2018 Summer Blocks of the Week

Hey All…

It’s that time again…my favorite time of the year when I get to create these new projects for you…it means I have spent lots of time planning and stitching and who wouldn’t love THAT job!!!


Shown here with the navy flannel background…we also are offering it on a medium muted blue as well and we had some red backgrounds but those have all been purchased with those who have been in previous SBOW groups…
The 12 Blocks are 18″ inches with our hand dyed wools and the best (MODA) flannel in the world… This is going to be a show stopper, mouth hanging wide open quilt.   You know I don’t usually say things like this but I believe it on this and it might be because…I know already how this quilt will finish…which BTW is a first…and I believe this may be the best SBOW to date.  This is my opinion but EVERYONE quilter or non-quilter loves this when they see it…so if you’re “on the fence” this is not the year to teeter…FYI there will be a wool finishing kit for it available at a later date when we have all that figured out…but you will already have the flannel…if you choose to set yours differently, you can use the extra flannel for something else or for backing.

Here is one of the blocks while I was stitching…

If you are interested click HERE  for ALL the pesky details that I don’t take care of…


I know I have lots of you who love scrappy quilts!!! This I why we keep doing lots of SBOW’s…You will make 20 of them each time…Each weekly kit contains 120 fabrics- for 1440 for the whole quilt…we will try and not duplicate but we may run out of fabrics so there could be some that are in more than once….but we are talking about a strip!!! We will stick with a certain color scheme…no purple or green…so very 1880’s. There are no triangles- so no papers on this one…once we make those cool little stars the rest is “a piece a cake”…I will be doing a video on our FB group on how to stitch these little stars like a pro so there is nothing to be afraid of!

HERE is the post about those pesky details again….for the PIECED and the next HAND PIECED or EPP project.

ENGLISH PAPER PIECED- SUMMER BLOCK (ROW) OF THE WEEKI love this…because…I think I am much more likely to finish this because the shapes change…Joanne Blank has basically designed and made this quilt in record time…I will corral her to do a video in our FB group on her method.  She is an awesome person, as well as a quilter, and has been an employee/stitcher with Primitive Gathering from it’s beginning.  So look forward to meeting her…ALL the details for this project are in the above link as well.

So there is a quick snapshot of our summer BOWS.  Thank you to all our loyal SBOW-ERS and if you are NEW you will find out why we have such a great group of stitchers who continue to come back to us for these great offerings and did you think I was not going to mention the FREEBIE!!!

I think this is the best REASON you should join…you get FREE blocks with each kit…I know you all loved the “houses” from last year, but this one is going to be “clever” you will know what I mean by this when you get week two!!!

I am taking a weekend class/course…So I have to run…I’ll let you what it is soon!!!

Be Happy, Be Kind and Be Sttiching!!!    Lisa


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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 31and Jake 30 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

14 thoughts on “2018 Summer Blocks of the Week

  1. Mind boggling how you make all this happen, Lisa. The first two projects look really tempting (EPP and I are not on good terms), but recovering from shoulder surgery, and a son’s wedding coming up soon make it highly unlikely I will be able to join in,

  2. Hi,  This is going to be beautiful and I want to be a participant.  I can see info aboutbackground fabric, block of the week kits, thread kits, supply kits etc and all with priceslisted.  There is ,however, no place to sign up or purchase items.  I really don’t wantto miss out so how do I do this.  Mine will be international order as I spend a large amount of time in Mexico.  Other times I am in Oregon.  excited to hear back from you.Diana Bergstromtheedsinretirement@yahoo.com

  3. Lisa, I am so excited to be joining you on the wool summer bow for the second year. I agree that this one in particular will be spectacular!

  4. Working on my songbird “heart”. Frivols. Am I a masochist or r u a sadist?? Lol. Somehow I’m always drawn to these 1-1/2” HST all the time!,,

  5. Thanks Lisa… I’m doing all 3 along with Moon Garden; and i’m 100% positive all three will be ahhhhhhmazing!!! Enjoy your class

  6. Hi Lisa, I agree with you this summer block of the week, 18″ looks incredibly fabulous.

    I am confused about the last email. Are there three different projects? 1. 18″ block wool applique, 2. pieced block of the week, 3. row English paper pieced? Thanks, Caren

    On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 1:40 PM, Lisa Bongean’s Web Blog… wrote:

    > lisabongean posted: “Hey All… It’s that time again…my favorite time of > the year when I get to create these new projects for you…it means I have > spent lots of time planning and stitching and who wouldn’t love THAT job!!! > WOOL- SUMMER BLOCK OF THE WEEK (SBOW) – TWIL” >

  7. Hi Lisa,
    I love the wool SBOW ! I am so undecided as to which background fabric I want ; is there a way for you to give a DMC color equivalent to the Navy and the Lake? And/or post a picture of the Lake? I really like the contrast you get with the Navy but prefer grey-blue. Thanks so much!

    1. Lora…I have tried to photograph the lake blue..but it looks too grey…I do not have access to DMC color chart so that is no help..Randy is making his on the blue..but again..I can post some of his pics but the color does not show how beautiful this blue gray is…

  8. Lisa, I am new to this and was encouraged by a friend. I love wool applique and am looking forward to this experience. The first block is wonderful!
    Karen Millers

  9. Hi, I’ve just discovered your quilts. WOW. I love your TWILIGHT GARDEN. Can the pattern only be bought? And how. Thanx, Karen

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