Last Call..

Hey all.. I’m excited for the first day of Quilt Market in Portland to begin!  Gloria wanted me to send a quick post about only having 7 rooms left for our Miami to Rome cruise!!! So if you want to go on a cruise if a lifetime, at a rock bottom price now is the time!!!! The details she sent me are below… we would love to have you on our adventure!!!




Hey Gang!!!   14 DAY CRUISE TO ROME, ITALY!!!!  Click here and look on the right side of the main screen.. click on “Making Waves” Cruise To Rome and read more about the trip PLUS access your registration form!

I’ve just been notified by Royal Caribbean we have two weeks left to fill our remaining cabins before they have to be turned in!!  They also told me we have the lowest prices out there…   Cabins require a RCL deposit of $900 (credit card).  The remainder of each individuals total fee is not due until late December 2018.   This cruise to ROME, ITALY is a SUPER-GREAT PRICE… DON’T PASS IT UP!  14 DAY CRUISE!  (see flyer)

We have left:

>> two (2) Window Oceanview cabins – double occupancy @ $1066.02 per person  OR  if you want single occupancy your rate will be $1795.02 (only $128 per day for lodging, food, entertainment, fun, and more!)
>>  and 5 (five) inside cabins – double occupancy @$1006.22 per person  OR  if you want single occupancy your rate will be $1675.02 (only $119.64 per day!  You can hardly rent a hotel room anymore for under that!)

Plus there is a $250 fee (for crafters) and/or a $125.00 fee (for guests) that is paid by check (see reservation form and/or flyer)

Go to: and print your reservation form today, fill it out, call me so I can call in your reservation, then you can drop it in the mail to me.

We have lots of husbands and wives traveling together… so gals… if you want to bring along your hubby (or vice versa) come on along with us.  Soon this great price will be gone!
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2 thoughts on “Last Call..

  1. Already signed up!!! Do you know will there be a Facebook group for the cruisers to get to know each other????

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