Spring decorating…featuring antique quilts and hand made decor…

Just before I left for California I decorated the house for Spring…we had a few nice days and we all are anxious for it to stay….So I can think no better idea than to bring in March with some spring decor…

The first thing I did was change the quilts in the cupboard….I have never showcased my pastel/1930’s quilts before…I never knew I had this many….I do not “collect” 30’s quilts…not my era….well…for someone who doesn’t collect them I have at least 20!  How did this happen?  I collect 1800’s and /civil war era quilts…So why do I have 20- 1930’s quilts?  BECAUSE…as a quilt collector I am also drawn to the “pattern” of the quilt not just the fabrics…If I see a cool/unique pattern I don’t care how old the quilt is…it is coming home with me.  Some of these are in such great condition too…I will showcase a few of them this Spring…and tell you what I can about them…

So in March we all can be Irish for a little while….I did 23& me recently…I am 100% eastern european…I know…pretty boring right?…now I think Ireland is in eastern Europe..but I knew going in for the test I was Dutch/German and Polish…so who knows maybe I have a distant Irish cousin or something…so why not celebrate with the Irish…and when looking for a March quilt for decorating can you think of a better find…lucky shamrock leaves!!! 

Maybe you are on IG (Instagram)? and seen my table quilt…I love simple table decorations…and I throw a “seasonal” quilt on the table and the appropriate seasonal centerpiece…this satisfies my taste for simple decorating without too much fuss.  I love  two color quilts for home decorating…this quilt would even look great at Christmas time with red poinsettias…they are so versatile.

Now for a few pics of the rest of the “spring decor”…

Cute little egg holder…with some felted easter eggs…. I think the egg holder was from pottery barn…

How about a few “chocolate” eggs…I believe this pattern is from “Little Stitches” by Debbie Lofgren, the pattern had pastel eggs…well mine had to be chocolate…the bunny is again Pottery Barn.

I spend a lot of time at this spot…for some reason I like to do dishes by hand..I do not like what the dishwasher does to my pots and pans, and anything plastic so I’d much rather do them by hand… I just found this sweet little clock for my kitchen…do you believe I do not have one wall space appropriate for any type of clock??  So this works for now…I also store my Dawn dishwashing liquid in an old fashioned glass pitcher…

Behind the kitchen in the hall…3 little daffodils…simple.

Kitchen overview…taken from the lake side of the house.


View from the opposite corner…I have no idea what that black square is…it is not in my photo.

Living Room…

I need to work on a “spring” pillow for the couch… Give away PRIZE for the first one…who knows what the plaid on the couch pillows represents, comment on this post…you are disqualified if you are close enough to me to already know.  You know who you are so…let someone else win.

I need to make another one of these so I can have it at home!!!! I love my little Irish Blessing Clip board, or these can be hung on the wire stands that we have seen everywhere.

I will have a whole series of these…to get started with this one click HERE to order a pattern or Kit & pattern!  It is simple enough to make in a day for your Corned Beef & Cabbage party!!!

I will be posting soon again…all for now,



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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

72 thoughts on “Spring decorating…featuring antique quilts and hand made decor…

  1. Lisa,
    You have a beautiful home!!!! and you have inspired me to decorate for spring!!! In Florida we basically have summer and not so summer….so i’ve not decorated much since the girls grew up and moved out. Now I’m ready having been motivated! Thanks!

  2. Your family plaid? Love the tub with florals in your decor!! I now know what to do with the tub I saw yesterday!!! Back to buy it today.

  3. I love your decorating style! Fresh, clean and young! Those gorgeous pillows look like curtain panels. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I feel that the pillows represent your son, a way to keep him with you. Thank you so much for sharing spring decorating in your beautiful home! It is just stunning. I’m glad you are on the mend, this year so far has been brutal, everyone I know has been sick, including me!

  5. Lisa … you’re home is simply gorgeous … thank you for sharing and giving us so many inspiring ideas! I’m going to take a guess and say the pillows are made from your first Wool & Needle fabric line, which is always beautiful and the flannel is so soft!

  6. Lisa, your house is beautiful. I especially enjoyed seeing your collection of spring color quilts. Great idea to put your dishwashing liquid in a pretty pictcher. Wish I knew what the plaid pillows represented but, no idea.

  7. I am not sure if that is a tartan plaid of not; but I look at those pillows and wonder if they are representing your son . The colors are beautiful and am wondering if they are as soft as the wool I have purchased from you in the past. Enjoyed seeing your decorations and your beautiful home. I can’t imagine being the owner of so many beautiful quilts…you are truly blessed.

  8. Your home is beautiful! Love the wool March…you are going to do these monthly? How about an auto for the kits? Just love it!

  9. My first thought when I saw the plaid pillows was Outlander and Jamie Frasier. Go figure. I love your house Lisa, it’s beautiful and so welcoming.

    1. Rita…You are the WINNER!!!!
      Yes… I love OUTLANDER!!! We were so obsessed with the books and now the show that my cousin Mary bought me the McKenzie Clan plaid pillow covers for Christmas!!!!…This is from Jamie’s Mother’s clan…It is the simple things in life that we can all dream about….happy for you….can you email me with your address and I will send a prize your way!!!

  10. I think the plaid pillows represent Scottish Tartan plaid of your family’s heritage. (I watch Outlander 🙂 ) Your house is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. I enjoy your blog posts so very much! Our taste in home decor is similar… only I’m a wee bit “messy!” I so admire your clean surfaces!!

    My guess on the plaid on the couch is that it has something to do with the family tartan plaid?? Whatever the reason tho, the pillows are wonderful!

    Happy Spring!!
    Pris in snowy Idaho

  12. Lisa, Your home is lovely! I love your felted eggs, colors are yummy…
    My best guess for the pillows, they are made from an earlier Wool & Flannel line. I have the more recent ones, but don’t recognize that one.
    Thanks for giving us Spring!

  13. The plaid pillows have to be shirts from either your son or father, not sure which one though. Love your beautiful photos.

  14. Beautiful home, thanks for sharing. I’m stealing the dish soap pitcher idea as we speak. No idea on sofa unless umbrella fabric.

  15. Beautiful home, Lisa! Thank you for the spring tour! My thought is it would need to be a pretty big shirt to make all those pillows! Maybe, new fabric you have designed and coming to us soon! The fabric kind of looks woven or wool, but your flannels are so the best…so I don’t know!

  16. Your husbands Scottish clan plaid? Love what you’ve done in spring decorating, especially the quilts!

  17. Your home is so incredibly lovely! You must have been a decorator in another life! First fabric line?

  18. I am thinking the plaid is a family or friend’s family plaid? Your home is lovely.

  19. Ireland is not in East Europe, it’s off the coast of Great Britain which is west Europe, you need to look at a map more often. Love the home decor.

  20. Thanks for sharing your home! Love the simplicity of your decorations. I took all my snowmen decorations down and it still snowed, but I’m not loosing faith, spring is coming soon!

  21. Scottish plaid to remember your grandfather.
    I’m so inspired by this post to do some spring decorating. Thanks for sharing your quilts and lovely home.

  22. Love your home and your decorating. Thanks for sharing. I’m guessing the plaid represents an Irish Family clan. With the light blue it looks a lot like mine which is part of the McDonald Clan.

  23. Lisa, your house is absolutely gorgeous! I can see why you want to stay home more :-). Thanks for sharing your decorating. I never really thought of making a green and white quilt but now I want to make one just for my St Patty’s Day decorating🍀 I have no Irish in me (Polish, Italian and Finnish) by I always decorate for St Patty’s because I figure it’s the gateway to spring.

  24. LOVE the way you brought Spring into your home, Sorry, though, Ireland is western Europe – just about as far west as you can get before your ankles get wet (in the Atlantic Ocean).

  25. I have no idea what your plaid pillows represent but I really enjoyed seeing your spring decorated house and lovely quilts! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

  26. Your decorating style is soothing and timeless. The two-color quilts are lovely!. I especially like the blue and white quilt on the chair. It is inspiring to see how you have used your quilts so effectively within your home. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Oh, I love everything about your home! It is perfect and warm and welcoming. You have a gift for decorating. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Love your home! Wool plaid pillows, could they be made from your dads or grandfathers Pendleton jacket from years ago? Or if your are like me left over fabric from a project in high school because I just loved the fabric and bought way too much! They are great on your couch.

  29. I think from a dad or grandfather. Maybe a trip to scotland ?

    Love, love, love your house!

  30. I struggle to keep my tables free of “stuff”. Even tho nothing looks nicer than a clean simple table. Love your soap in a pitcher- I am going to copy that right this minute 🙂

  31. The plaid in your pillows look like a Scottish tartan. Great design for your space.

  32. No idea what the tartan name is, but still dazzled by your skill in decorating. When are you going to publish a book on your distinctive and signature style? I recall the first time I walked into the “Gathering” retreat house years ago I just wondered around exclaiming over the beautiful way you decorate. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, “you own nothing that isn’t beautiful or useful”

  33. Love your home and decorating…and I also watch Outlander (over and over)….I read parts of the books and mostly listened to them on you tube while I sewed…..on you tube they are word for word as I checked it with the books.

  34. Loved to get the tour of some of your home and new decorating ideas. Where did you find the cupboard that you use to display quilts?

  35. Lisa, thank you for sharing your lovely home! I dream of having one like it someday! LOL on the pillows I didn’t know until I read other comments but should of guessed since you have said how much you loved Outlander, and btw I’ve yet to have seen it but I probably would love it.

  36. Wow! What a beautiful home and I wish I had your decorating style! It should be in one of those Home magazines, or is it already? The pillows…well, I’m Scottish and irish, so I’m guessing it’s from a certain Scottish clan.

  37. LOVE, LOVE LOVE the new look to your blog!! my “old” eyes greatly appreciate the white background 🙂
    I, too, decorate my home with quilts for the seasons. I just switched out the quilts on my ladder and wall in our living room…all various shades of green from the 1930’s and 40’s.

    Thanks Lisa!

  38. Lovely home, lovely decor. You have such a flair! My favorite thing is that you store the dishwashing liquid in that little pitcher. A great idea I think I will copy!

  39. Your home looks beautiful Lisa! I love the lucky leaf quilt! My grandmother on my mom’s side was Irish. Hugs, Jakey

  40. Lisa, I love the look of your new blog page. At least for me, it is easier to read and appears super clean and streamlined. I hate to say it, but your home can make anyone jealous. It is fabulous — do you pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming when look around you?

  41. Could you tell me where you got the pendant lights in your kitchen? I really like them, and I’m looking to replace what I have now….

  42. Hi Lisa. I always enjoy your house and decorating pics – you are a queen at it to say the least. Great color and style always. Charming! Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me where you purchased your black farmhouse chairs? They are just perfect in your setting. My guess on your plaid pillows – first flannel line of your fabric, just maybe??? Lynn in Madison

  43. Wow, who turned the lights on? I love the light background of the blog!. I followed you as you were building your lake house and it just gets better & better. I see it filled with love, laughter, & great friends! So beautiful!

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