Gathering of Stitches Retreat…CA

The best thing about retreats…. the people.

Getting the opportunity to hangout and get to really know a person is better than all the quilt fabric in the world… making friends is priceless and when you attend a retreat this happens…

I just spent a wonderful 4 days with a bunch of awesome women… whom I will miss until I come back in August and then November…here are some pics of our fun!

Betty had lots to share…finished PG designs … Tomorrow’s FlowersSomewhere in Time….Among Friends..Deb shared a finished Sue’s Stars…Deb is really a lot happier than what I captured here…loland Snow Dancethen Traci showed a fabulous Nancy Rink design… sorry I didn’t catch the name if it…she also had My Crazy Life almost done as well…Susan shared a few wool finishes… NEST is a single pattern now but was also in the out of print Summer Gatherings book which you may have already and then Geranium Baskets

Cindy finished a few projects she sent home with me to frame plus this Everday Crazy Mat that I helped her attach the bias binding to finish it up as well!!!

Here is another great PG quilt… Whirlwind Flight…with our signature HSTs…We only have the pattern listed right now for this but I bet we could make a kit if you wished…Karen is almost finished with it!!! …

Then we had some new projects we worked on especially for this retreat…

This is one of the new Welcome banners coming out in November…We will be putting up Pre Orders for them soon…here are the others that I showed in my Quilt Market booth in Portland OR…I do not try to show you things you can’t have but here is a peek!  Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter…these kits will come regular and Pre-cut/fused for those who love that and have some difficulties cutting and tracing…when you pre order on our site it charges your card on the spot…so I think it’s a little too soon to be holding your $$ that long…They will be $38 for the precut/fused kit/pattern, background and binding- and less for the non precut with pattern.

Then Star Penny Mat was super fun and easy as all the circles are precut/w/fusible!!!someone is working Moon Garden!!!  Look for those patterns here on the blog…search Moon Garden…this is our FREE stitch along going on right now…

We had about 30 women which made a nice cozy group.. if you want to join us in November 25-29th in sunny southern CA..please call the shop ask for Dru and she can send you the info… 951-304-9787 or email…

Hope you enjoyed our “retreat”…LB






16 responses to “Gathering of Stitches Retreat…CA”

  1. Deborah Thomas Avatar
    Deborah Thomas

    Thanks Lisa for a wonderful retreat. It was so good to see you, friends from past retreats and meeting new ones. Good times. See you in August

  2. Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    Absolutely stunning work by these ladies!!!

  3. Vangie Brake Avatar
    Vangie Brake

    What a talented, talented group of stitchers. Way to go Ladies.

  4. Sandra Goddard Avatar
    Sandra Goddard

    Wow what awesome work these ladies do. They should be so proud and the new projects look great. Can’t wait. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Abbie Avatar

    No question…I have to do those banners! Loved all the show and tell. So inspiring! Seeing your workshop in progress makes me want to join another of your workshops! Thank you for sharing.

  6. J.A. Konkel Avatar
    J.A. Konkel

    The Welcome banner didn’t look like the cotton was “backed” with anything (e.g., SoftFuse). One of your later comments said that the applique pieces are fused. So….does one “glue” the pieces onto a non-fused background? Thanks in advance for the clarification.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The fusible is on the back of the wool appliques

  7. Sharon Crandall Avatar
    Sharon Crandall

    Margie, i was looking at the pictures and noticed that a couple of these ladies were using the wool mat we got on our trip, (only the next size up) their projects were on them and they were using them to work on. ummm might have to get the next size up. check it out and let me know what you think.


  8. Jayne Cartier Avatar
    Jayne Cartier

    Betty you are a machine! Beautiful work 😊 glad to see such a productive group…..

  9. Lona Morris Long Avatar
    Lona Morris Long

    What wonderful inspiration! These quilts and smaller project are beautiful. I am wondering, do you quilt your banners, or just attach the backing and bind ? Bating? Thanks

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes.. They are essentially little quilts…

  10. Lona Morris Long Avatar
    Lona Morris Long

    Oops- meant batting

  11. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    What a lucky group of ladies to be able to spend this time with you.

  12. helen Avatar

    Sooo beautiful quilts and works!! It is always lovely to see the ladies stitching during retreats and very motivating!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures and greetings from Switzerland!

  13. Cindy Parker Avatar
    Cindy Parker

    Thank you Lisa and Dru for the fantastic retreat! It was a much needed break And jumpstart for me. I finished some projects, started some new ones, learned some things, spent time with old friends and met some new friends.

    I know how much each of you put into these and I am so grateful! Thank you for the wonderful time and all the help. See you in November !

  14. suejean1 Avatar

    Love the photo of your booth from Portland. The little bitty quilt is so sweet. You are awesome.

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