2017 Needful Things…Day 4

Day 4…Steam-s-seam 2….and the most awesome iron ever!!! Both of these items were brought back by request…


Yes Back again this year…and because I WANT you all to have one… I am listening…Now we make so little on this iron especially when it on sale BUT really we must all have one. So the business profitability rules are thrown out on this one…I would probably quit quilting if I lost my steam station…its that critical…especially for wool appliqué…when I say lots of steam…I believe this is the only product that can deliver megga steam!!!  I now even bring it to my classes when I teach whenever possible…still need to figure out a way to smuggle one on the cruise ship…anyone go any connections with Royal Caribbean?

I have one at home, two at the studio…I do not want to iron with a regular iron ever again…I hate filling the water…and I do not have to do it much with this iron… This iron has immediate steam and LOTS of it!!! It has a trigger like a gun for steam..press the trigger massive steam overload…It has a tank to hold a lots of water…sole plate is filled with steam holes everywhere…If you iron has 12 steam holes around the arc it’s not enough steam for wool….Here is the write up from the manufacturer…

“Continuous high powered steam makes this steam station ideal for everyday ironing or special projects. It has the patented Microsteam 400 strainless-steel soleplate for perfect steam distribution. The precision tip reaches difficult areas like collars, seams, and around buttons. Extra large continuous anytime fill water tank holds 33 ounces for up to 1-1/2 hours of ironing. 1800 watts equals fast heat up that is ready in 3 minutes. It also has vertical steam that is ideal for removing wrinkles from hanging garments, drapes and for smoothing and shaping sewing projects. Extra long 6 foot steam cord and extra long 12 foot power cord. No Auto Off.”

The CA store has a couple in the classroom, if you stop in ask for a demo…If your in WI come to my studio by our warehouse if you want to see it in action…we always have it on!!!  If you can’t make it which most of you can’t hopefully some will reply if they have one and you’ll have to trust us all that we would die without our steam stations!!! I would love to sell a bunch of these and give one away!!!  They are $399 on sale for $350. there will be an added charge for shipping on this one…


and if you are in LOVE with wool and most of your are…there is no other fusible to use in my world…I know some of you have some issues with a gummy needle…I think most of it is because they are not steamed down enough…and if you stitch as soon as it is steamed there seems to be a little…but when this happen and it does because I can’t wait to stitch I consider it grip…lol…


Here is my promo for SAS2 lite

This is my go to fusible web for wool appliqué…for one main reason…You cannot over heat this fusible…I use tons of heat and steam when using it and it sticks to my background like its supposed to… I know when it is first laid down the fusible may be a little “gunky”  if you try to stitch it right away…but leave it sit out and rest a bit and it will a lot better than if you just fuse it down and start stitching…what I mean by “gunky” is the needle gets a little sticky residue on it..which can easily be removed by a little alcohol pad, a piece of wool or your emery…if you can’t wait a day or so to stitch…but I truly believe most of the gummy needle is from not being properly steamed down…remember you cannot hurt wool if you are using steam and always keeping the iron moving…

Couple of Hints…for working with fusible web that has two papers..

Trace all the pieced close together that share the same piece of wool…cut them out as a group instead of individually…this saves so much time.  Also…say your doing 100 flowers…place the wool on the fusible…trace a box on the fusible the same size as the wool.  Start tracing your flowers in this shape and you will get all 100 of them on it and then just rough cut about an 1/8″ away from the outer flowers, remove the backing paper and place the fusible on the wool…iron WITHOUT STEAM.  Then cut out the flower shapes on the lines and then remove the backing paper and place flowers on background…iron with lots of STEAM in an up and down motion…always keeping the iron moving!!!

The tacky-ness of the fusible web makes it a dream for laying out your stems/vines and appliqué shapes…you also do not have to cut your vines on the diagonal as wool bends nicely as is…once in place you steam as stated earlier…

The new papers have a blue or yellow grids on them…nice for when you need to be on a straight line or to measure as the grids are in inch increments…

Click here to order your life changing IRON and to get SAS2 at a great sale price!!! $4 per package if you are new and want to try it… or… Stock up with 5 packages for $18.75…we have put both lite and regular SAS2 on sale…make sure you pick the one you want…I know some of you like the regular and have no problems stitching through it…

So…if you want to win some SAS2 and if we sell a few irons…maybe we can give on away too!!!

Tell me about YOUR iron…what do you have? Do you love it?

Today we are having a little party at the warehouse…everyone is in the spirit!!! LB


134 responses to “2017 Needful Things…Day 4”

  1. Carol Avatar

    I’ve never been a fan of my iron. I do have a Rowenta now, but I don’t feel like the steam works as well as I would like. I’ve tried other less expensive ones, but still haven’t found one I love. Sounds like the one you have is the BOMB! Would love one. Merry Christmas!

  2. Karen H Avatar
    Karen H

    I have an Oliso pro iron – it seems to work well but I have never really compared it to a steam iron like you have
    Love to use steam a seam 2 lite- Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  3. Marie Beers Avatar
    Marie Beers

    I use SASL2 on all my wool applique. If you have a give away with the iron, I’d love to win, my rug hooking teacher uses it to steam her hooked rugs and it works fabulous.

  4. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I have a Hamilton Beach iron, it was inexpensive but steams really well. Thanks for the fun. am learning lots!

  5. Kathleen Elwood Avatar
    Kathleen Elwood

    I have a Rowenta iron which I do NOT love. I don’t feel it get’s hot enough. I love the idea of an iron that I can also use to steam wrinkles from clothes, drapes, etc.!

  6. Elaine Sanders Avatar
    Elaine Sanders

    I have a Rowenta that I’ve used for years. I “baby” this iron, never leaving water in it overnight. I would love to win this steam iron and have used the SAS for years, as you suggest, Lisa. I trust you!

  7. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I have a Rowenta that I never put water in because my irons seem to die so quickly and I blame the water—lol! I guess I’m a little leary of spending so much for a steam generator—looking forward to more testimonials!

  8. Paula P Avatar
    Paula P

    I tell everyone to use SAS2lite because that is what Lisa uses, and she should know what is best! I got to use one of those amazing irons at Primitive Gathering Ca retreat. Love, love, love. Scared me at first with the amount of steam. Would love to win one as I have tons of wool projects to use it on. Thanks for all the information that you pass on to us Lisa.

  9. carol Avatar

    I have an okay iron. It exists. I have three actually. Two full size; one mini one. My granddaughter spotted the mini. I may have to hide that one. Then I have several cast iron old ones. My husband borrowed two of them to crack hickory nuts this fall. I may be minus those also.

  10. Diane B Avatar
    Diane B

    I have the steam station. I bought it after viewing your utube video of your favorite notions (actually bought lots of items after watching that! LOL!) I LOVE my steam station. I have it at home. I recently started a longarm business and would love to have one of these at my studio to iron backings. They cost a little more than regular irons but VERY WELL worth it.

  11. Quilting In The Country Avatar

    My iron mostly gets the job done, but the extra blast of steam button seems to be wearing out. It is a Panasonic from Costco. After going through 3 Rowentas that all eventually started leaking (Using bottled spring water, not distilled) I finally went for cheap. Cheap is what I got, but at least it does not leak.

  12. Sharon Ulrich Avatar
    Sharon Ulrich

    This iron looks amazing! I gave up on the expensive brands as they were unreliable and now just use the cheapo ones which are pretty much disposible. I’d love to win this one!

  13. Cheryl Avatar

    I have an Oliso iron. I really like it but now after reading about yours I think (I know) am jealous. I have used SAS2 lite ever since I took your class at our guild in Yuba City, CA a few years back ok maybe 4-6 years ago.
    Your a wonderful teacher and thank you for all your tips and tricks.

  14. Stacy McDaniel Avatar
    Stacy McDaniel

    I have a Rowenta that I love, and always use distilled water. Tap water makes it spit. But, with my backlog of wool projects I would love a steaming station! Enjoy your party!!


  15. Sharon Avatar

    I just have an old GE iron that I am not happy with. The steam feature doesn’t even work anymore but it seems to do the job well enough.

  16. lbosma Avatar

    Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a grand time at the Warehouse Party. Yes, Lite Steam a Seam 2 Fusible. For new users I often suggest they dampen a press cloth just short of dripping and then instruct to press til dry. This simulates the time and amount of steam necessary. I love the Steam generating iron! We have one in our Comfort Quilters Charity Quilting space at Evergreen Church Peachtree City. We have an Ironing Diva, Ms. Dorothy who presses for us 3 straight hours a week and has been in this Volunteer position for 10 years! I would love to win a Steam Generating Iron for my Studio.

  17. BJ Avatar

    SAS2 is my favorite fusible! I bought mine a few years ago on a roll of maybe 200 yards. I couldn’t do McKenna Ryan quilts without it. I’m just getting into wool appliqué, so thanks for the tips about how not to gunk up needles. I currently have an Oliso iron, which I love for cotton, but I do feel it’s missing a little oomph when working with wool. The steam station sounds great but it’s definitely an investment, so I’ll see how much wool work I do over the next few months before I just jump in.

  18. Pris Phillips Avatar
    Pris Phillips

    I actually have a rather cheap iron from Costco but I’ve purchased the same iron three times over the past number of years. The first one bit the dust after many years of use. I now have two in use… one for downstairs, and one for my sewing studio upstairs. I like it because it steams well… but from your description, I bet it wouldn’t hold a candle to this one you’re recommending!! I want to try the SAS2 for appliqué! Thanks for the recommendation!

  19. Shirley Avatar

    Have used the fusible web, a great product. My iron is a Rowena, has great steam, but shuts off automatically, which is a pain. The iron you are using sounds great for steam and pressing.

  20. Joan Avatar

    Wow! Being a “collector” of irons, I believe I have or have had one of each except this one (the Cadillac of irons). I have an Oliso, more than one Rowentas, a travel iron and probably one of each iron ever made. It would be pure joy to have one of these. Sad part is, the last one I bought, a Reliable, is a good one but cost half of this one and I should have just gone ahead and sprung for the Cadillac. Merry Christmas everyone.

  21. Cherri Kincaid Avatar

    I actually am in desperate need of a new iron. I love the steam stations. Just like you I hate having to constantly add water. I just killed the DeLonghi that a friend passed down to me. I have been researching irons. I am going to check out this one. I had a Rowenta steam station years ago and loved it. It would be very nice if I won one! Thanks for the opportunity.

  22. Barb Onnen Avatar
    Barb Onnen

    Love SAS2 lite. Use it all the time. My iron is another story! I mostly use steam – on wool setting – and my iron(s) last only a couple of years. I have been buying cheap, cheap ones at Menards for $ 10 – $15 since my “good” one died about 10 years ago. Also have a couple of smaller “travel” irons for classes. Would love an iron at home with lots of steam without constant water refills.

  23. A M Avatar
    A M

    I’ve tried the Euro iron without much success. The iron I currently have doesn’t seem to get quite hot enough. It has an auto shut off and seems to turn off just when I need it😕 looking forward to my new iron👍

  24. Tamara Avatar

    SAS2 lite is my favorite! I love the description of the iron but I’ll have to save my woolen pennies and put it on next year’s Santa-buy-me-this list! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  25. Marsha Avatar

    I am definitely saving my pennies for that steam station. It looks phenomenal. I agree on the SAS2 lite. I never use anything else.

  26. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    My iron is a Panasonic and I have bought several of them over the years. I have tried many different brands over the years from cheap ones to expensive ones but I seem to be an iron slayer. I just buy the relatively inexpensive ones now.

  27. Brenda Capps Avatar
    Brenda Capps

    I live SAS2! Don’t use any wool, yet,but it does sew better after leaving set awhile. Ive been using it for my Blockheads blks, and since I have 4 sets going, that works out great. Happy Holidays to you all! Have a couple of irons, I used to have them hit the floor, so havent bought a quality one in years. Much better organized, and dogs stay clear of ironing board now. It would probly be in Heaven with a good steam iron, and never come down!

  28. Debbie Bradley Avatar
    Debbie Bradley

    I have an old black and decker iron that has seen better days. I didn’t have a lot of money at the time to get a fancy one, but had to have an auto-turn off for my peace of mind. It is still a trouper and keeps going.

  29. Marsha Avatar

    Forgot to say I have a Panasonic iron which works, nuff said.

  30. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    Love, love, love SAS 2 lite for all my wool work!! It’s all I’ve ever used because I follow your tips and instructions as your patterns made me fall in love with wool appliqué. I have a Rowena with lots of small holes for steam, but not the steam station. I’d love to try it some day!
    Thanks for all you do!

  31. P mckenna Avatar
    P mckenna

    I have an olisio pro which is ok but does not have As much steam as I would like. But I absolutely love and adore SAS2. That stuff is a winner.

  32. Elaine Avatar

    I too love SAS2 lite and have been using it for years. I was very sad when there was a disruption in production a few years ago and was so happy when it came back, new and improved. I’m on my third iron this year! I was wondering if it’s a ‘quilter’ thing because our irons are on so much. Just a thought. Anyway, the steam iron sounds like a dream. Would love it!

  33. Wendy Polsson Avatar
    Wendy Polsson

    I have a trusty T-Fal iron that I love. Love Steam A Steam 2 – thanks for the tip to really press and wait to avoid the sticky needle.

  34. Debbie Goad Avatar
    Debbie Goad

    I use SAS for my wool appliqué and I love it. The iron I have is old. The plate has holes all over the plate and I get tons of steam. I love pressing with steam. When it dies, I will be researching all options with hopes of being happy with my choice.

  35. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I have a Rowenta and I love it! However this iron looks like it would be fabulous!! I wouldn’t have to fill it so often and the no shut off is great for when you’re sewing all day and have to keep waiting for the iron to heat back up!! Enjoy your party today …Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks for all your hard and creative work 🎄

  36. Sandi Avatar

    I did have a dream iron at one point when they first came out, used it for about ten years, after several Rowentas I now use my pink Osilio , I love it.

  37. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I would love to win a new iron. I am currently using a black and decker that is a few years old and does not heat up as it used to. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  38. Donna Widerquist Avatar
    Donna Widerquist

    I have an Oliso which I just got. So far so good. The last iron was a Rowenta. It works great as a dry iron, but started leaking when using steam.

  39. Loris Mills Avatar

    I use a cordless Panasonic dry along with a spray bottle of water. I would love to try out this steam generator. Thank you for all the information and tips! Merry Christmas!

  40. Joni Avatar

    I bought the steam iron a few years ago! I love it best purchase ever!!
    I’m a big fan of fusible have taken classes where they staple- not for me!!
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  41. Lori Thomas Avatar
    Lori Thomas

    I have used steam a seam 2 lite many times and it works great. Since you have told us about lots of steam I have not had the sticky needle problem. Thanks Lisa! As for the iron I use it is a sunbeam, yuk doesn’t work very well. When you get a new iron it seams to heat up well and then it goes down hill fast. Never gets hot enough or steam as well. Some day I will get one of these wonderful irons. Maybe next year hopefully. Enjoy the holidays everybody🎅

  42. Deborah Avatar

    I Love Steam 2 Steam. I have an Olisio Iron – the pink one. My problem is that this is my second one. As much as I love it – it starts leaking after a year. I keep telling my friends when they whine, their needle is gunking up that they haven’t pressed long enough.

  43. TJS Avatar

    Currently, I have a CHI steam iron and we have a love/hate relationship. Most days I love it, every now and then it spits and sputters at me so I hate it! I am so excited to try the Steam a Seam 2 lite with lots of steam. I love wool!
    Happy Holidays to everyone

  44. PK Binns Avatar
    PK Binns

    I have gone through several standard size Rowenta irons. My travel size one is the only one that still works great. This iron sounds incredible – who wouldn’t love to win one?

  45. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    I have a rowenta streamer that is a step down from the one you offer. I love it! Of all my irons, I love it the best! I also own a few Black and Decker travel irons that I take with me when we camp. They stopped making them and I love how hot they get, so I scoop em up when I see them at yard sales. Plus a regular something, down in the studio. After the whole thing with SAS2 not being available for a while, I always make sure I have plenty around. But there sure is not any such thing as too much! After all, I have a smaller crate filled with wool projects from our bi-annual trips to PG! Maybe 25? I’m a wee bit addicted to your wool kits 🙂

  46. Linda Anderson Avatar
    Linda Anderson

    Wow! This iron sounds like. Dream come true! I have a Rowena steam station that causes me so many problems. It spits and sputters every time I use it! I just use SAS lite for the first time and am loving it!

  47. Sarah Gray Avatar
    Sarah Gray

    I have a Black and Decker about 20 years old which still works great but yours sounds even better. Will have to start saving my pennies! Love Steam a Seam 2.

  48. birdlooker Avatar

    My iron is a Sunbeam. When I first started using it, the starch I was using caused the silver colored coating on it to bubble up and peel off in spots. So the iron looks terrible, but it soldiers on. I would love to graduate to the Steam Station! Maybe Santa is listening. 😊

  49. sue Knill Avatar
    sue Knill

    I have a oliso iron like how I do not have to stand it up I had a rowenta but it started leaking. Love using sas lite for my wool .

  50. birdlooker Avatar

    My iron is a Sunbeam. When I first started using it, the starch I was using caused the silver colored coating on it to bubble up and peel off in spots. So the iron looks terrible, but it soldiers on. I would love to graduate to this Steam Station. Maybe Santa is listening. 😊

  51. Lj Avatar

    My iron is old (you do not want to know how old- think wedding bells) and gets good and hot but is iffy on the steam situation. Been looking for a new one but decisions decisions!

  52. Kim F Avatar
    Kim F

    I have used SASlite for several years. I love it for all applications. I do find it doesn’t always hold my wool down but after your post I am sure it is my iron. I have a Rowenta now but it is a disaster. Soon after I purchased it the steam button quit. I have had several Rowentas and the last two have just not been worth the cost. Wish I had heard about the steam station. If I don’t win I will have to start saving.

  53. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I love my steam generating iron, and I use lots of SASw lite.

  54. Ann Post Avatar
    Ann Post

    I have several rowentas. The one I like the most has lots of holes. It is not nearly as nice as the one you have. Maybe someday Santa will bring that one to me. SAS2 is the BEST. I use it all the time.

  55. Alberta Bailie Avatar
    Alberta Bailie

    You are so right on about the iron!! I could not sew—or even iron clothes without it. It is an invesrment— but so worth it. If you choose to wash fabric – it gets the wrinkles out without much effort. I love love love it!! I never lose applique pieces. I also love the fusible!! Love wool applique!

  56. Karen Avatar

    My iron is an inexpensive one…….it works okay…..the steam station sounds amazing!! I wonder if Santa would bring me one?? Hopefully I’m one the nice list!! Have a great time at the warehouse party!! Merry Christmas to all of them!!

  57. Carol Garner Avatar
    Carol Garner

    I have a Rowenta, it does fairly well, I’m sure one of these would make my wool appliqué projects go so much smoother. Merry Christmas!

  58. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I have a black and decker iron which works okay, but I don’t love it. Have fun at the Christmas party.

  59. Mary Durham Avatar
    Mary Durham

    I have a smallish Black and Decker iron that is probably 20 to 25 years old. It does a good job. I never use water in it, just in a spray bottle.

  60. Linda Davis Avatar
    Linda Davis

    I seem to go through irons quite often, and they do not produce enough steam. So I supplement with a wet press cloth. I do use and like s a s ll lite and very much like how it works for me. I have been shopping for some more on a roll, guess I now know where to order. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Linda Davis

  61. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    I will be happy to share my iron story with you. When I started this quilting journey back in 1999 I purchased a Rowenta iron. At the time I thought it was pricey, but I loved it. Five years ago, it died and I purchased a Euro-Steam iron at quilt show for $200. I have seen it at a couple of shows and decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. It didn’t last 2 years. I was incredibly disappointed and their customer service stinks. Desperate for an iron, I purchased Shark for $38.97 at Walmart and I LOVE it. I used the iron you’re talking about at the OBX retreat and loved it – as did many of the girls using it and quite a few owned one. I’m hesitant to purchase another – what I consider expensive – iron. I’m going to think about it:)

  62. Cheryl Harrod Avatar
    Cheryl Harrod

    I love the SAS lite. It really works so much better than other products on the market. I have a n Olisio iron which doesn’t steam very well. The Steam station iron sounds heavenly. Maybe when I save enough I can get one. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  63. Rose Jeter Avatar
    Rose Jeter

    After my cat has knocked every iron I have ever owned cheap and expensive off my ironing board at least once, I have decided until she meets her destiny I am stuck with the cheap irons, but one day I would love to own a great iron I don’t have to worry about. I will keep this in mind, thank you for sharing.

  64. Nicole Avatar

    I own “the” steam iron; bought from you a couple of needful years ago and I love it and would also not want to be without it. In fact, that’s the one thing I miss at quilt retreats is my steam iron. I also use SAS and love their products. Thanks for offering it and the tips for using.

  65. Barb K. Avatar
    Barb K.

    I have a medium regular steam iron, but this one looks great. Have not worked much with wool, but our son wants a wool “brick” quilt like an antique family quilt I own.

  66. Pattie Davidson Avatar
    Pattie Davidson

    I have a Reliable Iron Station that I bought in Paduka a few years ago at the quilt week. I Love it. I could not find the website where you told the brand of your iron. I would love to win the giveaway!!

  67. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    This iron sounds fabulous but it’s out of my price range. I had a Rowenta iron that I loved for the weight but as it has aged it spits and sputters. I bought a new iron at Target, a GE, it works fine. I am afraid to try the Steam a Seam 2. I know I just need to try it to see what I’m missing. I wish I could find a class.

  68. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    Lisa, you are right about the SAS2 being the best fusible on the market! I love the results and I can’t be without it. I’ve never used the steam station but I know i’m putting it on my list this year.

  69. Rebecca Avatar

    I agree…lots of steam holes for lots of steam!i dream about owning a steam station.

  70. Catherine Miklowski Avatar
    Catherine Miklowski

    I have never used steam a seam light. I have an older t-fal iron. It works ok, but not great. Before that I had a rowenta that always leaked. I hate the auto off feature that both of these irons had. I would love to win a new steam station iron. Wishing all of you a happy holiday.

  71. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    Oh my…that iron would be the best! Definitely something on my wish list!, I currently use a Rowenta and when I use a different brand, I get frustrated! I would love to win this!! SAS2 is my new favorite fusible…thanks to Lisa! Happy Holidays!

  72. Kary Heck Avatar
    Kary Heck

    I have an osilo iron and love that it can be left down and not have to worry about burning the house down.

  73. Cindy Golding Avatar
    Cindy Golding

    Merry Christmas 🎄. I am not in love with my Panasonic chordless iron. And I usually do not use steam. That is a quite the ironing system. I do use steamaseam 2 with good success. If you are reading this —- thank you for the charm pack as a thank you gift for participating in your mini quilt contest. I love it 😍🎄🎄

  74. Audrea Constancio Avatar
    Audrea Constancio

    I have a DG8520 is this the same or newer model?

  75. Judith Avatar

    i just got an Oliso. Hope I like it!

  76. Sharon K Avatar
    Sharon K

    I bought one of these irons because of I class I took with you. Love it. Also use the steam a seam you suggested. Works great. Thanks for all your tips and trick. Merry Christmas

  77. Carmen N. Avatar
    Carmen N.

    I currently have a Rowenta that has pretty good steam but is very heavy. I had thought about getting a Panosonic 360 but after reading some of the comments about it I’m not so sure. I’ll check out your favorite. Also thanks for the hint of steaming the SAS2, should solve my problems of the gummy needle.

  78. donnalevesque Avatar

    My iron is about 15byrs old and steams out crap every now and then without warning me. A new iron is on my list for Christmas but I want to pick it out, not hubby.

  79. Esther Avatar

    Merry Christmas! Have so enjoyed your daily needful things emails. This iron sounds wonderful … have put it on my wish list. Currently, I have a Rowenta; its probably the better iron of all that I have owned over the years. It’s not perfect but works for now. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this perfect iron! Thank you!

  80. Michelle Avatar

    Love using SAS2 for all my wool projects. The “sticky” feature is great for all those little pieces, stems and layered parts. I have used the “steam stations” that are set up for classes at the shop and the studio. Ideal for working with wool. We use a Shark for all are wool appliqué.

  81. Lisa Lehmann Avatar
    Lisa Lehmann

    I have a Rowenta. Don’t love it but don’t hate it either. Don’t know where I’ve been but never heard of a Steam Station before. Definitely has the Wow factor and want to search out the UTube video on it.

  82. Diane Avatar

    I have the Rowena steam station – on my second one as I do ALOT of wool stuff!!! But I trust you and would LOVE LOVE LOVE your steam iron – mine is seeing its last hurrah!!!! I’ve not tried SAS 2 but must — what a fun day of featured products!!!! You choose the BEST things to share with us. – I’d love to win!

  83. sandy Lowery Avatar
    sandy Lowery

    I just use a regular Black & Decker iron, I’ve never used anything different so don’t know the difference.

  84. Pam Avatar

    I have a Rowenta and it works ok for me.

  85. Janet Dickson Avatar
    Janet Dickson

    Now that iron sounds like the way to go. When I want steam I want a lot and regular irons just don’t do it. I do use SAS2 and it’s wonderful.

  86. Audrea Constancio Avatar
    Audrea Constancio

    I have wanted one of these for a very long time and one day i will get one.

  87. Jackie Avatar

    OMG I would love an iron like this, I have been looking at them. Mine just broke! The SAS fuse paper is the best, will be ordering that for sure. Thanks Lisa. You are the best!

  88. Patti Avatar

    I was hoping you would review your iron. My iron is old and the steam no longer works. Hoping I get a new iron for Christmas.

  89. Pat McMullin Avatar
    Pat McMullin

    I’m afraid my iron is nothing to brag about and I do agree that SAS2 lite is my go to for appliqué.

  90. Charlotte Avatar

    I own a Rowenta but it is getting old and finicky – kind of like me!!! I have been using SAS2 on my wool projects and I think it is a good product.

    Hope you are having fun at the WH party.

  91. Jackie Roisler Avatar
    Jackie Roisler

    When I worked at my now shuttered Hancock Fabrics store I fell in love with the Rowenta Professional steam iron I was to demo to the public, bought it. Now ten years later I still love it. But I do not have the steam vents as you recommend for working with wool.
    Thusly, drooling here in NC.

  92. mary h Avatar
    mary h

    I have an inexpensive steam iron but the little guy I keep on a small ironing board beside my machine is a little Steamfast travel iron, I really like it. I used to use Rowenta steam irons but every one I had started spitting and leaking so I have quit buying them. The steam station looks awesome. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you would comment in one of your posts about how you get stains off your iron. My gets brown marks from steam a seam and starch. I use iron cleaner but it doesn’t get it all off.

  93. Chris Avatar

    I use the SAS2 lite and have no problem with it, probably because I don’t get to stitching until days after it’s fused on the wool! As for irons, I have tried several. Right now I have a Shark Pro and really like it. Lots of steam vents. But I did use the steam station in a class and it’s great. I would buy one if I could afford it!

  94. Tami Avatar

    I wish you were closer so I could try this fantastic iron! I have a black and decker and I love it so much more than my old rowenta!

  95. usairdoll Avatar

    WoW! That iron looks amazing! Actually my iron just died and I need to get a new one, soon! I love SAS2 too!

    Thanks for all the awesome giveaways!!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  96. Kathryn Casavant Avatar
    Kathryn Casavant

    I use your SAS2 love it. I just use a cheep iron that stays on.

  97. Martha Campbell Avatar
    Martha Campbell

    I love my Rowenta. After hearing you at a workshop here in Georgia , I bought the model with lots of vents on the bottom. What a great tip – I had never paid any attention to the bottom of the iron!

  98. Susan Haneline Avatar
    Susan Haneline

    I ‘had’ a poor little Black & Decker iron that spit, spat, and spewed all over my quilt blocks, I was just sick as the water spots were horribly discolored. I’m now without an iron while I do research on what would be the perfect steam iron. This steam iron station sounds wonderful!
    Dear Santa,
    All I would really like for Christmas is the perfect steam ironing station! (Pleeease Santa!)

  99. Melanie Avatar

    I love Steam a Seam 2, and use it exclusively. I would love to get the steam station, but it’s not in the budget. I have burned up several irons with the wool I’ve been doing trying to get the steam needed. Maybe next year Santa will deliver! Marry Christmas

  100. Glenda Hollander Avatar
    Glenda Hollander

    OMG! I would absolutely love to have this iron.
    I’m using a regular iron and it is ok, but I can never get all the wrinkles out of my fabrics. I’m starting a new BOM wool project next month. I’d love to have it for that project, but will need to save up a lot more my pennies. Thanks for the input I’m going to save this for future reference.

  101. Kristy Avatar

    I have a Rowenta and I thought I was happy with it…but after seeing yours, I am not so sure. I need to get to your place and try it out in person. I have loved Lite SAS2 for years…nothing really does the job as well as it does. Hoping you had another great day with your little man…we had three of ours here today. Merry Christmas

  102. Colleen Freeman Avatar
    Colleen Freeman

    I have a Rowenta now. So far these are the only irons that have held up to my heavy use. I steam everything, especially wool. If I was lucky enough to be the winner, the steam station would have a good home in my sewing room!

  103. WEndy Hembree Avatar
    WEndy Hembree

    I have a Rowenta also. Every year, I see this and think, ooooh I hope next yr I will have the money to get one. Please keep putting them up for Christmas like you do. some year I hope to get one. thank you LIsa for thinking of us and giving us the opportunity. I am a new designer and featured in Winter 2017 Simply vintage. Could really use the steam station. I already use the SAS lite. Wendy Hembree, Gingerfolk Designs

  104. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I’ve used Rowena irons for years and I think the water ruins them if you’re not super careful with them. The older models lasted a lot longer than the the last one I had so now I just use a cheaper model and won’t feel bad when it dies! I bet it will last as long as my last Rowenta! So, do you think I need this steam station? Sounds like it! It will go great in my remodeled sewing room along with that wool mat to iron on!

  105. Emma Limber Avatar
    Emma Limber

    I use a Laura Star 5S. She puts out the steam and has an amazing ironing board with a fan to cool your items. I’ve had her for some time now, so, that is to say, I will be looking for a new ironing system in the near future.

  106. Ruth Ann Avatar
    Ruth Ann

    I always use SAS2Lite for wool appliqué and I love it. I can not imagine doing wool appliqué with out it. I have a rowenta iron with lots of steam holes, but not a steam machine. I would love to try the steam station iron and then wool appliqué after using it to fuse down the wool. I do think my needle is gummy a lot. Thanks for the sale!

  107. Jan Avatar

    When we were cleaning out my parent’s house my husband was so excited because he found a new iron as the one we had would not steam anymore. So it’s an Oreck that we meaning me use now. But it’s heavy & I can only do about 6 shirts or items before I need to rest as I am right handed & my right arm has lymphoma. Did you mention how heavy your favorite iron is?

  108. Pat sparks Avatar
    Pat sparks

    I have that iron and I Only use it for my wool lots of steam and not heavy. I really like the results it gives.

  109. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    I have a Rowenta iron and have been pleased with that compared to others I have owned in the past, but have always wanted a steam station!

  110. Beth Talmage Avatar
    Beth Talmage

    I have an Oliso which was dropped on the floor, which then cracked, so it no longer steams, which necessitates the use of a squirt bottle in tandem with the iron itself.

  111. Holly Field Avatar
    Holly Field

    My sister has had this steam generator for years & its amazing. I need a light iron due to nerve problems and dropping irons. Right now I use the lightest iron Walmart carries. Its ok for piecing, but when ironing a top or backing I go visit my sister. She specializes in heirloom baby wear and also loves the steam generator. I’d love to win one! I’ve been saving wool for years, waiting to use it for quilts…… and a good light iron. We both use SAS2 for everything. Merry Christmas!

  112. Karen Avatar

    Thank you for all the steaming on wool tips. I love always having a wool project going. The tips will be helpful.
    I have a Rowena steam iron. I do really like it. It’s a bit heavier than my previous one but not to bad. It really has some steam. I didn’t realize how big a different that would make but boy it sure does. It has lots of holes for the distribution of the steam too. Does need to have a drink if water often when power ironing.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  113. Robin Crittenden Avatar
    Robin Crittenden

    I have a Rowena iron that has been very good. I use Steam a Seam products and they work great.

  114. Teresa Woodall Avatar
    Teresa Woodall

    Thank you for introducing me to SAS2 and that wonderful steam iron of yours at Paducah I the fall! You are a great teacher who always shares your knowledge of your craft freely and have so my creativity! Thanks so much for your generosity! I am presently using a TFal ceramic plate iron–no comparison to yours!

  115. Dee Johnson Avatar
    Dee Johnson

    I have a Rowenta steam generator and have trouble with it spitting and sputtering, I would love this iron, and steam a seam lite.

  116. Dee Avatar

    Edit, I should have said mine is a very old model, but I loved it when it was steaming properly.

  117. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    I have a Rowenta and it works well, but there are times when I want more steam and I agree with you filling it with water all the time is a pain. I use Steam a Seam 2 all the time and I love it. Love your needful things!

  118. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    I have a Rowenta and it has a lot of tiny holes which I think works pretty good. Much better than the Maytag one I had. But it is getting old and starting to leak so a new one would be great. I also like using steam a seam for my fusing. I tried other brands but they just don’t work as well as it.

  119. lynn jarzombeck Avatar
    lynn jarzombeck

    Me too, a Rowenta, just the basic one with a good point. Thanks for the wool fusible tips, always good to have reminders. Happy holidays!

  120. Pam Uhan Avatar
    Pam Uhan

    I have a Rowenta that I have had for years. Still works well but would love this steam station. I use SAS2 light for all my wool and love it. Never have a problem with gumming up the needle.

  121. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    I have the Rowanta with all the steam holes, but you do have to add water a lot. This iron you are showing gets the job done right from what I read and see in your post!

  122. Ruth Ann Hunter Avatar
    Ruth Ann Hunter

    My iron is a Sunbeam iron for my dry ironing. I don’t really have an iron that does good steaming. I would love to be able to have your steam station. I do use SAS2 for all my fusing and I like it. Thanks for all your great info and dedicated work for us.

  123. Cary A. Avatar
    Cary A.

    I have a Oliso Pro. Love this iron, but have to clean the sole plate all the time when I applique. The Rowenta Pro Steam Station would make more steam and I wouldn’t have to fill and empty it all the time based on what I’m ironing. I also use Steam-A-Seam for crafting & applique.

  124. Annie Davis Avatar

    I used to have a Rowenta that looks like your, but I had trouble with it spitting water. I now own an Oliso Pro. I do like it, but I have trouble getting my wool appliqués to adhere. just like you talked about. I use SAS and love it, but I always pin everything in place, in case some pieces get away from me. I’d love to try your iron!

  125. Suzanne Matula Avatar
    Suzanne Matula

    Alas, I do not have a quality iron. I seem to go through them like chocolate, so I just buy whatever and wait for it to die before I get the next. I used to have my grandmother’s old iron, and that one I loved until I could see sparks from the inside of the iron and decided it was time to let it go. Since then, I have not been happy with any iron.

  126. Margaret Mossing Avatar
    Margaret Mossing

    I have a Rowenta iron that i thought worked well. But your steam iron station sounds above and beyond. I love doing wool applique’ and this would definitely help me perfect my wool projects. i use SAS2 and think that it is the best. Thanks for the tips on using the steam and fusing.

  127. Connie S Thompson Avatar
    Connie S Thompson

    I recently bought the Eurosteam iron…the BEST for any fabric type but t especially for wool applique:
    This is NOT really an iron. It’s a steamer. It shoots over 60 pounds of steam pressure and is capable of ironing through multiple layers of fabric.
    It operates at one (LOW) temperature only and you can apply it directly to your knit and crochet work. Whether it is silk or cotton or wool or linen – no need to change the setting or fear that you will damage your project. Just press the button and steam your stitches into beautiful, uniform loveliness.

  128. Kristi Avatar

    I have a shark brand iron but it’s dying so I need a new one!

  129. Dede Avatar

    I’m embarrassed to tell about my iron. It’s from family dollar, years ago when I didn’t know any would be better than another. I do like how it works, considering it’s 9.99 price. I also have the smaller travel iron that was on sale here a few years ago, both work well.

  130. Theresa Avatar

    I have a Sunbeam from Target. It’s only my second one! I have tried some of the great irons out there, but have yet to find one I love!

  131. LoriL Avatar

    I am a Rowenta lover. I would love to stop in an see a demo at your store for the steamer. Thanks for the tips on using SAS2.

  132. Joni M. Avatar
    Joni M.

    I am on my second Rowenta, about 13 years or so. I do a lot of wool, it has been a good iron, but does go thru the water and is starting to leak, the steam function is also temperamental. I have had two steam irons, one from a quilt show in Des Moines that didn’t last and was disappointing. I also have a mini iron and two other cheaper irons for travel. I thought about purchasing this steam station last year, but definitely going to this year. Thanks for all your in depth descriptions and tips! Love so many of your patterns and work, you are a talented lady!

  133. Linda Cejnar Avatar
    Linda Cejnar

    I have a yellow Oliso that I always use dry for cotton. I starch my cotton, so the fabric itself is not dry, but the iron is. I’ve used SASL for a couple of applique items, but don’t applique very much. I would love to win. Merry Christmas!

  134. Heather G Avatar
    Heather G

    I have a Rowenta I use as a dry iron (it leaks sometimes) and a new Oliso that I haven’t even tried yet. I also LOVE SAS2 for wool and raw edge applique!

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