Moda Blockheads…Block 43

Today’s Block is from….Lynne from Kansas Troubles Quilters….Go HERE to get the directions for the block.

There are only a few more blocks!!!

This week’s question? How many quilts-projects did you make this year?  How many were for “work”?  How many were “just for fun”?

I have scrolled through my phone…and have come up with at least 28-quilt/ projects….they were all for work…they were all fun…but I do not get to stitch for “fun” or to just stitch because I want to make someone a quilt…I do not get to do that…maybe this year.  I did not count these Moda Blockheads or Triangle Gatherings….after all those are not completed…those will be counted for next year!!! Can’t wait to see all the quilts from these blocks!



9 responses to “Moda Blockheads…Block 43”

  1. Judy Donovan Avatar
    Judy Donovan

    I have lost track of how many quilts I made this year at least 5 or 6, plus several wall hangings for the LQS I work at. A pretty good balance if I need to make this and I want to make this!

  2. Gloria C Avatar
    Gloria C

    This year I made at least 25 quilts this year. Most of these were small quilts. I also learned to paper piece this year and I love the technique. As a matter of fact, I hope to find more paper piecing patterns in the new year!

  3. Joan R Avatar
    Joan R

    Wow! Over 2 quilts a month you’ve made! I think I completed about 5 this year. I think I look at your work sometimes and think how fun it would be to be able to quilt all the the time. But in reality, you HAVE to quilt all the time. And it isn’t just quilting. There’s the travel, the designing, the buying, meetings, connecting on social media and I’m sure I’m missing tons of what goes into your job. Oh, and you have a family! Thanks for all you do to make quilting so fun for us!

  4. Eileen Moss Avatar
    Eileen Moss

    I made at least 12 projects this year. Nine of them were for Christmas gifts. Those gifts were made from Sept to Dec. I have one quilt that is a BOM that has one more border to add and it is ready for the quilter.

  5. Pam Mueller Avatar
    Pam Mueller

    Well I didn’t get too many individual projects done this year. 2 quilts and a couple of table runners. But I just completed the remaining triangle gatherings blocks today. Thank you Lisa. I look forward to your final triangle gathering setting layout.

  6. Karen Nelson Avatar
    Karen Nelson

    The math doesn’t work for this block… anyone else have this problem?

    1. hapy2create Avatar

      Karen could it be because it looks like the post picture and the Kansas Troubles Blocks have a couple little differences in them if you notice. Just a thought.

      1. Karen Nelson Avatar
        Karen Nelson

        I figured it out by referring to block 21.

      2. Karen Nelson Avatar
        Karen Nelson

        I figured it out by referring to block 21.

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