Sit & Stitch at Anchor Point

Those of you who follow me know what Anchor Point is. It was so awesome to see it filled with quilters, stitching, eating and visiting…Tuesday I had my Sit & Stitch Ladies out for a potluck cookout.  We are a fairly new group, we only have been getting together less than a year…and now that I will be staying home more we are meeting more and will eventually meet once a month…We had a lovely day and we are all getting to know each other more and we even had a few new ladies for a total of 15!  They all brought a dish to pass and they requested I cook “chicken brats”…so that was a great plan, not a lot of fuss…I did have fun shopping for a little goodie that they all took home with them…since they came to my home, I decided they were getting something different…”kitchen” goodies, as they always get a quilting goodie….I LOVE my new kitchen and it is so fun to fill it with “new” cool kitchen stuff…so this is what my Sit & Stitch ladies went home with…

A storage bowl from Pioneer Woman, a kitchen towel..a door hanger for their quilting room, an Anchor fat quarter and a colorful new tool for their kitchen…oh…and the bowl had chocolate in it!!! Can’t forget that…

Here are some pics from the morning…

Then in the evening Debbie’s Hexi group came with about 25 ladies.. They stitched, ate,  toured of the house and and then just like that it was over…That was a lot of people and I did not get many pics because of being the cook, host and tour guide….lol….but I did manage to get a pic of the food!!!

I loved seeing & visiting with these girls as most of them have been customers/friends since I started quilting and then opened the shop, they are the foundation of the building of Primitive Gatherings…so when Debbie asked if here group could visit Anchor Point I didn’t even hesitate…YES…Being on the road I am rarely at the shop these last couple of years so I missed them…I also managed to get them a Thank You goodie as well…

I wish you all could attend a get-together like this…but I know it is not possible for so many reasons…but what if life/travel was easier…maybe it will be in the future…after all..we now have the thing to communicate like they did on Star Trek (iPhone)…maybe the thing the teleports you is next????  We can dream…

I also have some goodies left over from the party..

We will be giving them to the shipping department…If you place an Website Order in the future and put “Anchor Point in the comment section we will include something until they are gone, there is not a lot of them but maybe you will be one the lucky ones…Have a GREAT day…I’m teaching a two day class today and tomorrow on wool crazy appliqué…my favorite class to teach!

My best…Lisa

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  1. Carmen Avatar

    Hi Lisa

    I’ve read all your writings on here, and have wondered if you’re talking about the Anchor Point I’m thinking about, which is in Alaska, but when I look at the pics you have, it looks like somewhere else, so I’m writing to find out if you’re talking about the same town.

  2. GingerJackson Avatar

    Looked like a fun and talented group! So wish I lived closer! Your home and yard are beautiful!

  3. Karen Avatar

    Oh my every quilt for show and tell was beautiful. I wish I could join but I do have my own little stitching group that I can enjoy and be inspired. I love reading your blog.

  4. Debbie Conkling Avatar
    Debbie Conkling

    What fun!!!!!! Sure wish I was closer. Those quilts are are beautiful. Do you have a pattern & or kit for the Christmas one? Someday I’d love to see your beautiful home.

  5. Linda Avatar

    Lisa, I’m so glad to see you are enjoying your beautiful home and have more time for yourself and family. It can be so renewing to Judy stay home and breath sometimes.

  6. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    What a fun time you all must have had! So generous of you to share your home AND send the ladies off with gifts! You truly are one of a kind Lisa….xo Redhead

  7. Barb Reininger Avatar
    Barb Reininger

    Such a fun time….those are good for the soul. Really wanted to be in your class…timing just didn’t work in this one. Watching for next Crazy Quilt mat. Glad you are home more.

  8. suejean1 Avatar

    Lisa, you are awesome. Such a generous, welcoming soul. This combined with your talent is why you have been so successful. Your sit and stitch ladies are blessed to be in your group. Sure wish I lived close enough to stitch with you. Thank-you for sharing your great photos.

  9. claude horton Avatar
    claude horton

    looks like so much fun! and look at all that food, yum yum! LOOKS LIKE A PARTY OOX’S NANCY

    On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 8:18 AM, Lisa Bongean’s Weblog wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “Those of you who follow me know what Anchor Point is. > It was so awesome to see it filled with quilters, stitching, eating and > visiting…Tuesday I had my Sit & Stitch Ladies out for a potluck cookout. > We are a fairly new group, we only have been gett” >

  10. Marci Braun Avatar

    Lisa, thank you so much for opening your beautiful home to us Hexi ladies on Tuesday. I had a wonderful time, you were so gracious and welcoming, the food was fabulous (I’d love to know where you got your brats from), and I’m in awe of your spacious and comfortable Anchor Point home. And thank you for the fun gift as well. I wanted to stay and stitch in the cool lake breezes all night! I’ve Always been a fan of you and your creativity. Thank you again!

  11. Sharon Ernst Avatar
    Sharon Ernst

    Lisa, you are SO giving! What a wonderful thing to do for all of those lovely ladies! And showing them your beautiful new home is just over the top! You deserve every blessing you get! This was a wonderful post to read and look at! ❤️

  12. Ellen R Avatar
    Ellen R

    Do you know the patterns for quilts shared in the show?

  13. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    I’m envious on so many different levels. My husband and I are looking to retire close to that area and maybe you will have room to squeeze a Minnesota girl in. Love your shop, love your quilts, love your home, and love your blog so this is dreamy to me.

  14. Cindy Hicken Avatar
    Cindy Hicken

    Oh my gosh!!! Looks like so much fun!!! Wish I lived closer!!!

  15. Sherrie Davis Avatar
    Sherrie Davis

    Lisa is there a pattern for the diamond shaped hexie pattern in the picture. Wondering what size the hexie is. We are going on a trip out west and that would be perfect to take with.

  16. Jacque Avatar

    Great post. Looks like a lot of fun and the quilts are sew beautiful and inspiring.

  17. peggycooperquilts Avatar

    I am so jealous. It looks like you all had a wonderful time and the food looked delicious. You know, you could move to the east coast of Florida to be closer to me. 🙂

  18. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Oh what a treat to have a quilting gathering in your new home!! That’s AWESOME!! The food looks delicious. You are so thoughtful, goody bags are always fun and ageless! Good for you!! Hugs, Jakey

  19. Texas Quilter Avatar

    Can you move to South Texas and we can have more parties! Beautiful quilts!!!!!

  20. Patti V Avatar
    Patti V

    Nothing is more fun the a get together with friends. I belong to a “$5 Friday” group. Once a month we get together at friend’s house who has room for a dozen of us with machines. Those who can show up at 1pm and we sew until we need to leave. We potluck and pay $5 to help off set expenses we incur, (water, power, plates, utensils)

  21. Diane Avatar

    What a fun entry to read and feast my eyes on! Lucky you to have such wonderful friends and lucky them for having you so close! How I wish I lived closer!!!!! You COULD get a retreat center here in NC and be closer, you know —- :)-

  22. Nancy Mastrianni Avatar
    Nancy Mastrianni

    Is there a pattern or kit for the Christmas quilt in the top picture? Absolutely LOVE 💕 it

  23. Mary Neurauter Avatar
    Mary Neurauter

    I have always wished I lived closer to Anchor Point. I would be a Primitive Gathering’s groupee. Looks like everyone enjoyed and finished beautiful quilts. I will enjoy from afar. Lisa, you are such a giver.

  24. crowcabincreations Avatar

    How do I get to your shop? Is it online? Thanks!

  25. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    Happy you got to hang out with your two groups of girl friends ( quilters) !!! Also happy you will be getting to spend more time at your new home, enjoy and keep stitching !!!

  26. Janet O. Avatar

    How cool it would be to attend an event such as these at Anchor Point. You are a fabulous hostess, Lisa!

  27. Valerie Geib Avatar
    Valerie Geib

    Looks like a blast! Glad you got to do that!

  28. Joan Avatar

    As Always, loved looking at your quilts and your beautiful home. A dream home. Wish I were close to be able to attend an event at Anchor Point.

  29. April Avatar

    Lisa, you have such a beautiful home, I love your mini tours you do on this blog. You have a real talent for decorating too. Your gathering looks so fun, I wish I lived closer so I could crash the party!

  30. LeAnn Rodmyre Avatar
    LeAnn Rodmyre

    Lisa, could you tell me the pattern of the 3rd quilt? The lady showing the quilt has a black and white striped shirt on. I love it! Thank you!

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