Moda Blockhead Block 37

I absolutely LOVE this block….it is from Lynne from KT Quilters….Go HERE for the pattern.

Here is my version of Lynne’s block…

Today the question is…– Do you remember your first Quilt Market as an Exhibitor?  When was it?  Was it exciting?  Terrifying?  Both?

My first quilt Market…Kansas City 2000….It was both terrifying and exciting…I had know idea what was going to happen…I’m making plans to go to Portland in 2018 so that 18 years…wow…where does the time go???


4 responses to “Moda Blockhead Block 37”

  1. Vicci Avatar

    That is a great Block! Pray tell that you’re coming to Portland to scout out a location for another Primitive Gatherings store?!?!

  2. Kandy Kuhr Avatar
    Kandy Kuhr

    I too remember your first Quilt Market… it was very exciting… you have come a long way… congrats…ii

    1. Lisa Avatar

      You remember cause you were there with me!!!! We packed he truck to the hilt and off we went!!! Good times!!!

  3. Peg Avatar

    I like the new block and the colors.

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