Moon Garden Block 4 -Pattern


I know some of you have been waiting for this!!!  Block 4 is linked below and this weekend the video on the Drizzle Stitch knots and Alternating Chain Stitch  will be uploaded to the Facebook group…Nick is ready to be my camera man and he is super excited for me to be home from Dallas.  If you do not have the needles to do the Drizzle Stitch they can be found HERE.  Get them ordered and you will be ready to go… Here is the link to the pattern  Block 4 has been removed…please see website here to purchase

Please remember to post your progress on the Facebook group…We appreciate seeing your beautiful blocks!!!

I also can’t wait to come home from Dallas and have some time to post all the fun stuff we did and the good times…we had!!!

my best, Lisa

11 responses to “Moon Garden Block 4 -Pattern”

  1. Char hackett Avatar
    Char hackett

    Keeping you and nick in prayer. Thank you for all your efforts to make a world of us happy. Love the freebie this year. Blessings to you. Char

  2. Donna Roh Avatar
    Donna Roh

    Moon garden block 4, my favorite so far…. along with my other three favorites!! This is so much fun, you keep out doing your self and we love it. But please don’t burn out, remember to breathe and family first. We will always be there.

  3. Abbie Avatar

    Beautiful! Worth waiting for!

  4. MaryJ Avatar

    I wish I were doing these blocks—beautiful. I’m stitching your flag—and doing the Pledge of Allegiance right now that I purchased last year in Houston. I love it. Sounds like Your Man is doing well—so good to hear. Safe travels home and I will look forward to your next blog. I don’t know where you get all your energy, but all of us out here love you for it.

  5. Bobbie Rumler Avatar
    Bobbie Rumler

    your work is amazing and I love those blocks………..bobbie rumler

  6. Pat Bley Avatar
    Pat Bley

    May I ask what stitch you are using for the veins in those leaves? Thanks for everything. Your work is beautiful!! I have learned so much from your video’s and I have been doing wool for many years now. Guess one is never to old to learn, ha! ha!

  7. Janet O. Avatar

    That is great wool on the basket. Love the way the stitching brings this block to life!

  8. Sandy Avatar

    Gorgeous. Your work is exquisite, Lisa.

  9. Sue Steinhauer Avatar
    Sue Steinhauer

    How do you view the video on enlarging patterns for moon garden?

  10. June Hittenberger Avatar
    June Hittenberger

    Lisa, with all you have gone thru this month I thank you double for even thinking about us much less getting a block out. God bless you and Nick!

  11. Nancine Pike Avatar
    Nancine Pike

    I’m not finding block 6!?

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