Border Correction…for Happy Home….Summer 2017 Freebie pattern….and the start of Fall Quilt Market!!!!

I wanted to let everyone who bought the Freebie Finishing kit “Happy Home” that we wrote the directions for adding the border the wrong way…well.. we wrote them for how a border normally goes on…sides and then top and bottom…but I put this border on log cabin style…so if you cut both your sides the same size you will not have enough for the top fabric….It was caught early but if you cut yours already please call us at the shop. (920-722-7233) and we will take care of it….

Happy Home Correction     I have also added it to our corrections page..

Thank you as some “mistakes” are not easily caught!!!

I am in Houston…all set up for the show!!!

Patterns will be coming soon for the quilts and the little things…Fulltime/Partime is the name of the blue quilt…Sticks & Stones the quilt on the left bunched up…and Checked Out the quilt on the ladder…

Sentiments of Home…These can be framed, pillowed or put on a funky clip board!!

Chenille Pillows…who remembers making chenille back in the “homespun” crazy days?…this technique is so easy and fun…I’ll be doing a video soon on how to make them!!!  You can insert your favorite word…home…family…faith…or an Initial…or a symbol…like the heart, anchor…I can see a stag…star…pumpkin…cross…do you see all the possibilities???  See the above 1st for more pillows…

Sweethearts…I always wanted to stitch some hearts…perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day or really…everyday!!!

I’ll be doing some more posting…also see FB & IG!!!

take care…LB


10 responses to “Border Correction…for Happy Home….Summer 2017 Freebie pattern….and the start of Fall Quilt Market!!!!”

  1. Joan Avatar

    Can’t wait to purchase the “fulltime/part time pattern!!!!

  2. Lana Avatar

    Love, love , love everything!!! Homespun has always been a love— and I remember the chenille quilts and am ready to sew them again. I can’t wait to start purchasing—I don’t know how you do it all— but thank you!!! Love how your mind works!!!!

  3. Kim Avatar

    AWESOME! Love Chenille made all 5 nieces and my sisters robes years ago glad to see the pillows can’t wait to make some. I collect hearts so love the new fabrics. have fun at market.

  4. Diane Avatar

    Cannot wait for the chenille idea to come forward. And I love the new ❤️ pillows. I want to do them all! So wish I could get to Quilt Houston. Not this year tho. Thank you for the new awesome designs!

  5. patgodkin Avatar

    Thank you! I did not cut, so all good here. >

  6. Janet O. Avatar

    Love it all, Lisa. Checked Out would be my first project from the display.

  7. Linda Slauson Avatar
    Linda Slauson

    Beautiful booth!!

  8. Deb Noll Avatar

    Ohhhh, I see some things I really like!

  9. Cathy Avatar

    I think my favorite is Checked Out and the Chenille pillows are also nice. Is that your homespun line? When does it come out? So pretty and cozy.

  10. Karen Condon Avatar
    Karen Condon

    The Fulltime/Partime quilt will be on my to do list. Homespuns make my heart race with joy! I like your color palette; it’s warm and comforting.

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