Moda Block Heads 2- Block 11


I know…I did not post block 10 yet! (because i did not stitch it yet!)…I had way too many deadlines that week: turned into Moda a bunch of fabric lines-like 5, Warehouse sale was happening, had to write that new lecture, quiltsproject/fabric requirement for 9 quilts- for my next fabric line *Star & Stripe Gatherings* and so on, too much stuff…right?…but since it wasn’t my block…I bet no one noticed…lol…but I will post it when I return home from this teaching trip…but… this week’s block was super simple …it literally took me 10 min.  

Moda block headThis week’s featured block is from Sherry McConnell…th

Go to her blog HERE to get this week’s pattern.  Sherry is one of the NICEST people I know…always smiling and just a beautiful person inside and out!!! Now one of the things I am envious about Sherry is she has a goregous daughter named Chelsea who alsoth-4th-3 quilts and designs fabric with her!!!!! So special and cool at the same time…Sherry also has one of the best quilting blogs where you will find this weeks block…listed above…th-2All for now…this pic is from the pier in Huntington Beach…oh the beatiful things I get to see…all while teaching quilting…how much better can it get…IMG_4268 2.JPGIMG_4269 2

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  1. ursula hartunian Avatar

    i took some cell phone pictures of the ‘side by side’ quilts you showed at our Flying Geese Quilt Guild meeting Monday nite. I do not know how to forward the photos via the computer but can forward ‘cell phone to cell phone. please advise.

  2. Sharon Avatar

    I’m not finding Block 11 on Sherry’s blog. Only Block 10.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      she will post it today…my post may have been a little early…

  3. Mary Lu Avatar
    Mary Lu

    Glad you got to see the sunset! Mary Lu

  4. Beth T. Avatar
    Beth T.

    Thanks for the HB pics. That is my hometown; I now live in rural Oregon, and while I love my country life, I’ll always feel most “at home” in my beach town, I think. I loved the glimpse of home.

  5. Christine Hancock Avatar

    Your block pic has appeared on my blog, do you know why and how can I remove it please?

  6. shirleymurch Avatar

    So sorry I missed you trip to Huntington Beach! I was in Colo. looking forward to seeing you at the retreat in November.

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