Moda Blockheads…Block 48

Week 48…the last (but certainly not least) block is  from Carrie Nelson…called Harmony!  Go to the Moda blog for the pattern.

Question of the week… – Since we’re sharing settings… ‘fess up.  Is your quilt finished?  Or do you just have blocks and a plan?  

Well…so glad you asked…because YES…mine is finished and off to for quilting!!! Linda will do her magic on it and it will really come to life!!!

Today is a special day…we get to reveal our settings…Here is my plan …Lisa-blockheads-layout

I used this bella solid for my setting/sashing and borders it is the closest match with the creams in my Moda lines…I didn’t not piece my borders…I cut them lengthwise and used 6 yds (this is a little generous) of fabric for the HST border around each of the 6″ blocks, 2″ star cornerstone backgrounds, sashing between blocks and borders.  My quilt finishes 88″x 88″

So…how about a peek?   Wait…I forgot …I have 49 blocks…I apologize for not have a pdf of the 49th block….my graphic designer is on vacation this week…but here are the numbers to make the block:

Make 5- 2″ finished stars- the directions are in my setting directions above(the same as the sashing stars) Page 2.

Then make 16-1″ HSTs…make 4 pinwheel blocks, the block is shown here with the 1″ HST’s around the 6″ blocks that are part of the setting…I thought I would show you this up close…so now my 6″ blocks are 8″finished- 8 1/2′ before they are sewn in…

The quilt went together pretty fast…I pressed the long row seams open.

There are some surprises to come….we don’t want to say what they are yet…but hang around for the fun!!!  AND… I purposely did not show you the whole quilt…not yet…somethings you have to wait for!!!

I hope my setting inspires you when planning your quilt finishing…I know I have some intricate parts…more HSTs and tiny star cornerstones…but I strive to make quilts that are different and look like they were thought out beyond just adding sashing’s and plain cornerstones…not that there is anything wrong with that but just trying to give you more of a challenge…you did well my friends…I loved seeing you stretch your abilities while making some of my harder blocks here in blockheads…the FB group was really fun!!!

piece on my friends….Lisa

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23 thoughts on “Moda Blockheads…Block 48

  1. I want to finish with your design. But, I cannot get page 2 of the posting of your instructions. Thank you.

    1. Cynthia, at first I couldn’t either it showed as a small picture but when I clicked on that small page two it opened up in a whole new document and I was able to save it and print it… hope this helps

  2. Beautiful, Lisa! Question. I did not print out all of your “alternate ” blocks…any way I can get them? I am not much of a cotton appliqué person. Actually, I don’t do cotton appliqué! Lol. I did print out some of yor alternates, but not the ones in the beginning. Love your patterns and, like most, I have ” several” of your patterns as ” works in progress”.

  3. Thanks for sharing your time & talent. It’s been so much fun to see the different blocks every week. I hope you all continue with another quest together. Still looking forward to seeing all the finished quilts.

  4. Spectacular finish to your blocks and sashing stars just add another pop to quilt. I am also having trouble with second page of instructions for finishing quilt. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  5. Okay, now I am mad I haven’t been doing this all along. Your setting is gorgeous! Right up my ally with all those stars! Love it!

  6. Love your quilt Lisa including setting. Is there a fabric requirement page anywhere for the entire quilt? Yes I am a year behind ;-D . I thought you were using a patriotic theme but my monitor messes up colors. I would appreciate line you have used including background. Thanks so much for this year of fun.

  7. Love all the quilts and settings —- I especially love the Blockheads setting —will there be something awesome coming up to set the 100 blocks for Primitive Triangles??? Mine are done and waiting!!!! Thanks so much, Lisa —-

  8. Your quilt is stunning, Lisa! Thank you for all the beautiful blocks. It’s been a wonderful, fun, and learning year!

  9. This is one of the most beautiful quilts! I am amazed at all the small piecing and I love the setting. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  10. What a gorgeous quilt top! You never cease to amaze me! My top is almost done,one more border togo. Where do I send a photo.? I also made more than 48……just couldn’t stop sewing…lol I did all the hand appliances and most of the alternatives. The center panel of my quilt top features all the hand apps on point,surrounded by two rows of pieces blocks.

  11. What a gorgeous quilt top! You never cease to amaze me! My top is almost done,one more border togo. Where do I send a photo.? I also made more than 48……thanks so much for sharing your fabulous quilt.

  12. The finished quilt is a beauty. I would love to duplicate it but it would be a challenge. But, that is what life is !!! That you sharing all of your talent.

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