Moon Garden Block #2

Happy Friday!!!…Quickly…I thought I would give you a little insight into my inspiration for Moon Garden…

First off…I have a confession…these blocks were a previous freebie that we did many years back they were 4 1/2″ blocks  finished I believe Ours our 18×18 right now!!!…and to be honest a couple of quilt shops wanted me to make this pattern bigger so they could run it as a BOM…so when I thought about doing the Wool Stitch Along this year I thought it would be the perfect time to enlarge and use these blocks again…but I cannot do anything the same twice…so I have recolored them based on my current gardening obsession and because we have such big blocks and appliques there is lots of room for some fancy stitches…so lots to learn in the Stitch-Along.This is a pic of the Garden Basket quilt but keep in mind our Moon Garden will NOT be finished the same way.  This was the secret discovery some of you made and referred to on Facebook…I told them to keep it a secret until I was ready to reveal…but the quilt will look totally different and I have added to & changed some of the blocks…so really a totally different quilt in my opinion…

Now back to that obsession I talked about…My garden at home is all shades of “white” with a little yellow here and there…so thus the inspiration to update and recolored the basket blocks…Here is a small selection of what is starting to come up around the house…

Now before I get too off track… back to the stitching…

It’s time again for another block!!! I am so impressed with all of your blocks you are sharing on Facebook!!! PLEASE post alot…we love seeing all the activity…I am glad the 6 videos were helpful and THANK YOU  for your kind comments on them…We will be doing videos covering the FLY STITCH for Block 2…I also will go over how to find the end of your balls of thread and how to keep your paper disc with your thread once it falls out…So look forward to these soon.  Also some basic info as I know there are lots of newbies and we love newbies and what you to know how to navigate….if a word is underlined…those are live links…they will take you to where you can find out more info and purchase if you so wish to reward us for our hard work in this Stitch Along.

If you have not joined our Stitch-Along yet you still can…the most recent pattern is FREE each month and I think we may still have kits left that include the printed pattern and you can now buy block 1.  But the Facebook group is where all the instruction is held…so go to Facebook and type in Moon Garden Stitch Along and ask to join…it is a closed group but we let you join.

Block 2…If you are having problems printing this pattern full size on your printer you can always order the pattern EACH MONTH from us for $5…Click HERE to go to our website for easy ordering and not having to go OUT and have it professionally printed. Click here for Moon Garden Block 2 -(update…this link has been removed…only the most current block is available FREE…please visit our website to order this pattern HERE  

Download it to your computer if you are printing them yourself.  You will notice this pattern now carries a watermark so they cannot be printed and resold…the first one had this too, but I accidentally sent you the wrong one…my bad.

Here are a few close-ups for you as well…

I know some of you get them done as fast as you can and this is great!!! But remember I will let you know ahead if there is a video coming if you want to wait for that part is demo-ed.  But I know some of you may know more than me so stitch on!!!

Be Happy…Be Kind & Be Stitching!







15 responses to “Moon Garden Block #2”

  1. Phyllis Limiero Avatar
    Phyllis Limiero

    Thank you Lisa and your hardworking staff. The blocks are beautiful and I love the softness that the white flowers provide. I appreciate all of you.

  2. Serena Avatar

    Thank you so much Lisa!
    Both your quilt and real gardens are so beautiful!💝

  3. June Hittenberger Avatar
    June Hittenberger

    Thank you so much for all your hard work you give to us so lovingly. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

  4. Liz Dyer Avatar
    Liz Dyer

    Thank you so much. I too love a moon garden. Love your designs.

  5. Carol Green Avatar
    Carol Green

    Love your white garden! FYi – did you know that there is a beautiful white single peony with a yellow center named Krinkled White? It would be a lovely addition to your Moon Garden.

  6. MaryLee Boillat Avatar
    MaryLee Boillat

    You have the best creative mind. I love the way you put together patterns. Thank you

  7. Deborah Fields Avatar
    Deborah Fields

    Please shadow the For Personal Use Only. It is type is so dark that it is difficult to read the instructions.

  8. Paula P Avatar
    Paula P

    Have not joined the facebook group yet but I do have a question. Do I leave all the fusible behind the basket or do I cut the center part out. I was wondering because the basket was so big. Love the blocks. Thanks.

  9. Cathy Teff Avatar
    Cathy Teff

    Thank you!! I have an avid fan or PG for years. Love these, please keep on with the videos! I have been a quilter for years (a lot of years) but can still lean something new! Hugs and Thank You!!

  10. murschel Avatar

    Pattern is hard too read as shadow is darker than regular print — please correct this if possible — thanks

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I do not know what u mean it is barely visible???

  11. Janet O. Avatar

    I love the idea of a moon garden.

  12. Katherine Gourley Avatar
    Katherine Gourley

    Hi Lisa — love everything about you and Primitive Gatherings. To take part in one of your retreats is on my bucket list. I think the problem 2 of the ladies are talking about is the watermark. It is darker than the printed instructions. This causes the instructions to be obscured by the watermark.

  13. Martina Henke Avatar

    Lisa: I would love to join the Facebook group for this stitch along, but I can’t find it when I search Facebook. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to find the group?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Moon Garden Stitch Along

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