staycation is almost over…

I have to admit…it was pretty hard not working…I had to even walkout of my room a couple of times because I promised myself and my family I would not work for a week…I might have woken up a little early some days and just visited my room…watched a little Netflix and stitched something that was not a work project…but during the day…it was real easy to ignore it…I had a blast!

We had people over, I got to spend time on the lake…kayaking, jet skiing, boating and swimming…we had an emergency room visit…”little man” received 4 stitches in his right eye last Saturday…and Nick and I went for a long 212 mile motorcycle ride, and we planted more things in the garden…what a great 10days…

Thanks to all who came out to spend time with us this week…it was awesome!!

motorcycle selfie…

You had to take a pic with the pink hog…

Late in the day…the sun is in the west…

Jeter enjoying the comfy chair at the party on the 4th…he’s showing us all how to relax and enjoy the party…

The water trampoline that never made it in the water…Jace and Aylee

I know one should never post a pic of of yourself in a bathing suit but…it’s really about “little man” and how much fun we had…and someday I will want this photo….

Papa…playing in the water too- being the “motor”boat!!!

broken bird bath…so why not plant some succulents in it and cover the manhole cover!!!

view from my kayak…real peaceful on the lake in the morning…

Mimi…washed all Daddy’s and his bothers’ legos and now they are ready to play with…on his little table.

Jace loves the boat…he always wants to drive…that’s real good because someday he will be driving Papa and Mimi around…

The best cupcake decorator EVER!!! he just giggled…


Griffin…eating some red, white and blue stuff….what a little stud…

The party…lots of food

every part of our outdoor living was used…so amazing…still can’t believe how cool it is…we had a fire…made s’mores…and then Nick & Beau shot off fireworks from the dock to end the night…perfect end to a great day…

“little man” and his Momma…

found some cool spheres for my table…

hydrangeas are starting to bloom…bought the blue one for the patio…but it did not like it there…had to hide it in the front…in almost full shade…

Meet Hootie…are newest pet…his wings move up and down and he swings forward and back with the wind!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little part of my “staycation!!!

Now I bet we all have some blocks to stitch!!!  Happy Summer…LB

42 responses to “staycation is almost over…”

  1. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    You look fabulous in that swim suit with that tan! Glad your 4th was a happy one🎆🇺🇸🎉

  2. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    Beautiful pics of your family and home. Thanks for posting.

  3. Linda Elliott Avatar
    Linda Elliott

    Thx for sharing with us. Great memories.

  4. peggycooperquilts Avatar

    Loved having a peek of my quilt idol’s life and of course I spotted ‘a few’ quilts around your house. Beautiful family and home. Thank you for sharing.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Hi Peggy…Thank you for always liking my posts…I appreciate the love…

  5. msziti48 Avatar

    You have been blessed. You are a hard working woman, great leader and woman to others,,,and the end result is this beautiful hime and family. You have been blessed. Continue your success!!!!!!

  6. Karen Schneider Avatar
    Karen Schneider

    So happy for your stacation. You work way too hard. Where did you get the bootie. I luv yard art.

  7. Karen Schneider Avatar
    Karen Schneider

    I meant hootie where did you buy a

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Karen….Cottage Country Gardens in Waupaca WI

  8. crowcabincreations Avatar

    I love Hootie! He would fit in here at our home nicely as we hear a hootie in the evening here. Beautiful photos and memories made. I always hate staying home on vacation, but you made it look like so much fun! We live about a mile from the lake and were on “staycation” as you call it, all last week and never made it to the lake. I’m retired. but hubby isn’t just yet, so I think I’ll go to the lake tomorrow for a walk. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!!

  9. Lana Avatar

    Love your posts— thanks for sharing your life with us! So glad you had time off to enjoy your friends and family! Love your yard art.

  10. ursula hartunian Avatar

    thank you for sharing your week with us!

  11. Paula Avatar

    Lisa loved your post and pics. Paula in KY.

  12. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Love 💜The pink Hog…. looks like it was a lovely day for a ride! Glad to see your having a great Staycation 8 months until the cruise

  13. Nancy Pleimann Avatar
    Nancy Pleimann

    Glad you got to relax and have a good time. Your yard is wonderful. Great place for a party.

  14. Bobbie Avatar

    Wow, you are living a dream, everything you post is so gorgeous, the fruits of your labor!!! Glad you enjoyed some vacation time and thanks for sharing.

  15. suejean1 Avatar

    Love all your photos. Thank you for sharing. Especially loved the photo of Jace with the cupcakes, what a cutie! Awesome that you had some time with your family Lisa, you deserve it, you work so hard.

  16. Pam Avatar

    You have a beautiful family and wonderful home. You are so lucky to be able to relax and enjoy it all. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Mary Lou Ripper Avatar
    Mary Lou Ripper

    Loved all your photos. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lovely home and family. We all should be so blessed. Hard to believe that you did not sew for a whole week. You are a better girl than I.

  18. Helen LeBrett Avatar
    Helen LeBrett

    Poor little guy: I could see his stitches. 🙁 And you look better in a swimming suit than I do!! LOVE your quilt on the table!! is that white or an off white background? It’s got me tempted to make one! Hugs, H in Healdsburgh

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Its a cream…thanks!!

  19. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Looks like the best Staycation ever! Love Hootie and your beautiful red & white table.

  20. patricelambusta Avatar

    Love this blog. Would you mind sharing where you bought your motorcycle boots? I need new ones and love yours. Thank you!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I L-O-V-E my boots…I call them my Mad Max boots…I got them at OPEN ROAD HD in Fond du Lac WI…I did not see them on the website, but you can Call Britney and she know which ones I have…

  21. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    Love all the pictures , looks like you had a very nice staycation at home !!! Hope little man heals quickly !

  22. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    Love all the pictures…….my favorite is Jeter:) For someone who works as hard as you do…….you SHOULD play even harder. I thinks it’s awesome. Summer is a short season…..savor every second! Happy sewing!:)

  23. Joan Richards Avatar
    Joan Richards

    Thank you for sharing your staycation photos with us. I think we all enjoy seeing your beautiful house and family. Even Jeter rested on his vacation. You look great, rested and happy! I sew for a living and would have a hard time staying away from my sewing room as well….

  24. Kathleen Winslow Avatar
    Kathleen Winslow

    Congrats on your no work hat vaycay. I know that was hard. But I enjoy seeing you all have fun!

  25. Tracy P Avatar
    Tracy P

    Hi LisaI really enjoy reading your weblog and seeing pictures of your home, lake and JaceThank you for sharing, and I’m glad you had a great staycation!

    From: Lisa Bongean’s Weblog To: Sent: Sunday, July 9, 2017 6:06 PM Subject: [New post] staycation is almost over… #yiv6245521046 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv6245521046 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv6245521046 a.yiv6245521046primaryactionlink:link, #yiv6245521046 a.yiv6245521046primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv6245521046 a.yiv6245521046primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv6245521046 a.yiv6245521046primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv6245521046 | lisabongean posted: “I have to admit…it was pretty hard not working…I had to even walkout of my room a couple of times because I promised myself and my family I would not work for a week…I might have woken up a little early some days and just visited my room…watched a” | |

  26. Brenda Huffman Avatar
    Brenda Huffman

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! You so deserve it!

  27. Pat Methner Avatar
    Pat Methner

    What a beautiful home you have! Why would you need to go anywhere? Glad you had a few days to enjoy it.

  28. Janet O. Avatar

    What a wonderful, family and fun-filled post!
    I think you look great, Lisa, whether in your jeans or your swimsuit!

  29. Sharon Bochmann Avatar
    Sharon Bochmann

    Thanks for letting us share in your life! Love you!!

  30. Sandy DAngelo Avatar
    Sandy DAngelo

    Two weeks and I will see you in Hershey. I am glad you will be rested and ready for the fun. I cannot wait. I hope you do not run out of Kits for the pennies. Your place is beautiful and so is little man. >

  31. Marilyn Avatar

    Beautiful pictures of the family; thanks for sharing…..and………….LOVE Hootie!!!

  32. Jody Divkey Avatar
    Jody Divkey

    Looks like a great time off, full of family and fun times that younwill remember when you jump right back into work mode. These snippets complete us. Enjoy yourself!

  33. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, l love the photos, thank you for sharing. Everyone looks like they’re enjoying themselves!! Your home & garden are as lovely as your family. The owl is s hoot!! Oh, and I love your table setting with the red quilt and geraniums, just beautiful. I am at Boy Scout camp at Fiesta Island San Diego being a parent volunteer. Lights out in 25 mins, and I’ll be dreaming of my bed, LOL. Hugs, Jakey
    PS. Thanks for bringing back the mugs! I need to order the Christmas Tree 🎄

  34. Phyllis White Avatar

    Well, that is the life. And you deserve it. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Arlene Mitchell Avatar
    Arlene Mitchell

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. So happy you had a wonderful day with your family!

    Sent from my iPhone


  36. kathyreeves Avatar

    Good for you!

  37. rose m appel Avatar
    rose m appel

    Thank you for sharing pics of your home and family. Beautiful. I also want to say thank you for the Christmas sew along and now the triangle sew along .I am having so much fun doing my triangle blocks at 3 1/2 unfinished.
    A question? the quilts on your living room walls, do you have the patterns for either or both. would love to do both is possible> thank you again.

  38. Cathy Avatar

    Motorcycle Mama, Big Daddy and Pink Princess Hoggette!! (snicker, snicker). Love the photos and the red and white star quilt too! Hey do Hydrangeas normally like shade? I’ve got one to plant. White flower gardens set off your house. Looking Good!!

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