Moda Blockheads Block 46-alternative…

Three blocks left to go!!! This week’s block is from Jan Patek-click HERE to go to her blog…and as you know Jan is famous for her awesome appliqué….but I wanted a pieced quilt so here again is your alternative block…The directions for the alternative block are located here Block Head #46

Here is the question for this week:  January 17 –  When you stitch – hand or machine – do you listen to anything?  Music, podcasts, audiobooks, television or Netflix?  I am a Netflix/Amazon junkie…so If I am stitching I am watching the latest series…I am currently watching POLDARK on Amazon…I just love it!!!

I still can’t believe we are almost done!!!   I am in California for the famous Road To California Quilt Show…we will be setting the booth up today….here are some pics from yesterday’s work in progress….If you are in CA…If you’re coming to the show…stop in and visit!!!




32 responses to “Moda Blockheads Block 46-alternative…”

  1. Meme Avatar

    Wow! Love your work in progress pics, especially the nine patch with wool flowers!
    Can’t wait for pattern/kit!

  2. Marty Toale Avatar
    Marty Toale

    Oh my gosh! I look at these beautiful quilts and beautiful fabric and it is so inspiring! Can’t wait to get my work done and have a sew day!

  3. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    When I sew, which is usually each day if possible, I listen to books on my iPad, love them !!! And guess what arrived yesterday at 11:57 am, yes, yes, yes, my Juki !!!!!!!! I’m naming her Ethel as she and I are going to get along swimmingly !!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lisa, I already love her !!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  4. Joan R Avatar
    Joan R

    Beautiful pictures! There are some closeups of quilts that I previously thought I would pass on. Now I want to do them!

  5. Stephanie Woodward Avatar
    Stephanie Woodward

    I listen to books on CD. I get them at my local library. But not going after any today, all of Houston area shut down with ICE. We are not used to this.

  6. Lois B Akins Avatar
    Lois B Akins

    I am always watching and/or listening to tv when I hand quilt or piece. The most used television set in my home is the one that is in my quilting studio. It would be extremely unusual for me to sit and watch tv without something in my hands. With Austin shut down due to ice, I have been enjoying extra time at home to work on my projects and I am catching up on my dvd recordings!

  7. Carol Avatar

    I listen to a local radio station, or I ask Alexa on the Amazon echo to play anything else that comes to mind. I love looking at the pics of your many bundles of fabrics.

  8. Tracey Avatar

    Beautiful pics that you shared today!

  9. Tricia Hoffmann Avatar
    Tricia Hoffmann

    Hi Lisa – Would you tell us the names of the quilts pictured in this post? I can’t find the patterns on your site, and they are stunning!

    1. Whitney Hiener Avatar
      Whitney Hiener

      Yes, I would love to know the names of the patterns I need to buy!! 😃

  10. Diana Schumacher Avatar
    Diana Schumacher

    Beautiful! I also would like the name of the quilt with the wool flower blocks and 9 patch and also the name of the snowman with the mittens. I NEED BOTH!!!!

  11. June Avatar


  12. Marsha Avatar

    Just send it all here please! Beautiful! Please more pix during the show… it!

  13. lynn jarzombeck Avatar
    lynn jarzombeck

    Hi Lisa. Love all your pics, so inspirational! Question: What is the pattern of the quilt shown in your logo here on your website, the one on the top of the pile on the far right? It has little black squares and small blocks with offset Xs. I would like to purchase that pattern. Please let me know.

  14. Linda M Avatar
    Linda M

    Love love love the close up photos of these Quilts. Just makes me happy —— and inspired.

  15. Sharon Avatar

    What gorgeous quilts and fabric! I would love to come see you! Unfortunately, I am not in California, but in the cold and snowy northeast.

  16. Audrey Bretz Avatar
    Audrey Bretz

    SUPER eye candy!! Your booth is always the best one at any show I’ve ever been too!!

  17. Linda Williams Avatar
    Linda Williams

    Thank you so much Lisa for always doing an alternate Block in place of the applique. As much as I love the appliques (that other people make) I am not very good at them.

  18. lorraine bujnowski Avatar
    lorraine bujnowski

    I enjoyed all of the eye candy!!! Just beautiful.

  19. Debbie Kendall Avatar
    Debbie Kendall

    I love watching Poldark!!

  20. Anne at Walden Woods Avatar
    Anne at Walden Woods

    Oh my Lisa I feel a road trip coming on after seeing your pictures of all those fabrics bundled up so pretty! I’m so looking forward to getting back to my quilting after family obligations pulled me away. Hand work is wonderful but I miss sitting at my sewing machine. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

  21. Joanne Avatar

    These pics are amazing – love seeing the flannel quilts and love love love the wool!!!

  22. Debbie McFatridge Avatar
    Debbie McFatridge

    what is the quilt pattern with the 9 patch and the flowers on it ? I love this
    Debbie McFatridge

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Lisa’s Flower Garden

  23. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    Oh! Everything looks awesome! I would live to have one of everything! Enjoy the show. I’ll look forward to seeing you sometime/ somewhere a little closer to home!

  24. Germaine Avatar

    Lovely pics to wake up to. Color therapy.

  25. Vivian Avatar

    OMG, after that preview of your booth, I’m truly California Dreaming! While R2C is a “One Day” dream for me, any chance you guys will be on the East Coast at the NJ Mancuso show which is at the end of April this year?

  26. Brenda Capps Avatar
    Brenda Capps

    Hi, Can you verify piece “I”? In comparison to “H” it seems too large. Love your Alternate blocks, they challenge my abilities. Thanks!!

  27. Albeerta Bailie Avatar
    Albeerta Bailie

    I think on the Alternative Block for block #46 that there is an error on the Navy Fabric. For the I. measurements it says 4-27/8″—then cut in half once. That doesn’t give the right size triangle for the flying geese blocks. Should it be cut in half twice. Then that gives us 16 triangles instead of 8. ??? Please let me know what the measurement should be. Thanks so much ! Have loved the Blockhead Blocks. One more and then I am caught up!! Got behind at Christmas and then two family funerals. Thanks for your help!!

  28. Cathy Avatar

    Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for the alternate Blk46. It’s beautiful as well as all of the quilts you shared with us. Wish I could be there!! They are all so pretty.

  29. Linda Williams Avatar
    Linda Williams

    Could there be an error in the cutting directions on Alt Block #46? It shows letter “I” as cutting at 2-7/8″ and letter “H” is also a cut at 2-7/8″. Letter “H” is much larger than letter “I” so I don’t see how this is possible. I’m new at this so I’m not understanding this part. Please help. I do Love the Alt Blocks. Thank you.

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