Moon Garden Block 3

Are you ready for the next block???

Here is the pattern!!!

the link for the free pattern has been removed… please visit our site to purchase it

Click HERE to go to the site if you want us to print the patten for you…

Here is my 2nd block that I will be sharing how to stitch the flower petals…and the stem stitch for the leaves…I think that is all that is new for this block?   Anyone think of anything else that I DID NOT already share in a previous video?  Please leave me a comment or in the FB group…

Please note that on the pattern I did not specifically state that I used the #8 O575 for the stem-stitches for the leaf veins This substituted flower wool is a nice one…more so than my original…

Nick and I will be doing a video on this block hopefully posting this weekend…Go to our Moon Garden Stitch Along group on Facebook…we will be doing a give-away there where you can post your blocks to win!!!

Thanks Everyone!!! Lisa


12 responses to “Moon Garden Block 3”

  1. Lj Meyers Avatar
    Lj Meyers

    I know I’m odd, but wool blocks/quilting have never much excited me. Sorry. But…this block is absolutely adorable and makes me re-think my stance on wool quilting. Thanks, Lisa, for the pattern.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Lol… this made me smile…

  2. Karen Schneider Avatar
    Karen Schneider

    Luv Block 3. Just a beautiful as the previous blocks.
    Please don’t forget to show us the thread label video.

  3. dianne61 Avatar

    Hi Lisa, love your work. I have a small problem. I originally asked to be notified of these blocks and this is the first I’ve heard. I downloaded this one but if the first two are available I would appreciate a link or someway to download. help, please. I need to catch up with you all.

  4. Jeannette Avatar

    This is another beautiful block! I would also like to hear ideas for how to keep the thread numbers with the thread ball once the thread wont hold the paper in place. Thanks!

  5. Donna Avatar

    Is the Among Friends pattern still available? That is a pretty quilt and looks like fun!

    1. dianne61 Avatar

      Lisa, are the first two blocks still available. I was

    2. lisabongean Avatar

      yes…the link above will take you there

  6. Jan Scherbinski Avatar
    Jan Scherbinski

    What would it look like if you didn’t put any web on the back of the flowers. Sew them and let the pedals be free. Thoughts?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      do what ever you wish…

  7. Donna MacDonald Avatar
    Donna MacDonald

    This is so beautiful.I can hardly wait to start it.

  8. Clare Avatar

    I would love to see another SAL like this. Happy Stitching.

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