Triangle Gatherings Blocks..79,80 & 81


I hope you all had a great Halloween…I am in Houston but we had a practice Trick or Treat before we left…so Mimi could give “little man” his treats…He didn’t need much practice….and he was a little ham..oh I mean shark… then I received some pics from the real day…
Looks like he knows what to do!!!

Here are a few blocks to keep you busy until we make it home!!! Can’t wait to see a bunch of you all this weekend…we have 6 booths here in Houston…the most we have ever had…so come visit us!!! and for the rest of you who aren’t coming to the biggest and the best show of the year we will keep in touch here!  Happy November!! LB




13 responses to “Triangle Gatherings Blocks..79,80 & 81”

  1. Cindy Avatar

    Great blocks and the cutest shark I have ever seen!

  2. halejm Avatar

    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful blocks!

  3. Janet O. Avatar

    Oh, my goodness, he is adorable!

  4. Brenda Ann Beyer Avatar
    Brenda Ann Beyer

    What a great looking shark! Hoping to get caught up this week! Thx for all that you do for us quilters!

  5. Patty Fowl Avatar

    Lisa, I want to thank you for organizing and providing us with the Triangle Gatherings blocks. I have enjoyed this immensely and have kept up with each block as they came along. I have done my blocks in yellows and white so I will be anxious to see the finish. Additionally, I have REALLY enjoyed using your Triangle papers… they were really the KEY to help me make accurate half square triangle blocks. Thank you again!
    I cannot believe your little grandson is already so big! He is a cutie! Also, I hope Nick is doing well after his health scare this summer.

  6. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    Little Man is adorable:) Thanks for sharing! Loving the booth in Houston….wish I was there this year. Enjoy:)

    1. Glenna D. Avatar
      Glenna D.

      I am so impressed that you found time to post blocks while in the middle of Market and the Houston show! I am loving them. Sometimes a pattern will look a little odd but when I see your fabric block made up, it always looks so good! Thanks for the triangle gatherings!!

  7. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Oh I love love love Jace as a shark…. what fun! Thanks for the blocks! Enjoy Houston, it’s still on my bucket list… maybe I’ll ride out next year! Hugs Liz P.S. Cruise is just over 4 months away 🙂

  8. MaryAnn Avatar

    Lisa, I seem to be missing blocks 77-78. I don’t see them on your website.

  9. Fay Avatar

    A your grandson is a real “cutie”.

  10. Helen LeBrett Avatar
    Helen LeBrett

    My daughter thinks your grandson is so adorable, and I love your last block!! Good luck at Houston! Hugs, H

  11. Kimberly Anne Brandt Avatar
    Kimberly Anne Brandt

    Thank you :0) Safe travels

  12. Cathy Avatar

    Ooooow, scary!! Nice costume, I hardly recognized him!! Thanks Lisa for the blocks and sharing so often with us. Safe travels and take a break now and then. Oh I wish I could soak up all those beautiful colors, designs and touch those fabrics!!

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