Moon Garden Stitch Along…Block 1

Our wool Stitch-Along is finally here!!! I am hoping you by now you have received your kit if you have purchased it though Primitive Gatherings.  I can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate the overwhelming response to this Stitch Along.  I know most of you have more projects than one person needs but you are still willing to spend your hard earned bucks buying out products…THANK YOU!

For those of you who are using up what have on hand we are supplying the pattern.  The pattern is downloadable but it may be tricky to print on a home computer/printer.  I am telling you this in advance because I cannot help you with your printing because everyones equipment is different….and I am a quilter, not a computer guru…You will have to bring your PDF to an Office supply store and get them to print it for you…The pattern is large and is set up for 11×17 paper.  If you do not want bother with this…you can order JUST the pattern from us for $5 plus shipping.  We trying to make it easy for you  Click Here to order the pattern Only.  Also if you want it every month you will have to re order the next one…there is some reason you can’t do it automatically which again is beyond my knowledge…

I STRONGLY suggest joining our Facebook page for Moon Garden…I will be posting videos and all kinds of funny stuff…for our stitching pleasures….it is an easier platform to host videos and keep things in our group…

I will post the first video this weekend…and these are the Facebook video posts I’m planning—

getting started…tracing , cutting, fusible, Fray check…when to use it?

Laying out your appliqués onto the background

Threading your needle without a needle threader and making a quilter’s knot.

Cross stitching over stems

Blanket Stitch

Colonial knots

Does anyone see something I might have overlooked?…I know there are lots of beginners so I don’t want miss something obvious…so please leave me a comment of what you need to learn…

Click here to download Moon Garden Block 1 Update…this block is not longer FREE here…please go to our websit to purchace Block 1…the current block is always FREE until the next block posts…Please subscribe to this blog to not miss a FREE block.

The blanket stitch here includes a long one in the indents of the flower petals.
Close up of how I cross over (X) over my stems…these and more will be demonstrated on Facebook.

I want to talk about fusible web…I am in the process of launching a new fusible…it’s a dream to stitch with…I love the SAS2 lite, but I am tired of defending it…Some people actually hate “their” gummy needles…and I can see their point.  I do not have this “gummy” experience myself, maybe a little when I first adhere down and start stitching…but I use tons of steam and let the block rest a bit before I stitch…then no issues…BUT….the one thing I CANNOT live without is the tacky-ness of the SAS2L for my stems/vines…the ease of bending them into place before I steam them is such a benefit I will continue to use it for the stems and vines.  As you can see you do not stitch into the stems…you cross over…so those of you who hate and have that gummy needle…this will not be affected…

We are figuring out packaging for the “NEW” fusible…I will be blogging when it is ready…

So look for those Facebook posts starting soon and I will help you along on your wooly journey!!!  I am hoping more of you get your blocks soon!!  I know it’s hard waiting…

my best…Lisa



38 responses to “Moon Garden Stitch Along…Block 1”

  1. Lorah A Perry Avatar
    Lorah A Perry

    Lisa, Could you please tell me how to change my email? My new email is: Thanks, Lorah Sent from my iPad


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I sent you an invitation…

  2. Karhleen Avatar

    Name of the Facebook page I am looking for? Moon garden? PG moon garden? There are quite a few to search! Thanks

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Moon Garden Stitch Along

  3. masonmarlene Avatar

    I’m going to FINALLY have time to make my Block ! of MG. I can’t wait. By the way, I’m anxious to try your new fusible when it comes out, although I do like SAS2 and fortunately, do not have trouble with gummy needles. I just wanted to thank you for another great stitch along and really like that you will be doing tutorials on facebook. Looking forward to being able to post a picture of my Block ! when it is done.

  4. Vicki N Avatar
    Vicki N

    Thank you so much. Are we allowed to do a smaller version of this?

  5. Diane Avatar

    I like SAS2 lite. I don’t have an issue with gummy needles so I must use a lot of steam as well. It adheres the best to any other brands I’ve tried.

  6. Juareen Castillo Avatar
    Juareen Castillo

    Are we having a FB. Group for Moon Garden?

  7. Katherine Gourley Avatar
    Katherine Gourley

    Hi Lisa — I have been billed, but I have not received my kit yet. I did order it from your shop.

  8. Connie Matter Avatar
    Connie Matter

    How does one access videos when postedda

  9. Connie Matter Avatar
    Connie Matter

    How does one access videos when posted, thank you.

  10. Cecilia Avatar

    Dear Lisa, I can’t wait. But I have a problem, I don’t have Facebook…how I’m going to be able to see the videos?
    Any other way?

  11. Theresa Waite Avatar
    Theresa Waite

    I have not received my kit yet, maybe because
    I’m at the end of the alphabet with your mailing list. Next time I’ll know to buy the entire kit at once and not on a monthly basis.

  12. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Lisa, I too haven’t had an issue using sas2L that a little extra steam didn’t cure. I do love the fact it has that little bit of “stickiness” when placing your pieces before you steam, hopefully the new product you come up with will keep the slight sticky feel to make placement before steam helpful. When you do your videos will you show how much fray check to use… i used it on my Sea Star penny mat and it seemed like the cream pennies still frayed especially as I manipulated it to work on, maybe I didn’t use enough fray check. I think this may have also attributed to my blanket stitching rolling up on some of them, or manipulating it a lot did. One note: the larger binding clips to hold the rolled fabric helped to manipulate the star when stitching and I think this also helped the “rolling” blanket stitch (it only seemed to do it on my cream ones so I don’t think it was my technique).

  13. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    Another beautiful project……I fall into the category of way too many things on hand to finish….so I let this one go. But I know there will be more:)
    Happy Friday the 13th…….enjoy your weekend:)

  14. shhdesignsblog Avatar

    Thanks so much Lisa for this lovely free block. Just one comment of concern. You appear to have forgotten to include both your name or the shop on the pattern with your usual copyright date. Or maybe I’m missing something.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You are correct…I loaded the wrong pattern…but didn’t want to pull it..all the remaining ones will have it on…my bad

  15. Theresa Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I too do not have Facebook. Is your page completely public where anyone can see it. Would you please consider maybe you tube or posting to your blog? I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for your time and many blessings

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      no…you may just have to have a FB page for your quilting…I am sorry this the only way right now to load the videos and keep them in our group..I know I could do a you tube but those need to be more professional and costs lots of money..

      1. Cecilia Avatar

        Lisa, I’m sorry to ask about the videos again, I don’t have Facebook.
        Will you consider put them in your blog? Please…

      2. lisabongean Avatar

        Sorry…I do not want the whole world to have access to these amateur videos at this time..if I put them on my blog they are out in the world…If I put them on FB I can control them somewhat…I will however if these video are a success spend the $$ and put out professional ones…

      3. Cecilia Avatar

        Thanks Lisa, I understand your concern about the videos all over.
        Don’t worry.
        I will try to do my best with my Moon Garden blocks.

  16. Karen Avatar

    Lisa, could you shoe us how to place the design on our light box with the black fabric. I cannot see through the dark fabric. Thx

  17. Rachel Childress Avatar
    Rachel Childress

    Hi, Lisa! I haven’t done a stitch a long in awhile so when this popped up that you were doing one, I signed up! I’m so excited about it! Since I live in Virginia and haven’t been able to take classes, I am looking forward to seeing and hearing your tips on making my appliqué better. I just got my kit in the mail yesterday. I hope I have the colors of thread that I need…if not there will be an emergency call. Lol. The SAS2L I have a love/ hate relationship with! I have always used lots of steam after I read that and it certainly was a game changer, but did not know about the resting. Will have to try that as well! Thank you for always being willing to share what you know, and having people at your shop that are helpful, quickly responsive and kind when I call. Looking forward to this!

  18. Patricia Dittes Avatar
    Patricia Dittes

    I received my pattern and kit, but not the background fabric that was to come with it as I had ordered. Looking forward to starting this block, hopefully I will get the background fabric soon??

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Please contact the shop and they will be happy to help you. thank you jessica

  19. parkabmax Avatar

    I have not received my kit. ________________________________

  20. billie badgett Avatar
    billie badgett

    thank you!

  21. parkabmax Avatar

    I have not received my kit ________________________________

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It’s coming i am sure…we are not holding it hostage!!!

  22. Janeann snider Avatar
    Janeann snider

    Hi Lisa,

    I am not on Facebook. Can I get your blogs by email? Or how?

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  23. needleminder Avatar

    This is going to be my first wool project, and I am really looking forward to it and excited to start. Love the new banner photo on the blog! Dare I hope those are a new fabric line? Please say yes! Lol!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      YES!!! I am working with them right now!!!

  24. needleminder Avatar

    I ❤️❤️❤️ These fabrics! Can you give us a clue when they will be in the shops? (I’ve been trying to be patient and satisfied with knowing they’re coming “someday”, but I’m not real good at the patience thing! Lol!)

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The fabrics for moon garden stitch along have been in the shop already…Little Gatherings II We do not have any left as Moon Garden has been a huge success!!!

  25. Sandie Avatar

    I actually meant the fabrics featured in the blog banner photo.(I have oodles of the Little Gatherings II in my sewing room, aging patiently waiting for just the right pattern. It’s in good company with all of the other PG fabrics I’m hoarding!)

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      New line… Flower Garden Gatherings …coming in October

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