Quilt Hangers…

I have had so many requests about the quilt hangers I use to hang my quilts in my home.  I did not want to tell you about them unless I had a source…My cousin Scott who is the same age as I, and is probably my closest of cousins…came to work for me almost a month ago…

He has been a home builder for 30 years and has had enough of the cold and the climbing and wants to preserve what left of his beat up body…so now he is working on many many projects for us…the first being these quilt hangers…

Here is Scott putting the the “quilt room” shelving he made and installed for me at Anchor Point (home)…this turned so awesome…you may have seen it in an earlier post filled with quilts.IMG_9422here it is again…it is that glorious…right?

Here are the hangers in action in my home…shown with no quilt…this the the 3 foot wide one…

They really add a nice touch to any room…these two hangers are located on each side of this cased opening…

This is the 4 foot long hanger, this one is in my bedroom…you might want more of the quilt showing …or just have the option of a small quilt or a large one…this quilt could be spread out wider or it is nice as it is too!!
So here are your options…they come black, white, grey, stained brown (like the backdrop in the photo at the top of the post) or plain/no finish…I was thinking maybe you could want them the same color as the wall?? I also want to note that they come with a little sanded off edges…you cannot see it it the photo shown here…We also will have a limited number of them at the shows…but color options might be limited.

They are 23″ long(tall) and 36″ or 48″ wide…we have ordered special double walled boxes for shipping and this will be added to your shipping cost- the shipping will be calculated exactly…we will call you and to let you know what that charge will be…we do not want to guess- we do not want to make or lose any money on shipping so we will want to handle that after your order is placed and we are ready to ship.  All of this info will be on our website…you can order HERE.  They are $55 or the 3 foot aned $70 for the 4 foot.

I have recently arrived home from our quilting cruise to Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel MX just in time to change out the quilts for Easter…Hope you enjoy these beautiful antiques.



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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 31and Jake 30 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

41 thoughts on “Quilt Hangers…

  1. greetings, I didn’t see any (acid free) shelf paper between your quilts and the shelves? I thought it was hard on the fabric to be against wood? just wondering? gorgeous quilts!

    From: Lisa Bongean’s Weblog To: msbhavens1@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2018 1:48 PM Subject: [New post] Quilt Hangers…

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    1. I have been storing my quilts for over twenty years in cabinets and on shelving…I line the cabinets with something…sometimes batting…my shelving is protected with a coat of something Scott found to protect the quilts from the “wood” stain…

    1. as of right now no…we may be able to at some point get them to CA…but I can’t promise anything yet…when and if we do the price will be adjusted to handle the shipping costs…

  2. Love these! I will be near your Murrieta store at the end of June. Will the store have these in stock then?

  3. I love this post! Everything looks amazing! Love the shelving and especially love the quilt hangers!

  4. The quilt hangers are wonderful. Love your quilt collection. I am getting ready to paint my master bedroom a primitive light mustard. One of those black hangers would be awesome against that wall color.

  5. Lisa – just love you and your shop! I recently learned that we should not store quilts touching wood. With humidity the cotton can absorb the finish and stain from the wood. Yikes! Now I put folded layers of cotton between the wood and my quilts.

  6. Thanx for sharing these wonderful quilt hangers!!!!!!! And of course the quilts were awesome!!!!!!

  7. Amazing quilts! I’m searching the house to see where I can use one of the hangers! One question, any possible way you might remember the fabric used for the cheddar pineapple? Absolutely stunning!

  8. Very Good idea! And I love your house!! Do you have a pattern for the first quilt (photo 5)? Is it your design or an antique quilt?

  9. I love these hangers. I will be purchasing about 3 in the black. I love them! I love your shelves, can he do a DIY Pattern this? Much like you do the quilt patterns and such. Just something that would give a list of materials and guidelines on construction. Great addition to you team!!

  10. Love your hangers and antique quilts…love your quilts too! I would like to know how you wash/clean your antique quilts. Thanks for all the time and effort you give. Beautiful home too.

  11. I am working on the B.O.M. Floral Bouquet Quilt I had ordered from you. I am a little confused on the border. There is an A and B but only 1/2 of them, going in the same direction. Am I missing the other 1/2 of A and B somewhere? Thanks, Jackie Harris

  12. One more question – if we aren’t supposed to store quilts against wood, how do we hang them on the wood hangers? Put cotton or another barrier on the hanger first?

  13. These quilt hangers are very lovely. Would the sampler quilts be dwarfed by sizes? Say a 15×18 or18x24 ? and what size would I order for a 24×28 ? Thank you so much !! very colonial looking and like that they are wood / hand made.

  14. So excited about these quilt arms. I am measuring my spots when I get to the house where they are going this weekend. I have been looking for these for a few years now.

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