Moon Garden Block 5

Yay!!! I’m home again!!! Thanks for waiting for Block 5…I know we said we would put them out around the 15th so I guess we are not too late…I love this block…so fun to stitch…IMG_4443

Free Pattern has been removed ….please purchase pattern HERE. Here is a closeup of the fly stitch…you already know how to do this one…IMG_4445but then on the leaves I stitched the feather stitch…the one that everyone thinks is the hardest…I promise in the video I will make it very easy…and you may get a laugh or two…  Also someone pointed out that we did not have the black O531 thread not in our thread kits…I blanket stiched all the blocks and wrote down all the threads…then as I was looking at them I decided they needed some bling(pretty embroidery stitches)…so I am adding them as we go…so if you have to have the threads I am using for those special stitches you can order them or just use what you have that is close…no big deal…just thought I would let you know how/why this happened.  Besides aren’t all those extra stitches and videos fun!!!IMG_4444I hope you have a wonderful weekend…feather stitch video coming soon…please post in our FB group Moon Garden Stitch Along your progress…I’d love to see all your blocks in one photo…even if they are not stitched!!!  Stitch On my Friends…LB

9 responses to “Moon Garden Block 5”

  1. Linda Avatar

    Absolutely love the added bling stitches!

  2. Arrowhead Gramma Avatar
    Arrowhead Gramma

    Lisa, Just an FYI that you should read Sister’s Choice blog (sisterschoice) today (8/17/18). She is doing one of your BOM programs and having issues with the amount of fabric provided in the kits. Many of those commenting have had similar problems with your BOMs and expressed unhappiness and are not going to purchase these from you in the future. You need to get on top of this – not good for your business or reputation. JMHO

  3. Char hackett Avatar
    Char hackett

    Thank you, thank you,thank you! Love it.

  4. Helen LeBrett Avatar
    Helen LeBrett

    Thanks for the beautiful patterns! After looking at your first post about this QAL, I realized that I have the original pattern in the small size, but with the color changes and size changes, and, as you said, you were making some changes to the pattern also, it is definatly worth doing again: It will be a totally different quilt!!!

  5. denise Avatar

    I am unable to print the complete pattern, it seems too big for the paper? Help

  6. Cathy Clark Avatar
    Cathy Clark

    Glad your back home with your family. Beautiful flowers, love the stitches.

  7. Pat chlebowski Avatar
    Pat chlebowski

    I have been a long time subscriber to your blog and I love it. Thank you Pat Chlebowski .

  8. Patricia A. Adams Avatar
    Patricia A. Adams

    Hi Lisa…..Love this Moon Garden #5…is there a kit of wools for this block available? Thanx….sure enjoy your works on Moda Blockheads 2,also. Regards Patricia (Patti ) A.Adams

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Kits are sold out…

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