar

    The planters facing south might not be getting enough sun…….or maybe too much wind? Did you put same amount of plant food in each? Rotate would be interesting…….would the ones originally facing south start growing more and the others growing less? Sometimes gardening is a trial and error event. Good luck and keep us posted.

  18. liz n. Avatar
    liz n.

    Those two containers are getting different amounts of sun and at different temperatures, as well. Trade places every afternoon, right before the hottest part of the day. Water in the mornings, with a little extra added to the plants that are receiving the most sun, but don’t overdo it: If the petunia leaves start to yellow, they’re getting too much water.

    As for the fruit trees, they need to be spaced a good 30 feet apart, and I’d recommend a patch of lavender somewhere in the yard to help repel codling moth as well as to attract pollinating insects.

    And thank you for another beautiful quilt block!

  19. Peggy Hostetler Avatar
    Peggy Hostetler

    They all look great. So pretty.

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  20. Sandy Avatar

    What size is the finished block? What size are the triangle squares? Thanks

  21. Patty Archuleta Avatar
    Patty Archuleta

    I learned the hard way that you need 2 cherry trees to gat cherries. After a few years of no cherries I talked to the nursery guy. He told me you need 2 trees to cross pollinate to get fruit. I should of asked sooner.

  22. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, The fruit trees will be fun when they blossom and then bear fruit, you chose s lovely spot for them. I was wondering if you’re going to add any white daisies to your garden? As for the planters… those look heavy! While it may benefit the south facing, are there other plants that would thrive better vs. moving? Hugs, Jakey

  23. Cindy h. Avatar
    Cindy h.

    Lisa, if you have a golden delicious apple tree it pollinates most all other apple trees.

  24. Martha C Avatar
    Martha C

    Definitely rotate!

  25. Janet O. Avatar

    I am jealous that you have a honey crisp apple tree! Scrumptious!!
    I can’t even remember to water my pots, let alone rotate them. I have no advice. : )

  26. Lori Thomas Avatar
    Lori Thomas

    Just got home from our camper. Had a great weekend. I looked at emails and saw this one, and had to read right away. i think yes rotate the planters. That will balance them out. You could also do an experiment and leave them where they are and see if they ever catch-up. Interesting!

  27. Teresa Mcgee Avatar
    Teresa Mcgee

    rotate look so much better fuller and healthier!

  28. Diane Avatar

    Rotate them. They’ll fill out and look great from any angle that way.

  29. Mary lou Avatar
    Mary lou

    I think to rotate your plants is always a good thing.
    More so if the sun exposure is different.
    Congratulations on your fruit trees. Never enough
    Fresh fruit.

  30. Moyra Avatar

    Please advise as to what size you cut these blocks, thanks

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Moyra…go back to the January post and read all about it..

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