the big day…

I have kind of given you a scrap of info that we are going through something “big” and today is the day…Nick is going to be having “brain” surgery for a 3cm tumor that is attached to the pituitary gland and causing all kinds of issues that we have been trying to figure out for years…so the good news is this…we finally have an answer to his symptoms…and then if you have a tumor, this is the one you want…I don’t want to say they are never cancerous, but very rarely, so we are not dealing with the big C, but it is still a big surgery…

Nick was going through pre-op for back surgery when our GP finally figured out his “real” problem….His features have changed in the last couple of years….He has gotten bigger…his shoe size when from a 12 to 15…this hands are huge, fingers like bratwursts…and so on…he also went from about 220 to 270 and is not any “fatter” just bigger…he is way over producing adrenaline and this also makes him very tired…wore out…has to take a 2 hour nap daily…He also will still have to have that back surgery which I’m sure is also a side effect from this tumor as well, all that extra weight on his spine…

So now is the time for those prayers…I don’t care who or what you pray too…just please, if you can…we would VERY much appreciate them…He has great Docs…Dr. Wascher, the Neurosurgeon and Dr. Bechard the ENT specialists at Theda Clark in Neenah.

I am going to be selfish here for a minute because I need him to come through this and get back to being himself…I don’t know what I would do without him…He doesn’t think I need him and that I would be fine without him…and It may seem that way to a lot of people…but lets just get this straight…sometimes it’s really not about needing… it is more about wanting…after 20 years I still WANT him with me by my side to enjoy what we have accomplished and worked so hard for…so nothing bad can happen today and that is why I’m asking for your help…

I also have to say I am so sad and praying myself for anyone who is dealing with the effects of Harvey…I am hoping my quilters in Houston area are all OK and that while their sewing rooms may be underwater, I hope they are safe…that is all that matters, we can replace everything else…please if you follow my blog, let us know how you are doing in the comment section here, because we care…and we all can’t imagine our sewing rooms underwater.

I will give some updates on FB while I get them…so thanks for your time and again for the prayers…I know this is not about quilting,.. but I really need your help…surgery is scheduled for 10am.

Nick also wants me to “Thank You” for everything…

my best…Lisa




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  1. Becky Avatar

    Praying for you and Nick!.

  2. wilbri12 Avatar

    I’m praying for you. Please believe our Father is with you every step of the way.

  3. Patti Levine Avatar
    Patti Levine

    Prayers are flying out to you both from here in Las Cruces, N.M. You are wrapped in love and support!

    1. Penny lListon Avatar
      Penny lListon

      Prayers for a healthy outcome from Phoenix

  4. Linda Wilkinson Avatar
    Linda Wilkinson

    Nick, yourself, and your entire family will be in my thoughts and prayers today. Hopeful for a successful surgery.

  5. Kathi Avatar


  6. Denise W Avatar
    Denise W

    I am happy they found out what is going on. Prayers and Positive Thoughts for you and Nick.. Take care of your self too…..

  7. Donna Avatar

    Prayers are sent your way🙏🙏🙏

  8. Pam Uhan Avatar
    Pam Uhan

    Prayers and only good thought to Nick and you as you go through this.

  9. Linda Avatar

    Good luck to you, Nick. You and your family are in my thoughts today.

  10. candee Avatar

    PRAYERS for you from N. IL 🙏🏻

    1. Dorothy Hopko Avatar
      Dorothy Hopko

      I will continue my prayers for both of you….God bless you…..

  11. Linda M Avatar
    Linda M

    Praying for both of you. I am recently widowed and I understand your thoughts.

  12. Sandi Avatar

    Prayers from your friend in Wisconsin

  13. Carol joswick Avatar
    Carol joswick

    Prayers for you and Nick…..tell him he looks fetching in green….

  14. Sheila Avatar

    Many thoughts and prayers for both of you.

  15. Linda Avatar

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.

  16. birdlooker Avatar

    Prayers flying from S.C.

  17. Joan Hetzel Avatar
    Joan Hetzel

    Prayers for Lisa, Nick and family.

  18. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    It is always a relief to know there is a plan. We will gladly pray for you and for Nick. Great days will hopefully be ahead for you both as he recovers.

  19. Cathy Trumble Avatar
    Cathy Trumble

    Praying hard!

  20. Tracy Petry Avatar
    Tracy Petry

    Praying for God to quide the surgeons hands during the surgery, and for Nick to come through this with flying colors. Praying for you Lisa for strength, peace, patience and comfort during this surgery. You have so many people that care about you. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery to you Nick!

  21. April C Olive Avatar
    April C Olive

    You both are in my prayers. So glad they figured out what is the main problem and are able to fix it.

  22. laurel huyvaert Avatar
    laurel huyvaert

    Prayers are flowing for Nick, you and your famiy. For the surgeon and team involved.
    May you feel the arms of God wrapped tight around you today and I the days to come.

  23. Pat Oster Avatar
    Pat Oster

    Many prayers for you and Nick and your family! Also praying with you for all affected by Harvey. God bless you.

  24. Regina Avatar

    My prayers and thoughts are with you Lisa and Nick.

  25. Kay Brand Avatar
    Kay Brand

    Praying for you and Nick.

  26. Gretchen Greiner Avatar
    Gretchen Greiner

    Sending positive and healing energies Nick’s way with prayers for a successful surgery and complete recovery.

  27. Susan J Avatar
    Susan J

    Best wishes today and for the days in the future, will keep you both n my thoughts and prayers, take care-

  28. Joanne Avatar

    Prayers for a successful surgery and recovery for Nick, prayers for you and your family!

  29. Sandi Avatar

    Prayers for everyone! Hugs,

  30. Brenda C Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda C Wyatt

    Prayers for both Nick and you Lisa. Have faith all will be good. Hugs my friend.

  31. Jennifer Adams Avatar
    Jennifer Adams

    My heart and prayers are with you both, Lisa. I have tremendous confidence that all will be well as it sounds like Nick is in good care. I was widowed young (though remarried an equally wonderful man) so I get the feelings you’re going through.

  32. Mary Smith Avatar
    Mary Smith

    Please know that you are not alone. Many of us have been in your situation and are sitting with you in that waiting room today giving you support and prayers.

  33. Marcia Connor Avatar
    Marcia Connor

    Oh my. My heart and prayers go out to you and to Nick. Thankful there is now a diagnosis–now the surgery. Next is complete recovery. Love to you both.

  34. quilting538 Avatar

    Prayers sent!

  35. Karen Avatar

    Prayers for Nick and your family!🙏

    1. Connie Avatar

      Sincere wishes and prayers for a complete recovery after a successful surgery!

  36. Kandi Crawford Avatar
    Kandi Crawford

    Sending prayers your way from Wyoming! 🙏🏻 I hope the surgery goes well and helps your husband get back to being his old self.

  37. Mary Barnett Avatar
    Mary Barnett

    Lisa, sending prayers to you and your family that God will be with you today & that angels will watch over all of you. Blessings!

  38. Diane Eberlein Avatar
    Diane Eberlein

    God bless.

  39. mmapes1231 Avatar

    Lots of prayers to you both. Nick is the best part of your booth at the shows! We need him back.

  40. MAC Avatar

    Your family is in my prayers. I had that surgery nine years ago. Surprisingly easy to recover from-very stressful regardless. Wishing you both all the best.

  41. Dee Hill Avatar
    Dee Hill

    Thoughts and prayers for Nick, Lisa and family.

  42. ardmorescrapbasket Avatar

    many prayers for not of you!Alicia Key in ok >

  43. Elaine Sanders Avatar
    Elaine Sanders

    Praying for you and Nick, Lisa. Prayer is Powerful! Love to you both.

    1. Trishia Madrid Avatar
      Trishia Madrid

      Prayers for you and your husband and family….

  44. Sharon Simmons Avatar
    Sharon Simmons

    My heartfelt prayers are with you and Nick!

  45. Patricia Avatar

    Am familiar with what Nick has. My mother had this when they were first figuring out how to treat it. She had radiation. Now they can fix the problem with surgery. I am praying here in Orange County Cali. God Bless Nick, the surgery team, and your family. I know how you feel about losing your love! Stay strong.

  46. Kimberly Avatar

    I pray that God protects Nick during this surgery and cover him with his healing power for Nicks recovery. And may God give Lisa and her Family Strength and Comfort while you all go through this day and months ahead. Have Faith. And for the people and families in the State of TEXAS and surrounding areas, my thoughts and Prayers goes out to you.

  47. Deborah Jacobs Avatar
    Deborah Jacobs

    Oh, Lisa, this is indeed a big day! I’m so thankful that you finally have an answer to Nick’s puzzling symptoms, and I will be praying for all of you, as well as his surgeon, today and throughout the healing process. May you feel surrounded by grace and comfort!

  48. ladydukes Avatar

    LISA, When I read the post about your husband’s condition, I decided to respond to let you know that I am praying for him and your family, and that oddly, my best girlfriend in WA State (where we reside) is scheduled for the EXACT SAME surgery on Friday, September 1 in Seattle.  Joanne is my friend’s name.  She never realized there was a problem until she noticed a lump in her throat.  Because she had thyroid cancer in the past, she was concerned.  After numerous tests, it was discovered that she has a growth on her pituitary gland and that it is pressing on her optic nerve.  Joanne had gained weight so she just attributed it to the fact that her feet had grown from size 7-1/2 to size 11, and that her hands had grown very large.  Along with this, she has hundreds, if not thousands of “skin tags” on her face and neck, which the doctor said is caused by her pituatary gland issue.  MARGARET DUKES

    From: Lisa Bongean’s Weblog To: “” Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 7:02:43 AM PDTSubject: [New post] the big day… | lisabongean posted: ” I have kind of given you a scrap of info that we are going through something “big” and today is the day…Nick is going to be having “brain” surgery for a 3cm tumor that is attached to the pituitary gland and causing all kinds of issues that we have b” | |

  49. Sharon Bochmann Avatar
    Sharon Bochmann

    Praying to the one and only God Almighty for your husband and for you!! We love you💕

  50. Delores Riggs Avatar
    Delores Riggs

    My prayers are with Nick and you as you guys go through this. I know Nick will do good and come thru with flying colors. He is just to nice a person for it not to have a positive outcome. My GOD be with you both.

  51. Linda Hartsock Avatar
    Linda Hartsock

    Thoughts, prayers and hugs for you both. Your only concern now is Nick, you have been blessed to have each other and always will be. Prayers, faith, and trust. In God will get you through this together . 😍

  52. Linda VanHorn Avatar
    Linda VanHorn

    You certainly are in my prayers, your whole family.

  53. Melanie Avatar

    Prayers going up for Nick and the family. I know this is a very stressful time for all of you.

  54. Lissa Rogers Avatar
    Lissa Rogers

    Praying for Nick, your family and his surgeons. Hugs and prayers my friend❤️

  55. Peggy Johnson Avatar
    Peggy Johnson

    Praying for you and Nick at this time and especially for the doctors for their skill and good judgement to the only God who hears our prayers, cares for you and has the ability to answer.

  56. Karen Charles Avatar
    Karen Charles

    prayers coming your way… hope all goes well.

  57. Jan Espinosa Avatar
    Jan Espinosa

    Prayers for a successful surgery and healing.

  58. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    My heart is full of love for you and Nick. You have my prayers and good thoughts that all will go well. Continue to be strong Lisa. Nick needs to lean on you now. xo Red

  59. Mary McNally Avatar
    Mary McNally

    Lisa, I have said my prayers and I will tell you that a very good friend of mine had this same surgery and I can remember how 4 days later, he was good to go, you wouldn’t even know that he had surgery.

  60. CG Avatar

    My father-in-law had the exact symptoms and surgery that your husband is having. This was several years ago when technology wasn’t what it is today and he came through with flying colors. Our prayers are with you that you may have the same good outcome.

  61. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    OMG! Huge cyber hugs and prayers to you, Nick, and all of you going through this. What the two of you have is a rare relationship and it’s so wonderful to be a part of it. May love surround you. Get as many hugs as possible. If you need down time for this, we all can wait. This is so much more important now. You and your family are the priorities. God bless.

  62. Carla Crook Avatar
    Carla Crook

    Sending prayers to you and your husband for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!!
    Also prayers for safety to all who are in Harvey’s path.

  63. Barb Onken Avatar
    Barb Onken

    Praying all goes well!!

  64. Sue Avatar

    Praying that his surgeons have steady hands ant that he makes it through with flying colors.

  65. Robbi Avatar

    Lisa and Nick, Praying and sending hugs your way. Robbi

  66. Jackie Huizen Avatar

    My prayers are with you and the family.

  67. Donna K Avatar
    Donna K

    Wishing you and Nick the best. Prayers for today and recovery.

  68. Janet Jordan Avatar
    Janet Jordan

    We are safe in central Texas. My daughter & her family live in Victoria. They have been with us since Fri. Going home today since water & power have been restored.
    My prayers are for you & Nick. My sister has/had (not sure it ever goes away but no symptoms since surgery in 1989) Cushings. Try to relax, I believe he will make a full recovery! Sitting outside the hotel in Houston last year, he gave me comforting words when I learned my grandson had received a horrible football injury. I pray that I’ve given you some.

  69. Pame Avatar

    The prayer warriors are praying for Nick and you and all the family. It is so hard to place all our loved ones in God’s care sometimes but we need to know he will carry us through the tough times.

  70. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    Prayers from California, Nick

  71. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    Just sent you and Nick both a prayer.

  72. Janice Avatar

    Lots of prayers coming your way Lisa — prayers for surgeon’s steady hands, speedy recovery for Nick with better days ahead, and strength and comfortable for you as you worry about your man!

  73. Maria Zook Avatar
    Maria Zook

    I am praying for all of you.

  74. Lois Hussey Avatar
    Lois Hussey

    Prayers for complete recovery for your husband Lisa and peace and knowledge for you to be able to deal with the recovery.🙏🙏🙏

  75. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Surgeries, whether minor or major, are never easy. That goes for the patient and the ones in the waiting room filled with anxiety. Hugs & prayers to you, Nick, and your entire family.

  76. Deanna Bowman Avatar
    Deanna Bowman

    Tons & tons of prayers coming your way. Please keep us updated as you can.

  77. Mary Pat VanSchyndel Avatar
    Mary Pat VanSchyndel

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both today. Surgery is always a big deal for anyone. Hope all goes well. Mary Pat

  78. Becky Lomasney Avatar
    Becky Lomasney

    Nick is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the quilting world. I’ll be praying that everything goes great for him. Lisa, just because you’re one tough cookie doesn’t mean you don’t have a nice soft center. I’ll be praying for you too. Best of luck.❤️❤️❤️

  79. Amanda Avatar

    Prayers and hugs for both of you. My oldest DD is being MRI’ed for this very thing as I write this. Best wishes. Amanda in Arkansas

  80. Kathy Avatar

    He’s in good hands with competent surgeons and nurses although it’s still so scarey to anyone facing these difficult situations. We will wait with our prayers for word from you he is in recovery and putting a smile back on your face again. Lots of hugs from NY.

  81. Viola Bodrero Avatar
    Viola Bodrero

    Thoughts and prayers for you both!


  82. Susan Mattoon Avatar
    Susan Mattoon

    Oh Lisa, I so know the feelings of waiting for the outcome. Continued prayers all through this for both you and Nick and your girls and for sure hands of the Doctors involved. The love of your sewing community is surrounding you today with much love.

  83. Marla Avatar

    I’m praying for both of you our God is am great God.

  84. Cindy Strauss Avatar
    Cindy Strauss

    Praying for Nick, you, his surgeons and medical staff that the surgery will be successful and he will be returned to total health.

  85. Tina Flynt, Duluth, Ga. Avatar
    Tina Flynt, Duluth, Ga.

    My thoughts and prayers today and thru
    Nicks recovery for you both. Much love!

  86. Chris Avatar

    I am happy for you that you have discovered the cause of your husband’s health problems. (And your love for each other is wonderful.) I will pray for God to guide your doctors’ care for him and for many years together. And that you will find the God who loves you and is always there for you.

  87. Larry Thompson Avatar
    Larry Thompson

    My prayers go out for both of you. Be strong!

  88. Carmen Montmarquet Avatar
    Carmen Montmarquet

    Praying for you and Nick, the surgery doctors and the great people in Houston. Also for a speedy recovery for Nick! We can wait, he needs all of you right now!!!

  89. Kathleen Winslow Avatar
    Kathleen Winslow

    Love. Hugs. And prayers. I do think of you both and your families every time I look at my walls with pieces of you on them and feel the warmth of your quilts on my bed. Have met you both in my travels. I will pray.

  90. Sheila OShay Avatar
    Sheila OShay

    Lisa, My Prayers and thoughts are with you both today! Xoxo Sheila

    Sent from my iPhone


  91. Laura Clever Avatar
    Laura Clever

    Lisa , prayers going up for you and your family. All surgeries are scary. I have always had a bit of envy for your relationship with your husband. He seems so involved in all aspects of your live and that is so good. God is good and will care for your gentle giant.

  92. Marsha Avatar


  93. Gayle Troccoli Avatar
    Gayle Troccoli

    Praying for Nick and you. Also for everyone affected by Harvey. God bless.

  94. Nuria Avatar

    Praying from Spain!!

  95. Lenore Worden Avatar
    Lenore Worden

    Lisa and Nick…prayers for a successful and speedy recovery! We have your back as you have had ours in the quilting world! God bless you and your family!

  96. Linda L Avatar
    Linda L

    Good thought, good Karma, Prayers! I have lost my sweetheart of 45 years,, and I know your fear. Big hugs for a good outcome and soon.

  97. Nancy Avatar

    Praying for you both; that Nick has a successful surgery and the you find the strength you need to get through the wait. Always scary when a loved one is taken away to that operating room; and praying that the surgical team is able to do everything necessary for him. Looking forward to your post later today, telling us all that he is out of surgery and on his way to recovering. My friend and I really enjoyed meeting him at the Maine Quilt show last year. He was doing an awesome job at your booth; and was a great way to finish the day after taking your class earlier. God Bless you both. HUGS from Maine

  98. Sheri Avatar

    Sending prayers

  99. Betty cabral Avatar
    Betty cabral

    praying for you and your husband.

  100. Pat Spurgeon Avatar
    Pat Spurgeon

    Prayers and hugs coming to you both from La Mesa, CA.

  101. Susan Denardo Avatar
    Susan Denardo

    Prayers to you and Nick. I have been with my husband for 47 years and would be devastated with out him. We always need them for everything we do.

  102. Diane Emanuelson Avatar
    Diane Emanuelson

    Prayers for you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Lolly Pasewark Avatar
    Lolly Pasewark

    Praying for Nick and your family and for the skilled medical professionals who are caring for him. God bless you all!

  104. Donna J Brewster Avatar
    Donna J Brewster

    Sending prayers for Nick, his family, and his caregivers.

  105. Deborah koetter Avatar
    Deborah koetter

    Dear Lisa and nick. Sending prayers and hugs to both of you. I know in my heart that the surgery will be a success. Here in Seabrook TX we have had about 30+ inches of rain since last night and still raining. I pray for all the affected families and all true quilt shops in the area that are probably flooded

  106. Joyce Matthews Avatar
    Joyce Matthews



  107. Carolyn Avatar

    Keeping you, Nick and the surgical teams in my prayers! I fully understand the “want” more than the “need” for that loved one in your life. Wish you the best!

  108. Deborah K. Avatar
    Deborah K.

    Prayers and love for your entire family.

  109. Janet Avatar

    Prayers being sent to you, Lisa and Nick. Love and prayers!

  110. JoNell I Smith Avatar
    JoNell I Smith

    My prayers for you, Nick and the family. I know this is a very difficult time for all of you.

  111. themeaningofcourage Avatar

    I am praying for Nick, the surgery and for you!

  112. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    Positive thoughts going out to Nick, you and the folks in Texas💕

  113. Donna Avatar

    All good thoughts coming your way for you, Nick, and, your entire family. All will be well!

  114. Diana Lentz Avatar
    Diana Lentz

    Praying for Nick and your family. Praying for a positive outcome for Nick. Prayers for the long road back for the families of Texas. Prayers of support and heart felt love goes out to everyone.

  115. Dee Dalton Avatar
    Dee Dalton

    Praying for you and Nick!! Met you and Nick at a Houston Show many years ago, he seemed to have a strong will and a sense of humor. I think he will pull through just fine. Bless you both, hope to follow you for years to come.

  116. Judy Zei Avatar
    Judy Zei

    Prayer is a very powerful thing and today you all have mine. Always love seeing Nick at the shows. He is a fun, goofy, bundle of joy and we hope for a speedy recovery. God bless you both.

  117. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Prayers, for sure, and hopes for a speedy recovery and resolution to all the other issues impacted by this nasty tumor.
    I hadn’t thought about the Quilters as Quilters, although seeing the convention center as a refuge did make me think of the big Houston show coming up. Hopefully all the Quilters are high and dry with or without their machines. What a terrible storm, I worry about the children and the emotional impact there.
    Right now, praying for Nick, the Quilters, their families and all the little children of Houston.

  118. anne Avatar

    sending prayers!!!

  119. Dawn R Cornell Avatar
    Dawn R Cornell

    Looking good in green Nick

    Sent from my iPhone


  120. MaryAnne Mooney Avatar
    MaryAnne Mooney

    I believe in miracles! God hears our prayers. Wishing for a speedy recovery and the best results possible! Piecefully, Mary Anne from Long Island, New York

  121. Terry Avatar

    Prayers for Nick, you and your family as you go through the surgery and the recovery…Also prayers for Texas and the devastation that Harvey is doing to so many areas there. I have many family and friends there and we also winter in Port Aransas where it first hit-total disaster very sad.

  122. Patty Fowl Avatar

    Keeping you and Nick in my thoughts and prayers as you go through his surgery and recuperation. Hugs to both of you !

  123. Jill Defries Avatar
    Jill Defries


  124. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    Sending my prayers 🙏 positive thoughts and hugs.

  125. Yvonne Avatar

    Praying for Nick and you and for my home state of Texas. Life is most precious and I pray all will be restored to you.

  126. Nancy Avatar

    Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery for your husband and peace and comfort for you as you go through this difficult time.

  127. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    Prayers, hugs, love…………….

  128. Lonnie Avatar

    Prayers for you, Nick and family.
    I’m in Houston, so blessed to be dry. Pray for Texas please.

  129. Bev Crabb Avatar
    Bev Crabb

    Prayers for you and Nick – and lots of hugs!

  130. Mary lou Avatar
    Mary lou

    Prayers and well wishes coming your way for your hubby, you and your family.
    Take care my friend and know there is a great power looking over him.
    See you soon.
    Mary Lou Ripper (louripp)

  131. Kathy D Avatar
    Kathy D

    Prayers for Nick, you and all of your family. Houston is also in my prayers, while not quilters, I have family there.

    Kathy D

  132. Leota Krantz Avatar
    Leota Krantz

    Lots of us down here in Texas will be with you and Lisa and your family. Nick, all you have to do is just get some needed rest (I am sure) and let those amazing doctors do what they “do” best. See you soon.

  133. Annie B Avatar
    Annie B

    Prayers from Florida

  134. Linda Elliott Avatar
    Linda Elliott

    Love and prayers Lisa and Nick.

  135. Terry Avatar

    I will be holding Nick in my heart and praying for a successful operation and a speedy recovery. We can all make it happen.

  136. Marianne Snowden Avatar
    Marianne Snowden

    So sorry this is something you all are going thru. But it sounds like answers and a good outcome are on their way. The next few months are “me” time as he recovers and you nurse him back to the old Nick. We all definitely understand that. Nick is in good hands and with you by his side will recover quickly. Love you guys and you are both in my thoughts today.

  137. Linda Elliott Avatar
    Linda Elliott

    Love and prayers!

  138. Robin Mike Avatar
    Robin Mike

    I am so sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers to Nick, you and your family!!

  139. Sherry Avatar

    Hugs and prayers coming your way….

  140. Gloria G Avatar
    Gloria G

    Prayers coming from central Texas for you, Nick, and all the doctors and nurses. We are high and dry with only minor rainfall.

  141. Debbie Avatar

    Lisa and Nick,
    Prayers are with you both – know that there are so many who care about you, and thank you for all you have added to our lives with your talents. Debbie

  142. Janet O. Avatar

    Wow, what a weight of concern you must have been bearing trying to figure all of this out, and now to go through the surgery. Definitely praying for you, Nick, and the surgeons!

  143. Nicole Hanson Avatar
    Nicole Hanson

    Prayers for Nick and God’s hands on both of you during this time. Prayers and well wishes for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. May they recover speedily.

  144. Kathryn Rogers Avatar
    Kathryn Rogers

    Sending prayers your way.

  145. Linda S Avatar
    Linda S

    Best hopes for Nick and you as you live this challenge together.
    And thank you for your generosity to the quilting community- it’s impressive that you’ve continued your work with and for through all of your personal ups-and-downs

  146. Penny A L Prichard Avatar
    Penny A L Prichard

    Lisa, thank you so much for sharing this with us. May you all feel the love of God as he holds you all in his arms. Praying for guidance for the medical team. Many blessings for a long and happy continuation of your marriage.


  147. Lois Walker Avatar
    Lois Walker

    Prayers for Nick and you and the medical team! Glad they found out what the problem is! Praying for speedy recovery for Nick.

  148. mzbabaloo Avatar