2017 Needful Things…Day 3

Day 3…Tattoo Elementz…these are so much fun!!!

What??? I know maybe you have a tattoo…maybe your put off by them…BUT…what about one for your sewing machine??? You know to make a even prettier than it already is?  I admit I had so much fun tattoing my machine…I might have even got a little carried away and did the foot pedal…

Decorative contour cut decals (the same type that go on your car/motorcycle/bicycle) for sewing machines, long-arms, electronics and more!
These rub-on decals are available on either a clear (for white or light color items) vinyl background.

SIZE: Multiple Sizes on an 8.5 inch x 11 inch sheet.  Tattoos are removable, but that are not reusable.  When you are ready for a new design just peel them off, clean the area and you are ready to place on a new tattoo.  

Here are the options we have available…

Regular price then would be $22.50

Sale Price: 16.88 (25% off) the sale price will show up in your at the end of your order.

  • Indigo
  • Dragonfly-bliss.
  • Asters
  • Wave-on-wave-ocean.
  • Oodles-of-doodles-fire
  • Sunset
  • Peacock
I can’t wait to apply them to my long-arm…and IF you are ordering for your long arm…I might order two of the same…as I used the whole sheet on my domestic machine…
 Click HERE to go and order!!!
I apologize in advance if real tattoo’s offend you…or  you have religious reasons or such I understand…you can skip this next question…or tell the reason…but be careful not to offend those of us who do. 
So while we are all thinking of what tattoo would look good on our machines….Let’s fess up…how many of us have tattoos?  Tell us all about them…If you do not tell us why???
I’ll go first…but I never intended to have a tattoo… didn’t get my first until I was 32….but sometimes things happen in life and you need a way to capture that event or honor it and never forget it….
My first is of a sunflower on my back left shoulder-my favorite flower…the next is the Chinese symbol for Eternity- on my left ankle- Nick and I have the same one, same place…then there is the eternity symbol/anchor/heart and cross on my inner left inner forearm…for Lance.
We will give a couple of the tattoo elementz away…so have fun with this one…and I am not responsible if you order one for every machine you own!!! Cause most of you have more than one I know!!





83 responses to “2017 Needful Things…Day 3”

  1. Debbie Goad Avatar
    Debbie Goad

    Ooh, these are cute! I don’t have a tattoo, just never wanted one. I don’t have a problem with people who have them, it’s their choice. If we were all the same, it would be a pretty boring world. I could have fun putting these on my machine. I am sure it wouldn’t mind!

  2. Marie Beers Avatar
    Marie Beers

    No tattoo for me, too scared of needles. But for my machine, that’s a different story, would love to have a few.

  3. PK Binns Avatar
    PK Binns

    Never thought to put decals on my machine, but I Love these! I have a couple old machines that need some “dressing up”. I don’t have any tattoos, and no plans on changing that. But to each their own, our differences make us more interesting.

  4. Leanne Mal Avatar
    Leanne Mal

    No, I don’t have any tattoos. I can’t think of anything I want that will live on me forever and I really don’t like needles. I do however like listening to the stories that go along with the tattoos…yes I am that person that asks the meaning of a tattoo even to strangers 🙂

  5. Barbara Avatar

    I am 60+ and just got my first tat two years ago. It is a thimble, needle and thread on the top of my right foot. Chose that location so that I could look at it and enjoy it, but it’s a more painful site than some. That’s okay – I didn’t cry! I like the idea of tats for my sewing machine, cut I would have to have scattered thimbles or threaded needles…or thinking outside the box – Scottie dogs – my next favorite thing 🙂

  6. Beth Talmage Avatar
    Beth Talmage

    I don’t have any tattoos, but I appreciate the sentiments behind the tattoos I see on others, and always try to inquire about the back story, if it seems the person is willing to share. I’ve heard some lovely stories.

  7. Jeannie N Avatar
    Jeannie N

    I have 2. My first tat is a whooping 1 in. Yes you read that right, it is one inch. it is a tiny vine with a heart in the middle. It was my ‘tester’ tattoo as I didn’t know if it would hurt. Since then, I have another on my left outer thigh with the Lady and the Tramp. I’m getting a 3rd in 2018 to honor my mom and dad with my siblings.

  8. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    I am sure my machines would love these even though I have never had the nerve to get an artistic tattoo do have 3 little ones for placement of radiation when I had concer treatment…..not quite the same but something to remember.

  9. Rebecca Hoffmann Avatar
    Rebecca Hoffmann

    No tat for me, never had a desire for one plus I hate needles- yikes!

  10. Victoria Iannucci Avatar
    Victoria Iannucci

    Is the Jimi you are selling?

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  11. Charlotte Avatar

    I don’t have any tattoos but both my adult children do. I think there are tasteful tattoos and those other ones.
    My sewing machine is of a more modern age than I am so she would probably like a tattoo. 🙂

  12. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts Avatar

    I love the idea of decorating a sewing machine! As far as personal tattoos~ I’m a huge chicken!

  13. moosebaymusings Avatar

    I don’t have any tattoos–if I ever commit a crime, I don’t want have any identifying marks!

  14. Jackie Moore Avatar
    Jackie Moore

    I got my first tattoo at age 63….5 stars on the top of my foot….one for each grandchild ❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  15. Barb Onnen Avatar
    Barb Onnen

    Love these machine tatoos! Personally, I don’t have one – on my body. I have been thinking of a butterfly on my ankle. Is age 71 too old for one? I would like a butterfly because I had one put on our headstone when my husband died 26 years ago, My son has his fathers name down the outside of his right leg – his dad died while he was in Marine boot camp. Something about being in the military prompts guys to get tatoos. My son-in-law has a baseball player hitting the ball on his back left shoulder area – he was in the navy. Should I get a tatoo?

    1. Pris Phillips Avatar
      Pris Phillips

      Yes!!! Go for it!!! 71 is not too old!!! A butterfly on your ankle would be lovely! But be forewarned… a tatoo done where there is bone is more painful than if you did a more fleshy spot, like a shoulder. I have a small free form heart on my right ankle. Very painful!! Very. (And I had 3 natural childbirth deliveries!) But I’ve never been sorry I did it! The tatoo, I mean. (Childbirth? I’d go for drugs in a heartbeat! Haha!) I’m 61 by the way. Merry Christmas! Pris from Idaho

  16. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    I love the machine tattoos……didn’t know they existed. I have a peace sign sticker on one machine, but that’s it. As for real tattoos I don’t have any. I can’t say definitively that I never will……cuz never say never. I am not the least bit offended by them, nor do I judge anyone who has them. I’ve seen some that I would consider beautiful works of art. I do understand getting them to capture a moment in time, as that is what my daughter-in-law did after her Mom passed…..it is a sweet reminder:)

  17. Loretta Pederson Avatar
    Loretta Pederson

    I love the idea of tats for sewing machines!
    My first tayoo is of prairie grass, symbolizing my love for both native and ornamental grasses.
    My second is an infinity arrow a friend and I both got while we were vacationing in Alaska, to symbolize our eternal friendship.

  18. Kristy Avatar

    Tattoos on my machine would be so much fun. However, no tattoos on me. There are too many medical reasons that effect some of us. Like you can’t give blood for a period of time after the procedure….but what if my child needs it? I think I will stick with just the tattoos for my machines.

  19. Kay U McAllister Avatar
    Kay U McAllister

    No tatto’s for me. I wouldn’t mind putting one on my machine though.

  20. Caren Barber Avatar
    Caren Barber

    I don’t have tattoos (which is weird for being an old Marine) for two reasons. I scar very badly for one and I worked in a surgery clinic helping to take off old ones – yuck no thanks after doing that. But, I’m not against having them. Some are really beautiful works of art.

  21. Sarah Paladino Avatar
    Sarah Paladino

    I don’t have a tatoo or even pierced ears. I just don’t want one. But, I can understand people who do. I would LOVE to jazz up my Juki though!!!!! These are great!!

  22. see mary quilt Avatar
    see mary quilt

    No tattoos for me – just personal choice on my part – but love the idea of dressing up my machine.

  23. carol Avatar

    I don’t have a tattoo. I always have heard people tell me they have changed and no longer like the one(s) they have. Not my reason. I just hate pain. I don’t like infections and I get infections from even a bug bite. I have seen really beautiful tattoos.

    I love the ones on the woman on TV with black hair; her tattoos are awesome.

  24. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I do not have any tattoos and I am not opposed to them either. I think tattoos are a form of artistic self expression, beautiful, and intriguing. I suppose the opportunity never arose combined with the concern that as I aged my beautiful artwork would sag or morph, lol, I’m such a control freak. I understand the need to honor and commemorate events and do so myself in many different ways. Hugs, Jakey

  25. Diane Hinton Avatar

    I have one little tattoo on my right hip of a sunshine face. Got it in Aruba with a friend of mine who also got one on her hip to remember our trip by. No plans to get anymore though. I think the tats for the sewing machine are just adorable!

  26. Jane Avatar

    I don’t have a tattoo…however, I do think about it. I no longer judge people with tattoos either. I am excited to get one for my machines.

  27. Audrey Bretz Avatar
    Audrey Bretz

    I always wanted to get a tattoo but never did. When I was younger the opportunity never arose. Now that I’m 63 (How did THAT happen!!) I think I’d rather spend it on quilting things! But I’d love some tattoos for my sewing machine!

  28. Debra Nelson Avatar
    Debra Nelson

    I have 4 tattoos that are radiation markers. I’ve thought seriously about gettiing something “real”, but can’t decide for sure what I want or where I want it. Everytime I think I have it figured out, I see something different and prettier and more colorful! Guess I need to figure this out as I’m not getting any younger! Love the idea of tattooing the sewing machine. That just may satisify my need for the time being!

  29. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    I just love tattoos. I have two small ones. The first one I got when I was in my late 30’s. It is a red maple leaf with a needle and thread going through it as if it is being appliqued on my inner ankle. The maple leaf is for Canada. My other one is on my wrist which is a dove flying with the breast cancer ribbon. I am a 3 1/2 year breast cancer survivor.

  30. Joanne Avatar

    No tattoo, but my son has many and my daughter has one. I hate needles (in my skin), so I will just enjoy theirs!

  31. Michelle Avatar

    I love this idea jazzing up my sewing machine. I’ve got three tattoos. A rose on my second toe instead of a toe ring. A fish on my ankle it’s little. Then I have a ladybug on my foot it reminds me of my mother. And all the girls in my family have one.

  32. quiltsintheattic Avatar

    I’m sorry this question has nothing to do with tattoos. But I bought a Juki machine an notion in Lisa’s pic she has clear monopoly threads attached can u give me the brand she uses an does she have to adjust tension. An does she use it in the bottom as well an if so is tension a issue
    Desperate to know needing to use a clear thread an need her input

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask looking forward to a response. Cherie. Quiltsintheattic1@yahoo.com

  33. Bev F Avatar
    Bev F

    Love these decals for the sewing machine! It would be fun to add them to my machine!
    No tattoos. No desire for one.

  34. Rita Nichols Avatar
    Rita Nichols

    Tatoos for the sewing machine are great! Personally I don’t have an interest in one for myself. My 3 daughters all got the same tatoo in the same spot on their feet, a sparrow that I must admit is cute. They call it their sister stamp.

  35. Sue knill Avatar
    Sue knill

    Tattoos are fun I think when get older however they are little saggy.

  36. Marcia Mahoney Avatar
    Marcia Mahoney

    My tatoo is on my left forearm. It is a red rose, inside a heart with a cross in remebrance of my parents.

  37. Cheryl Avatar

    I never got a tattoo because I was afraid it would get saggy or just lose its shape. But I will be buying one for my machine. They are just to darn cute. Won’t lose its shape either. Lol

  38. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    No tattoos for me, thank you. I have seen some really beautiful ones though that have made me think about getting one. At age 70, I do not want a long stemmed rose tattoo on my breast!! I think everything in moderation
    is a good thing. I’ve seen people with tattoos all over their body and that just doesn’t appeal to me at all. But, to each his own. I can certainly understand a tattoo that honors a loved one, like yours Lisa. I have a French General package label on the back of my Bernina, and I think my Juki needs a decal or two to stay up to date.

  39. Linda Cejnar Avatar
    Linda Cejnar

    I don’t have any tattoos. My youngest daughter has a large butterfly tattoo on her chest and a small tattoo on her forearm, both to commemorate and honor her 3 year old daughter that was murdered. I didn’t like them at first, but now they are just part of her. I don’t know what they’ll look like when she is my age, but they are very well done.

    1. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
      Carol Eberhardt

      Yes, I agree about the aging thing! My son’s friend had a buffalo tattooed on his bicep and I said, ” Hey, Kevin, just think, when you’re in the nursing home someday, and your buffalo shrinks with your shrinking bicep, you can pretend it’s a little gerbil!”

  40. Robin Gregg Avatar
    Robin Gregg

    Okay, I will tell you that I don’t have any tattoos yet… My daughter became a tattoo artist and has done very well. Her husband had to quit his job and they are in the process of opening their second studio. She said that she has quilts from me because that is my way to show her I love her She wants so bad to give me a tattoo as it is her artistic gift to me. So, I am planning and ankle bracelet one.

  41. Michelle Avatar

    What a great way to personalize/jazz up your machine. I do not have any tattoos. Often thought about getting one but never mustered up enough courage much less dicided what and where.

  42. needleminder Avatar

    I don’t have one due to a strong aversiion to needles,and pain! But if I did, they would be Small, and hidden, just because the designs I would choose would be extremely personally meaningful

  43. Vicki DuBose Avatar
    Vicki DuBose

    I have one tattoo. I got it in my 63rd Birthday. It is a semicolon with a pink flower on the inside of my left wrist. The semicolon is a symbol of hope for those suffering from mental illness. My youngest daughter and I shared the same birthday and she would have been 36 the day I turned 63. I thought it was an appropriate symbol to recognize a significant birthday and something that would make her giggle. Her favorite color was pink and she loved fresh flowers.
    PS. I love the tattoos for my sewing machine. I did take some rhinestones and pearls and glitz-out her green kitchen maid stand mixer!

  44. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    No tattoos, because needles…. oh my! Too chicken for that. But I have to say I’ve seen some cute ones. Love love love the peacock tattoos, and I think, hey no needles, I think my extremely useful Juki can now also be beautiful! Now, readers, if the Juki shows up on the 1st day of Christmas, beg Santa or treat yourself. You will not be sorry! And then you can tattoo her! I do not work for the shop, I live in New York and got my Juki last year, it arrived safe and sound all the way from wherever they are shipped, and I haven’t used my Bernina since!

  45. JudyJ Avatar

    I do not have any tattoos, but one of my machines might like some.

  46. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I should get a tatto on the top of my second and third toes as they are grown together. The proper term is syndactyly, meaning webbed digits. When I asked my husband what I should have tattooed on my toes he said ” a line”. So far I have no tat’s as I thought a line to separate my webbed toes would only look like I had dirt between my toes and not worth the pain! Love the machine tat’s!

  47. Pattie Davidson Avatar
    Pattie Davidson

    No tattoo’s for me I am 67 and probably would have had a butterfly when I was much younger but they were not the thing in my earlier days.I love the idea of one for my machine.

  48. Deborah K. Avatar
    Deborah K.

    No tattoos….but I appreciate others who do….honestly, i think it is an age thing. We were always taught that to work in a professional environment, you didn’t have tattoos or piercings, BUT that was when we wore dresses everyday! Now, everything is casual, and I admit I love it. I love wearing jeans everyday to the professional office I work in! Never 30 years ago would that have happened, but I would love to tattoo my machine….give it an update!

  49. Patti Avatar

    No tattoos for me. I always think of the fabric I could buy for the price of a tattoo and I guess this has stopped me. But.there are so many pretty ones. I like to hear the stories and meaning from those who have them. But I know my machine would like a tattoo, they look like fun.

  50. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    No tattoos for me. I don’t think I would ever be able to decide what to get. Plus….I wonder if I would get tired of it and not want it. I know….I’m probably over thinking it. Too bad I don’t over think quilting projects since I seem to always have too many started at once.

  51. Debbie Metzner Avatar
    Debbie Metzner

    I do have a tatoo-it’s a bee. Two reasons: 1-my name means Bee. 2-“experts” say bees should not be abe to fly, their body is too heavy for their wings. So, they do the impossible every single day! I have it on top of my right foot, so I can see it all the time. Would love tatoos for my machine. I really want to paint it, but this would be easier and quicker. 🙂

  52. Jan Avatar

    I have 3 blue dots that were radiation markers. Remember the 2 techs discussing who was the better tattooists as I laid there bare to my waist. Have seen some interesting tats & yes I will ask about the meaning or the why. Have seen some were I just do a mental head shake. Those toe tats sound interesting.

  53. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    No tattoos but more just because I’m a needle phobe 🙂 what others chose to do, is their business and I don’t feel anything against them. I’ve seen these tattoos for machines but had never seen one on a dsm. Just on longarms. They are kinda cute and kind of a way to make your machine specificly yours 🙂 Christmas is right around the corner niw! Merry, Merry to all!

  54. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    I have always thought about getting a tattoo but have never done it! Maybe one of these days I’ll get up the courage to get one!!

  55. Sally Avatar

    No tattoo for me. Definitely have thought about it, but can’t decide on a permanent design. Love these tattoos for the machine!

  56. Peggy Avatar

    No tattoo for me. But looks nice on something .

  57. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    Tattoos for your sewing machine, what a great way to decorate your machine.

  58. Sally Avatar

    Love these tattoos for the machine. I don’t have a tattoo, could never decide on a permanent design.

  59. Pris Phillips Avatar
    Pris Phillips

    I have a small heart tatooed on my right ankle. I thought about the idea for a whole year. I did it on the day I turned 50. (That was 11 years ago now.) I did it to 1) protest the number; and 2) to do something no one would EVER “expect Pris do!” My daughter took me to her guy in Seattle. So there I was standing outside The Lucky Devil Tatoo Parlor on Capitol Hill listening to my very conservative elderly folks sing me the Happy Birthday song… it was awesome! I’ve had so much fun with my little heart… I love to ask big burly guys about their “art work” then say… “ya wanna see mine?!” and when I show them the tiny heart on my ankle we both will laugh. It’s a really fun way to connect with people who are different from me… show them a bit of love and acceptance with no judgments. It’s really great! ❤️

  60. Pat McMullin Avatar
    Pat McMullin

    I have never had a tattoo and at this point I’m sure I never will but they sure look cute on your machine. It definitely gives it personality!

  61. sasonner@cox.net Avatar

    I tried to leave a comment on your blog today but it keeps getting kick out. Would love a chance to win prizes too.


  62. Sally Avatar

    Love these for the machine. No tattoo for me. Never been able to decide on a permanent design.

  63. Debbie Bradley Avatar
    Debbie Bradley

    No tats. If they ever perfect the diabetic tattoo that changes color if your sugar level is dangerous I’d get one of those.

  64. Shirley Avatar

    I love this item. I don’t have tattoos but would love one on my machines, notice I said machines. Great idea.

  65. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I love the tattoos although have always been tpoo scared to get one myself. This is the next best thing!!

  66. Mary Nielsen Avatar
    Mary Nielsen

    No tattoo is on my body … yet. I definitely want them for my machine(s). Sew cute!!

  67. mary h Avatar
    mary h

    I love the idea of machine decals-fun. No tattoos here.

  68. Dede Avatar

    I have a tattoo, for myself, no one else. I did it when my grandma passed away. I am not into sleeves or really big tattoos, but I do like commemorating an event

  69. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    Never have got a tattoo, but I think my sewing machine would like one.

  70. Suzette harris Avatar
    Suzette harris

    No tattoos for me. Just not my thing. I do admire them on others though.

  71. KarenD Avatar

    I’m laughing and smiling at the memory of my tattoo! Our quilt group was on our annual retreat in Lake Tahoe and one who was turning 50 wanted to get her first and so it started! 5 of the 7 quilters ended up with tattoos and the oldest one was 70 1/2 years old and it wasn’t her first! We had the BEST time with our artist Kat and created a memory book with all of us in the photo with her. It is a great story to explain to people that I got a tattoo on a Quilting Retreat! Quilters are bad ass!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      LOVE THIS!!!

  72. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    Love the idea of tatto’s for the machine! I have one tattoo myself…about 15 years ago! I’ve always wanted more, but feel I’m too ‘old’ for more now. 🙂

  73. Patty Archuleta Avatar
    Patty Archuleta

    Zero tattoos on this body. I’m afraid I won’t like it after they are done…… I have seen a few really bad ones and wonder if that is what they wanted.

  74. Pamela Kramer. Avatar
    Pamela Kramer.

    I have a pink ribbon for my sister who passed away. With vines and hearts all around my ankle. And angel wings for her. Flowers on my lower back. Butterflies on my other ankle. Too many people judge people with tattoos. I am a 58 year old grandmother who takes care of my autistic grandson 5 day a week. I love mine. They have meaning to me.

  75. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    Who would have thought that I would be sitting here at 4:30 in the morning, thinking about tatoos, and for my sewing machine to boot. How fun. I have never wanted a tatoo, but I am thinking maybe my machine might want one. A great way to start my Sat. How fun, thank you Lisa

  76. Sharon Nejedlo Avatar
    Sharon Nejedlo

    I don’t but consider getting one like my daughter-in-laws. Its of my grandsons heartbeat, which is different because he was born with HLHS, which essentially means that the left side of his heart doesn’t work at all. 2
    Surgeries after birth and one more to go probably next year when he is 3. He has my ❤️

  77. Ann Rennier Avatar
    Ann Rennier

    I have 1 dragonfly tattoo on my right shoulder blade. It was a 40th birthday gift from my husband. Reason? When I’m in the nursing home & i want to add a little surprise to the nursing staff!

  78. usairdoll Avatar

    Those sewing machine tattoos look awesome! I have two tattoos and didn’t get them till I was like 45. My son is serving in the USMC and of course has several tattoos. He encouraged me to get one as I had always secretly wanted one, so I got two! hehe. I have my daughter’s name, Shawna on my right inside forearm and my son’s name on my left inside forearm. I’d still like to get a medicine wheel and maybe a squirrel. What a great memory to remember!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  79. LoriL Avatar

    No tattoos for me. I prefer my art on my walls. You can do what you like. I would love to decorate my long arm with those cute designs though.

  80. Wendy Polsson Avatar
    Wendy Polsson

    LOL – what will they think of next. and no I don’t have any tattoos for me or my machine.

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