Assessing my situation…

Is anyone like me?…All has to be sorted, put away…cleaned up…re-organized to I can peacefully do my work?  I think I am almost there again…It’s been 6 weeks since my hamstring injury…so time to get back to moving on a regular basis also, that has also been hanging over my head.  I tried to get out this morning with Jeter…but the rain drops were too large…the sun is supposed to come out later today so I switched gears and made my Moon Garden Vidieo this morning that was long over due..but it’s hard to nail down Nick to help…and then I need to be in a state of being videoed…since that was not happening I just got up…put on my work out clothes, scratched that (rain) and went up to the studio….Nick came to kiss me good-bye and I said…wait…let’s get this video no- make up…didn’t even comb my hair and we shot a short little video…as I wait for it to be loaded into Facebook I am writing this…so here is what’s going on in my world..

Twilight Garden- 6 blocks finished

Summer Freebies- All done..need to think about finishing…

Star Studded Event- Working on Week 3…(this is what I need to work on and maybe do a tutorial on how I stitch my little flying geese…)

Row by Row starts tomorrow??? Need to finish up pattern TODAY!

BlockHeads II post needs to be done…

Block Heads edits for Martingale due June 26th

Finishing up projects for our September Outer Banks Retreat- everyone wants to know what we are making!!!!

Quilt Stock/ Re Store need some attention…what am I bringing to sell?…Each designer gets   10 things?

I am designing the WI Shop Hop Fabric!!! Just sent back strike-offs…I love it!!

Deadline for Star & Stripe Gatherings Fabric- Projects due July 14th…Fabric release is Jan/Feb

Working on a few ruler projects.

Triangle Gatherings finished quilts are starting to arrive for photography…

Launching Wool Mystery Box and Mini Quilt Mystery box…every other month/6 installments. Time to start designing and working on these projects ..

Now you are all up to date with what’s on my plate at the moment…along with some other new additonal products…like…

Primitive Gatheirng Wooly Mats!!!  That is what the photo on the top is really all about!!!

We must have purchased a ton of these so they contacted us and asked if we wanted to do custome sizes…they must have been reading my mind because….I was thinking I have a “big board” ironing board…and I wanted the whole thing covered!!  We also wanted to be able to give you great pricing on them!!!

For us Quilter’s these pads help us create perfectly press seams.  Heat is trapped in the pressing pad and then radiates back up to the underside of the fabric therefore, effectively ironing both sides at the same time. The wool fibers of this pad hold the fabric to minimize stretching while ironing. Stretching often happens with half-square triangles.

This dense wool pad is ideal for blocking your wool applique or embroidery or yarn projects as they can be pinned directly into the wool pad. Because there is some “give” to the wool surface, when ironing embroidery projects there is less chance of losing the dimension to the embroidery, while not flattening the threads or knots.

The main reason I wanted my whole “big board” ironing surface covered for when I was pressing quilt rows and whole quilts…I did not like the lumps and bumps of only having  a 17x 24 mat…and then…If you don’t have a big board ironing surface what the next best thing?  20×20 wool pad…so I can press my whole wool applique blocks and not have to move them…and then we also have the 12×12 travel or mini size if you doing some pressing by your machine…I did not spend the extra money to round the corners..I did not this mattered for the extra $$ it would have costed.

Our prices on these items are way more reasonalble then the others out there on the market…Our 20×58 is only $95!  20×20 is only $45 and then the mini 12×12 is $18…HERE is the link to our site to order!

I know some of you have orderd the wooly mats we sold at Christmas time and now maybe it’s time to another OR maybe you were on the fence…I can’t wait to be pressing, now!!!  Time to cut round 3 and starch round 4 of Star Studded Event!!!

Also Amy, my assistant is having some Oral surgery today and will be out for a time….Let’s send her some Facebook love today!!! Here FB is Amy Wichman Hoefler

Have a great day!!! Lisa







30 responses to “Assessing my situation…”

  1. Karen Avatar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the larger mat. These mats are awesome and I’m going to order one of those bigger babies. Perfect for the big board

  2. Tammy Berry Avatar
    Tammy Berry

    How much would it cost to mail the largest wooly mat to Wyoming?

  3. Jody Avatar

    Question about the mats. If going to place on a table instead of ironing board, do you need to put something underneath to protect surface from any steam condensation? If so any suggestions? I too try to straighten up my sew room between projects. It’s very small and I don’t feel so overwhelmed when I can think about my project and not the mess around me! 🙂 Enjoyed the video this morning too. Thanks Lisa!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I do not see the condensation with the wool mats like i used too without them…that is why I had to replace the board on my “ironing table” every couple of years…

  4. Kyra Franz Avatar
    Kyra Franz

    Your list is very long; I would be overwhelmed! I ordered a small pressing mat during your Christmas sale and LOVE it!!! Too bad my sewing room is much too small for the large one. Many quilters will enjoy it.

  5. Lynne Blackburn Avatar
    Lynne Blackburn

    Wow, the ladies before me have pretty much asked and commented for me – I figure WY and CO shipping will be similar – so, my last remaining question is, how are they shipped, particularly the large mat? Is it rolled or folded?
    Thanks again for your videos, they are great! We appreciate your time, even when we don’t specifically let you know. Thanks Lisa!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The larger two mats will be slightly rolled, we are shipping it basically the same way as we received ours from the company, ours were slightly rolled as well. We left them out over night and they were laying completely flat when we came in today.
      thank you jessica

  6. Laurie Shain Avatar
    Laurie Shain

    Ok you need to stop and get a MASSAGE or some tea and a sauna! I was ready for a tubby just READING your list. We all love your unbelievable creativity. Put some lines on your list that say..cookies and milk…take a nap…😎. You are something else girl. You and the Hricka woman…..

  7. Leesa Avatar

    And I thought my plate was full 🙂

  8. Dee Hill Avatar
    Dee Hill

    Excited to see what you bring to Quilt Stock. .

  9. Ellen French Avatar
    Ellen French

    LISA! When do you sleep?? You’re pretty dang amazing.

  10. Joan Oldham Avatar
    Joan Oldham

    Oh my, I had been looking at the wool felt sies because I wanted enough for my big board too. Will be ordering one as soon as I get the remodel of house done. It has seriously impacted my sewing time.
    Have a question for you…the smaller one I have been using has some discoloring due to iron heat. Would you recommend covering the one on the big board to protect from starch build up and iron heat. LOVE the big board wooly mats!

    1. lisabongean Avatar could cover it with a muslin fabric or…an old worn towel works good as well

  11. Skeete Avatar

    Lisa, all I would add to your to do list is a glass of wine (or two), a cozy chair, your two best guys and a beautiful sunset. Life is good😉

  12. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Looking forward to seeing you at QuiltStock. I hope you bring your needles. Love the wool appliqué and big stitch needles!

  13. Felice Gokey Avatar
    Felice Gokey

    Your sewing studio is amazing!!!! Love the largest mat, as my ironing surface is 61″x22″. I think I need it:)
    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for OBX! Enjoy your summer and thanks for sharing:)

  14. Jane Zagrodnik Avatar
    Jane Zagrodnik

    Quilt Stock sounds so incredible. I wish I would have signed up.!

  15. Caren Avatar

    Can’t wait to get the Twilight Garden fabric kits. Since this is the first time I’ve done SBOTW, ARE YOU DOING VIDEOS FOR THIS PROJECT Or are the directions self explanatory?

  16. Julee Prose Avatar
    Julee Prose

    I’m just tired from reading this….LOL…Amy needs to get well so she can help you get your stuff done…! I may start cutting out your SBOW later in the week and I have all my Moonlight garden blocks embroidered, or should say Mom has them done. I also stopped in middle of sewing on another quilt to design a quilt from an antique quilt that I saw on ebay…..guess we are happiest when we are multi tasking…. keep up the good work and do take a break and get some sleep….

  17. Mindy Avatar

    I am working on my week 1 Star Studded Event. I would LOVE to see you make your FG. You must take the Ittt Bitty rulers and your triangle paper to sell. They are a mainstay of one’s quilting life!!! And lastly, can you use steam with the wooly mats??? YOU are an amazing creative woman, Lisa!!!

  18. Robin Schlager Avatar
    Robin Schlager

    That’s an impressive project list! Maybe someday you can take a virtual tour of your studio! I would love to see those little sheep on the top of your cabinet. Maybe design little PM sheep! I’m a big collector,,,,

  19. Jakey Avatar

    Hi Lisa, meant to send this yesterday. I LOVE the wooly mats. So awesome that you got the board size!! I’m now driooling and planning! Also thinking great Christmas gifts!! As for the clean work area, I can only imagine,lol. If I could upload a pic I’d post my “find the sewing machine pic!” Though I love and prefer working in an organized space. So sorry to hear about Amy, hope she feels better soon. Miss you guys. Hugs, Jakey

  20. Jakey Avatar

    Forgot to ask… where did you get the light board on the table? It’s a nice size too!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  21. Krissy Butorac Avatar
    Krissy Butorac

    Yup, I need a bigger mat. Thank you for making these larger ones happen. It will make pressing large pieces much nicer. Just reading this post makes me want to take a nap. You amaze me on a daily basis girl! I just went to a small quilt shop in Cook, MN.(middle of nowhere) and she had some of your kits and patterns. I’m so thrilled and encouraged her to get more of your products if possible. She’s small so she said she is going for quality over quantity. Primitive Gatherings products? Quality indeed.

  22. chrissygoodrichChrissy Goodrich Avatar

    How, Lisa? HOW DO YOU DO ALL THAT?
    ANd, I think I have a to-DO list? Love you! But…YOU TOTALLY AMAZE ME!!

  23. susan brooks Avatar
    susan brooks

    I talked with Judy at the shop today because I can not figure out the cutting instructions for the Star Studded Event SBOW. She suggested I contact you on your blog and ask if you would do a video on how to exactly cut from the fabric given. I have already messed up on about 8 of the 3X5 pieces. And she also thought you would do a video for the flying geese since it is more of the traditional manner not the flip and press that I am used to. Thanks

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      are you in the Face book group for Star Studded Event? There is a video there already…I am not sure I can do videos on my blog yet…

      1. lisabongean Avatar

        If not…I have to cut the next week soon and I will do videos on cutting and piecing

  24. Mindy Avatar

    Hi Lisa,
    I am following up to the previous comment about the Stsr Studded Event. I have searched and searched but I can’t find the Facebook group. I am also having problems with losing my star points and I don’t know why as my center star is measuring 2 1/2″ and I have an accurate seam allowance. I am not good with “quilty math” but was wondering if there is enough fabric to do sew and flip or even make two HST’s to create the FG???

    Thanks for your input!!!

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