12 contests winners!! Mini Quilts!!!

I know you all have been patient in waiting to hear the results of this very special contest…and we are now ready to reveal…The voting was really close…I was surprised at how close…so I guess it is safe to say that they all were appreciated and it was fun to have this quilt show at our shop during our biggest event of the year…I am in awe of all the talented quilter’s there are…

So now here are the winners:

Triangle Category- Carol Jo Wood

Winner of #12 Contests for Primitive Gatherings-Triangles

Applique Category- Cherri Kincaid

Winner of #12Contests for Primitive Gatherings-Applique

Pieced Category-Kathy Decker

Winner of #12Contests for Primitive Gatherings-Pieced

Moda has provided the prizes for these winners…as you can see below…there are some AWESOME prizes for each of the above winners…Congratulations to the winners!!I was going to do a grand prize like a Best of Show, but there were so many good ones I decided to pick one in EACH category as well…Each winner shall receive a $100 Gift Card to Primitive Gatherings and a thank you prize for participating…

Triangle Category- Laura Lozier

Lisa’s Winner of #12Contests for Primitive Gatherings-Triangles

Applique Category- Liz Kodner

Lisa’s Winner of #12Contests for Primitive Gatherings

Pieced Category-Patty Erway

Lisa’s Winner of #12Contests for Primitive Gatherings

I still want to THANK ALL of you who sent in your quilts…they are all special!!!! You should ALL be receiving your quilts back soon as they were sent back last week…along with a thank you prize for entering our contest!!! Winners…can please show your quilt and prize on any social media (IG, FB…or maybe you blog)…you reside on…#primitivegatherings and #12contestspgmini #modafabrics #showmethemoda… are the #s.

I can’t wait to do another!! In fact…I just had a thought…which one of these is your favorite?  I know it’s hard to pick but…let’s see what happens???




52 responses to “12 contests winners!! Mini Quilts!!!”

  1. Sue Gray Avatar
    Sue Gray

    All are beautiful!

    1. Edie Frasier Avatar
      Edie Frasier

      It is too difficult to pick a favorite – they all are beautiful. Congratulations to the winners.

  2. Pris Phillips Avatar
    Pris Phillips

    The one that “speaks” to me is the Triangle Trees … it’s so lovely!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Debby Avatar

    It’s so hard to choose one over the other but in the pieced category by Kathy Decker, I choose hers because I have a thing for stars and I really like everything about her quilt.

  4. June Avatar

    My favorite is the Pieced Stars. All are beautiful!

  5. Carol B Avatar
    Carol B

    My favorite is the Pieced Stars. The quilting is exquisite. Wonder where Kathy found that pattern?

  6. Dawn R Cornell Avatar
    Dawn R Cornell

    It was fun and the winners were well deserved. Thanks for challenging us.

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  7. Kimberly Anne Brandt Avatar

    Liz Kodner applique …..fabulous!

  8. Sharon Avatar

    They are all truly gorgeous and it is so hard to choose just one. It would be a tie between the applique flowers and the triangle trees.

  9. Quilting In The Country Avatar

    How exciting, I have been stressing about my little quilt being lost since the day I mailed it out. Thank you so much. After seeing a few of the entries, I did not think I had a snowballs chance in the Bahamas of being chosen. Thank you so much.

  10. Kris Kayser Avatar
    Kris Kayser

    My favorite is the pieced stars by Kathy Decker. It is simply stunning!

  11. Libby Blaha Avatar
    Libby Blaha

    you are so right, this is hard to pick. It was hard to decide between the triangles and the pieced stars, but I am partial to stars. So the pieced stars it is !!! They are all so beautiful and amazing ! One day, I may be that good !

  12. Linda Caslow Zeider Avatar

    Triangle Category is my favorite. But all are beautiful.

  13. Sandy D Avatar
    Sandy D

    Wow Awesome Quilts. Congrats to you all.

  14. Pam Avatar

    You are correct – they are all wonderful and very deserving but my favorite is the appliqué one.

  15. Bobbie Rumler Avatar
    Bobbie Rumler

    I love them all very impressive I must say. My favorite is the tiny pieced trees and the applique with the yellow is great too then there’s the hexagons oh my guess it was hard for you…to pick. Merry Christmas

  16. Beth Dickey Avatar
    Beth Dickey

    They are all beautiful but my favorite is Laura Lozier ❣️Merry Christmas 🎄

  17. Marty Avatar

    Definitely Carol Wood’s trees ~ I’m h oping to make one similar to that myself!

  18. Hildy Avatar

    Congrats to all the winners! can’t pick a favorite they look all good.

  19. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    Congratulations to all the winners! And yo all who participated. Sometimes it takes courage to put yourself out there. What a special show. Enjoy your treats, as they seem quite wonderful!

  20. Bernice Avatar

    I love the Hexy quilt all done in your lovely snowman fabric. It is adorable.

  21. Geri Sherwood Avatar
    Geri Sherwood

    They are all beautiful! I love Laura Lozier!! Just awesome! Congratulations!!

  22. Cherri Kincaid Avatar

    They are all beautiful. I am sew happy that my little lumberjack quilt was picked as a winner. I had a lot of fun sewing/stitching it. Thanks for the contest and prizes! I know it takes a lot of time and hard work to host a contest, so thank you again!

  23. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    The trees probably because I’ve been wanting to do one for a long time!

  24. birdlooker Avatar

    Laura Lozier’s triangle quilt makes me happy!

  25. Carol Thomas Avatar
    Carol Thomas

    Beautiful! There are so many talented people out there!

  26. Pamela Pokragac Avatar
    Pamela Pokragac

    Oh wow! Congratulations to the winners!! These are all so amazing 😀 I love them all – Carol’s trees with all of those tiny triangles, Cherri’s trees and shirts is adorbs (and I LOVE her pieced binding), and Kathy’s pieced stars is gorgeous! And the Best in Show choices are equally wonderful! I really don’t think I can pick a favorite – but I can pick the two quilts that I would attempt to make (LOL) and they are Liz’s applique flower and Patty’s snowman hexies! Laura Lozier, I bow down to your piecing skills!

  27. Susan Dollhopf Avatar
    Susan Dollhopf

    My favorite is Cherri Kincaid’s.

  28. Christine Lyle Avatar
    Christine Lyle

    Any chance you will be doing a posting will pictures of all of the quilts you received? Would love to see the efforts of all the participants and variety of works received.
    All pictured here are great, but I would lean toward the triangle trees. Love the scrappiness of it.

  29. Sue Ahern Avatar
    Sue Ahern

    I love the pieced triangle trees by Carol Jo Wood. But congratulations to all, as they are amazing quilts.

  30. Brenda Capps Avatar
    Brenda Capps

    Kathy Deckers stars are Awesome, and stand out from the rest….that are All so beautiful!

  31. cherriberi1 Avatar

    I am so excited that my Lumberjacks quilt was picked as a winner! It was sew much fun to make.
    Thank you Lisa for taking the time out of your busy schedule to host the contest. I know that you enjoyed having all the wonderful quilts hanging in your store. They are all great and each and everyone of the makers are very talented. I can imagine that it was difficult to choose as they are all winners!

  32. Bonnie j Reed Avatar
    Bonnie j Reed

    the triangle quilts are my favorites, just spectacular. the others are pretty awesome too.

  33. Patricia Ludwiczak Avatar
    Patricia Ludwiczak

    Every one is unique and so beautiful. Congratulations to each of the participants.

  34. Donna Avatar

    Kathy Decker’s stars are gorgeous! Would love to have that pattern.

  35. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    What an awesome contest, Lisa. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. I think the whole process was awesome. Mini’s are my favorite and I’m glad so many wonderful entries made it. Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated:)

    As for a favorite…..I’ll pick Patty Erway’s……I have a soft spot for Snowman Gatherings:)

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  36. Virlonda Avatar

    My favorite is Liz Kodner’s applique. Love everything about it – the colors, the piecing, the wool applique, the embroidery, and the fantastic quilting! Love it!

  37. Charlotte Avatar

    All are great but I really love the appliqué quilt. Beautiful workmanship, lovely quilting and great choice of colors.

  38. Nicole Avatar

    They are all so great, but I like the pieced star and the quilting the best.

  39. Cindy Avatar

    My favorite is the Applique Category- Liz Kodner. However, like so many have voiced, they were all winners and beautiful to see!

  40. Joan R Avatar
    Joan R

    All so beautiful and inspiring! Very hard to chose a favorite but I guess I like Liz Kodner’s a tiny bit more than the others.

  41. JennyH Avatar

    I just got my quilt back today! What a treat to find one of your sweet charm packs tucked in with it – thank you. It is the first quilt contest I’ve ever entered and you and your staff made it a wonderful experience for me. Let’s do it again next year!

  42. quilter44 Avatar

    Very hard to choose just one as they are all beautiful. Saying that, when I saw Liz Kodner’s my reaction was WOW. The pattern is one I would like to make and the colors are so striking. And, the quilting is gorgeous.

  43. Judyk Avatar

    I think it has to be the triangle trees, even if you are using triangle papers those tiny HSTs have to be sewn together!

  44. Betty H Avatar
    Betty H

    Laura Lozier’s in the triangle category is my favorite. I have a thing for pinwheels!

  45. Gayle Avatar

    Wonderful workmanship and creativity on all quilts. Beautiful!

  46. Serena Avatar

    Congratulations to all the winners!!!
    It’s very hard to just pick one, but I must, the tree..🤣

  47. Deborah Moore Avatar
    Deborah Moore

    My favorite is the yellow by Liz Kodner. The quilting is beautifully done. They were all beautiful and each deserved to win.

  48. June Avatar

    Carol Jo Wood’s quilt is my favorite

  49. dianne61 Avatar

    Carol Jo Woods trees is my favorite. Love the colors and challenging piecing.

  50. Sally Dorer Avatar
    Sally Dorer

    The quilts are all so stunning, but Cherri’s trees and the darling little shirts gets my vote!!!

  51. Cathy Avatar

    This is a late entry yet, I am so compelled by all of these beautiful quilts that I have to say to all of these quilters, you are each winners. Wow, I wouldn’t want to be you Lisa. Thank you to all for sharing your talent with us. My personal favorite is Laura Lozier.

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