Triangle Gatherings block 70


We are enjoying the hottest days of year here this Fall in WI…crazy weather….but I know I love it!!!

Here’s another block…have a great day!!!




5 responses to “Triangle Gatherings block 70”

  1. Jackie Huizen Avatar

    I am enjoying doing the blocks. I am keeping up with them, but am missing #63 & #64. I was wondering if you could send these to me . Thank you

  2. Janet Avatar

    Thank you so very much for all of these lovely patterns. Question: Did you even find images of Block 2 and Block 26?

  3. Patty Fowl Avatar

    Wondering how Nick is doing. … I am completely enjoying Triangle Gatherings… thank you !! Are you anticipating putting the Magic of Christmas in a printed pattern? I printed all the blogposts as you issued them so that is my fall-back position. Hoping to start it for THIS Christmas season.

  4. Texas Quilter Avatar

    I appreciate all the hard work that you do for quilters by providing free blocks! Thank you and am praying that hubby is doing well. It is so difficult to be creative and take care of a loved one, or even if you had been ill.

  5. masonmarlene Avatar

    Thanks Lisa. I’m lucky to have all 70 blocks, however, it is really easy to find them on your blog.

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