Flying Geese…

I am near Huntington Beach teaching workshops yesterday and today! IMG_4267IMG_4266

Teaching how to use a “redneck” overlay to postition their wools on the background.. def…A crude outline of the project on a plasitc bag, sheet protector ect…to fast and easy positioning of the appliques so they are close enough…do not have to be exact…unless you have to have them perfect… you would trace the motifs (more) carefully….IMG_4265IMG_4264IMG_4263lisabongean2_gal_crock-116x116Click this link if you are interested in the kit or kit & pattern

I am excited for tonight….after the workshop I am presenting my first ever trunk show/lecture on Re-creating Antique Quilts…I think I have 20 quilts, which is really 40, the antique and the re-creation, to show tonight!!!  Come see me at the Flying Geese Quilt Guild meeting at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School!!!

So by now you know that I am in California…I also am teaching at our shop Primitive Gathering- Murrieta  on Tuesday and Wednesday…Both Sit & Sew days…join us…bring what you need help on, whether you are starting something new, stuck on a stitch or you need some advice or how to on something you have been struggling with…come join us…call for availablilty  915-304-9787.

Hope to see you soon!!! Lisa

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  1. Karen Avatar

    Phone: (951) 304-9787 ☺️
    Primitive Gatherings, Murrieta CA

  2. Marcy Ostrander Avatar
    Marcy Ostrander

    I have this kit! This inspires me to get it done. Have fun. –

  3. Sharon Avatar

    Wish I would have taken your class before doing the SBOW. lol Any future plans on having classes in mid-Michigan? I love your designs!
    Thanks. Sharon

  4. Kathy Avatar

    Would love to see your presentation for reproducing antique quilts. Anything scheduled for Wisconsin?

  5. Jan Kitchen Avatar
    Jan Kitchen


    This looks so nice. If you find you’re coming South in the near future or not so near future I’d love to take another workshop with you.

    The trunk show sounds fabulous. What a treat for the lucky ladies who get to be a part of that!

    I’m glad to see on FB that Nick got out on the boat this past weekend. I think I saw that right. He’s getting better! So glad for both of you.

    Jan Kitchen


  6. Bonnie Bennett Avatar
    Bonnie Bennett

    So fortunate to be in your class yesterday, Lisa. You are a wonderful teacher! Can’t wait to hear your lecture tonight!

  7. Cathy Avatar

    Love your “Red Neck” tip on appliqué placement. If I was in the area, I would be there 1st in line! Safe travels, Lisa.

  8. Patricia Rosenbaum Avatar
    Patricia Rosenbaum

    Redneck overlay? Laying pattern pieces down on the plastic and then sliding plastic out and pressing to set? May have to see a little demo of that! 🙂

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