Moda Block Heads Block 30

This weeks block is from Carrie Nelson…Here is where you need to go to get the block pattern…

Here is my version…I have to admit I am barely able to keep up!!!! I’m sure you know the feeling!!!

Question of the week…Who inspired you, that you would want quilters to know about 20 years from now? or something like that…answer…

Sue Garman...I knew her but not as well as I would have wanted…Her love of small piecing and appliqué is what we both have very much in common…I came across this the other day and I am SOOOOOO looking forward to it.  Houston 2017

The late Sue Garman made more than 300 quilts over 40 years, nearly all of them original. Celebrate her life and artistic legacy with this sampling of 75 of her best works based on antique, red and green, whimsical, and intricately pieced quilts, and more.

Quilts Inc also honored her by adapting one of her appliqué blocks for there show pin…Way to go Quilts Inc!!!

Here are a few of my favorites…but all of Sue’s quilts are exceptional….

9 responses to “Moda Block Heads Block 30”

  1. Joni Cape-Everson Avatar
    Joni Cape-Everson

    Won’t that quilt be spectacular in Wool- hint hint

  2. Sandy T Avatar
    Sandy T

    Oh my the quilt world has lost a wonderful quilter in Sue Garman. Thank you for sharing her quilts as I didn’t know of her passing. So sad.

  3. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa, not sure if it’s just me but the link doesn’t work (I’ve tried on both the laptop and the iPad to no avail)…

    1. gijane279-Liz Avatar

      PS I was able to get the block at Moda’s website.

  4. Virginia (Dee) Cox Avatar
    Virginia (Dee) Cox

    Having trouble getting blockheads 30. Says safari can’t bring it up. Is it trouble at your end?

  5. Patricia A. Adams Avatar

    Love the easy block, but can not open block pattern…..

  6. mary salmon Avatar
    mary salmon

    Lovely thoughts about Sue. Mary

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  7. marysalmon Avatar

    Lovely thoughts about Sue. What a remarkable

  8. Elizabeth Sampson Avatar
    Elizabeth Sampson

    Thank you for sharing her work with us. I will be researching her! I can definitely see her influence in your work.

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